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2001/12/19 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:23297 Activity:high
12/19   Has anyone ever heard of "MAC multicasting?"  I can only find vague
        references to it;  it's not the "fake" ethernet addresses reserved
        for class D IP addresses.  Apparently Baydel and a few other
        products/applications use it for various kinds of clustering.  I'd
        be grateful for pointers to any documentation.  -John
        \_ you're badly confusing IP addresses and end ethernet MAC addresses.
           \_ No, I'm not.  Nor am I referring to the MAC addresses assigned
              to multicast IPs.  Read the post again.  -John
              \_ John, I don't think there's any "MAC multicasting" that is
                 not multicast IP -  multicast MAC mapping.  I'm not aware of
                 any RFC that describes it.  If a vendor claims it, it's
                 some proprietary shit.  If this is used within a cluster
                 then the boxes can use whatever MAC they want. We do that
                 all the time.  Assign arbitrary multicast MACs to various
                 linecards and let a central route processor send messages
                 to them.  It's standard practice to do that.  But the end user
                 never sees that and has no control over that.  I assume
                 that you're an end user.  -cisco kid
        \_ multicast IP addresses have to be mapped to multicast MAC addresses.
           That's how it works.  E.g., when sending to multicast group
  the MAC address should be 0x01005E010101.  Look at
           \_ Yeah looking at software implementations will help you understand.
              But this should already be done by hardware.  I implement this
              kind of stuff in ASICs and microcode.  -cisco kid
           RFC 1112.  -cisco kid
                         \_ hey, you were a friend of mine.
           \- hello. the least sig bit in the first byte [or octet is the
           proper jargon here], of the dst addr is the IEEE802.3 frame is
           a mcast addr. for shorter people: any dst addr that is odd in
           the first byte, is a mcast add. so the bcast is in the mcast
           space and is a mcast addr but wants special handling. so when a
           company gets a range of MACs, there is a bijection to it's space
           of mcast addresses. grep say freeebsd src for etherbroadcastaddr
           and M_BCAST and M_MCAST to see how this is done. ok tnx. --psb
           \_ Yeah looking at software implementations will help you
              understand. But this should already be done by hardware.
              I implement this kind of stuff in ASICs and microcode.
              -cisco kid
2001/12/19 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:23298 Activity:nil
12/18   Emacs users -- how well do you know vi?
        \_ well enough to do sysadmin work.
        \_ I know vi enough to do editing and search and replace.
           I use vi for trivial editing tasks. I use emacs for all
           serious coding.
        \_ Well enough to edit my crontab.  Not much else.
        vi users -- how well do you know emacs?
        \_ well enough to not want to install it to do sysadmin work.
        \_ I use vi for everything but coding. What does that make me? -coder
        \_ I used emacs before I used vi, so there are some rudimentary
           memories of emacs knowledge in my head somewhere. -geordan
2001/12/19 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:23299 Activity:nil
12/18   Any recommendations for a decent to good video capture card (or unit).
        I'll need it to connect my VHS vcr to my pc, and ideally, write back
        onto a VHS tape. <= $200 hopefully.
        \_ using a Windows PC?  Ars Technica's A/V forum has a wealth of
           information.  Check their FAQ:
           Most capture cards don't have TV-out, although many modern video
           cards do.  If you replace your video card and want everything on
           one card, ATI's All-in-Wonder line (AiW 128/128Pro/Radeon (not the
           ultra-expensive Radeon 8500 version)) is pretty good.  Otherwise
           go for separate Hauppauge cards, which generally are cheaper and
           have better driver/application support.
2001/12/19 [Uncategorized] UID:23300 Activity:high
12/19   why isn't ucb involved in the warez group bust?
        \_ N0 1337 H4X0R5 H3R3 D00D3!!1
        \_ vaolo and padim are too l33t
2001/12/19 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:23301 Activity:high
12/18   We are berkeley residents continuing an ongoing grass-roots vigil
        against the war.  We are currently in our 6th week--we've been
        going rain or shine.  We can use more people to make this thing
        grow-- particularly in the minds of onlookers.
          The peace walk + vigil happens every Wednesday @ 7:30pm--without
        a lot of rhetoric--just visible protest in unity against the
        killing of innocents.  we're trying to raise questions in the
        minds of people in our community and we can use all the people we
        can get.  everyone is welcome.
          We walk from the NORTH BERKELEY BART STATION up University Ave
        and through downtown Berkeley to the MLK Civic Center Park.
          We have a steady supply of signs and candles but more are
        certainly welcome.  Anyone interested in helping or pregnant with
        questions, please email us at
        \_ Do you people just protest for the sake of protesting?
        \_ I hope you get hit by a bus.
           \_ A mean bus.  A mean, ANGRY bus!
        \_ I think this is a good thing.  Walking is good for you and this
           sort of grass roots campaign keeps you visible where the rest of
           us can easily keep watch.  I admire your power.
                \_ the great thing about not signing your posts is that you
                   can not sign your own responses to them.  -tom
                   \_ What?  I see a post, a followup, and you.  What are
                      you talking about unsigned responses to responses for?
                      Are you feeling ok today tom?  Maybe you could explain
                      for those of us with lesser intellectual capacity than
                      \_ it's called trolling.    -mice
                         \_ whats trolling?  tom or the 99% of unsigned posts?
                            is it ok when tom deletes or changes other people's
                            posts without signing?
2001/12/19 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:23302 Activity:high
12/19   It's official.  There are no Palestinian civilians anymore.  They're
        all military including the children.  From the horse's mouth:
        \_ Is that a hoax?
           \_ Not that I know of.  Why should it surprise you that Arafat
              says one thing in English for his American audience and a
              completely different thing to his people on local media?  It
              is exactly what it says it is as far as I know.
              \_ I see.  I was just surprised that I didn't see it in Reuters
                 or other American media.
                 \_ Not to be Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, but maybe now is a good
                    time to seriously consider all those charges of media
                    bias, eh?
        \_ are you sure?  does the world tribune tap into some
           secret news source no one else knows about?  the other
           articles on this site are pretty goofy
           \_ goofy?  The other headline stories right now are:
                -Pro-China Japanese diplomat reported to have spy mistress
                -Rice offers Israel expanded missiles defense cooperation
                -Vulnerability of Russian airspace worries U.S.
                -Israel charges EU aid going directly to Arafat
                -Iran's Rafsanjani suggest nuclear attack on Israel
              What's goofy?  Spy mistresses are an old story going back to
              the beginning of time and the other 4 look legit given current
              world events.  It's all pretty standard stuff.
2001/12/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:23303 Activity:high
12/19   Does anyone know of any exceptionally good tattoo artists in the
        SF/BA?  I've seen a number of references to Joe Leonard in Santa
        Rosa (Monkey Wrench)...any others?  tia!       -mice
        \_ Find a good plastic surgeon who can remove them with minimal
           permanent damage for later on when you want to join the rest
           of society.
           \_ Unless the tattoo says "Special Forces".
              \_  heh   I wish.   I'm looking for a good artist to add to
                  work I've already got.                      -mice
        \_ I've never gotten a tattoo from this guy or know anybody who
           has, but his artwork is pretty cool... and his tattoos look
           pretty cool too:
           \_ wow!  thanks for the follow-up!  I also found this guy after
              poking around on google -- the dragons especially kick ass:
2001/12/19 [Reference/Religion, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23304 Activity:nil
12/19   From now on, all posts critical of the Israeli government will be
        immediately eviscerated from the motd.          -- soda mossad
        \_ You're a meanie
        \_ And anything from the libertarians too because if a libertarian
           says something we shouldn't even hear about it.  We all know
           they're insane so we can dismiss everything they say without
           thought or intellectual effort.  Oh wait, no, this is Berkeley.
           No one at Berkeley would do that!  We have the highest standards!
           \_ Not anymore. The quality of thaistix this year really sucks.
        \_ this article is about Muslim Bedouins in the Israeli
        \_ The palestinians are stupid- they could have had land as mandated
           at the end of WW II.  Instead they were duped, and continue
           to be duped, by their leaders, by their 'Arab' brethren,
           and their hate for Jews, to perpetually fight to push all
           Jews into the sea.  Jews have been there since time eternal,
           and they have a right to be in Jerusalem.  All this trite
           demagoguery does nothing to obscure the facts.
        \_ it looked like the plan offered to arafat by barak and the US
           would have split the palestinians into 4 different pieces
           of land, with israeli controlled roads between them.  true?
           \_ I've read that somewhere.  I haven't read an original source,
              only interpretations of the agreement from people with an axe
              to grind.
           \_ There is some truth to that. Some have interpreted recent
              statements by Powell, Bush and Blair of a "viable Palestinian
              State" as meaning that this division would not exist in
              peace settlement/proposal. As to Barak's offer, it was indeed
              the best and most generous offer given to the Palestinians
              by the Israeli side. Unfortunately, as "good" as it was it didn't
              meet the minimum "requirements" of the Palestinians by not
              dealing with certain "HOT" topics.
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Misc] UID:23305 Activity:nil
12/19   On HPUX are the init scripts stored in /etc/init.d and /etc/rc.*?
        If not, where are they stored? tia.
        \_ /sbin/init.d if I remember properly. That was 10.10. --jsjacob
        \_ try /sbin/rc*.d and /sbin/init.d
           It also depends on which HP-UX you're running --dwc
           \_ I'm interested in 10.0 and newer, but this info helps
              a lot. thanks.
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:23306 Activity:low
        Mmmm!  That new car smell!  It's only cancer....
        \_ One reason to buy used cars.
2001/12/19-20 [Consumer/Camera] UID:23307 Activity:insanely high
12/19   Looking for recommendations on digital cameras. Budget ~$5000.
        I like SLR's, and anything that would fit on the back of my Cannon
        AE-1 would be fine. Preferably it could take a microdrive. -chialea
        \_ spending $5000 on a camera is akind to giving weight-control
           pet food to your pets.  This country is just absurdly rich.
           want to just buy a digital film back?  I've never heard of those
           for 35mm SLRs.
           That's probably the lifetime salary of a peasant in East Timor.
           \_ You can't get a half-decent digital SLR for much cheaper...
           \_ You can't get a half-decent digital SLR for <$3000.
           \_ Shut up. <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Yes and the east timor peasant provides how much back to the
              world in skills and work effort?  This country is absurdly
              rich because we built a better country with a better government
              with real laws and a real economy.  This is something most of
              the rest of the world's corrupt governments refuse to do.  Once
              shitty third world pits separate church and state, and put in
              real laws and enforce them so things like contract law have
              value and meaning, they can have a real economy and you can stop
              whining about some peasants because that peasant will be out
              producing your hippie ass.
        \_ Rich kid!
           \_ Graduation present.
              \_ Point proven.
                 \_ What point?  Yes.  It's true.  Some people have more money
                    than others.  What's your point?
        \_ What do you mean by "fit on the back of my Canon AE-1"?  Do you
           want to just buy a digital film back instead of a whole camera?
           I've never heard of those for 35mm SLRs.  -- yuen
           \_ I hadn't either, but if that was the best option, and it did
              exist, didn't want to rule it out.
        \_ If you already have a decent SLR, look at SiliconFilm.
           Supports certain Nikon's and Canon's. Don't know how well it works,
           but it kicks ass in theory. Try Greenspun's
           <DEAD><DEAD> for camera reviews.
           \_ $649 for 1280x1024 resolution?  At that price, it definitely
              falls into the "cool in theory" category.  For the same money,
              I'd either purchase a digital point-and-shoot to go alonside
              the old AE-1, and/or a film scanner . . . -- kahogan
                \_ (This got deleted earlier)
                   The digital backs for 35mm film cameras are worthless.
                   The Canon D30 is probably the most well-respected digital
                   SLR.  But you should go to one of the dozens of review
                   sites, like  -tom
        \_ is an obvious choice if
           you want to use Canon lenses.  Note that focusing distance
           increases by 1.3x, so 38mm becomes the normal lens (because
           the chip is smaller than 35mm film).  Or, for just $19k more,
           get   -- misha.
           \_ You meant the perceived focal length increases.
              \_ I stand duly corrected.  -- misha.
           \_ "Power supplied through IEEE1394 cable - no separate power
              cable" Is this puppy tethered?
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23308 Activity:low
12/19   Anyone ever tried ATT Broadband phone service? They have a good
        deal right now but I don't want to cancel PacBel, then find that
        quality sucks or something, and have to pay a re-instatement fee
        with PacBell.
        \_ I've got AT&T Digital Phone Service. It is excelllent.
           A couple interesting things though: 1) they install a small,
           shoebox sized battery somewhere in your house. It keeps
           the phone working in a power failure. 2) The installation USED
           to be done by a crappy subcontractor company. (inept)
           But the AT&T service employees that have since come out for misc.
           things have been VERY skilled and helpfull.
           Phone, Internet, CableTV all come in through a Single Coax cable.
           You can keep your phone number, which means getting worth from
           paying PacBells "Number Portability Charge" all those years.
           \_ thanks for the info... I was about to sign my post as
              "chialea" to try and solicit some responses.
2001/12/19 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:23309 Activity:nil
12/19  damn ph00ny!
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:23310 Activity:nil
12/19   cisco kid, you got your greencard yet?
2001/12/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23311 Activity:nil
12/19   From now on, all political drivel will be immediately eviscerated
        from the motd.
        \_ It isn't your motd.  You're only going to start mass motd
           deletions which make is useless for everyone.  If you don't like
           a thread, don't read it.  If you don't like the motd, don't read it.
           You're in no position to decide what topics are appropriate for
           the motd.  When you ride out of Heaven on a glowing silvery cloud
           and land in my living room you can tell me what motd topics are
           allowable.  Until then I suggest you rethink your personal little
           censorship policy.  Remember, anyone can delete anything here
           which includes whatever your favorite topic threads are.
        \_ Right - you live in a vacuum where your life consists
           to whacking off over fantasy games and extolling the virtues of
           Linux.  And people wonder why CS is replete with
           irretreviably pathetic dweebs.
2001/12/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:23312 Activity:kinda low
12/19   If you saw it, did you like it?
        \_ Marketing & Sales are there now.  I'm in the colo freezing my
           ass off for no particular reason.
        \_ 3 hours. shit, forget about drinking coffee right before.
        \_ after i saw it, all the white kids pranced about and started beating
           up on the non-white kids claiming it was justified, since the dark
           ones came from mordor.
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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