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2001/12/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23358 Activity:moderate
12/23   Is it possible to mount a UFS parition on Windows?
        \_ sure, export the UFS partition with samba and then
           browse to it in windows.
        \_ You want to map a drive letter to it if you want it to stay
                \_ thanks, but what I meant was not running FreeBSD and
                   have Windows to have read access to the FreeBSD partition
                   on the same computer
                   \_ nope there's no way.  i guess you could mount your home
                      dir in a FAT partition when running freebsd
                        \_ are you insane? why would MS let you do this?
                   \_ As the above said, "no".  Put an msdos partition on there
                      somewhere and share files through that.
2001/12/24-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:23359 Activity:high
12/23   Is anyone here familiar with the bind 4.9.8 code? I'm trying
        to restrict the set of interfaces that named listens on (I
        have three interfaces and only want named listening on 2 of
        them). I've patched get_netconf in ns_main.c (among other files)
        to basically skip any interface that is not listed in named.boot.
        This seems to work, in that netstat shows only udp <ip>.domain
        entries for those interfaces listed in named.boot. But named
        still responds to queries from the other interface. Any ideas/
        pointers will be appreciated. tia.
        \_ See named.conf(5) regarding the "listen-on" option.  --dbushong
           \_ listen-on is a bind 8-9 option, I'm trying to hack the
              same thing into bind 4 but I'm running into problems.
                \_ Steal the 8.x code.
                   \_ 8.x is sufficiently different that it didn't
                      help me to look at the code.
        \_ why don't you upgrade to the latest 8.x? --aaron
           \_ I'm using the "audited" named on OpenBSD. I would prefer
              not to upgrade.
                \_ I'm using OpenBSD but screw that 4.x stuff.  I'm running
                   9.x.  Let 'em root my box.  Better that than 4.x.
                   \_ 8 and 9 are way to big/complex/insecure for my needs.
                      Anyway, I've managed to hack in the listen-on option.
                      Now my named just listens on the interfaces that are
                      specified in named.boot. It sort of works, except for
                      recursive queries (since its not listening on the
                      interface connected to the internet, it doesn't get
                      responses to queries it generates).
                      responses to queries it generates. I can't seem to
                      figure out how bind 8 handles this.)
                      Since this is not quite what I wanted, so I hacked
                      in a querynets option that allows me specify a list
                      of nets from which to accept queries. This prevents
                      people outside of my internal domain from querying
                      the nameserver for internal information. The downside
                      to this is that I have to check querynets for each
                      response, which slows down the server a bit.
                      I can post the patches if anyone is interested in
                      hacking with this a bit more.
                      \_ the 8.x branch is pretty well hammered by now.
                         also if you're running named as user bind, you
                         can sleep easier. --aaron
                      \_ 8/9 haven't been audited but has there been a security
                         issue in 8.x since 8.24?  What's wrong with 8.24+? Are
                         you at a bank or something?
                         \_ I've been working on this on my home machine,
                            but it is to help a customer who is concerned
                            about security. I'll probably tell them go with
                            8.x since I've wasted enough time and it doesn't
                            quite work right yet.
2001/12/24 [Uncategorized] UID:23360 Activity:nil
12/24   me think israel want to start a war.
2001/12/24-26 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23361 Activity:high
        WASHINGTON, D.C. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced today
        that in three separate federal law enforcement actions federal
        agents executed approximately 100 search warrants worldwide
        against virtually every level of criminal organizations engaged
        in illegal software piracy over the Internet. The three Operations,
        codenamed "Buccaneer," "Bandwidth" and "Digital Piratez," struck
        at all aspects of the illegal software, game and movie trade,
        often referred to as "warez scene."
        \_ Yes, and?  So?
                \_ "worldwide".  -John
                   \_ Yeah, and, so?
        \_ The FBI is never going to stop warez. Warez is copying Office
           from your work machine to use at home. Warez is giving a copy
           of a game you bought to your friend. There is no way they can
           prevent this.
           \_ I'm so sick and tired of you hacker terrorists stealing
              MSOffice from work.  When will you figure out that you're
              causing billions of dollars of damage to the economy every
              \_ Stoping acting so cheap Bill.
              \_ Woohoo!
              \_ According to Microsoft, it's OK to install a copy at home,
                 at least under the Select program.  -tom
                 \_ Yeah like how many did that?  More like small company or
              \_ Don't worry, as soon as StarOffice 6 comes out of beta, I'll be
                 uninstalling MSOffice (my legal copy).
                    department in large company owns one copy and a cd writer.
                 \_ tom, don't you work for UC still?  doesn't MS still dump
                    all their sw on you for free?  for now?
                    \_ Yes, I work for UC, and no, MS doesn't dump software
                       for free, except on the EECS department.  -tom
                        \_ You mean you don't know anyone at EECS?  Your dept
                           actually pays MS for software??
                           \_ I know plenty of people at EECS, but no, my
                              college doesn't violate software licensing
                              agreements, even with Microsoft.  -tom
              \_ Don't worry, as soon as StarOffice 6 comes out of beta,
                 I'll be uninstalling MSOffice (my legal copy).
                 \_ yeah and reinstalling OfficeXP when you get annoying .xls
                    and .doc OfficeXP files that use PKI in interesting ways.
                    I can't even find o2k in the stores anymore!
                 \_ Sun needs to put way more money and time behind SO
                    before it is good enough for casual use.
                    \_ Money?  It's open source dude!  The Community will just
                       scratch that itch!
2001/12/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/HW/Display, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23362 Activity:high
12/24   I can buy 1 17" monitor or 2 15" monitors. I prefer the latter because
        of the more-bang-for-bucks factor. Does anyone know if it is possible
        to get a video card that supports 2 monitors?
        \_ Are these LCDs or CRTs? If you are considering LCDs, I'd recommend
           going with a single 17" since these are general brighter and support
           a wider range of resolutions (most 15" are limited to 1024x768).
        \_ There are plenty of dualhead video cards around from Matrox, ATI,
        \_ I have a G400 that works in dual mode quite well w/ Win2k. Also
           works w/ 98/ME. I had to upgrade my BIOS and the drivers to get
           it up and running.
           \_ Severals friends and I have also gotten it running under Linux.
              There are tons of resources for this on the web. do a search for
              "xinerama mode" or something.
        \_ Bang for the buck?  How about dozens of 9" b/w monitors?  Do you
           have 2 sets of eyes?  Get the 17" or bigger if you can afford it
           unless you have a specific need for a dual head system.  I bought
           a 21" years ago for almost a thousand bucks.  I'm still using it
           now.  I'd never go back to 19" or smaller for daily use.  Dual 21"
           could be cool though.
                \_ 2 17" is better than 1 21". Bigger and cheaper.
                   \_ Yes, and 50 9" green screens are bigger and cheaper
                      too.  Don't you have 50 terminals hooked up to your
                      box?  You and your 2x17"... you fool.
                        \_ while 2-4 displays are possible, the practicality
                           of 50 monitors is questionable. Your argument is
                           quite weak, and I suggest you try again you self
                           righteous pedantic fool.
                           \_ You ignorant lout.  We wired 50+ terminals to
                              a Sun 10 years ago at my work.  Did you even know
                              what Unix was then?  I know exactly what I'm
                              talking about where as you clearly do not.  Go
                              back to your G400 and Linux Rewlz! books.  This
                              obviously is beyond your kiddie knowledge.
2001/12/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:23363 Activity:kinda low
12/24   Since when did they start to detonate bombs using matches? I thought
        electric detonators have long been proved to be more reliable since
        \_ Oddly enough, matches don't set off METAL detectors. Even more
           odd is that C4 (if that's the explosive) needs a blasting cap
           to get set off. Burning it just makes a quaint little fire.
           \_ There was det cord and other stuff in there if you're trying to
              say he couldn't have set off his bomb.
        \_ condoms set off airline metal detectors.  (probably their pkging)
           \_ how is htis useful?
              \_ oh right, this is soda.csua  you people are all nerd-virgins.
                 \_ Not true, thanks to yermom.
                        \_ Does yermom really count as losing your special
                           form of nerd-virginity?
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