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2001/12/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23340 Activity:nil
12/21   Afghanistan five-day outlook:
2001/12/22-24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:23341 Activity:high
12/21   I'm thinking about installing an alarm system at my home.  The
        telephone wiring box at my house is at a very visible position facing
        the street.  If someone cuts the telephone wire to my house before
        breaking in, what good is the alarm system now that it can't call the
        police station or the moniter center?  Thx.
        \_ Not sure, I'd have to take a look to check out the situation. Where
           do you live again?
        \_ There is no point to a monitored service. Response times are
           too slow to be of any use. --dim
           \_ I disagree.  A monitored alarm is a nice complement to a safe.
              Ideally the safe should be on a separate zone from the rest of
              the house, but even if it's not, a slow response time is still
              fast enough to prevent a burglar from getting into your safe.
              Perhaps you don't need a safe, but I do.
              \_ Why not get a safe deposit box at that point? If I'm
                 a thief I take the safe and open it later. But I'm sure
                 your safe is actually a vault... --dim
                 \_ You're not going to take a safe with you before the
                    company monitoring the alarm gets there, especially if
                    it's properly installed (bolted to the foundation with no
                    side or rear access without going through a wall).
                    Even without proper installation, it'll take a thief
                    some time to maneuver a couple thousand pounds of steel
                    out of the house.  A safety deposit box is suitable for
                    a subset of my needs; the safe is suitable for others.
        \_ Wouldn't the cut phone lines signal the alarm company?
           \_ Yes.  We have an alarm and that's how it works.  I have no idea
              why some people think response time is "too slow".  Too slow for
              what?  The last time my alarm went off 3 cop cars were here in
              under 5 minutes while my alarm was deafeningly loud.  I don't
              care if someone does a smash n grab.  The alarm is for personal
              safety and to deter some Night Stalker type person from hanging
              out for a few days torturing us while no one outside knows.
              Some random thug *might* get away with my TV.  He won't have
              enough time to hang out doing anything else.
2001/12/22 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:23342 Activity:moderate
12/21   I am using WinAmp and M$ Media Player to play .mp3/.asf files,
        and playback just seems a bit too fast.  Can I slow it down
        \_ D00D, Y3R G377IN 4 D3LL!
        \_ D00D, U R G377IN' 4 D311! [ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D ]
        \_ take out some ram
        \_ try the pacemaker WinAmp plugin.
2001/12/22 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23343 Activity:nil
12/21   Ann Coulter: Attack France!  (It's at least worth reading
        before you delete)
        \_ Is this supposed to be funny?
           \_yep. Not only supposed to be, but is.
             \_ Nope. Not funny. It is like a bad Saturday Night Live
                skit that never ends. Not one laugh in it.
        \_ How on earth does this woman stay syndicated?
           \_ because some people aren't dumb humorless liberals.
              \_ They are stupid shit-kicking half literate rednecks?
        \_ ... although I think Ann missed one very important point,
           France bought Iraq's war debt from Kuwait.
                                - original poster
2001/12/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23344 Activity:nil
12/21   Oh?  Was the motd destroyed?  Didn't notice....
2001/12/22 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23345 Activity:very high
12/21   From Jon Carroll:
        "SOME HAVE SAID that this is wartime and that people should watch what
        they say in wartime. But, you know, this isn't wartime. Wartime is when
        civilians are drafted to answer their country's call, and stay-at-home
        spouses move into jobs in shipyards and steel factories, and we are
        called upon to save aluminum and tin and purchase blackout drapes.

        Now we are being called upon to purchase consumer electronics and
        airline tickets. We are told that we defeat terrorism by acting
        normally. All we are called upon to sacrifice is our right to think
        freely and to express our opinions openly. And if we fail in our duty
        -- well, there are always the talk radio blowhards and the spontaneous
        mobs to remind us what good citizenship means."
        \_ the soda Free Republic Guy (tm) must be at home visiting
           his family.  happy holidays.  - danh
        \_ So JC thinks the Revolution wasn't war time?  1812 wasn't?  French-
           Canadian wasn't?  The army going west to wipe out the natives
           wasn't?  Taking the southwest from Mexico wasn't?  Korea wasn't?
           Vietnam wasn't?  JC is an idiot.  Not every war will be a clone of
           WWII.  For lack of anything better to do I read this idiot every
           day on BART.  His idiocy makes me laugh.  He should stick to
           stories about his kids and being a dad and give up the attempt at
           political genius.  He's less coherent than the typical motd poster.
        \_ the soda Free Republic Guy (tm) must be at home visiting
           his family.  happy holidays.  - danh
        \_ last time i checked, it wasn't wartime because
           ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR.  and as much as ted turner thinks
           he can declare war, well, de jure, it is a right reserved only to
           the legislative branch.
           \_ haven't you heard?  Rupert Murdoch can declare war.  Apparently
              so can George Soros.  de facto is what counts.
           \_ You're right.  All those other wars where we drafted people and
              they died on foreign lands from foreign bullets weren't wars.
              They were just police actions.  Wake up.
2001/12/22-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:23346 Activity:very high
12/22   Looking to set up an anonymizing webbrowser.  I want to set it up
        on workmachine X so that when i browse from home I look like i'm
        browsing from X.  Squid support this?
        \_ yes, provided you have access to the copy of squid running
           at work from your house.
        \_ Uh... turn off logging or you're not really anonymous on squid,
           just delaying the feds by one step while they look for your kiddie
           pics.  And someone is going to ask who setup squid in the first
           place and has access to it.
           \_ Is it illegal to browse certain websites if I am > 18 yrs. old?
              \_ If you're surfing from the U.S. it can be.  Try surfing all
                 the kiddie porn sites and then take your computer in for a
                 repair and see what the FBI says about it.  I know the typical
                 soda user doesn't do this, but non-geeks have done this and
                 been busted.
                 \_ Geez, I thought only in China one can get in trouble this
                    this way....  But will the fed trace log the ip number
                    and trace to the ISP and then bust the user directly?
                 \_ Geez, I thought only in China one could get in trouble
                    this way....  But will the fed trace log the ip
                    number and trace to the ISP and then bust the user
                    this way....  But does the fed log the ip then trace
                    to the ISP and bust the user directly?
                    \_ 1) I'm not a Fed, 2) Your own computer is the evidence,
                       3) You can skip the "I hate Amerikkka" trolling, 4) you
                       really think it's ok to peddle kiddie porn?
                       \_ 1) Is kiddie porn the only thing that is illegal
                          to surf?  2) What does this have to do with "hating
                          America" or a troll 3) Should everything that is
                          not "ok" or wrong to me be outlawed and persecuted
                          by the government?
                          \_ 1) bestiality, too
                             \_ what about depictions of it in newsgroups
                                and movies (Leolo?)
2001/12/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23347 Activity:kinda low
12/22   Anyone successfully run terminal services client from within
        wmware ran on freebsd or linux?
        \_ No, but there's no reason it shouldn't.  IIRC it uses a port in
           the 24xx range and maybe a low port and is otherwise nothing
           special.  If you can surf or whatever from vmware, TS should work.
           Disable firewalls during testing/setup of course.
        \_ Not related, but I've found vmware on FreeBSD with win2k to
           be horribly slow;  I only gave it 128mb of memory, but it's still
           far pokier than I'd expect on a "real" system with 128MB.  -John
2001/12/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23348 Activity:nil
12/22   For all of you who missed out on that craig's list thing:
2001/12/22 [Uncategorized] UID:23349 Activity:nil
2001/12/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:23350 Activity:high
12/22   DailyCal is running on IIS/ASP?!!  God saves us!
        \_ This is just another option to become a writer.  Upload your own
           stories or modify the ones already there to suit your taste.
2001/12/22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:23351 Activity:nil
12/2    India and Pakistan on edge of war.  This is looking more serious
        than previous sable rattling.  I guess sending suicide commandos to
        wipe out the other side's parliament can get them a bit ticked off.,,2001570014-2001583290,00.html
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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