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2002/1/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23623 Activity:nil
1/21    The thing some troll posted about commemorating MLK day said it was
        taking place on the 16th....  Seeing as how today, the 21st, is MLK
        day wouldn't today be a better day?
2002/1/22 [Industry/Jobs] UID:23624 Activity:insanely high 50%like:23239 50%like:25337 50%like:25383
1/21    What's the difference between a resume and a CV?
        \_ the former is for people who work.  the latter is for people who
           theorize about work.
        \_ a resume is supposed to be <= 1 page, with emphesis on skills
           and buzzwords. a CV is for academics, mostly, or europeans, and
           lists everything you've ever done, and can be up to 2-3 pages.
           more or less. -chialea
           \_ you should list your impressive boob size
                \_ Actually CV's have no limit...since publications
                   are usually listed, they can get well over 10+ pages.
        \_ although these days it's acceptable to have > 1 page resume when
           you have had 5+ yrs of professional experience, highlighting the
           company/client projects you've worked on, all the skills you have,
                \_ Depends on the firm. For you academic types, the
                Chronicle of Higher Ed has a good article on how to
                convert CVs to resumes:
                and others on putting together a successful CV.
           etc. True especially for consultants. - jthoms
           \_ I thought machines were used to read most resumes these
              days so length was less relevant?  --PeterM
              \_ According to the Help-You-Get-Back-on-Your-Feet company
                 Jeeves hooked us up with after the layoffs, 2 pages
                 is the maximum, machine-read or not.  --erikred
2002/1/22 [Transportation/Car] UID:23625 Activity:nil
1/21    Any soda's driven across country?  How much does it cost to drive to
        the east coast (via say, the 10).
        \_ Cost? Depends on how you do it. I did it with about a total of about
           $500 of hotel costs (6 nights, each about $70ish. I could have done
           cheaper), and about $400 in gas (I have a fuel inefficient car).
           Plus all food costs (which I forgot). Be aware though that Hwy 10
           is probably the longest route you could take cross country. -amirs
           \_ sorry, i should have been more specific.  How much was it just
              in terms of gas, food, etc.  how long did it take?  I'm planning on
              sleeping in the car.
              \_ truck stops are your friend!  they usually have showers,
                 clean bathrooms, decent cheap food, gas, random supplies,
                 and they tolerate people sleeping in their cars.
                 \_ Are truck stops safe?  Do you get robbed while sleeping in
                    your cars?
        \_ Why would you want to drive across the country?  It's mostly a
           giant wasteland.
        \_ I drove across country back in 1987. It took me two weeks, but
           I took my time and spent four days with relatives in Wyoming.
           You can sleep in your car most of the way, but I would not
           do the northern route in winter. I almost froze to death at
           a rest stop in Nebraska. -ausman
        \_ Tom and I drove across country in late April 99. We did a combo
        of US 20 and I-90. The trip is awesome. Check out the free hot
        springs in Thermopolis, Black Hills, Dickeyville Grotto and funky
        neon all the way. We averaged about $100/day including gas, food
        and cheap lodging (1985 Honda Civic). Truck stops are good for
        cleaning up but worthless for food and rip-offs for most supplies.
        Took 10 days but you can do it in 6-7 with two drivers. -larson
2002/1/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23626 Activity:nil
1/22    I have the butt-rock opening to ST Enterprise stuck on
        permanent loop in my head. Somebody please kill me.
        \_ Gladly.
2002/1/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:23627 Activity:insanely high
1/22    A moment of silence for Peggy Lee who died from a heart attack in her
        home at age 81.  Thank you.
        [stop deleteing this you soulless little bastard]
                \_ maybe others don't have the same appreciation you do.
                   \_ and that's a reason to delete this?  fuckin' life free
                      \_ if you are really posting this to commemorate the
                         death of someone you think is important, you
                         should post a link to an elegey or write one
                         yourself. it appears, however that you just posted
                         it so you can feel superior to those who don't know
                         about the same person you do.
                         \_ Indeed... who the hell is Peggy Lee and why should
                            we care?
        \_ .....   OK.  Now, who was Peggy Lee?
          \_ A vocal jazz legend, I heard.
2002/1/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23628 Activity:high
1/22    Hello, here is an interesting problem [harder than the canoe-bowling
        ball one]: Given a circle with radius=1, can you draw a parabola s.t.
        the part inside the circle has length greater than 4? ok tnx. --psb
        \_ In how many dimensions?  Do I get to warp space?  -Q
           \- in flat plane, obviously. --psb
        \_ (my solution) -vadim
           \- yeah, that's pretty good. how did you compute it? I think the
           problem has a different feel if you ask "yes or no" and you dont
           get a computer and have to do it "on the back of an envelope" vs
           "find the max length parabola" but you get a computer. --psb
           \_ Warping space was easier.  You humans and your 2D math.... -Q
2002/1/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:23629 Activity:nil
1/22,org,net are not working. I need a crash course on NAT
        using Linux. Thanks really appreciated.
        \_ if you're using Linux 2.4.x
           or various related HOWTOs at if you're using
           Linux 2.2.x.
2002/1/22-2/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23630 Activity:nil
01/22   Any network problems you have connecting to soda are likely the result
        of campus-wide bandwidth throttling imposed by CNS without warning.
2002/1/22-23 [Industry/Startup] UID:23631 Activity:high
1/22    How much does Stanfurd's "Honors Cooperative Program" for MSCS cost
        per year if your employer doesn't pay for it?  Thanks.
        \_ each class is $900/unit. You need 45 units. Most companies pay
           $5000-6000/year, which means 6 years. HCP is part time, NOT
           WORTH IT. Do full time.
           \_ Thanks for the info!  But I can't do full-time since I need the
              paycheck to feed myself and pay for the mortgage and support my
              parents.  -- !rich kid
        \_ For NDO option, its 900/unit.  If you are taking the HCP classes,
           it bumps up to 1,100/unit. Not quite the Cal tuition, but its
           pretty nice to be able to have a mortgage, family, etc... and go
           get MS.  I'm starting a job in 2 weeks, and I managed to get
           an offer that included 4 years of 6,000/year stipend.
        \_ the CO-OP program requires your company to sign and recommend
           you to the program.  I haven't seen the detail, but I thought
           that implies Stanford will charge your dept of your company,
           and that they may not accept payment from student.  That was
           the case with NDO.  Besides, your company must be a "member"
           company for SITN....
        \_ full time work at a high tech company, and part time study
           at Stanford (assuming you want grades better than B's) means
           virtually no life for you.  Unless you don't have that right
2002/1/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23632 Activity:nil
1/22    Wall berlin closed.
        \_ and there was much rejoicing.
        \_ i loved wall berlin.  strada is too... unfriendly
2002/1/22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:23633 Activity:nil
1/22    Is there a site that compares percentage of users of various browsers
        (Netscape vs. IE, vs. Mozilla, etc)?  Thanks.
2002/1/22-23 [Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:23634 Activity:moderate
1/22    The problems with the Cory/Soda networks seems to be pretty
        widespread throughout campus.  Is the routing being handled by
        monkeys or something?  It's soooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooow.
        \_ Since about a week-and-a-half ago, the campus has been hitting
           its bandwidth cap on its link to the commodity Internet
           (70 megabits/sec).  About half of the traffic is kazaa/gnutella.
           CNS and the chancellors are trying to decide what to do about it.
           \_ So when did this bandwidth cap start, and why didn't CNS
              announce it in like they do all other service
              interruptions?  This reminds me of when then initiated the
              cap on the dorms and wouldn't tell Residential Computing what
              the "problem" was for 2 days.  -mikeh
                \_ The bandwidth cap has been in place since our OC12 was
                   installed--it's only recently been hit.  70 megabits/sec
                   is all the campus is paying for.  "bandwidth cap" is
                   somewhat misleading; we're talking about the size of
                   our pipe.  It wouldn't be any different than if we had
                   a 70 megabit/sec pipe.  Our current hardware connection,
                   if we let traffic run up to it, would give us about another
                   15 megabits, at a cost of $4500/month. -tom
           \_ That's easy.  Cut off the fucking dorms from anything but a web
              proxy/cache and locally hosted email.
                \_ "Every problem has a solution that's simple, elegant, and
                   won't work."  The dorms are already limited to a separate
                   40-megabit cap.  -tom
                   \_ So total campus bandwidth is 110?  Ok, ban it and start
                      executing p2p users.  It's all theft anyway.
                      \_ Bandwidth to the commodity net.  Internet 2 traffic
                         is not capped, or tapped out at this point.  (I think
                         our pipe is something like 650 megabits).  -tom
                      \_ just cut off their mouse hand.
                         \_ And in other news, masturbation drops 80% on
                            campus, survey says.
           \_ 70mb/sec =~ 8.7MB/sec?
        \_ So the 400ms+ ping roundtrip times are the result of a
           bandwidth cap?
           \_ they are the result of us hitting the limit of the bandwidth
              we are paying for, yes.  -tom
        \_ I suggest taking this to
2002/1/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:23635 Activity:high
1/22    Anyone good taking-- or know someone good who's taking-- CS162
        this semester? I'm looking for a good partner... I'm planning
        on putting in enough work to get an A... I have real world
        programming experience and got an A in Hilfinger's 164 if that
        means anything to anyone.
        \_ You should really consider signing your posts.
        \_ how do people find partners these days (aside from old friends)
           \_ Same way they always did.  Turn to the person next to them if
              there's no one they know and trust in the class.
           \_ That's what I want to know... It doesn't seem that my motd
              approach is working. I took a year off school to go work, and
              now I'm back but don't know anyone and am afraid to get stuck
              with some slacker partner... or some know-nothing grade-monger.
              \_ yeah, its easy to get screwed by someone you don't know.
                 Do newsgroups still exist for classes?
                 \_ apparently not very active. Besides, I thought it might
                    be easier to find a competent partner within the csua for
                    some crazy reason.
        \_ go by the CSUA office and ask around, i did it with 170.
        \_ There used to be a file in /csua/<something> that I found somewhat
        \_ My roommate is taking 162 and wants to get an A.
           --as useless as the anonymous poster
           \_ If you're serious and he still needs a group, have him email
              me.               - rory
2002/1/22-23 [Reference/History] UID:23636 Activity:very high
1/22    is the term 'dealt with' (past tense of 'deal with') proper english,
        or is it slang/coloquial?
        \_ Why wouldn't it be proper English?
        \_ it's proper AMERICAM English. The Brits say something else.
        \_ yes, it's proper. --english grammar snob
        \_ consulting the motd is easier than using dict or going to
                \_ they don't provide that sort of info.
                   \_ sure they do.  they say that the past tense of "deal" is
                      is "dealt."  If there are any usage or slang issues, they
                      are typically mentioned (e.g. usage issues of "hanged" vs.
2002/1/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23637 Activity:kinda low
1/22    Is there a way to configure pine (or use a script or something) so
        that if I get email from a certain person (with a certain email
        address) that it forwards that email to somewhere else?
        \_ no, this is totally impossible. computer science has not
           developed anything so incredibly complex yet. --aaron
        \_ look at procmail
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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