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2001/12/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:23272 Activity:nil
12/16   The IT/Tech crisis is very highly defined and very specific to
        CS. Go to any CS school and find out how many kids have done any
        SAP programming. See how many have experience configuring the HR
        Module of R3 plus knowledge of the HR industry to be able to
        interpret what the hell they are configuring..... you just can't
        find anyone-- but this is the skill that is in dire need.
          This field does not have the flexibility to relax constraints.
        Most other fields have life cycles of decades and thus employers
        can afford to invest in training; however, the nature of (fucked
        up management running fucked up companies screwing american
        culture) the business forces employees to continually swap out of
        jobs in effect becoming contract workers. This emerging culture
        ultimately puts even more restricutions on skill sets required by
          Right now we live in a world that is infested with bad management
        and CULTURE. The prevailing attitudes and GREED are bad for the
        economy unless they themselves are constrained. This is much akin
        to the idea of liquidity constraints in economic systems. With
        laize fare liquidity individual agents consume a high level that
        what would be socially optimal. Thus a very valuable tool in the
        economic toolkit is that of liquidity constraints ( ie low credit
        for young - higher interest rates for those with little credit
        etc. ). A corrosponding SOCIAL tool is also available.
        Traditionally this tool has been found within RELIGION which
        contains inate constraints of consumption and perceptions of the
        environment. In a new age economy where religion no longer plays
        a role new instruments of social constraint need to enter into
        discourse. Some suggestions are longer term employment contracts
        (ala Japan),
          Other interesting factors to note is what is called adaptation
        level or AL. In AL theory agents make a fundamental mistake in
        judging preferences and level of satisfaction. Agents compare to
        what is called a common set. This common set is the group of
        individuals with similar skill sets. In its raw form the common
        set is the caste of class society. An error made by agents is the
        inaccuratrely percieve well being based upon their common set
        instead of the global set. This error leads to some extreme
        implications, Namely that (using a early 1970's example which is
        obviously a little racial) northern blacks are more likely to
        riot even though there belief about there future fincial
        prospects is higher than southern blacks. The corrlation to the
        CS field is that people in the industry have made fundamental
        errors in judging themselves against their common set instead of
        the global set. This required change in perceptions can only come
        from carefully construction government policies and corporate
        incentive and HR policies. Additionally this required change is
        of a socail nature and thus the time before any results could
        posibliy be seen are years away.]
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23273 Activity:nil
12/16   VPN cable modem crap deleted. lotsa words, little substance.
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23274 Activity:high
12/16   VPN cable modem crap deleted. lotsa words, little substance.
        Keep your posts relevant, succinct, clear and entertaining.
        There have been lots of long-winded diatribes lately.
        Please save the bullshitting and essay-writing for class or
        your employer's weekly status reports.
        \_ Here's succinct: soda doesn't work with cable modem.
           \_ It will, but they charge extra.
           \_ WTF? you're too succinct.
2001/12/17-19 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:23275 Activity:nil 50%like:22238
12/17   What's a cheap place to buy 64/128MB memory sticks?
        \_ or but their interface
        \_ Hot Hot Deals
2001/12/17-19 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:23276 Activity:very high
12/17   This was brought up a few weeks/months ago, but I missed the final
        word. So are there any labs remaining in Soda or Cory with unix
        machines, or are they all NT now?
        \_ 2 labs of solaris sparc (sunray), 1 dying lab of solaris x86 ppro.
                                             \_ 2 labs (275,277). And then
                                                there're the DECs in 199 Cory.
           349 will go linux as soon as rest of nvidia cards arrive.      |
                                 The dec's are going linux cluster or E&S-/
           \_ oh... so this all isn't too bad at all. I seem to remember a
              few months ago, I got the feeling that nearly everything was
              being replaced by windows.
              \_ certain inst staff are fighting hard to keep windows from
                 taking over.  They've lost Cory hall to The Dark One, but
                 are fighting to maintain Soda hall.
                 \_ actually the dark one may be in for a surprise.  we may
                    see linux on cory/saidar/and the new, sekr1t cory++.
                    and then we may see vmware.
                 \_ we're definately seeing 6 G4s running osx/os9 in Jan.
                    \_ Should we wait until MacWorld so that we can get
                       the current models at a reduced rate? That way we
                       might be able to get an extra machine.
                       \_ If Mac is good enough for csua, why can't any sodan
                          answer my question about how to add/change security
                          certificate for IE on Mac?
                          \_ motd != csua.  most of the modern csuaers do not
                             want to read the motd or wall.  so, when you post
                             here you're not reaching mac OSX users/developers
                             \_ So how do we get in touch with ug's coding
                                and using OS X? - alum using/coding for OS X
                                \_ irc over to
                                   and /join #hoserchat
                                \_ And how do we get in touch with alums
                                   working for companies coding and using
                                   OS X? - another alum coding/using OS X
                          \_ I don't think you can as the following modssl
                             thread indicates:
                             \_ Tnx.  This is an useful answer.
2001/12/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:23277 Activity:high
12/16   My DSL ISP is near death, and Covad is offering me continued connect-
        tivity through their "Safety Net" program (otherwise known as the "We
        Already Know You're Desperate, So ..." program). I live in the boonies
        and my cable co. can barely manage regular TV, so IDSL is the only
        technology available to me and Covad the only company that wants to
        bother with it. Problem is, their 12-month contract comes with a $500
        termination fee (non-pro-rated) and I'm certain I'll be moving *some-
        time* before 12 months is up. Anyone out there been cancelled and
        shafted by Covad, or know someone who has? What would you do in a
        similar situation? Drop back to modems and go in to work more often?
        Any exotic broadband options that I'm not thinking of?  -- kahogan
        \_ don't you live in SJ, near Adobe and the big hubs around it?
           \_ Nope, Morgan Hill. If I lived in SJ, this'd be easy. -- kahogan
        \_ What about Sprint wireless ? satellite
                \_ didn't sprint ION die?
                   \_ Yes. I was very upset when they canceled my order.
                      But he wasn't asking about ION he asked about Sprint
                      wireless which is different than ION.
            \_ starband
        \_ When FirstWorld went under I was shafted by Covad. I switched
           to They provide a pacbell line but handle all the
           setup and stuff, and it's a static IP line for the price of
           pacbells stupid PPPoE line.
        \_ Use the Safety Net, and switch to another ISP (I switched to
  when FirstWorld went under). When you move out in 6 months
           or whenever, see if the person moving in wants DSL, and they can
           pay you $50/mo for it. Otherwise, just keep paying the $50/mo. You
           lose out on $300, so your average monthly fee comes out to be about
           $100/mo. You're in the Valley, you can afford $100/mo for broadband.
           \_ and what if the person moving in wants DSL but lies about it?
              \_ Then you're out the ~$300. If he DOES pay you, you're not out
                 anything and your average DSL cost is still just $50/mo.
2001/12/17-18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:23278 Activity:very high
12/17   My mozilla crashes more often than netscape4, arrgh!
        \_ konqueror.
        \_ use IE on osx or vmware
           \_ OmniWeb on OS X is pretty good too.
        \_ opera, the fastest browser on this earth.
           \_ uh.  bullshit.  i bet ns3 is faster.  or w3m.
           \_ lynx.
              \_ w3m beats lynx hands down. Its much faster,
                 renders frames correctly, handles https properly,
                 and is much smaller (code and binary size).
                 \_ I prefer lynx. It is easier to read text
                    and move around with.
           \_ wget or telnet $host 80
           \_ Sure because it doesn't render pages half the time.
         \_ Mozilla is YA OH (overhyped) OSS POS project. It is
            no surprise it sucks.
         \_ And, in the YMMV category, it crashes much less for me
            (particularly ns4's annoying "you closed a window?  kaboom!")
            To boot, while it's slower for simple pages, it loads really
            complicated nested table pages much much faster.  --dbushong
        \_ I haven't been able to get Java to work under Mozilla. I'm running
           FreeBSD and clicked to download the Java plugin but it doesn't
           \_ I thought the jdk1.3 had issues with freebsd???
           install properly. Has anyone had this problem? (not really related,
           but while we're talking about Moz, I might as well ask).
2001/12/17-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:23279 Activity:very high
12/17   I just got a TIVO.  I got it working without having to use a
        credit card.  Why do I need a "subscription?"
        \_ I think that's for the TV guide thingy.
           \_ what tv guide thingy?
              \_ hit the Guide button.  You get complimentary service for a
                 couple of weeks, after which point you will need to give them
                 your credit card number to subscribe.
                 \_ TV is for morons.  Read a book.
                    \_ TV isn't for morons.  There's a lot of good TV out
                       there.  Stop watching stupid sitcoms, soap operas, game
                       shows, survivor re-runs and other crap.
                       \_ Where are they showing survivor re-runs?
                        \_ TV sucks. If you watch it, you're a moron.
                           \_ Wow, that's deep.  Can I be you?  What great
                              books have you read lately?
                           \_ How do you know?
                           \_ oh yes, TV sucks; all TV-viewers are morons.  I'd
                              much rather engage in intellectual conversation
                              on the csua motd, the bastion of enlightenment.
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23280 Activity:nil
12/16   [ Stupid whining deleted ]
        \_ Here's succinct: soda doesn't work with cable modem.
           \_ It will, but they charge extra.
           \_ WTF? you're too succinct.
2001/12/17-18 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:23281 Activity:kinda low
12/17   Does the google cache seem a *lot* slower than it used to be?
        I recall it used to instantly pull up the cached page.  Most of
        the time it now takes 5-10 seconds and sometimes just dies entirely.
        I don't have any other browser problems.  Just the google cache.
        \_ Ya, I've noticed this on sites that have graphics. Google doesn't
           seem to cache all the graphics. If the site is pure text, google
           returns immediately.
           \_ yeah... hm... that's only been the case FOREVER. Google
              cache never saved graphics and if a cache'd page is slow
              this is almost certainly why. try it in lynx or something.
2001/12/17-18 [Computer/HW] UID:23282 Activity:nil
12/17   M$ Patents Secure PC:
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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