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2001/12/27 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:23375 Activity:nil
12/26   Which bank (other than Washington Mutual) is offer basic checking
        account with no or low balance requirement in CA?  ($500 is all
        I have left.)
2001/12/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:23376 Activity:low 50%like:22470
12/26   Could it be that Bin Laden was terminally ill and decided to pull
2001/12/27-28 [Reference/Military] UID:23377 Activity:very high
        9/11 off when he learned he was going to die anyway?
        \_ This could be absolute misinformation, but someone told me he was
           reading an article in Janes about how Bin Laden routinely travels
           to Pakistan for dialysis or something along those lines.  Has
           anyone else heard about this?
                \_  No, I missed it when it was reported in virtually
                    every media outlet on the face of the earth.
        \_ He's also a known hypochondriac.
        \_ He is also a known hairy Kalashnikov-toting fruitcake, and a
           remarkably un-photogenic one at that.  -John
           \_ You leave the Kalashnikov out of this, John, it's a perfectly
              good rifle!
              \_ Kalishnikov == AK47 creator?
                 \_ Mikhail Kalashnikov designed it based on a German design.
                    The official name is "Avotmat Kalashnikova obrazets 1947g."
                    \_ What's with the cane he carries around?
              \_ if you were in a guerilla war, which rifle would you
                 carry with you?
                 \_ The one that works.
                    \_ if all were working, then what?
                 \_ from personal experience with the AK and other rifles,
                    the HK mp3 or HK47 is a good rifle.  However, in that
                    sort of war, i think a walther sniping rifle would be
                    your best bet.  better hope smartdust doesn't find you.
2001/12/27-28 [Computer/SW/P2P, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23378 Activity:very high
12/30   is it just me, or is kazaa empty right now?  did those busts actually
        kill it?
        \_ or maybe it's because most college kids are at home during winter
        \_ Those busts have nothing to do with the gutter-warez you find on
           Kazaa. They busted a wholly higher-class of warez-hosers.
           \_ DoD hadn't put out anything of note in 18 months.  They didn't
              bust anyone important to the scene.
              \_ They will never bust the most cruical warez ring and that
                 is the casual copier. They can never stop someone from copying
                 office from work or giving a copy of the latest game to thier
                 pals so that they can have a lan party.
                    visiting a warez page be illegal?  conspiracy charges?
        \_ Is it illegal to visit warez web sites?
           \_ why would it be?
              \_ because warez is illegal?
                       own use and linking to computers software will be
                 \_ downloading or distributing warez is illegal.  why would
                    visiting a warez page be?  conspiracy charges?  please.
                          original. - Bill G.
                       \_ that's surfing with intent to download! Better
                          plead no contest and ask for leniency from the
                    \_ How do you legally distinguish mere surfing and
                       downloading?  Afterall all these packets of warez
                       coming to your computer is an act by another computer
                       while surfing and clicking on links is your action.
                    \_ yeah... that's just stupid.. i mean, next thing you
                       know, making copies of stuff you already own for your
                       own use and linking to computer software will be
                       \_ You shouldn't make copies, you should buy a spare
                          original. Kids these days with thier Linux/Open
                          Sources/Free Software. They make me sick. - Bill G.
                          \_ YEAH!  FUCK FAIR USE.  FUCKING CONSTITUTION!
                             FUCKING US CODE!! - Mini-Bill-Me
                             \_ You napster, gnutella, audio galaxy and kaaza
                                junkies don't know what "fair use" means.
                                Fair use means that you have the right to
                                listen to your original cd in your stereo
                                and your car. It doesn't mean you can make a
                                copy for your friends and it certainly doesn't
                                mean that you can make a near-perfect digital
                                copy that can be re-distribute illegally to
                                strangers via the internet. Now you kids need
                                to stop illegally copying music, movies and
                                software and start buying it. Otherwise all
                                the poor artists will have to go back to a
                                career in food service and start suffering
                                for thier art and we won't be able to make
                                the kind of money that is necessary in order
                                to maintain our land rovers, our pacific
                                palasides bungalows and our all armani,
                                versace and bally wardrobes. - RIAA
                                \_ Start paying the artists instead of
                                   keeping all the money yourself and
                                   I'll consider it.
                                \_ Strange thing is that all my artist friends
                                   are already on the verge of waiting tables
                                   although in terms of art it is the likes
                                   of Britney who should be in the personal
                                   service business.
2001/12/27 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23379 Activity:nil
12/26   The truth about KAL 007, soviet abduction, and CIA/KGB coverup,
        brought to you by Jesse Helms and
2001/12/27 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:23380 Activity:nil
12/26   A history of Palestine, for all the Palestinian acolytes:
        \_ You know, I was thinking.  I think what Israelis should do is
           borrow a chunk of land in the middle of Nevada and ... leave.
           And take all their stuff with them.  After the Palestinians
           kill each other off, starve to death, or move somewhere else
           where there are jobs to be had, the Israelis can move back to
           their land.
           \_ An offer like this was made just before the creation of Israel,
              but the wouldbe Israelis turned it down.
                \_ Gosh, I wonder why.
2001/12/27-28 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:23381 Activity:nil
12/26   Confused about Celerons, Durons, Athlons, K6-2, K7s?
        This may help:
2001/12/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:23382 Activity:moderate
12/26   Can somebody tell me if there are regions in CA that get all four
        seasons?  Meaning snow in winter, hot in summer, etc.  The Lake Tahoe
        area is like that.  I'm looking for more.  How about north in Eureka?
        Or further south?  Thanks.
        \_ fuck you. go read an almanac.
        \_ Mt. Shasta
           \_ More generally, any mountainous region. In SoCal, places
              like Big Bear, Arrowhead, and Julian. You will not get snow
              in California except at high elevations. --dim
2001/12/27-28 [Academia] UID:23383 Activity:nil
12/27   Is there a web site that rates CSU universities?  I'm looking for
        comparisons of only CSUs, not with out of state universities.  Various
        different departments, etc.  Thanks.
        \_ Look in the tier two-four section for the ones not there.
2001/12/27-28 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23384 Activity:kinda low
12/27   Is SSI Exec turned off? Is that why <!--#exec cmd="ls" -->
        won't work in a .shtml file? Yes I did "man www" It doesn't say.
        Why Is there no manual entry for "httpd"?
        Where is CSUA's SSI policy documented?
        \_ Apparently in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf. See part that
           starts with..
<Directory /home/*/*/public_html>
    AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
    Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch Includes ExecCGI

           that means that you can use SSI, including for executing programs.
           Look for the source of your problem somewhere else. Apache's
           error.log file is a good start.
2001/12/27-28 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:23385 Activity:high
12/27   Jesus talks to GWB via Stephanie Salter.  Says to use love against
        terrorism.  WWJD?  I love the SF Comical and the SF Left.
        \_ Hey, the Right Wing Nutjob is back from Christmas vacation!
           \_ Hey great come back.  You have *nothing* to say in response to
              this drivel so you attack the person posting it.  Good call.
              \_ Why did you delete all your Free Republic black helicopter
                 conspiracy stuff? I like having that stuff in the motd.
                 It makes my point better than anything I could say.
                 \_ I didn't post the freerepublic stuff.  I don't even read
                    it.  I also don't censor other people's postings.  You'll
                    have to ask one of the self appointed Annointed Ones who
                    does that why the black helicopter url is gone.  Still,
                    the original point remains: Stephanie Salter thinks she's
                    channeling God/Jesus and says love is the answer to
                    multi national fundamentalist terrorists.
        \_ I hope he had a nice holiday with his family
        \_ i think the above 4 or 5 things were written by the
           same guy
        \_ so do i!
        \_ I thought Jesus wanted us to reform the gays and abortionists
           to stop terrorism.
2001/12/27-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:23386 Activity:moderate
12/27   WTF? Do I have to pay for cable to get NBC now??
        \_ it's on chan 3
           \_ my chan 3 has luigi on it
              \_ 3 on cable.
        \_ kntv 11?
           \_ Tried it, all I got was snow.
              \_ kntv 11 is for the San jose region.  They advertised it
                 on the radio that it would be on kntv 11 starting on
                 jan 1.
        \_ You only need to pay if you can't get kntv on your rabbit ears.
         There's some trivial number of people in the bay area that won't
         be able to get the new signal via some cable/air/satellite/etc.
           There's some trivial number of people in the bay area that won't be
           able to get the new signal via some cable/air/satellite/etc.
           Anyway, it's only NBC.  It isn't like there's anything on there
           worth watching anyway.  If you read the local papers you'd know
        \_ Live in Oakland, can't get 11. The Olympics are on NBC.
           I won't be watching. I ain't paying for cable. Wha.
           \_ it's NOT a trivial number, no matter how the media conglom
                 increase their signal strength to pull in a bigger viewing
              spins it to the FCC. Lots of folks in the Bay Area
              can't get channel 11 thru the air and dont' have
              cable or "satellite".
              \_ why would the media conglomerate lie to the FCC?  if anything,
                 they'd be telling the FCC that they need to be allowed to
                 increase their signal strength to reach that "trivial number",
                 and in the process get a larger viewer base.
                 \_ It's cuz NBC got outbid for an excellent station in
                    a prime media outlet and they lost NFL. Then
                    they try to screw the new owners with a new
                    reverse-billing contract. Then they say "fuck
                    KRON" and go buy KNTV.
              \_ "Wah wah wah . . . I live in SAN FRANCISCO, DAMNIT, the MOST
                 IMPORTANT CITY IN THE WORLD, and I have a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to
                 watch INANE NETWORK TELEVISION that should be PROTECTED BY
                 MY GOVERNMENT!!!1!!  Look at me!!  I'm special!!"
                 I live in San Jose (an insignificant city south of SF that
                 you probably haven't heard of), and I've *never* been able
                 to get KRON or any of our other "Bay Area" TV stations over
                 the air.  It pleases me immensely to see a bunch of self-
                 righteous San Francsicans suddenly in the same boat, whining
                 about how they CANNOT BE IGNORED (and defending network TV!)
                 \_ Switch to decaf, bro.
                 \_ Hooray for strawmen!
                 \_ i think kcra (channel 3 out of sacramento) gets nbc feeds
        \_ Anyone know what's happened to KRON?  Did they get dumped by NBC?
           \_ KRON dumped NBC
                \_ NBC wanted big $$$ from KRON, they refused, KNTV agreed
                   to pay, and then, recently, to be bought out by NBC
           about the change.  It's been in both the business and entertainment
2001/12/27-30 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Car] UID:23387 Activity:kinda low
12/27 Any car wash places that will also clean insides up here in Berkeley/
      Oakland/El Cerrito/etc, other than Touchless on Oxford?
        \_ Broadway and 40th in Oakland.
        \_ seriously... Touchless sucks. You're better off just hosing your
           car down for five minutes.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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