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2001/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23263 Activity:nil
12/15   Do people still go to Denny's/Lyons?  Does Lyons in Emeryville
        still close at Midnight?
        \_ yes. I went there the other night at 11pm, had a prime rib
           (which, btw, sucked much ass).  - for almost the same price/per
           qty, you might as well go to outback, which is open until 11
           (outback in pinole).  I've been to denny's lots and realized
           that the service at the e-ville denny's is really realy crappy
           (compared to SoCal denny's).  Hands down, the best all night
           24 hr place i've eaten at was the shorehouse cafe in LBC.
2001/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23264 Activity:nil 50%like:23093
12/15   Why do people bother to nuke the motd if it can be trivially restored?
        \_ Dunno. Go figure.  It's not like a dozen or more people aren't
           keeping private copies plus anyone who can figure out cvs can pull
           it from mehlhaff's archives too.  Maybe it makes them feel big or
           something.  Any psych majors here in need of a senior thesis topic?
2001/12/16 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:23265 Activity:high 83%like:23257
        MOTD POLL:  Bin Laden will:
        Be found dead from combat injuries not old age (duh!):   .
        Be captured alive:
        Escape:              .
        Beat back the evil western hordes in the name of Allah: .
        \_ The Washington Times is one of the few newspapers worth reading.
           \_ Run by a bunch of Moonies, loved by paranoid Right Wingers. Great.
              You gotta love how the Republicans love to accuse others
              You gotta admire how the Republicans prefer to accuse others
              of what they do the most. Taking money from Asian religious
              leaders? How about the Moonie -> RNC connection, which
              has been going on for years. Oh, that right, it is only
              treason if a Democrat does it.
2001/12/16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:23266 Activity:high
12/16   george jr.: "father, no matter what i do, the country
        despises me.  the world despises me."
        george sr.: "back in the day, when everyone knew what
        a piece of shit i was, i'd get my best friend sadam to
        back me.  sure it'd take a few extra bucks, but he'd
        back me."
        george jr.: "so what should i do?"
        george sr.: "one day, pretend you're worried about the
        future of america's education and while you're there,
        unaware of course, there'll be random attacks.  do one
        by the pentagon, not on it, but near, and I mean NEAR
        it so that everyone won't blame the us.  then hit the
        world trade center."
        george jr.: "why the world trade center?"
        george sr.: "because you moron that's the people that
        hate you! but if all the investors are scared to work,
        then no one will continue buying into tech.  people
        will feel there's a need for my national security
        defense plan."
        george jr.: "wait, a minute!  That was my idea!"
        george sr.: "i told you to read my lips when you were
        doing the interview. as i was saying, people will
        finally buy into, okay, OUR, national security defense
        plan.  people will be dumb enough because they're like
        sheep to think that they can get work in defense
        george jr.: "But dad, no one wants to work in
        george sr.: "You idiot!  aren't you listening?!?!?!
        if we dump a few terrorist attacks, which are cheap
        since islamic people come from 3rd world nations where
        the women are ugly, people will be scared into
        believing we need a national defense improved.  that
        way, the economy will improve but improve not on crap
        like the internet or that whole new economy gibberish
        that clinton guy was such a proponent of.  it will be
        on what us republicans always deemed appropriate: on
        the back of the good ol' working government!  in
        addition, it'll justify all that push for increases
        surveilance over that anarchic, hippy internet thing
        as corporations like the music industry, disney, the
        movie industry, and microsoft will want that have been
        so generous in "donating" their time and other, ahem,
        resources, to our worthy cause.  those damn, hippy
        scientists should've never let the net go out of ARPA.
         anyway, but now that we're, I mean, huh huh, you're
        in charge again, it'll only be a matter of time before
        the american public will renew all of the republicans
        in congress.  we'll show the americans that we're
        sensitive and have a *REAL* plan for boosting our
        economy.  It'll just be like old times."
        George Jr: "but the old times sucked!"
        George Sr: "Shut up!  Get out!  You infidel!  Go back
        to your Mexican day laborers!  And don't come back
        until you're willing to listen!"
        George Jr: "Yes, dad."
2001/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23267 Activity:nil
12/16  There is a free dictionary search and a
        thesaurus too.  Try it.  At least people will stop picking on you
        for using the wrong words or spelling so poorly.  sheesh.
        \_ There's always 'dict' on csua.
2001/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23268 Activity:nil
12/16   Chuck Schuldiner, father of death metal, RIP
        \_ we all die. Get used to it. Even Post-9/11 I'm a cynical fuck
           \_ You're full of yourself.  Posting "we all die. Get used to it"
              in response to everything isn't cynical (again, go look it up).
              It's just highschool level stupid.  Next you'll be posting the
              'dark and cynical' poems you wrote in HS about death and how
              the world sucks and how your mom is so mean because she wouldn't
              let you have the station wagon Saturday night.
              \_ what's wrong with saying we all die? It's true aint it?
              \_ Dude, get 21st century (or at least 1990's); his mom wouldn't
                 let him borrow the Grand Cherokee.
2001/12/16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:23269 Activity:nil
12/15   If you're going to Japan, check out Shinjuku.
        This is where the Yakuza hang out, or should I say in
        Kabuki-Cho.  Part of Shinjuku is a major business and government
        sprawl, another is a massive shopping district, and tucked not
        far from the train station is the infamous Kabuki-Cho red light
        district.  This is where you hear about those stereotypical
        stories of Japanese bars, clubs and restaurants which do not
        cater to foreigners, unless a business man personally invites one
        inside.  In some of the shadier zones, you get teen or even
        college students handing out pamphlets to local strip clubs or
        topless bars, often times badgering you to accompany them.  Some
        are nothing more than fronts for people interested in sex
        activities.  One guy approached me with a list of pictures from
        his den saying things like, "5000-en for a blow job.  160-en for
        1 hour fucking."  Those guys pester me.  Fuck the middle men.  So
        you walk down more streets or even the side streets and you'll
        see women, of various ages but not older than mid-30's clinging
        to walls, even themselves handing out pamphlets.  These girls
        from my experience are generally Chinese, imported from places
        like Beijing.  Some work for erotic massage parlors others are
        probably waiting for the right cue word to let customers pass
        into the backend alley love hotels.  I remember distinctly this
        young girl, must not have been older than 14 or 15 from China,
        the area around her mouth covered with small red spots.  She came
        up to me in Japanese at first, but I replied in English to which
        she responded in Chinese, and realized that she needed to try her
        English, asking me, "massage 5000-en, use mouth and tongue."  And
        I wondered how she got those small, red spots....
        \_ sounds like the livestocks in macau are better.
2001/12/16 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Sports] UID:23270 Activity:nil
12/16   Can anything be more embarrassing in football?
        A Kicker, after a field goal, celebrates, then injures his
        knee during the celebration.  He can't kick after that.
        \_ Two words: Garo Yepremian.  -tom
2001/12/16 [Uncategorized] UID:23271 Activity:nil
12/15   [ Keith, you already posted this, now go away. ]
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