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2002/1/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:23500 Activity:nil
1/8     Soda slow?

 9706 celia     58   0  4808K  3188K RUN     20.9H 82.08% 82.08% perl
2002/1/9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:23501 Activity:nil
        "Socially, I just find myself in awkward situations. Guys hit on me
        all the time, including a TA. My friendliness gets mistaken for
        flirtation or romantic interest. Why can't a girl just kick back
        and hang out with a guy without him and everyone else thinking that
        there is a romantic involvement!"
        [ reformatted - motd formatting daemon ]
        \_ It's probably because you don't know how to format.
           \_ hey don't pick on her, she's just a girl
        \_ Let's find her pics and we'll judge if she's making this up.
2002/1/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:23502 Activity:moderate
1/8     Solaris/x86 RIP:
        \_ Was it x86 PCs or was it some other kind of x86 machines?
                \_ PC's.  General run of the mill (although often a few
                   generations behind on driver support) hardware.
                   \_ First x86 unix I used that easily detected all the
                      occasionally odd hardware I could spare to install it
                      on.  Now if Solaris/Sparc dies and we can get a non-
                      evil unix for Sun hardware... -John
                      \_ OpenBSD and NetBSD are non-evil unices and run
                         on sparc and sparc64
        \_ Where are you getting the RIP from? They're just delaying it, I
        thought (not that I use it) -eric
2002/1/9 [Finance/Investment] UID:23503 Activity:high
1/8     Can you change the angel of your ski boot mount? I'd like to vary
        the angle by a bit as my feet are not exactly parallel to the skiis.
        \_ i wanted to change the angel on mine, but i couldn't figure out
           how many angels they'd put in the binding to begin with.
           \_ you mean how many could dance on the binding...
                \_ Along which axis?
2002/1/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23504 Activity:nil
1/8     FreeBSD Ports Problem:
2002/1/9 [Uncategorized] UID:23505 Activity:moderate
1/8     Anyone have the Kirkwood student pass?
        \_ yes
        \_ I had it last year. Didn't have time to go up enough (~4 times)
           to make my money back.
2002/1/9 [Uncategorized] UID:23506 Activity:high
1/8     Is soda having net problems? I've been experiencing sluggish
        responses when I type, at many times throughout today.
        \_ yes.  cory router.  eecs networking (tm)
           \_ Is it going to be fixed or something?
           \_ Sure sure, blame the victim.
              \_ yeah, blame the elite Decimal207 warez crew
2002/1/9 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:23507 Activity:insanely high
1/8     I am getting tired of Pine's editor. I like jove.
        What's YOUR favorite email program? Can it use Jove as editor?
        \_ mh.  yes.
            \_What is mh? or Where is mh?
               \_ mh is everywhere and nowhere.
        \_ nmh.  it's mh with more features and fewer bugs. nmh+procmail+jove.
           I am, I am, I am superman, I can do anything.  I'm the motd mh god.
           I make it sing, I make it dance, I make it do things even the
           authors didn't know it could do.  I have achieved email handling
           Nirvana.  Post on motd for help.  -mh god
            \_ mh: Command not found.  Is my path incomplete?
            \_ rmh: Command not found. Is my path incomplete?
               \_ you are not tall enough to use mh.
               \_ mh isn't a program -- it's a collection of programs.
                  try "man inc"
                  \_ "man nmh".  remember to not type the quotes or the dot.
                     \_ > \_ man nmh
                        _: Command not found.
                        \_ your prompt is ">".  heh.
                  \_ man -k mh
        \_ mutt. yes.
        \_ emacs/mh-e, yes.
        \_ elm. yes.
        \_ VMail in emacs.  No, but emacs is similar to jove.
        \_ Pine can use Jove as an editor.  If you want it to.
           \_ How to do this? I set editor to "jove" in the setup config,
              But it's still same old pico editor.
        \_ pine + vim + ispell
        \_ gnus. It uses emacs as an editor, which is better than jove but
           if you want I'm sure you could write a hook to have it throw
           you into jove instead, or just write a complete jove emulator
           in elisp.
           \_ How does one write a hook to have it throw one into jove?
        \_ ...I can't believe our all-caps friend hasn't struck yet.
           This thread has been here for over a day..
        \_ i thought the default editor for pine _was_ jove...
           \_ No pine defaults to pico.
           \_ pico = PIne COmposer
                \_ pico is almost jove but fucks up newlines, right?
                   \_ jove is much more powerful than pico....
                      \_ this is a funny statement.  "my weakling 90 lb.
                         grandmother is stronger than your weakling 80 lb.
                         \_ ...right.  but is your hulking mussle-thug any
                            better at serving tea than my 90 pound weakling
                            grandma?  i doubt it.  if all i need is to
                            have tea poured, all i need is a weak, old
                         \_ you making fun of my grandmother?  my grandmother
                            can kick your grandmother's ass!  seriously,
                            pico doesn't even have a Goto Line command...
                            \_ Seriously indeed.
                        \_ My grandmother hasn't need a patch or upgrade in
                           almost 10 years.  How about yours?
                           \_ I think she'd do better if she had a life++ patch.
        \_ what about using ed?
2002/1/9 [Uncategorized] UID:23508 Activity:nil
1/8     fuck sauron.  Morgoth.  Morgoth is the standard valar killer!
        \_ I second that.  Sauron was his whimpering lieutenant.
        \_ we like to call him Melkor.
2002/1/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:23509 Activity:nil
1/9     In
        how come "S(x,3,1)=bet x/2 and end up with 2x"? The worst case for
        betting x/2 is 3/2x, not 2x as claimed. Also how does one come up
        with S(x,4,1) = 2(x+b) = 2x + 2b = 8(x-b) = 8x - 8b ?? Thanks.
        \_ What's the original problem for that solution?
2002/1/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23510 Activity:kinda low
1/9     Anybody know more about Sun blessing the freebsd JDK/JRE?
        What version?
           \_ JDK version, not FreeBSD version.
2002/1/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:23511 Activity:low
1/9     I did it!  I finally escaped!  I knew if I kept trying I'd slip by.

        "Network Solutions, Inc. ("NSI") has received a request to transfer
         your domain name from NSI to another Registrar.  This is to notify
         you that the transfer request has been approved by NSI and was sent
         to the Registry for processing."
         \_ How did you do it? -ausman
         \_ How did you do it?
                \_ It tookt a few times where they either arbitrarily rejected
                   it or said I didn't confirm the request but I got by the
                   NSI Nazis this morning.  Crossing my fingers that it goes
                   the rest of the way.  This was the hard part though.
2002/1/9-10 [Science/GlobalWarming, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:23512 Activity:very high
1/9     About fuel-cell automobiles, since it runs on hydrogen, where does
        the hydrogen come from?  Thx.
        \_ fuel-cells don't run on hydrogen.
           \_ some do, some don't.
           \_ Yes, they do.  And it is either re-refined from gasoline
              or natural gas, or by a number of other processes external
              to the system.
              \_ So since producing hydrogen requires energy from other
                 sources, fuel cells don't really solve the energy problem,
                 \_ Well, they are up to 3 times more efficient than ICE
                    on the same fuels, so they help.  and efficiency is
                    a high priority in the research, rather than maximization
                    of oil profits, so the attitude alone helps.  Also,
                    emissions are much lower on the same fuel, which also
                    helps.  No, it doesn't "solve" the "energy problem", but
                    ... it helps.
        \_ The sun.
        \_ honda is coming out with hybrid civics for $20k in march.
           \_ How many MPG does it get?
                \_ Make any car small enough to carry on your bike and it'll
                   get great gas mileage.  Earlier electrics and some hybrids
                   were rejected because they were too small to drive safely
                   on the highways.  They couldn't be any bigger without
                   losing most of their efficiency.  When I can get a hybrid
                   or eletric or whatever car that doesn't weigh less than I
                   do I'd consider one.
                   \_ I was just wondering how it'll compare to the Insight
                      and the 5-seat Prius.
        \_ Isn't hydrogen flammable? Hindenberg car?
           \_ Isn't gasoline flammable?
           \_ The Hindenberg caught fire because of flammable paint, not
              \_ This doesn't negate the fact that hydrogen is indeed
                 cumbusts with air.
                 \_ "cumbusts"... too much porn on the brain.
                 flammable.  You get a nice little explosion when it
                 combusts with air.  [spellingd was here]
                 \_ pr0n aside, one of the big challenges w/ using H directly
                    is finding a stable enough matrix to make it safe and
                    cheap to store (no crazy supercooling, etc).  I've seen
                    several avenues of exploration using a variety of
                    stable chemical compounds (using, boron I think) that are
                    subsequently mixed with something to release the 'stored'
                    H which is then 'burned' 'on demand' for energy.  -mice
                    \_ Can we store hydrogen on vehicles same way as propane
                       (or is it butane) vehicles?  Propane is also gas and it
                       explodes, but people seem to think propane vehicles are
              \_ More specifically, with what we now call solid rocket fuel.
           \_ don't most metals absorb hydrogen readily, making them brittle?
2002/1/9-10 [Transportation/Car] UID:23513 Activity:very high
1/9     What kind of gas mileage does a bus get?  The kind that AC Transit and
        SF MUNI use.
        \_ a 72 seat International school bus gets 8 miles to the gallon.
           buying s a school bus is a bad idea.
           - former school bus owner.
           \_ is 8 freeway or street?
                \_ Guessing street since many/most school buses never see a
                   freeway.  YMMV (hah! a joke! get it? ha!)
                   \_ so we'd get better than 8mpg if we drove it on the
                      \_ look.  owning a bus is a *huge* potential pain
                         in the ass.  don't get yhourself into that
                         unless you *really* know awhat you're doing.
                         if asking about gas mileage on the motd is
                         your idea of figuring out what you are doing,
                         prepare for misery as you try to unlead the
                         prepare for misery as you try to unload the
                         fucking thing.  guess wahat: no one wants to
                         buy your stupid bus after yhou go broke and need
                         to get rid of it to buy food.  save youreself now!
                         don't buy a bus!!!  unless you have lots and lots
                         basiacally my experiaence with bus ownership is
                         along thge lines of Bitter Divorc3ed Guy's
                         experience with marriage.
                         of capital and free time to fuck with it.
                         basically my experience with bus ownership is
                         along thge lines of Bitter Divorced Guy's
                         experience with marriage. bus bad.
                         -former bus owner.
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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