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2002/1/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:23611 Activity:high
1/20    summary of critique of pure reason: man critique
        (it's in /csua/man/man7)
        \_ you translated that into ROFF?
           \_ nah, searle writes in ROFF.
        \_ searle is still a dick.
           \_ I saw him talk in public, and kind of thought he sounded like
              a long winded fool, but not really a dick.  is he?
              \_ Yes to both.
        \_ Um, how about you put that on a webpage?  How long until the
           anti-Israeli guy starts turning his rants into man pages?
           \_ first off, it's not a rant.  2nd, it's in roff, 3rd if you
              don't like it, don't read it.
2002/1/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23612 Activity:insanely high
1/20    Is there some way to minimize all the open windows in XP (like in
        Win2k or Win98, with that button?)
        \_ Have you tried the <Windows key>-M chord? This has worked on
           95/98/NT4/2k, and is probably still working in XP. -alexf
           \_ What is this "Windows key"?  Is that for people who bought one
              of those lame keyboards that has "Internet" and "email" keys?
              \_ The "Windows key" is a little key between Ctrl and Alt on
                 my keyboard which is set to act as Meta in X and linux
                 console. It so happens that M$ OS'es use it for other
                 purposes and that it has some funny M$-looking squiggle
                 on it; neither of these things gets in the way of it being
                 a useful extra mod key. -alexf
              \_ it's for people who weren't stupid enough to throw away
                 the keyboard that came with their machine, you dumb fuck.
                 \_ HAHAHHAHAA I built my own.  I didn't "get a Dell dewd!".
                    Did Mumsy and Dadee buy you a new Dell this Xmas?
                    \_ I built dozens of computer, but nowadays, I get Dells
                       for my desktops.  As for keyboards, I have quite a
                       few spares in my store room.  I am thinking of
                       throwing them away.
           \_ I like Win+D better, which toggles between minimizing everything
              and restoring them back.  Keyboards with "Windows" keys were
              introduced after Win95 came out, and no, they don't necessarily
              have those silly "internet" and "email" buttons.  The "volume"
              buttons sometimes can be handy, though.
              \_ Win-D didn't appear until 2k or so, fwiw; and win95 did
                 have win key shortcuts, whatever the order of
                 introduction. -alexf
                 \_ I thought at least Win98 had Win+D, if not 95. -geordan
                    \_ "or so"; yea, 98 has it. -alexf
                      \_ I'm very dissapointed in both of you. -chialea
                         \_ Fuck off, chialea. -alexf
                         \_ NORAGE IZ POWAA!! -geordan
2002/1/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:23613 Activity:nil
        Arafat considering resignation or just Israeli propaganda?  PLA is
        liquidating assets to stuff in private Swiss bank accounts?
2002/1/21 [Reference/BayArea] UID:23614 Activity:moderate
1/20    Where does one go to buy wallet-type things?  (East Bay/SF)
        Is there a place online?
        \_ What is a wallet-type thing? You mean a wallet? Money-clip?
           \_ billfold, leather thing to put calling cards/creditcards in,
              basically men's leather item store; buying present for
              corporate uncle. (birthday)
              \_ Your local Macy's then. tube into union square or zip
                 over to Richmond, or go down 880 to Hayward-ish, can't
                 remember exactly where, or better, goto Newpark Mall
                 (can get there in 20-25 mins). If those Macy's don't
                 work then there are stores near them. Online too risky
                 since you can't see/touch it and likely not cost-effective
                 unless you want to buy a cartier billfold for $150
                 but it's so-so (i got one)
        \_ ObCoachLeather
2002/1/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:23615 Activity:high
1/20    AOL buying RedHat this week.
        \_ Will it be renamed to AOLinux?
        \_ [ kinney's drivel deleted. ]
        \_ Redhat was already the AOL of the Linux world.  It makes sense.
           Real Men(tm) use UNIX(tm) anyway.
2002/1/21 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23616 Activity:very high
        "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today - my own
        government" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. April 4, 1967
          WED., JAN. 16, 5 P.M., Powell & Market
        No New War Against Iraq, End the Sanctions Now.  Join this
        protest on the 11th anniversary of the Gulf war.  Stop the War
        Against Afghanistan!  Stop Racial Profiling & Racist Attacks!
          MON. JAN. 21 (Holiday) March & Rally for Peace & Justice
        March Assembles: 10:30 am 4th & Townsend (Caltrans Station)
        Rally: 1 PM Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Civic Center.
        \_ How many knee-jerk catchphrases can you stuff under one roof?
           I'm surprised AIDS & friends are not in there.  -John
           \_ Shut up, John.
                \_ Don't forget Mumia!
           \_ John, they missed oppression of women, they forgot about doing it
              for the children and there's not a peep in there about red
              spotted snooker fish or the yellow tipped wiggly wumpus shrub.
              And landmines, they deserves a line of it's own.
        \_ Go-go gadget ISO!
        \_ Don't forget the Congo - No new volcano!!!
        "Congo Volcano Eruption Will Hurt Wildlife - Experts"
2002/1/21 [Recreation/Music] UID:23617 Activity:nil 55%like:23609
1/20    (not a troll), gimme examples of 'Asian trash' music (for
        a compilation I am intending to give girl in Asian
        Massage Parlor).  Never mind, all asian music is trash.
2002/1/21-22 [Computer/Theory] UID:23618 Activity:very high 60%like:23621
1/21    What's the word on the various profs teaching math 110 this semester?
        They are Kahan, Aschenbrenner, Pachter, Kantorovitz, Iliev,  and
        Wogoner.  Obviously taking from Kahan is somewhere between suicide and
        insanity (probably a little of each).  What about the others?
        \_ If someone ever tells you, "Prof. XYZ is really hard but you'll
           learn a lot!" you should run, not walk to the nearest L&S advisor
           to drop the class.  Don't ever take a class with a Prof described
           that way.
           \- taken a class from Marina "you'll probably fail but she's one
        \_ i thought all math profs were gay?
           of the best teachers i had" Ratner?
           \_ she told me "i think probably you will not get an A, but
              don't worry." after i failed the first and second midterm.
              she gave me an F.  I rally am glad i took it though, since
              i learned lots of set theory that i never would have learned
              from the guy with the weird sore on his head.
              \_ And now you have an F on your record and need to retake the
                 class.  Good plan, not worrying and all that.
        \_ WAgoner sucks hard.
           \_ Wu sucks so bad, how come the math department never does
              anything about it?  Like firing his sorry ass.
              \_ He's a minority.  Can't do that.  Look at the guy who was
                 giving secrets to the Chinese.  Nothing happened because he
                 was screaming racism and the Clintonistas broke.
                 \_ The guy who everyone accused of being a spy wasn't
                    even Chinese. Last I checked, Taiwan was a pro-US
                    country. I'm not crying foul because it's racist.
                    I'm crying foul because, as usual on the motd, you
                    accuse people without actual proof but give the
                    bullshit excuse that "revealing evidence would
                    comprimise national security". Trial by McCarthyism
                    died decades ago.
                    \_ Say what?  Since when does being from a province founded
                       by the losers of a civil war make you not of that race?
                       That's just fucking bizarre.
                 \_ I am Chinese and the math dept has my full support if
                    they want to fire his sorry ass.
                 \_ Chinese studying mathematic is not a minority group
                    for admission or faculty recruiting.  The math dept
                    cares only for researches.  If Wu got published
                    and recognized for research, he would not be fired.
                    You need to research more on how academic positions are
           \_ Why?
        \_ Pachter is cool in person, but is known for being somewhat tougher
           than normal in upperdivs. Also generally considered a decent
           teacher, I'm told. -alexf
        \_ Wow... I thought it was just me.  Although Kahan is no Wu...
        \_ negative vote:
           Kahan: ...
           Wu:    ......
           Lam:   ..
           Ogus: ..............................
           \_ I think fewer have tasted of the wrath of Kahan
              \_ I survived the splintery broom handles of each.  Kahan
                 was slightly less painful during the actual rape, but left
                 me much more bloody.  Wu was an experience I would do best
                 to leave to the imagination.  --scotsman
                    \- ObWu:
                       BTW, it's kind of pecular that Wu takes teaching so
                       seriously. If you go to his homepage there are links
                       to papers he wrote on teaching math, ok tnx --psb
                        \_ this makes me curious.  What are some of the
                           "inappropriate" exam questions he has raised
                   \_ I took Wu for math 104. He was as fair as anyone else,
        never asked a trick question or a question that wasn't
        unlike anything we hadn't seen in the homework.
        THe fact is, he always rags on the math 1a and 1b students
        for not trying to truly learn math, but just trying to get a
        good score. He held extra unpaid tutoring hours once a week
        after class, and cared very much about each student putting in
        the effort to learn. He's not pretentious nor holier than thou
        with his smarts, whereas Kahan is disliked universally across the
        board for his rather arrogant behavior, this includes faculty.
        The exam difference is that Kahan will give you questions that
        distinguish the top 1% in a class whereas Wu (for upper div math)
                     \- i dont think kahan is arrogant. i think there are
                     cases where he probably thinks "i have been thinking about
                     this for 5years so no i dont really want your off the cuff
                     opinion." however i image many of you working in technical
                     fields have been in similar situations. in my experience
                     he does not say things without researching them and when
                     he calls people wrong he provides examples and doesnt
                     just say "i am kahan. you are wrong." i think kahan is
                     probably the most discussed prof in themotd, which is
                     kind of interesting. --psb
                     \_ He does have a rather selective memory though.
                        Have a 'discussion' about something with him, and
                        prove your point.  Watch as he forgets this ever
                        took place and have the same 'discussion' over
                        and over with him every week.
                            \- he probably marked the conversation to be
                            garbage collected!
         will give questions that distinguish who has been following all the
         homework and are comfortable with the material. Also, everyone in
         Wu's class pretty much thought he was awesome and brought the material
         to life.
         \_ maybe he's a better updder div professor than lower div
            i doubt you'll find one math1a or 1b student who would
             agree that Wu was 'totally awesome'
                              \_ I think too many of Berkeley professors
                                 cater to the top 10% of students rather
                                 than the other 90%.  Kahan is just an
                                 extreme case of a general problem.  He
                                 probably should just teach graduate level
                                 \_ good way of looking at it. BTW,
                                    there are 15 seats left in the
                                    class that is truly Kahan's baby,
                                    Math 128B, i.e. "I am the most
                                    recognized badass in Numerical
                                    Analysis today, and you're all
                                    fucked." Anyone want to take it
                                    with me?
                                 \_ Heh, I know profs who call Kahan
                                    funny names behind his back
                                    \- kahan was considered kind of a oddball
                                    in the dept for a long time but he's also
                                    one of those profs who other profs in
                                    candid moments will say "you know he's
                                    really smart guy" ... i remember BH and
                                    PNH both saying that about him. The rep
                                    for being peculiar comes from stuff like
                                    when the faculty was soliciting ideas
                                    for "what would you do with a terabyte
                                    of storage" [i think this was for the
                                    sequoia 2000 proposal] and most profs
                                    had various responses saying they could
                                    use a few hundred gigs for this or that.
                                    Then they asked Kahan and he says
                                    something like "i need 1.3453245 TB to
                                    compute <>"[i dont remember what it was
103 1/21 What's the word on the various profs teaching math 110 this se
19 1/21 What's the difference between a resume and a CV?
 5 1/22,org,net are not working. I need a crash course on
 5 1/22 Hello, here is an interesting problem [harder than the canoe-bowl
 2 1/22 A moment of silence for Peggy Lee who died from a heart attack in
                                    he wanted to do but apparently he had
                                    worked it out very carfully and everyone
                                    else was kind of speechless]. i think
                                    there was a almost collective "holy shit"
                                    when he won the Turing Award. --psb
                                 \_ imagine kahan teaching in grade school.
                \_ fine they're smart people. But smart != good teacher
2002/1/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23619 Activity:nil 57%like:24429
1/20    What's the deal with the Soda/Cory network again?
2002/1/21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23620 Activity:nil
1/20    Enron and the Bush Administration:
        kindred spirits in fraud and criminality:
        \_ Why read rambling drivel?
           \_  Interesting article.  Thank you.  --erikred
        \_ With an intro like yours why bother reading it?  Is there any
           factual links in there showing Bush is responsible for Enron's
           collapse in any way or profited from it or used/abused his power to
           aid anyone who had aided his campaign in any sort of quid-pro-quo?
           No Clinton quality sellouts to multiple foreign powers?
        \_ Yes there are political ties, but the delve equally into
           the repubs and dems.  Consequently, like Chinagate, the
           inquiry will go nowhere.  All the more reason for smaller
2002/1/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23621 Activity:nil 60%like:23618
1/21    Anyone know anything about the profs teaching math 110 this semester?
        They are: Aschenbrenner, Pachter, Kantorovitz, Iliev, Wagoner, and the
        devil himself, Kahan.
2002/1/21 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23622 Activity:nil
1/21    Is there any reason why I want to use Makefile over ANT?
        \_ do you dream in XML?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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