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2002/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:23538 Activity:nil
1/11    When will I stop getting randomly disconnected from soda?
        "Connection to host lost"
        \_ When ECCS NET and its rabid router issues get fixed. [LOL]
           \_ Could you tell us all when that happens?
2002/1/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23539 Activity:moderate
1/11    IE6, upgrade or wait?
        \_ No probs with it. Very similar to IE5/5.5, with added cookie
           filtering being the only real visible new feature.
        \_ I don't like the new icon.  Other than that I'd say go for it if
           you're already using 5.x.
        \_ If you must run Windows, it's a decent browser (a lot faster than
           NS6.)  Otherwise have a look at Opera 6, it rocks.  -John
        \_ I downgraded back to 5.5 because I couldn't figure out how
           not to have favourites opened via the link bar open up in a
           new window. And I'm not talking about using the
           "Resuse windows for launching shortcuts" mis-feature. Other than
           that, it was noticably faster and cookie management seemed a
           whole lot better.
           \_ doesn't happen for me.
        \_ Why you using evil empire stuff. We are sad.
2002/1/12-13 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23540 Activity:high
1/11    I just installed 256megs of memory on my Dell desktop, bringing
        it up to a total of 384 megs. Everything seems fine, except one
        little thing. When I go to the start menu and click "New Office
        Document" and then select Blank Document, for example, it doesn't
        do anything...until I do something like just opening up a folder,
        or another program, or pretty much anything that requires double-
        clicking. So the new document does pop up, but only after I open
        something else. I really don't remember if it did this before, but
        could this be related to the new memory (DIMM, by the way). And
        it's Win98. Thanks.
        \_ have you popped the memory out and verified the behavior?
        \_ You know about windoze wasting heap trying to cache too much,
           right?  Put [vcache]\nMaxFileCache=65536 or something
           reasonable in system.ini.  Not that this is your problem.
           As for the actual problem, hmm.  Maybe it's that you're
           running windoze, MS office, or the combination of both. hehe
           \_ It's not smart enough to shrink the cache whe heap space is
           \_ It's not smart enough to shrink the cache when heap space is
              \_ No, that's not the problem.  As I understand it, it pre-
                 allocates heap for handling the file cache.  If you have
                 more than 512MB of RAM, the amount of heap needed for
                 maintaining that much vcache is almost 128k, which is
                 the fixed amount of heap windoze 95/98/ME has.  When
                 that happens, you get a out-of-memory error even though
                 you have more memory than ever.  It does not affect W2K/NT.
              running short?  Which versions of Windoze have this problem?
              \_ Well, kind of....  As I understand it, it pre-allocates
                 heap for handling the file cache.  If you have around
                 512MB of RAM, the amount of heap needed for maintaining
                 that much vcache is almost 128k, which is the fixed amount
                 of heap windoze 95/98/ME has.  When that happens, you get
                 a out-of-memory error even though you have more memory
                 than ever.  It does not affect W2K/NT.
                 \_ If you want to run windows with anything more than 32
                    or 64 MB of RAM, you should use win2k or NT, only.
        \_ dude, you got a dell!
           \_ Hmm.  I didn't consider that, but then, it's still better
              than compaq.
              \_ Or as we affectionally call it at work, crapaq
2002/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:23541 Activity:nil
1/11    Judge Says No to M$:
        \_ More like "No, Bitch!" ... .com
2002/1/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:23542 Activity:nil
1/11    Jar Jar will return!
        \_ Good. Maybe they'll finally kill him off in ep2.
           \_ he'll be more mature, and a senator in ep2.
        \_ maybe they will name the third movie: The Return of the Jar-Jar
2002/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:23543 Activity:nil
1/11 -- Multi-player Angband!
2002/1/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:23544 Activity:very high
1/11    Are soy products PROVEN to prevent cancer? Or is it simply speculation
        from the fact that Asians have less cases, in which case could be
        attributed to genetics or not reporting cases at all.   -soy h8r
        \_ No proof.
        \_ No proof, but a lot of evidence:
        \_ Probably as much proof as eating lots of vegetables would help
           prevent some cancer.  I am not sure if asians have less cancer.
           They have less heart problems and some types of cancer (eg.
           prostate, breast), but not other types (mostly those related
           to the digestive system and tobacco).
                \_ Eating causes cancer.
                \_ Eating (green, leafy) vegetables is the simplest
                   way to avoid cancer, and there ARE studies showing
        \_ Why would soy prevent cancer?  The way to avoid cancer is to
           avoid things which cause cancer.  There is a high correlation
           between diets high in meat and cancer and heart disease. Perhaps
           soy eaters get less cancer because they also happen to be the
           same people who eat less meat?
                \_ That's like asking "why would a vaccine prevent the
                   flu? the way to avoid the flu is to avoid things
                   that cause the flue". There are such things that
                   actively combat diseases.
                   \_ While yours is a good point, you cannot see the
                      germs that cause the flu, whereas many carcinogens
                      can be seen with the naked eye and ingested
                      based on one's discretion. You have a choice, comrades!
        \_ Don't be surprised if it is found that soy ultimately causes
           cancer. Such is the way of the world. --dim
           \_ I'd like to award dim 2 points for "Best Motd Answer" for the
              day.  This is so true.  Anyone remember the bit in Sleeper about
              how 'they' determined that smoking is good for you and everyone
              in the future is a heavy smoker?  I love that.
           Cancer, Aging and Genesis.
           "Aging may be a necessary cost of suppressing cancer."
           In other words, if not for cancer, infinite life, or at least
           a much longer life, may not be impossible.
           \_ In other words scientists/doctors/bio-whatever people are still
              guessing and shooting randomly in the dark for answers.
                \_ cancer and aging are intimately connected, if I remember
                   that talk I went to a year ago. Cancer is, because it
                   mutates cells so that on reproduction, they
                   don't lose one "link" in (is it their RNA??) chain. This
                   chain loss is the mechanism of aging, I think. So, according
                   to the talk I went to, solve cancer, you solve aging?
                        \_ that's why h07 as|@n ch|x look youger???
        \_ FYI, Asians have much lower number of cases of, say, lung cancer,
           but much higher number of cases of esophageal cancer.  Medical
           establishment believes it's due to large quantities of tea that
           many Asians consume.
           \_ Asians have much lower cases of lung cancer? I guess tobacco
              companies were right all along.
              \_ related to large amounts of green tea.
2002/1/12 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:23545 Activity:high
1/11    Veritas Gurus: How do I free the last disk from a disk group?  I have
        disk group FOO and it won't let me pull the last disk from it.  I want
        the entire existence of FOO to cease and use all the disks in another
        diskgroup on the same machine.  This is v 3.x on Solaris 2.7. Thanks!
        [Note, I don't have TFM].
        \_ vxassist remove mirror for all but the last,
           vxassist remove volume for the last.
           \_ "vxdg destroy foo" did the trick.  Thanks for pointing me in
              the right dirction.
              \_ useless trivia: "vxdg destroy" was implemented by someone
                 with a soda account.
2002/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:23546 Activity:nil
1/11    Does the economy affect Moore's law in any way?
        \_ I will live to see the death of CMOS, and i will laugh and mock
        it in its passing.  mwuahahahahaha! i hate CMOS.
        \_ If anything, it is the other way around.
        \_ No, because Grove made eating your own lunch par for the course.
2002/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:23547 Activity:nil
1/12    Stare at backdoor by mattress for 20 seconds(kind of interesting):
2002/1/12-13 [Politics/Foreign, Recreation/Music] UID:23548 Activity:kinda low
1/12    On PBS I saw a "commercial" for the news hour with Jim Lehrer showing
        the WTC bombing.  People sitting in front of their TV watching it
        and words like "there're some people we'll never understand".  There's
        a song playing in the background.  Just a man singing with guitar
        music I believe. It sounded like country music.  Anybody know the name
        of the song?  Thanks.
        \_ "Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round", by the Dead Kennedys.
        \_  Buffalo Springfield  "For What It's Worth"
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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