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2001/12/13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23228 Activity:very high
12/12   now you too can be like hollywood!  load  this up at work
        and impress your PHB with hollywood-style tracerouting:
        \_ uuuuh... it looks like a unix traceroute...?
           \_ what's the option to unix traceroute to superimpose
              traceroute data with a map of the US/world and the
              location of the hops appear on the map?  oh, right.
              there isn't one.
                \_ That was my point.  There's stuff in their archives showing
                   mapped routes but it won't generate them on the fly.  why
                   was this posted?
                   \_ (Not the original poster).  It does generate them on
                      the fly.  Just keep waiting and waiting and eventually
                      the page will reload itself with the map.
                        \_ I thought of that but after 5 minutes I gave up.
                           My PHB got tired of waiting.
        \_ Yeah, but the map they load is bogus. I did a traceroute from
           their site in Austin to the csua and it had the packets boucing
           back and forth from coast to coast for a while, but Austin
           was never even in the picture.
2001/12/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:23229 Activity:very high
12/12   Israel officially declares Arafat/PLA/PLO persona non grata.  Cuts
        off all talks, ties, meetings, etc.  48,67,73 are in the history books.
        Welcome to the start of the War of '01.  I suspect the other Arab
        nations won't be sending in troops this time though.  I wonder if this
        will turn into a mass expulsion from the west bank and gaza.  Various
        URLs are out there on several news services.  Take your pick.
        \_ Not to contradict this, but the U.S. won't allow any serious
           encroachment by the Israelis.  Whether this is good or bad,
           I don't know, but I'm just saying that nothing has changed.
                \_ "US won't allow"?  And how would we forbid it?
                    \_ By cutting off the $4B/year in aid we give Isreal.
                \_ Even if the US was in a position to "not allow" who says
                   the US wouldn't?  Have you read a newspaper in the last 2
                   weeks.  The US is "allowing" all sorts of things and in
                   fact has been quite encouraging through a mix of positive
                   statements and silence where normally the US would urge
                   restraint.  Wake up.  Arafat is over.  The PLA is over.
                   The PLO is over.  Put any thoughts of peace on hold until
                   someone steps up to take Arafat's place and is serious
                   about it.  Given how powerful Hamas has become this could
                   take a loooong time.  Anyway, Arafat is 71, has parkinson's
                   and looks like a corpse.  He wasn't long for the world
                   \_ The U.S. is exerting its influence right now.
                      The attacks by Israel aren't a massive, dismantle
                      the PLO type attack.  It's a, "We'll blow up the
                      media facilities, surround all the towns, and then
                      stick our thumbs in our asses because we don't know
                      what to do next."  Like I said, nothing has changed.
                        \_ Nothing has changed?  Uh, ok, whatever.  Keep
                           reading the paper.  The Israelis have been getting
                           more and more active every day without any real
                           comment by the US.  "massive, dismantle the PLO
                           type attack"s dont happen over night.  It isn't
                           video game.
                           a video game.
        \_ Those damned semitic people again. The US needs to cut off all
           relations with all semitic people, Arabs, Jews, whatever. They're
           all nuts.
           \_ troll you very much.
           \_ c'mon, this isn't even a troll.  it's a mockery of trolldom.
              do we need a basic FAQ or How-To for wannabe trolls?
2001/12/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23230 Activity:high
12/12   I just remembered this PC game that my roomate had freshman year: It
        was like this robot battling game where you select a group of robots
        before hand (like little walking bombs, fast ones, slow strong ones,
        etc), and then pit them against each other in a race for each player
        to get the most robots across the board to the opponent's side.
        Anyone ever heard of this? Remember the name? Thanks.
        \_ I played a sort of football based robots game like this years ago.
           There were several games made like this but sorry I can't remember
           the names of any of them.  I'm useless.
        \_ RoboSport by Maxis?
        \_ There were a couple of games like this at the time.  It was a mini
           genre that never really took off.
2001/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:23231 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Kung Fu Chess fucking owns!!
        \_ owns what?
        \_ Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is cooler
2001/12/13 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23232 Activity:insanely high
12/13   "Army Working on Weapons-Grade Anthrax, Report Says"
        Is the US under certain treaty not to do that?
        \_ Probably not. The US usually does things that they would also
           criticize other countries for doing (conducting nuclear tests,
           spying, etc...)
        \_ Does it matter?  It's not like the rest of the world isn't doing
           the same thing to the greatest extent they can.
           \_ Yeah, it matters. One of the main things we accuse Saddam
              Hussein of doing is violating that treaty. If the report
              is true, we are liars and hypocrits to boot.
                \_ I feel so ashamed.
                \_ Yes, and so what?  In the real world of international
                   affairs might makes right.  I'm sorry if this fact is
                   painful to you but it is so.  The rest of the world knows
                   it, loves it, and lives by it.  Lemme know when you have
                   your own country and how ideally you run it.
                   \_ listen fuckchop. you live in the US. you have a say.
                      this is not a dictatorial regime. are you saying you
                      have no problem with your country (and you as a
                      representative of it) breaking a treaty and building
                      immoral weapons? if your sentiment is shared by all
                      americans, then i feel completely comfortable with the
                        \_ Weapons aren't immoral.  Go look up the word.
                           Enough with the trollish concept of "if you think
                           or do xyz then it justifies sep11th".  That has
                           been overdone.  Make a real argument if you have
                           one.  Anyway, in this country there isn't a single
                           sentiment shared by all Americans so I guess you'll
                           have to continue having false discomfort with the
                           idea of 3000 or so innocent civilians getting
                           murdered for no reason.
           \_ W wipes his ass with treaties like that.
                \_ When has the US ever kept to a treaty?  Going all the way
                   back, the US, like just about every country ever has signed
                   treaties and ditched them the moment they became annoying.
        \_ Making and keeping small amounts of anthrax for prophylactic
           purposes is permitted under the treaty.  Didn't you know that
           Ft. Detrick is where USAMRIID is located?  You know, like that
           movie, Outbreak?
2001/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:23233 Activity:nil
12/13   for those of you using bitchx for hoserchat:
        \_ ircII
2001/12/13 [Uncategorized] UID:23234 Activity:nil
12/13   arafat has been assassinated
        \_ prove it.
        \_ bullshit.  not even annanova is reporting that and they'll report
2001/12/13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:23235 Activity:nil
12/12   Osama bin Laden has displaced
  Pamela Lee Anderson in cyberspace
  and people looking for information about
  the American flag outnumbered those
  curious about Britney Spears. For the
  first time in the short history of the
  Internet, popular search engines report
  that "sex" dropped off their lists of top
  10 search terms in the days following
  the attacks on the World Trade Center
  and Pentagon. (Reuters, Sep. 20 '01)
        \_ Why is this being posted now?
        \_ URL please?
        \_ "popular search engines".  Which ones?  Stop posting techie stuff
           from idiotic non-techie sources like Reuters.  That's like going to
           slashdot to get legal info or political news.
2001/12/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:23236 Activity:nil
        An academic on academia.  Zing!  Censoring this only proves it true.
2001/12/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23237 Activity:high
12/13   I am a CSUA alumni member who would like to surreptiously take
        control of the new Politburo, as a way of preventing the ineptitude
        of the Fall '01 officers from presenting itself again.  What is the
        best way to form my shadow government?
        \_ He who owns the motd owns the future... or something like that, no
           wait, maybe it was the wall, or hoserchat, or... nevermind.
        \_ you should sell weapons to other student organizations to
           create a slush fund for your sub-group in the CSUA.  use
           this to fund your coup.
        \_ mmmmm, csua puppet regime...
        \_ spawn offspring, and have them enter the csua when they
           enroll at cal.
2001/12/13 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW] UID:23238 Activity:high
12/13   Dmitry Sklyarov is free!
        \_ big whoop.
        \_ urlP
        \_ Are any of us really free?
           \_ yermom is
              \_ Didn't you know she'll pay $50 for a soda geek to
                 "Install Linux on her server"?
           \_ Ah ui mon frere. L'homme est ne libre, mais tout les
              place il sont dans l'chain. (or something like that)
        \_ Yeehaa!  "Russian Computer Criminal Set Free!"  Whatever.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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