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2001/12/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23331 Activity:high
12/20   Go IMF! Indonesia down, Argentina down, only one more for a hat trick!
        \_ Indonesia down?
        \_ Economic Deadpool.  My money's on Brazil.  --erikred
        \_ I'd like to hear what all the 'objectivists' have to say about
           this... that is, if they can stop choking on "Atlas Shrugged" long
           enough to get a word out.
                \_ of course! how could I have missed Galton's speech
                   on how much we need to peg our money to the dollar!
                \_ I didn't read it.  What does A.Rand have to do with the
                   Argentinian economy?  Please don't tell me to read it.  I'm
                   not *that* interested in knowing.
2001/12/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23332 Activity:nil 50%like:21627
12/19   [ Itanic URL Deleted by OP (original poster) ]
2001/12/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:23333 Activity:high
12/21   Is there a new rule of thumb for sizing swap on systems these days?
        I remember the 2xRAM+1 rule but that seems way overkill on modern
        \_ i think has new guidelines for solaris.
        \_ BTW, what's the reason behind the 2xRAM+1 rule for SunOS 4?  I'd
           think an OS should be able to operate with a swap file as small as
           two physical pages -- it just runs out of memory when too much is
           \_ Idle procs get swapped out to make space for working procs.  I
              leave the rest for you to figure out.
              \_ I don't get it.  What's so special about the number 2xRAM+1?
                 Should be the rule simply be "anything bigger than zero, and
                 and the bigger the better"?
                 \_ You want to optimize the swap space and minimize paging.
                    Too little swap, you're accessing the main disk memory too
                    much. Too much swap, you waste disk space and increase
                    swap access time. These standards are from a time when
                    RAM was limited and pricey and disks small and slow.
        \_ Make your swap as large as your RAM so you can get core dumps.
        \_ hi. why is it that none of the people who answered this question
           know what they're talking about? except for the people asking the
2001/12/21-22 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23334 Activity:high
12/21   Is there a way to send blind copies through Pine?
        \_ yes... compose your message, and hit ^R to view extended header
           information, which will let you select bcc recipients.  you can also
           go to the pine config and modify the default-composer-hdrs entry...
           \_ How about a way to set default BCC's when you compose? I want
              to automatically BCC another account be default, and I freq-
              uently forget to add it. I looked everywhere for this but
              couldn't find it.
              \_ Add the following to .pinerc: customized-hdrs=Bcc: email_addr
                                                                  -- misha.
        \_ I won't say it but you know I'm thinking it.
          \_ Admirable self-control. Well done and here here
             \_ I'm working through it.  My therapy group was proud of my
2001/12/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23335 Activity:kinda low
12/20   Anyone else been getting these constant spammings from <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ No.  But then again, I've got tons of anti-spam filters.
2001/12/21 [Uncategorized] UID:23336 Activity:nil 72%like:23338
12/21   Need a job?   /csua//pub/jobs/Transmeta/ReliabilityEng
2001/12/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:23337 Activity:insanely high
12/21   So how did that craigslist pick-up meeting go?
        \_ I actually went with a friend hoping to see a bunch of dufuses
           walking in with flowers or something... but no one came...
           except us... in which case... maybe we were the butt of the
           joke. But other than that, nothing eventful.
        \_ hey did you see me walk in?  i'm really bald right now - danh
           \_ I don't think I did. I was having coffee over on the left
              side if you're facing the cash register.          - rory
              \_ i walked in with a couple of girls, we had some coffee
                 and then left to watch THE WORLD'S MOST BORING
                 MOVIE i mean the man who wasn't there - danh
        \_ what was this?  the posting was removed by the time I visited the
           \_ Three words: "Sexual Scavenger Hunt". I would have saved a
              copy if I'd known it was going to get pulled down so fast.
           \_ Someone claiming to be females and frisky posted that interested
              guys should show at a particular Berkeley cafe last night between
              certain hours and that "the right guy" was going to get laid a
              lot over the holidays.  The poster didn't give a physical
              description and basically setup the world's desperate men to
              show up looking stupid and desperate as part of some sick joke.
              I showed early, found the girl and left by 7:25.
              \_ "Someone claiming to be females" ... "I showed early, found
                  the girl" ... Dude, you need to get your story straight.
                  \_ Uh, dude, go to "humor store".  Buy humor.  Use.  It was
                     a very small and simple and obvious joke.  And the plural
                     on 'female' was simply a typo.  Relax, try some valium.
                     Here's a big hint: I wasn't there, it was a joke.  You
                     got that all figured out now?
              \_ Damn! I got there too late. Will I find anyone out there
                 who will wuv me?
                 \_ Even he showed up lat, I left with the girl at
                    7:07. He must have left with some other chick.
                    \_ ...and?
                    \_ We saw the girl you left with.  We laughed about it
                       just before we fucked like it was the end of the world.
2001/12/21-24 [Industry/Startup] UID:23338 Activity:moderate 72%like:23336
12/21   Need a job?   /csua/pub/jobs/Transmeta/ReliabilityEng
        \_ deal with ditzel much?  got any knife wounds in your back to show
           for it?
        \_ I didn't see it in the posting, so sorry if I'm missing something
           obvious, but... is this a start-now kind of thing, or should I
           apply if I'm graduating in May?
           \_ We'd rather not wait until May, but finish that degree.
        \_ What's transmeta's financial health look like these days?  The
           newspapers were all over problems with shipping, etc, etc, bad
           quarterly results, etc.
           \_ We have a lot of cash in the bank, at least enough to run for
              another year, even if we sold nothing.  (which I highly doubt
              will be the case.) --jeffwong
              \_ You think you are going to sell stuff (I mean other than
                 your office furniture)? Wow.
                 \_ TMTA already sells stuff (although mostly in Japan...)
                    \_ Not enough to save the company. They will probably
                       make more money from the office furniture auction
                       than from product sales. But what more would you
                       expect from http://YAOH.COMLSU (Yet Another Over Hyped
                       .COM Linux Start Up)?
                       \_ Uhm, Transmeta makes microprocessors. It has
                          NOTHING to do with .COM or Linux.
                          \_ Transmeta's cpus are primarily used on
                             linux systems. And they are underpowered
                             even for that application. The qualify
                             for .COM status because they were yet another
                             "tech" company that went public on hype
                             rather than on substance (sales/profitability).
                             \_ Wrong. They are primarily used on m$ systems.
                             \_ And .COM refers to companies that try to
                                use their website as a focal point of their
                                services or people trying to sell hoaky
                                "e-services". .COM doesn't refer to
                                microprocessor companies.
              \_ I just looked at the profile for Transmeta on Yahoo
                 finance.  According to it, Transmeta has $262.8M cash.
                 Its market cap is $243.7M.  That is NOT promising.
                 \_ So they are obviously undervalued.  Go out and buy some.
                    \_ The value reflects the fact that there is no
                       value in the company besides the cash.
                       \_ They have patents that are worth something.
                       \_ They have Linus who is worth something.
                          \_ hm, how much would MS pay TMTA to "get rid of"
        \_ I interviewed at the place next door a few months ago.  Nice
           parking lot but driving in was a bitch.  Too many streets between
           there and the freeway.  Ugly, car packed streets.  Hey, someone
           else said your market cap was lower than your cash-on-hand.  Can
           I buy your company, liquidate and pocket the difference?
           \_ chill out.  jeffwong has done nothing more than listing
              a job opportunity in a different job market. BTW, if you
              are thinking about buying Transmeta, you only need to control
              the board, which requires a little more than 50% shares.  Let
              us know if you do plan to buy it.
                \_ yeah how mean of me to tell anyone where the place is or
                   hint at their financial condition.  no one should be
                   allowed to know these things because the truth is really
                   really mean and hurtful.  where's my shovel?  i need a
                   hole in the sand to hide my head in because ya know if i
                   can't see it and don't know it, it must be ok!!!  i dont
                   plan to buy it but i might place a bid on a few of the
                   pentium based computers the office staff use.
                   \_ and you assume any Sodans who may interview there
                      can't figure out themselves and not smart enough to
                      make a career choice?  And your sacrastic tone isn't
                      helping anyone making a sane decision.  It was how you
                      said it, not what you said, since anyone who can look
                      at the ticker TMTA can figure out their financial status.
                      \_ Just saving them the effort.  I guess if you're
                         currently jobless then it doesn't matter if you get
                         laid off in 6-9 months because some money is better
                         than none until the economy turns around.  Please
                         accept my sincere apologies going out to all laid
                         off sodans.
        \_ I need a long term job.
        \_ "Via One-ups Transmeta".  See slashdot story for details.
2001/12/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:23339 Activity:high
12/21   DO kernel patches still need/recommended to be added in single-user
        mode? Got some folks at work who add KJP in multi-user-mode.
        We also get periodic system errors so they add patches but they are
        patches that don't address the problem. The READMEs say the patches
        R4 something totally different. Even the "lead" won't listen to me.
        Either i'm an idiot or surrounded by idiots. Should i quit?
        \_ Never quit a job without another job lined up.  Especially now.
        \_ I'd shutdown, reboot, go to single user mode, install patches,
           reboot. This assumes you have a good tested backup. The first
           reboot can root out problems which might have cropped up since
           the last reboot (ie it's not the patches). You reboot the second
           time to insure patches are loaded and confirm the patches haven't
           messed anything up. Geez, it's minor downtime. Your group would
           be foolish to risk having to recover from backup instead of taking
           the tiny hit for outage time. Yes, you're surrounded by idiots.
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