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2001/12/8 [Uncategorized] UID:23181 Activity:nil
12/7    Girl psychology poll.
        Forgives and forgets:
        Forgives and doesn't forget:
        Doesn't forgive but forgets:
        Doesn't forgive, doesn't forget:
2001/12/8-11 [Transportation/Bicycle, Recreation/Music] UID:23182 Activity:high
12/7    Looking for a female roommate in Albany.  Email me for details.
        \_ How well can you play jazz piano?  Just curious.
           \_ Somewhere between "decent" and "well."  I read off of lead
              sheets very well, but have to think about +11/13 and dim chords.
              Not so on +7/+9/sus chords.  I'm used to not playing with a
              bass, so I almost always lead with the chord root on the bass -
              not good for ensemble jazz.  Decent improv.  Answer your
              question?  Now, please... roommate search... -chaos
        \_ um, I am interested, but can you sight read all 24 Chopin Etudes?
          \_ You're not funny.
                \_ I don't get it (the humor and why it's not funny)
                   \_ Have you ever seen what Chopin's Etudes look like?
                        \_ no, I'm ignorant. Now please fuckin explanavu
                  \_ Ok here it is: "sight read" means "play the music
                     the first time you see the sheet music." Chopin
                     wrote music that is very intricate and difficult to
                     play. Most pianists need to practice for years before
                     they can smoothly play Chopin etudes. -fab
        \_ looking for a female roomate on motd is like looking for nice
           attractive NORMAL UNPSYCHOTIC people who are not Linux and bike
           ride fanatics at CSUA.
           \_   I'm all of these things!
           \_ I'm all except attractive. But I'm not ugly either. At least,
              not as ugly as your mom (yes, not saying too much, I know).
           \_ i'm attractive and nonpsychotic and not a linux or bike fanatic...
             \_ Well I'm ugly, psychotic, ride a friggin' bike when it
                doesn't hurt my back too much and I got SuSE
                installed at home (on one partition, anyway). You
                ready for me stomp on yer face, pretty boy?
2001/12/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign] UID:23183 Activity:nil
12/7    Why isn't America on Palestine's side?  If Mexico annexed California,
        and forced us all to live in, say, Sacramento,  we'd be pissed as hell.
        And why do Jews need to have their own country?  Do Christians need
        their own country?  Do white people need their own country?
        \_ BTW, white people already have many of their own countries in
2001/12/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:23184 Activity:nil
12/7   Is it possible to setup an ADSL router to support both DHCP and static
       IP addresses at the same time? Essentially what I need is to have two
       servers up on the network to be viewable by the outside, while the
       rest of the computers use DHCP. I have five IP addresses available to
       me, and I'd like to only use them for the servers. I assume that this
       somehow can be done, but does it require additional hardware, like
       a VPN box? Or should this be built into the router? The guy from
       PacBell was clueless when I asked him this question and put us on
       vanilla DHCP.
       \_ sounds like a pretty basic DHCP server setup to me.  the static
           addresses either statically defined, or set up with dhcp statics, and
           then a dynamic range over the rest.  The only problem you might run
           into is if your ISP runs a dhcp server on your same segment,
           assigning random addresses you have no control over.
        \_ Yes. Static routes and dhcp have nothing to do with each other.
           Your clients will be on the inside of your router so you can hand
           out those addresses as you like.
2001/12/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:23185 Activity:kinda low
12/8    Anyone know what kind of paints you need to paint on leather?
        (i.e. like airbrushing a design on the back of a leather jacket)?
        Or, where I can get this done?
        \_ This is the sort of post that justifies motd anonymity.  The
           guy's obviously serious, but who the hell wants to be known
           as the painted leather jacket guy?
           \_ some guy who can kick your ass.
           \_ Actually, your answer justifies anonymity.  It depends on what
              he wants painted.  If it were an American flag, I'd take my hat
              off to him.
              \_ What kind of hat do you wear?
                 \_ 2 bucks says a baseball cap. even indoors.
           \_ I want an airbrushed dude on a bitchin Harley, with a wolf
              holwing at the full moon in the sky. And a girl, who looks
              like Stevie Nicks staring longingly at me. That's it.
              \_ Baaaaaah.
2001/12/8-9 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:23186 Activity:insanely high
12/7    Polling sodans on dotbomb failures.  Which dotbomb have are you
        working for?
        \_ /csua/pub/jobs/*
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ (still looking for a job and yes I am a big luzer)
        \_ (not fully bombed yet)
           \_ maybe you mean, which was not a failure. Sold
              to RHAT for $42M. (14x sales, 420x ROI)
                          \_ in stocks.
        \_ ArsDigita... arguably not a dotcom, but now is failing like one.
        \_ (CriticalPath)
        \_ is still around, still has money, and had 5
           sodans at one point, including 3 former presidents, and 2 former
           vice presidents.
        \_, still limping along, left there a long time ago
        \_, just got bought by CapitalOne for $173 mil.
        \_ ..
                \_ Not really a .com, but dotbombed with the best of them.
                   \_ whats left of taos these days anyway?  do they have
                     *any* contract work?
                        \_ We have a stack of their 4x5 post-it notes at
                           work.  We like their post-its.
2001/12/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:23187 Activity:nil
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