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2002/1/13 [Uncategorized] UID:23549 Activity:nil
1/12    yesterday, at 4am, the bio building at UCSC went kaboom.
        the bldg was empty, and there were no casualties.
2002/1/13 [Uncategorized] UID:23550 Activity:nil
1/12    how do you get XV to strech an image to cover the entire root background?
        \_ xv -root
2002/1/13 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:23551 Activity:nil
1/12    northern california is weird.  why do you people rathre speak to
        each other online in chat rooms or email, instead ot phoning each
        other up?  Or better yet, seeing each other?
        \_ how is it a northern california thing?  are you sure it's not just
           a geek thing?
2002/1/13-14 [Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23552 Activity:very high
        The article mentions 'Direct Connect.'  What other file sharing
        programs are in use these days besides this and Morpheus and other
        FastTrack variants.  Any CSUA members in the dorms or otherwise with big
        pipes care to comment?
        \_ irc
        \_ yeah, I've got a big pipe for ya
           \_ hi paolo!
           \_ nice going vadim, taking scheme.xcf.berkeley and changing it to
              vadim.berkeley. fucking tactless egomaniac.
                \_ I thought the useless xcf was shut down years ago?  -alum
                   \_ It was.  It has become... the Vadim Computing
                      \_ This is probably funny but I don't know who Vadim is
                         or the current xcf situation.  Is it dead or what?
                         \_ Not dead.  There's one member.
                            \_ Just using your powers of deduction, see if you
                               can infer what that one member's name is.
         \_ check for an extensive listing of file sharing
            prorams.   -- jj
        \_ the Dec207 warez club!
        \_ The dorms don't have a big pipe anymore.  They're collectively
           limited to ~20Mbit.  That's 4,000+ hosts.  UCB dorm net is pretty
           much useless these days.  Residents keep trying to get DSL
           installed because it's faster.
           \_ Buncha whiners.  I felt lucky to have 14.4 access after I got
              access to the staff/professor modem bank and off the busy and
              broken 1200-9600 student bank.  Doing classwork on campus was
              better anyway.  Easily block remote connections to your
              workstation and keep all those other pesky students dialing in
              at 2400 on some other machine.
              \_ in my day, we used smoke signals.  on a clear day with a
                 small enough wind we could get ten bits per minutes, and
                 we were damn pleased with that.
                 \_ They allowed you to have smoke?  And you knew what the sun
                    looked like?  And wind?  You had wind?? You must be new
                    around here....
           \_ Petition them to increase the size of the big pipe.  This is
              not 1991 anymore, when I spent big bucks to upgrade to a 9600
                \_ The problem with the dorms is that they'll use (for napster
                   clones, mostly) all the bandwidth you'll give them, and the
                   campus pays for bandwidth used to the commodity net.  Dorm
                   traffic isn't limited if it goes over Internet 2.  -tom
                   \_ Cool.  Now they just need a multi-campus I2 p2p thing
                      going and they're set.  I've got this idea for a business
                      model... I just need $325m in funding now....
                   \_ Two words: traffic shaping.  Eliminate this bandwidth
                      cap bullshit, and use traffic shaping to limit obscene
                      traffic caused by p2p filesharing apps.  Dorm net
                      becomes useable again.
                        \_ A few more words: apathy, money, unimportant.  It
                           isn't worth anyone's time to fix the dorm net
                           situation.  Who cares?  Let them eat cake!  Is
                           there a minimum bandwidth promised or an SLA in
                           the current dorm contract?  Do people *really*
                           choose the dorms because they have net?  Was the
                           <DEAD><DEAD> the deciding factor for anyone's living
                           arrangement?  If so they need to get over it.
                        \_ Clearly, that's the way campus wants to go, but
                           it's rather difficult in our environment.  -tom
           \_ that's 20Mbit to off campus.
2002/1/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:23553 Activity:very high
1/13    To the smartass who suggested "Kinky Sex Makes the World go Round...",
        I actually downloaded that song... and I'm at my parent's house over
        a damn dial-up so it took like 20 minutes. Thanks for the great
        \_ your point being? what? parents think you are good little boy and
           that shattered their image of you and now you're on your way to
           the army to get "straightened out"?
           \_ no... just that the original poster asked for a song that seemed
              somewhat interesting; someone posted a response; I wasted
              bandwidth downloading it; and it turned to be some weird diatribe
              by Jello Biafra.
              \_ the original poster said he wanted a country western
                 song.  If you thought that a Dead Kennedys song was a
                 serious answer, you deserve what you get.
                 \_ I concur.
              \_ Welcome to the CSUA Motd.  We owe you *nothing*.
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