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2001/11/14-16 [Uncategorized] UID:23032 Activity:low 60%like:23020
11/13   The last of the stuff is on, everything must go:
        <DEAD><DEAD>      --dbushong
        \_ is this some dotcom failed sale?  Lower the price somemore.
           \_ Something like that.
        \_ sorry, your stuff is neither new nor cheap. I'd rather ebay
        \_ you take PayPal?
           \_ I'm sure you can work out the payment method when you go
              there to pick up the stuff.
2001/11/14 [Recreation/Food] UID:23033 Activity:very high
11/13   ok geeks, i need an idea for a date.  dinner + movie
        is pretty boring and played out.  thanks
        \_ Shooting range!  Chicks love a man who can handle a gun.
           \_ ... his own gun.
        \_ dinner and a movie is only as boring as the people doing it.  -tom
           \_ Aye.
        \_ You're lame.
        \_ how about make her the dinner and tape it?
           \_ Tape the sex too!
        \_ Sure, it's been, what, 3 weeks?, since the last similar
        \_ How about handicap-style dinner + porn movie?
        \_ Go hiking or do something outdoorsy.
        \_ picnic lunch in a park?  dinner and a play?  dinner and a concert?
2001/11/14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:23034 Activity:nil
11/13   Don't forget to vote,
        \_ how should I vote?           - graduating in may
2001/11/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23035 Activity:nil
11/14   anyone wanna trade xbox games?
        \_ No.
2001/11/14 [Reference/Military] UID:23036 Activity:moderate
11/14   Doesn't it seem like not much attention is being paid to the
        plane crash as other plane crashes?  Is it because most victims are
        \_ Yeah, I had to look for it on the front page of
        \_ I think it's because they think those crashes were not related to
           terrorism which is currently the main focus.
2001/11/14 [Uncategorized] UID:23037 Activity:nil
11/14   "NTT DoCoMo to Launch Video Service for 3G Phones"
        Anyone knows where I can find the movie clip shown in the photo?
2001/11/14 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:23038 Activity:nil
2001/11/14-15 [Politics] UID:23039 Activity:low
11/14   What's the difference between court-martial and military tribunal?  (I
        was reading
           \_ about 50 lashes with a wet noodle
        \_ Court Martial is for members of the military (yours). Military
           Tribunal is for civilians or POWs, mostly.
2001/11/14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:23040 Activity:very high
11/14   Is United States is the only country in the world that advertises
        "weight control" pet food?  For pets that are too fat?  You really
        have to have lived in an improverished country to realize just how
        absurdly rich this country is.  And why so many people in the world
        hate us for it.
        \_ So you are saying envy is good and excusable?  Maybe they should
           get off their asses, and invest, and create business and wealth.
           There is no such thing as absurdly rich.
           \_ It's not about envy or jealously.  You're making that up.
           \_ Have you no sense of shame at all?
        \_ The only thing it means is that Americans and their pets are
           both fat.
        \_ They probably have it in Japan too... and maybe France or UK.
        \_ Ah yes. We should feel guilty for living in a country with enough
           fucking FOOD. And those poor bastards who keep having 5 kids when they
           can barely feed their own ignorant AIDS-ridden selves should hate us
           because we live in a civilized society. I'm not ashamed to be living
           above the level of animals.
           \_ What a fucking asshole!
           \_ you have never lived in an improverished country have you?  Ever
              wonder why they have so many children?  Because one or two of
              the kids will die.  Also because children work and bring in
              income.  I'd seen first hand children whose only purpose is to
              haul buckets of water up a hill because their shack has no
              running water.  They do that whole day everyday until they die
              or, if they live, they can get a paying job.  Paying job meaning
              shining shoes or collecting scrap.
              \_ If having more children really increase overall productivity,
                 how come those countries haven't solved famine after people
                 have had so many children?
              \_ Look, being poor does not necessitate such a crappy life. There
                 are many other "poor" societies in history. These problems go
                 deeper than just poverty. It's a breakdown of civilization.
                 In some cases the religion makes them not even attempt to raise
                 their living standards; they say the worse they live now, the
                 better they'll have it in the afterlife. Look at how early
                 western societies behaved...most of them didn't have running
                 water either. Towns had a well in the middle.
                 \_ What religion is this?  Cite a passage out of some holy
                    book instead of making shit up.  You're almost as bad as
                    Jon Katz.
                \_ In Islam, this (as in, RIGHT NOW, BEING ALIVE) life is not
                   as vivid or important as the next life, the afterlife.
                    \_ How about: "It is easier for a camel to go through the
                       eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the
                       Kingdom of God."
                       Or this: "They that will be rich fall into a tempatation
                       and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts...
                       for the love of money is the root of all evil:
                       O man of God, flee these things, and follow after
                       righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience,
                       meekness." The Bible is full of this stuff.
                       \_ The bible also extols us to work hard and not be lazy.
                          Yes, the bible want us to trust in the Lord rather
                          than trust in our money.  The bible is not against
                          wealth but against greed, wastefulness, and money
                          obtained through improper means.
                        \_ If anyone bothers to read the Bible they would
                           quickly realize it is a awesome commentary
                           on human existence, it is packed full with
                           perfect wisdom, and a path to self-awareness.
                           It's the best book you could ever read.
        \_  Read "All the trouble in the world", there is a chapter on famine.
        \_ If we all donate our old PCs and Linux software and DSL hubs +
           ethernet cards their standard of living will totally improve!!!
2001/11/14-15 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Skin] UID:23041 Activity:very high
11/14   What's the difference between a nurse practitioner (NP) and a
        doctor (MD)?  I'm covered by Kaiser, and when I call to make an
        appointment with a doctor, they gave me a nurse practitioner instead.
        \_ it sounds like your insureance plan is NP complete.
        \_ An NP is a nurse (BSN) with a two year Master's. An MD is a BA
           with a four year professional degree (MD). The MD then gets at
           least three years of professional apprenticeship (residency).
           An MD can do just about anything. An NP is pretty limited in
           what s/he can do, usually to prescribing the 100 most common
           drugs and simple procedures. If you just have a chest cold or
           need the pill, see an NP. If you have something serious, see
           an MD, if you can.
           \_ I see.  Is that how Kaiser keeps it costs down, by providing NP's
              instead of MD's for non-serious problems?  Last time I had
              sustained coughing I ended up seeing an NP.  This time I want to
              make an appt for physical and they also give me an NP.
              \_ Yeah, this is how they keep costs down. Of course, school
                 isn't everything, so the quality of care you recieve
                 depends on the individuals competence and experience
                 more than on what letters they put after their name.
                 \_ I've found that most NPs are just as competent as doctors
                    at diagnosing common ailments and have been "nicer"
                    than most doctors at explaining medical situations.
                    That said, I'm going to make an unsolicited comment about
                    Kaiser.  Kaiser is both an HMO as well as an insurance
                    provider, which is quite a big conflict of interest.
                    Doctors there are restricted in the tests they can
                    administer and the procedures they recommend -- these
                    restrictions are based on cost (Kaiser wants to keep
                    costs down as a provider).  These are the same doctors
                    that elsewhere, would be allowed to give you more expensive
                    procedures for the sake of your health.  I have a relative
                    who's been a doctor at Kaiser -- he quit because he wasn't
                    allowed to keep the health of his patients the first
                    priority.  Switch off Kaiser, go PPO.
           \_ Say someone catches anthrax and goes to Kaiser thinking that it's
              a flu.  Can an NP diagnose that as accruately as an MD can?
        \_ Biggest difference: NP can be a hot babe, while MD usually
           isn't. --dim
           \_ my brother's MD girlfriend is pretty hot.  in fact, there were
              a few other babes in his med school class.
              \_ pics?
           \_ I know a hot MD babe too.  Too bad my friend's site (where her pic
              is) is down.
              \_ Key word: usually. --dim
                 \_ i wonder if it doesn't break down based on specialty.
                    from an informal suvey at a med school graduation, it
                    seems that (pediatricians & psychiatrists) > internal
                    medicine > surgery.  your average sodan probably doesn't
                    see many pediatricians or shrinks.  well, not many
                    pediatricians anyway.
                    \_ My dermatologist was attractive. In some of the
                       specialties it's hard to find a female doctor
                       period. --dim
                    \_ I still have wet dreams about my proctologist.
              \_ Can you just post the URL here please so that we can check it
                 out when it's up later?
                 \_ There are quite a few ladies on his site.  I don't know
                    the URL to the one who is an MD, or more specifically,
                    an intern at Stanford's medical center, or whatever that
                    is called.
                    \_ Just the URL to that site, please.
                        \_ Stop drooling.  Go download some net porn.
                           \_ But porn sites only show porn stars.  Hot
                              doctors (real ones) are more exotic.
           \_ In that case, I'm looking forward to my physical.
              \_ "Are you sure it's not a groin pull? Can you check again?"
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