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2001/12/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:23239 Activity:nil 50%like:23624
12/13   What's the difference between enabling apm and apmd?
        \_ enabling apm provides the kernel hooks to use apm.
           apmd uses those hooks
           \_ After "shutdown -r" the screen goes blank after "System halted"
              but hangs there. "reboot" works fine. Due to lack of APM?
              \_ yes.
2001/12/14-15 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:23240 Activity:high
12/13   What do you use to backup your 80 gig HD?
        \_ i took parts of the TDA home and am using that.  Boy
           given it's been so cold lately, I'm glad these drives run hot!
           \_ TDA disks are less than 9GB each, so you need a disk array
              with about 10 disks in it to backup your 80GB HD? How's your
              PG&E bill?
                \_ Wonderful.  It's no surprise PG&E is bankrupt - they've
                   determined they owe me $150 for the power I've used for
                   the last six months that I paid nothing for.  Must be
                   ultra-new math.
                        \_ After they figure it out you'll get billed plus
                           interest and penalties just like the IRS.
        \_ AIT. Or another 80 GB hard disk. --dim
        \_ This was on /. a few days ago. Look there for several answers.
        \_ Backup?
        \_ single sided single density 8 sector/track 5.25" floppy disks.
           by the time I finish a complete backup I'm so exhausted I don't
           have the energy to create new data so I know my data is safe until
           I get out of the hospital.
           \_ C'mon.  5.25" floppy disks are too small for the job.  I use the
              bigger 8" floppy disks.
                \_ My cp/m machine doesn't boot anymore and the disk drives
                   aren't compatible with my current OS.  I guess I could
                   write drivers for them when I get out of the hospital.
        \_ I used to backup my porn on 3.5" floppies. That is, until I
           discovered there was a lot of porn out there.
                \_ tawei is that you?
2001/12/14 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:23241 Activity:nil
12/13   ``This guy was in deep with the government'' and not a
        legitimate member of JDL. ``No member would ever turn
        on a fellow Jew,'' Krugel said.
2001/12/14 [Reference/Languages] UID:23242 Activity:very high
12/13   viva la whatever -jon
        \_ "vive" not "viva"
            \_ Says who?
                From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
                Viva \Vi"va\, interj. [It.]
                Lit., (long) live; -- an exclamation expressing good will,
                well wishing, etc. -- n. The word viva, or a shout or sound
                made in uttering it.
            \_ Maybe he meant:
                Main Entry: qui vive
                Pronunciation: kE-'vEv
                Function: noun
                Etymology: French qui-vive, from qui vive? long live who?,
                challenge of a French sentry
                Date: 1726
                : ALERT, LOOKOUT -- used in the phrase on the qui vive
                \_ Maybe it just doesn't fucking matter and both of you
                   find something more important to worry about like Felicity's
                   hair style or something.
                   \_ Maybe you should.
                        \_ Hahahhaa wow a stinging rebuke!  hahahahah.  Can
                           you also chant the "sticks and stones" rhyme?
        \_ Viva la more, viva la more, viva la company.
2001/12/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:23243 Activity:moderate
12/14   I'm trying to remember the title and artist of a couple of Japanese
        songs that became hits in the US.  I vaguely remember one was in
        the 80s and another was even earlier.  Anybody know?  Supposedly
        the two (I think it was two) songs were the only japanese songs that
        was popular in the US.  Thanks.
        \_ Shonen Knife?  Cibo Matto (not really 80's, not sure tho)   -mice
        \_Pizzacato Five.
                \_ Pizzicato Five.  But they weren't really popular in
                   the 80's.
        \_ Sukiyaki?  "do do re mi do la so".  Although the Japanese lyrics
           had nothing to do with food.  -- yuen
           \_ YES!  that is it.  I got the MP3.  Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto.
              A song entirely in Japanese that became #1 in June 15, 1963.
              Thank you.  Getting answers to obscure questions on the motd is
              the main reason why I keep coming back to the soda community. :)
2001/12/14 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23244 Activity:high
        I'm not sure if the first or the second article on this page is
        more scary.  Either way, be glad if you're living somewhere else
        besides France or Britain.
        \_ be forwarned the UN wants to have this ability over Americans.
           they want to gut the 2nd amendment and take away our guns.
           \_ it was a good try until you forced the 2nd amendment thing in
              there and you really blew it with the "our guns" bit at the end.
              theres no need to whack people over the head with the bait.
                \_ Just because you don't hear about it on CNN Headline news
                   doesn't mean its not true.
                   \_ Yes I know the UN wants to take over the US.  The UN =
                      enemies of the US and the jealous third world.  However,
                      just because they want it doesn't mean they're going to
                      get it.  Just stop voting in anti-americans and it'll
                      be ok.
                      \_ Actually, the US benefits a great deal from the UN,
                         without which US political clout would be vastly
                         reduced.  Don't be stupid.
        \_ As soon as the guns go, so does your freedom.  What other
           deterent is there?
           \_ the smell?
           \_ Uh, hmmm... the military?
                \_ The greatest threat to this country is from within.
                   Where have u been the past 10 years?
                   \_ Your vote counts.  Stop voting for enemies of this
2001/12/14 [Reference/Religion] UID:23245 Activity:high
12/13   all god-religion must die!
        \_ so should this cheesy troll.
                \_ obviously you haven't watched the bin laden confession tape.
                   \_ If bin laden had a csua account, he would be a troll,
        \_ anyone gotten a headache from smoking weed before?
        \_ Does Buddhism count?
                \_ Yes.  Why shouldn't it?
           \_ Buddhism doesn't suppress questioning of itself, encourage
              violence, or impose oppressive codes of law on people like the
              Judeo-whatever religions.
              \_ Can Buddhists eat meat, drink beer or have sex?
2001/12/14 [Uncategorized] UID:23246 Activity:nil
12/14   Google has Usenet archives available going back to 1981 (starting a
        few days ago). As valuable as this may be, this is really scary if
        you were a flame fetishist in college. I know I was..
2001/12/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:23247 Activity:kinda low
12/14   I've missed the news lately.  What was the explanation on why bin Laden
        made that videotape that looked like a meeting and left behind all
        the evidence in it?
        \_ Because he's EVUUUUL I tell you, EVUUUUL!
2001/12/14-16 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23248 Activity:high
12/15   I just went into an arcade for the first time in a couple of years.
        Geez, are there any games don't don't require foot coordination or
        some musical ability these days? It's all dancing and DJ'ing. What
        happened to all the good racing and pinball games?
        \_ losers like you stopped going to the arcade and spending money
           on them.
        \_ Does the "Underground" still exist?  And where is it now?
           \_ It's smaller, but still exists -- the new entrance is maybe
              thirty paces north of the old one.
              \_ does the manually scored bowling lane still exist?
                 \_ no one's stopping you from scoring manually.
                    \_ Manual scoring in bowling: the lost art.
                    \_ does this imply there is a new bowling lane, and
                        it does have automatic scoring?
        \_ I feel similarly about home video games.  Every game nowadays has
           ten characters and twenty weapon to choose from and thirty button
           sequences to activate forty special moves.  Gee, I just want
           something simple like Space Invaders.  If I wanted some brain
           exercise I'd be writing code.
           \_ they are releasing old Atari games for the PC
                \_ Duh they are emulators
                   \_ what does this have to do with the fact that
                      they are releasing old Atari games for the PC?
                      \_ Well, if you're talking about "official" releases,
                         yeah, they're different. But you can currently play
                         virtually every Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo,
                         and older Arcade games on your PC.
        \_ games are getting more complex because kids today are getting
           smarter. Their IQ and coordination is getting higher and higher
           \_ uh... games are getting more complex because technology is
           \_ Kids today are not smarter.  Kids today are smoking their
              illiterate little brains into a drug induced STD sharing haze
              earlier than ever before.  If you knew any kids in the 9 to 16
              range you'd know this.
           \_ But EECS majors these days learn less and less. I think it's just
              a redistribution of brain power from school/CS to games.
           \_ if kids are getting smarter and smarter, then we must be getting
              dumber and dumber! If they can master Pacman/Space Invader in
              1/4 time we need, then what hope do we have learning those
              ultra complex first-person shooter games? FUCK!
        \_ You went to Sunnyvale Golfland, didn't you.  That's probably
           not the best gauge of arcades.
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