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2002/1/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:23446 Activity:moderate
1/3     I want to wire my house for ethernet.  4 plug jacks in the walls,
        a hub somewhere near the cable modem, etc.  Anyone does this?  Got
        any advice?  Got the name of contractors to use/avoid?  Thanks!
        \_ unless you need to be > 10MB, I suggest you to go wireless.
           \_ You mean 10Mb
           \_ I'd rather not have wireless.
           \_ Not too hard to DIY - just punching holes for the backplates
              and then snaking the cable.  And since you're already doiing
              it, consider wiring for a/v too.
           \_I'll do it for you for $50 a jack plus hard cost. williamc
        \_ Wow,  I was thinking about posting this same message.
           I figure I can do with a trip to Fry's and my attic. Just follow
           the path of my existing telephone cables. Any known gotchas?
           Don't trust wireless, plus I want 100Mb between my hosts.
           Recommendations for cheap quality switch?
           Anyone do fiber? Difficult? Expensive?
           \_do you own a bandsaw and fishing cable? williamc
             \_why bandsaw? can use existing phone jacks but just add an
               RJ45 jack and change faceplate, right?
2002/1/4 [Consumer/Camera] UID:23447 Activity:high
        \_ Yes.  A jpg of northside from a viewpoint of a few hundred feet
           up but probably from a satellite.  And?
           \_ Bzzt.  Aerial photography of Northside shot in 1994.  Here's
              The Rest of the Story:
                \_ Uhm yeah ok a photo from a plane and this is "AWSOME!"
                   because...?  You can't even see any nekkid chicks on the
                   co-oop roofs.
                   \_ the co-op i lived in had no neked chix on the roof,
                      just poop mabye there were naked chix there before
                      the poop.
                      \_ how about naked chicks pooping?
           \_ Wow.  Is this why I can't fly a kite near March Air Force Base?
2002/1/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:23448 Activity:nil
1/3     Just in case anyone still thinks that Lucas cares about
        something other than $s:
2002/1/4 [Computer/HW] UID:23449 Activity:moderate
1.3     to anyone out there doing board work: do you happen to know where
        i could buy some sort of rack to hold and easily dispense all
        my resistors, etc., or what i would even type into google to
        search for such a thing?  seen anything in the labs that
        might be useful that i could check out?  thanks for your help.
        \_  allied electronics probably has what you want.
            here is a relevant catalog page:
            they have pretty decent online ordering.
            for resistors, large numbers of small drawers with labels
            is probably your best bet.
            \_ This is exactly what I've seen in the hardware labs. --dim
2002/1/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23450 Activity:very high
1/3     I'm trying to find an english equivalent of the chinese word (mandarin)
        "sa chiao".  Roughly it means to cuddle up with somebody.  Usually
        describes a woman or a young daughter.  What's a good english word
        that captures that meaning?  Thanks.
        \_ snuggle?  I don't know mandarin.  Just going by your description.
           I can't think of any age/gender specific terms for this.
           \_ you have to know mandarin to translate it.  The word doesn't
              just describe the physical act but also the relationship between
              the two.
                \_ Sorry, just a white boy doing his best to help.
        \_ There are a couple of Chinese-English dictionary online if u do
           a google search.  I tried 3 and only manage to find "sa3 jiao1"
           (to use mainland's pinyin romanization) on 1 of them.  It says
           "fawn, coquetry".  Doesn't seem exactly right.  Using dict on
           soda for coquetry yields:

           Coquetry \Co*quet"ry\, n.; pl. {Coquetries}. [F. coquetterie.]
           Attempts to attract admiration, notice, or love, for the mere
           gratification of vanity; trifling in love. ``Little
           affectations of coquetry.'' --Addison.
           n : playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest [syn:
               {flirt}, {flirting}, {flirtation}, {dalliance}, {toying}]

           No single word feels exactly right.
           \_ Thanks.  I think this is one of the thousands of words that
              can't be translated well.  The connotation of "sa chiao"
              means more than the physical act of "sa chiao".
              \_ Yes, from seeing it being actually used, it usually
                 involves speaking in an amorous manner, for lack of
                 a better description.
        \_ "sa chiao"?  i thought that's bbq pork.
                                         \_ cha siu, you troll.
        \_ You mean sa jiao(and the j is much better than ch- in this case),
           and the word has more connotation than just to cuddle/snuggle:
           It's commonly used to describe a playful acting type behaviour
           intended to be cute or innocent, not necessarily amorous.  The
           above poster's mention of coquetry seems to be the best fit, but
           not quite.  I would go with playful coquetry, and specify in usage
           whether the intentions are amorous or not.  Btw, I normally hear
           it pronounced sa1 jiao1, not sa3 jiao1.  Not sure which is right,
           esp. if dictionaries list sa3 jiao.
           \_ The problem is there can be playful acting behaviour that is
              cute and innocent that cannot be considered as sa jiao.
              sa jiao seems to always involve a woman, girl or young boy, and
           \_ Yes, this is getting close.
              Sa jiao seems to always involve a woman, girl or young boy, and
              the intended target has to be one of the following: boyfriend,
              husband, or an elder (mom, dad, grandparents, teacher, etc.).
              A woman/girl who sa jiao is playfully acting in a cute child-
              like manner, and is asking for and expecting that she would
              be loved and pampered in return.
2002/1/4 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:23451 Activity:nil 75%like:23444
1/2     jwang, is your Suzuki garaged? how much is your insurance?
        \_ to the anonymous motd poster, i pay $113/year for liability-only
           coverage. this is for a Honda CBR600 F4, ungaraged. --jwang
2002/1/4 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:23452 Activity:nil
1/3 is something you
        want to read if you're a grokster/kazaa/whatever user.
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23453 Activity:nil
1/3     For what kind of f(x,y), can ido the following:
                d/dx d/dy f(x,y) = d/dy d/dx f(x,y)
        \_It is true if the derivatives exist and are continous at the point
          you care about. williamc
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23454 Activity:nil
1/3     Boycot Lucas! He's lost his touch.
        \_ If it took N'Sync to make you boycott Lucas and not long before,
           I guess I'll see you in line opening day of Ep II.
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23455 Activity:nil
1/3     Did UC Theatre move?  -alum who just revisited Berkeley
        \_ it's gone.  needed seismic retrofitting that it couldn't afford
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23456 Activity:nil
1/4     Why does the Petagon insist on dropping leaflets written in
        English and not in the local language? Is this for our
        consumption or theirs?
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23457 Activity:nil
1/4     Thanks for the URL.  Exactly what I needed.
2002/1/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:23458 Activity:very high
1/4     V3: What is the relationship between kazaa and Morpheus?
        Why do the Morphues temp files say "kazadownload..." -crebbs
        \_ same core program, different skin
            \_ same spyware?
                \_ so they say.
                    \_ so WHO says?  I have checked for the registry entry on
                       2 (win2k) machines with morpheus and neither has it.
                       Nor do they have the executable (DLDER.exe) -tcrebbs
                       Nor do they have the executable (DLDER.exe) -crebbs
                       \_ were you running the latest versions?
                       \_ so thereg says.
2002/1/4-5 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:23459 Activity:very high
        \_ Did nweaver post this because he was quoted in the article? :-)
        \_ This guy picked the Christmas week to notify AOL and then claimed
           waiting for a week is too long.  Hmm.  Maybe he just wanted the
           \_ The article I read said that AOL didn't even bother to respond
              to him.  It's not just that they didn't fix it in the first
              week after he reported it -- they didn't even acknowledge that
              the problem *existed*.  Then when he goes public they fix
              it in 24 hours?  Sounds like he was right to go public.
                \_ At most tech companies, there was no one around to respond
                   to anything from Dec. 22 - Jan. 1.
                   \_ Sounds like the best time to exploit a hole :)
                   \_ I can't think of any legitimate reason for their
                      escalation path for security problems to be broken,
                      even for holidays.  Whether they failed to respond out
                      of arrogance or incompetence doesn't make much of a
                      \_ suppose you find a major security hole in AIM.  Whom
                         do you email?  Does AOL have a special email address
                         hotline for reporting critical exploits?  Do they
                         publicize it?  I'd guess that the answer to at least
                         one of those questions is "no".  So now you're left
                         with filing a bug report using the standard support
                         channels, which most likely get flooded with mail from
                         clueless newbies.  Do the real developers field all
                         these questions, or does a low-paid grunt deal with
                         them?  Does this support grunt check email every day
                         during his vacation?  give him a break.
                         \_ When I call AOL tech support, I usually
                            get prompt and complete service. signed, AOLuser
                         \_ You send it to support.  It is the responsibility
                            of their support organization to classify the
                            incoming report correctly and advise their
                            management so they can direct it to the
                            appropriate engineers to repair.  An organization
                            the size of AOL doesn't have a single support
                            grunt who goes on vacation and leaves the support
                            email unanswered; they have a large group of
                            people processing incoming support requests, and
                            there's always somebody there.  The front line
                            people have more senior people they can escalate
                            things to (usually multiple levels).  Even during
                            holidays and weekends, there should be somebody
                            on call in engineering capable of addressing the
                            problem.  Coordintaing support and engineering like
                            this is hardly a problem unique to AOL.  Oh, and
                            AOL never said they hadn't seen it; they said
                            they wanted more time to work on it.
2002/1/4 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23460 Activity:high
1/4     Now we're willing to fight a war with big lies?  How degraded have we
        \_ Republicans as usual: Iran-Contra, Gulf of Tonkin, Chile, etc.
        \_ Business as usual: Iran-Contra, Gulf of Tonkin, Chile, etc.
        \_ Dave Culler in the article!!!
        \_ Why does the Petagon insist on dropping leaflets written in
           English and not in the local language of the region? Is this for our
           \_ I think the English leaflets are for the press only.
        \_ Hey genius, war time propaganda is thousands of years older than
           you are.  Get over it.  Do you think it was degrading that we
           dropped leaflets in WWII?  Gosh, some of them might not have told
           the truth, too!
           \_ and contrary to the movie about hiroshima, there no leaflets
              dropped in hiroshima to warn them
              \_ I was thinking Germany, however, I'd like to see a URL for
                 your hiroshima claim.
        \_ What's wrong with lying to the enemy?  They surrender, lives are
           saved in the end.  All is good.
           \_ Well supposedly we want to tell the enemy that we are the good
              guys, and good guys shouldn't lie.
                \_ You're so naive.  "good guys shouldn't lie".  Yes, this is
                   just like your dungeons and dragons paladin going to
                   Afghanistan.  Uh huh.  Made level 2 yet?
           \_ If you think they just lie to "the enemy," I've got a bridge
              I'd like to sell you.
                \_ By telling you the truth in real time they're telling the
                   enemy the truth in real time.  I don't want to know the
                   truth at the moment Live On CNN With Geraldo! if it means
                   American lives are put at risk.  It isn't a video game, it
                   is war.  I *do* want to know the truth afterwards though.
                   Yes this does mean that sometimes things will happen in my
                   name as an American citizen that I don't want to happen and
                   I won't even know until maybe years later, but knowing
                   about it in real time wouldn't stop it.
2002/1/4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:23461 Activity:nil
1/4     Marine in Afghanistan with bikini chic pics.
        I just think the photo is funny.
        \_ It's my mom.
2002/1/4 [Computer/HW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23462 Activity:high
1/4     W2K has by default a button next to the "start" button that is used
        to clear the workspace.  I'm not sure what happened to mine.  How
        do I get it back?  What executable do I look for in creating the
        shortcut?  Thanks.
        \_ What do you mean by "clear the desktop"?  My W2k never had such a
           button.  Maybe you want the tool bars menu you can find by right-
           clicking on the system tray?
        \_ you mean the button that automatically minimizes/restores
           everything?  It's in the Quick Launch toolbar or something.  Or hit
        \_ right click on the desktop toolbar.  choose the item for Toolbars.
           make sure "quick launch" item is checked.
           like the other people said, pressing WIN+ D will work.  as well as
           WIN + M
           \_ oh crap.  I toggled the "quick launch" thing and now the
              quick launch buttons are on the right hand side.  It used to be
              next to the "start" button.  Moving it to the left doesn't work.
              the window icons always get in between the start button and the
              quick launch buttons.  Is there a way to fix this?  the help
              index doesn't seem to talk about the placement of quick launch
              \_ geez.  what do you mean moving it to the left doesnt work?
                 it does.  if you still cant get it to get to the left side,
                 close all apps, then with the vertical bar, shove it to the
                 left and it should stay there.
                 \_ Look, this guy is obviously a clueless Windoze moron.
                     \_ Yes and you're obviously a clueless linux bigot.  So
                        what?  You don't see anyone going off on you about it.
        \_ Is there a diff between Win-M and Win-D?
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23463 Activity:nil
1/3     Did anybody hear a radio piece (probably NPR) about a singer and
        a group who recently put out an album with the title
        "Bavarian Fruitcake" or something "Fruitcake"?  I have done
        searches on yahoo, google and amg, but can't find what I want.
        Maybe it's too new.
        \_ On the off chance you misheard, there's a compilation out called
           "better than fruitcake"
        On a related note, does anybody know who sings that song
        "Kiss Me" ?  I also did a search on amg and there are like
        100 songs with that same title.  The singer is a woman and I've
        heard her on the radio quite a lot.  She has kind of a weird
        soulful voice.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ I suspect the "Kiss Me" you want is by a band called
           "Sixpence None The Richer"
        \_ Try looking at the Soundtrack for Not Another Teen Movie, or the
           movie it was spoofing, She's All That. The guy above is correct.
        \_ Using Morpheus, I only got two matches. One by Guster, one by the
           band you want. See above.
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23464 Activity:nil
1/4     jwang, what kind of leather jacket, helmet, gloves, & boots do you
        wear when you're riding your awsome CBR600F4?
2002/1/4-6 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:23465 Activity:moderate
1/4     critical section, mutex, semaphore, monitor
        can anyone give a quick differentiation of them?
        \_ google can. try it. you can use a computer
           to access it. -ali
           \_ Command not found.
        \_ you taking the GRE? If you don't know what they are at this point,
           it's probably too late.
           \_ depends whether it is just a review, or if you are learning
                it all for the first time.
2002/1/4-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:23466 Activity:low
1/4     Thanks for the URL.  Exactly what I needed.
        update: dlink also sells homepna stuff for anyone else interested.
        update 2: *Very* cheap USB and PCI options at Compusa.  I can get
        my house going 10mb with homepna for $30/box.  I may or may not
        need the $135 pna <-> ethernet converter.  I'm guessing not since
        these things all come with generic proxy/NAT/DHCP software.  I'm
        going to try this out over the weekend and let you know how it goes.
        \_ All right, but if you decide that you want a 2wire box, post again
           and I'll contact you.
           \_ 2wire didn't seem any different than the other homepna 2.0
              makers.  Any reasons I'd want that over any of the 5 or 6 others
              I saw in compusa today?
2002/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:23467 Activity:nil
1/3        easy as pie, it gave me 'bavarian fruit bread':
           "Music reviewer Colin Berry recommends the latest CD by
           Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions."   -lila
           \_ Thank you, Lila and thanks to the others about
              the Kiss Me song.  It is Sixpence.  I didn't know
              about the movie soundtracks (haven't seen either)
2022/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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