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2001/11/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:23123 Activity:nil
11/27   Would you rather eat these HDR packages at $4.25 or DC food at god
        knows what they cost?
2001/11/28 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:23124 Activity:high
11/27   Let's say you're applying to a grad school with an emphasis in
        complexity theory and would perhaps like to work with Professor Z.
        Will the admission committee actually forward your application to
        Professor Z (who may look at your entire application), or will the
        admission committee determine everything?
        \_Professor Z doesn't teach complexity theory anymore.
        \_ this question is too complex
        \_ call prof Z, try to set up a meeting and talk to him/her in
           person if you can.
           person if you can.  If you don't get along with the prof, better
           to find out now and not bother going there than apply, get in,
           start work for prof Z, and be totally miserable.  if you *do*
           get along, they will certainly help you to get in. either
           way, there is nothing to loose and everything to gain from
           trying to talk to the target prof as early as possible.-grad student
        \_ Dude, you're getting a Dell.
        \_ Little-informed guess would say that if Professor Z doesn't know
           you and you don't make the cut for them to even look at the entire
           application, it'll be tossed. -chialea, also worried about it
        \_ May I suggest you try to contact Professor Z prior to submitting
           your application?  At the very worst, a polite introductory letter
           (snail mail is probably best for this sort of thing) to Professor
           Z will increase the chance that he'll remember your name if the
           application crosses his desk.  Who knows, if you show sufficient
           interest and clue, perhaps Professor Z will get back to you and
           possibly take steps to increase your chances of admission.
2001/11/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:23125 Activity:nil
11/27   How the heck do you derive the successor function and addition?
        succ n = lambda f.lambda s.f (n f s)
        add n1 n2 = n1 succ n2
        mult n1 n2 = n1 (add n2) 0
        Okay succ is defined as the number of f that will be applied to s,
        so I guess I kind of understand it. But I don't understand add/mult
2001/11/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:23126 Activity:high
11/27   What happened to all those old HP workstations in Cory Hall?
        (105 Cory??).  When were they all removed?  What are in
        105 Cory and 199 Cory these days?
        \_ I think they were removed around 97 or so.  PC's replaced them
            in 105 and random machines in 199 originally.
            \_ Dude, you guys are getting Dells.
            \_ 105 and that cluster had HP's as late as fall99 if not
               spring00. -alexf
                \_ raise your hand if you were there for the ambers!
2001/11/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:23127 Activity:low
11/27   Is there a coffee shop near campus that serves an iced blended mocha?
        Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is in S.F.
        \_ sounds like the sort of thing starbucks would have...
2001/11/28 [Finance] UID:23128 Activity:nil
11/27   How do you solve ilyas' 3rd question?
2001/11/28-29 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:23129 Activity:nil
11/28   Anyone know the pinouts for the console port on a Zyxel 643?
        For some reason i can't seem to get it to accept any input
        with the cables i've tried.
2001/11/28 [Finance/Investment] UID:23130 Activity:nil
11/28   top dow 10,000, now!!1!
        \_ go away, cmlee
2001/11/28 [Recreation/Humor] UID:23131 Activity:very high
11/28   A joke at
        "A guy starts talking to two women in a bar, they turn out to be
        Siamese twins, ......"
        I can't seem to recognize the humor.  Can someone tell me why this joke
        is funny?
        \_ Nothing more to it than the fact that they were highly distinctive
           and they're worried that they'd be just another faceless bimbo the
           guy's had. Yeah, it ain't funny.
           \_ So that "trombone in the corner" isn't part of the humor, right?
              I thought that may refer to the guy's manhood and that somehow
              fits in the joke and makes it funny.
              \_ It makes the experience more memorable.
        \_ It's the three countrymen talking about their wives joke that I
           don't get. Curtain. Huh?
          \_ You don't see why wiping cum on your wife's clean curtains
             would "drive her wild" ==> piss her off immensely?
             \_ Oh. Ok. I get it. Ha ha.
2001/11/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/Theory] UID:23132 Activity:high
        Question 8, why isn't the answer C? 1/2 of a binary search (on
        average) would be (log2 N) - 1, where N is the number of nodes in
        a complete binary tree right? So C SHOULD be the answer. But for
        some reason it is not. Help.
        \_ you should send email to  maybe they
        \_ you should send email to  maybe they
           can help you there.
                \_ please don't waste our time                  -kevinm
2001/11/28-29 [Computer/HW] UID:23133 Activity:nil
11/28   Anyone know the best place to get a Dell?  Thanks!
        \_ Fry's Electronics
        \_ Dude! Yer gettin' a Dell!
2001/11/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23134 Activity:high
11/28   How about a vote on the funniest motd thread?  Personally I loved
        the "mangina" thread.  Also any long winded flame on dating soda
        losers (aka nice guys).  That made you laugh and keep coming back
        to the motd?
        \_ Nice shoes.
        \_ it's really sad that nice guys are losers. in this society, if
           you can't get into girl's pants, you are a loser. some kinda sick
           \_ It has nothing to do with getting into a chick's pants; it has
              to do with someone so pathetic who wants something so easy to
              get but is incapable of getting it and then whines bitterly for
              years because he's incapable of changing his methods to get what
              he wants and about 2 lines in I decided to make this a lengthy
              run-on sentence but not the kind you'll find in The Bear by
              Faulkner but the kind inspired by motd posts by virginal shy
              loser boys who can't get into a girl's pants, although I prefer
              skirts; the kind of boys who post whining drivel on the motd
              complaining that society calls them losers because they're not
              capable of performing a basic biological function such as finding
              a mate and breeding, be it for the long or short term.
              \_ the ultimate loser is the one who can't get any, a loser gets
                 only one for his whole life, a winner gets lots, the ultimate
                 winning is the one who does nothing but gets it anytime. =D
              \_ what if you're a virginal shy loser girl?
                 \_ Wear a skirt, try smiling at someone.
                 \_ ton up your body, then you'll have guys chasing your tail.
                    \_ Don't you mean "tone"?
                 \_ Nice shoes.
                 \_ You found the right place.
                 \_ isn't "shy" really a euphemism for "ugly"?
                    \_ Sometimes.  Short skirts help a lot.
              \_ Skirts.  "Miniskirt Police" in Japan.
                 \_ did you save this thread?  Where can I find this miniskirt
                    thread?  (It's not in the archives, I checked) Thanks.
                    \_ Sorry, it wasn't a thread here.  I was just adding to
                       the fact that the above poster prefers skirts.
              \_ I'm waiting until I'm married, or at least engaged.
                 I'm saving myself for my one true love. -!kidding
                 \_ I saved it for my wife too, even though I had another gf
                    before her.
                 \_ Ridiculous.  How do you know if you're sexual compatible
                    or not?  Numerous marriages have been destroyed by this.
                    I'm sure your church approves but this isn't a good way to
                    choose a mate.  You're going to spend the rest of your life
                    sharing a bed with someone you don't know an important bit
                    of info about.  Not smart.
              \_ I don't tend to get into girls' pants often. They make my
                 ass look big.
        \_ All of them.
        \_ How to do something?
        \_ Linux and bike
        \_ SUV and bike
        \_ tom and bike
        \_ tell us about the stars, ilya.
        \_ I always liked the BH and the vodka glass into the fireplace one.
        \_ awwh man, that one about hte Zyxel 643 pinouts? that was hilarious!
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