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2001/12/23 [Uncategorized] UID:23352 Activity:nil
11/22   Is MENSA really something special, or is it just overhyped?
        \_ As I qualify to join, I'd have to guess overhyped :) -chialea
2001/12/23 [Recreation/Media] UID:23353 Activity:high
12/22   I liked The Royal Tanenbaums (a movie) much more
        than LOTR, and I read all the tolkien stuff.  Am I insane?
        \_You're asking for a psychological assessment from the motd? Yes,
          you are insane.
        \_ everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion.  you're insane if you
           think anybody really cares.
           \_ grumpy!
              \- hey are there some indian fellows in teh movie? i understand
              some of my associates are in it. ok tnx --psb
        \_ there's an indian guy who was also in Bottle Rocket
           and Rushmore, this is not surprising since the same guy
           wrote and directed all 3 movies.
           \- oh i thought his dad was in it. is there an older fellow
           in it too? ok tnx
2001/12/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23354 Activity:nil
12/22   How do you make OpenSSH 2.5.2p2 works with Debian Linux 2.2 r4?
        ssh into this machine kept on getting denied while everything works
        fine with OpenSSH 1.2.3 (precompiled for Debian). Does that mean
        Debian 2.2r4 doesn't support ssh2x? Thx in advance! - jthoms
2001/12/23-24 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:23355 Activity:high
12/22   Has anyone using a FreeBSD box as a ppp client had trouble
        with it crashing upon dial request?  Any suggestions?  -John
        \_ which release?
           \_ Wups, sorry.  4.1-R, pppd is version 2.3pl5.  I'm running
                it on a Thinkpad x20 and trying to get it to use the built-in
                modem either for kernel or user ppp;  either way, the moment
                it tries to start using cuaa0 the system irrevocably freezes
                with no messages in /var/log/*.  I recall having trouble with
                3.5-R on a Thinkpad 600E crashing the moment I attached anything
                to com1, and wonder whether it's related.  I think ppp.conf
                and friends look okay.  -John
                3.5-R on a Thinkpad 600E crashing the moment I attached
                anything to com1, and wonder whether it's related.  I think
                ppp.conf and friends look okay.  -John
                \_ didnt IBM start using winmodems? --Jon
                  \_ yes, but they also wrote a Linux driver for them.  -tom
                     \_ Ah, tom, ever so quick with the useless yet
                        egotistic answer of "Use Linux". --!psb
                        \_ When I can get a linux powered bike at compusa or
                           gateway (or dell for you dell fans -- I know you're
                           out there!) I'll ride that everyday.  Until then, I
                           use what works, not what's cool or I encountered
                        \_ I believe the Xircom & Lucent winmodems on Thinkpads
                           should actually work with FreeBSD.  -John
2001/12/23 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:23356 Activity:high
12/22   "one out of two babies born in california is brown."-ucla
        \_ How racist.
           \_ The truth is not racist. It is just the truth.
2001/12/23-24 [Computer/Domains] UID:23357 Activity:moderate
12/22   God, I hate Networksolutions *SO* much!  DIE! DIE! DIE!
        \_ why are you still using them? Practically everyone else
           is cheaper and suck a lot less. Try gandi:
           I'm a lot happier there. - ajani
           \_ Or even if you dont like dealing with a french company,
     or any tucows registrar.  --jon
                \_ Gandi is brilliant--you should rather judge a registrar
                   based on their TOS and conflict resolution policy.  -John
                \_ I've used before, and have been less than
                   impressed by their domain management interface. For
                   example, changing DNS servers is a bitch, and very
                   counter intuitive. As John said above, Gandi also has
                   a very nice TOS and generally seems clued. - ajani
           \_ I'm trying desperately to move my domains away from them but
              they won't let me.  I own the names from before there were any
              choices.  --desperately trying to get away from NS.
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