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2001/11/11-12 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22998 Activity:high
11/10   I need a good unix system administration book. I was about to get
        "Essential System Administration" (Oreilly) but then I started hearing
        about this "purple bible", called "Unix system Administration Handbook),
        ISBN 0130206016. Any recommendations?
        \_ The "Essential System Administration" is a good beginning. It covers
           lot of system administration topics, the kind of things that
           sysadmins deal with on a daily basis. Keep in mind that this book
           (like most technical books) is somewhat out of date. Also, the
                 bad in either. He does have a bad attitude, which is lame.
           coverage of unix networking in this book is very poor (just the basic
           concepts). You might want to also read the "TCP/IP Network
           Administration" from the same publisher to cover the gaps in
        \_ rule #1, sysadmins use 80 columns
        \_ rule #2, the good sysadmins are usually fat and ugly
           \_ you calling tom holub fat and ugly or a bad sysadmin?
              \_ both.
              \_ He's neither good looking nor a good sysadmin. But he's not
                 bad in bed either. He does have a bad attitude, which is lame.
                 \_ Quick!  Censor this!
                 \_ Did he ever graduate?
                    \_ why dont you ask him?
                       \_ I think he did...
                 \_ Just a bad attitude against those who are lame.
                        \_ Yes, Tom was there when they came up with the word
                           "cool".  I always think of Tom when I think "cool".
                           \_ don't you have anything better to do?  -tom
                              \_ Yes but it only takes about 30 seconds every
                                 week and you're so asking for it.
        \_ O'Reilly is more conceptual -- the bus book (which I believe
           is the one you've mentioned -- it has a cartoon picture of
           a bus on the cover) by Evi Nemeth is more application-oriented.
           Those are the 2 most popular UNIX SA books out there.  They
           complement each other nicely.
           \_ conceptual?  not terribly..  but the O'reilly is indeed quite
              good.  helped me survive AIX administration.
              \_ No offence, but while reading the AIX parts of that book (the
                 book often covers the specifics of Solaris, SunOS, Digital
                 UNIX, AIX, Linux, SCO, etc) I was often thinking "WTF were
                 they thinking when designing it [AIX]"
        \_ The purple bible you're referring to is the "UNIX System
           Administration Handbook" by Nemeth et al.  It doesn't really have a
           bus on the cover, it's more of a cartoon SUV.  The purple one is
           the 3rd edition.  It used to be called the red book because the
           2nd edition was red.  It's a much better book than Essential System
           Administration; it's more enjoyable to read, and, in general, it's
           easier to get the information you need quickly with it.
2001/11/11-12 [Reference/Languages] UID:22999 Activity:high
11/10   When working in lab, are there things people do that make you
        really go crazy and make it difficult for you to work?  Do you
        do anything about it?
        \_ Like what? Is it something that just pisses you off? Move to
           another machine/room. Something that's likely to piss others off
           as well? Ask them to stop doing it.
        \_ Go home and work on your PC from there.
           \_ Indeed.  I did this in 1996 with a 486 w 16MB ram.  Installed
              Linux and did all my upper-division projects from there. Compiles
              were tons faster than on the HP's, and I didn't have to deal with
              the crap in the labs.
              \_ 'crap in the labs' was sometimes literal... one time someone
                  brought in their dog who left a smelly little present for
                  us hardworking undergrads in the corner of 273 soda. It's
                  a great thing to think about when I get frustrated at work
                  and start getting nostalgic for the good old days when I
                  was back in school.
        \_ Yeah when the English majors would take over 4 or 5 machines to
           play netrek the night before a big project was due and made lots of
           little whiney noises when asked to leave.  while (1) fork();
        \_ Loud conversations, especially in foriegn languages, annoyed me
           (if you're discussing the project, do it in English so other people
            can join in - if not, talk quietly so you don't disturb everyone
            else).  -alum
            \_ Just because you can't spell in English or speak anything
               ..."foreign languages"
            \_ Some people communicate better in non-English languages.
               If you are dying to join in, just ask.  Most people would be
               willing to accommodate your disability.
                        \_ Do you speak Korean, Japanese, Russian, and
                           Vietnamese?  If not, then relying on English
                           to be a common language is not a disability,
                           but a requirement.
                           \_ If you don't speak a language, you have a
                              disability in that language.  That English
                              is a useful common language does not mean
                              knowing another language is not useful and
                              an "ability".
From WordNet (r) 1.6 [wn]:

         n : the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of
                    physical or mental unfitness [syn: {disablement}, {handicap}
                \_ Sure, but the first use of "disability" above is a wordplay
                   and a slight, which actually showed mastery of the language.
                   and a slight, which actually shows mastery of the language.

                \_ I'll help you: either 1) talk quietly or 2) talk in English
                   so you're being helpful but 3) don't babble LOUDLY in some
                   foreign language: it's annoying.  That help you sort it out?
                   \_ No it doesn't.  People talking loudly is annoying, no
                      matter what language they are speaking.  What exactly is
                      your problem with non-English languages?!
                        \_ It sounds like noise, and nothing else. At least loud
                           English conversation makes sense. Loud foreign
                           conversations don't. -not the guy from above
                           \_ For me, noise is better than loud
                              conversations which I understand but are
                              not interested in.
                              \_ Yes but the topic was what we each find really
                                 annoying in the labs.  Some find foreigners
                                 speaking loudly annoying, some find really
                                 loud English annoying, but I think just about
                                 everyone finds really loud people in the lab
                                 \_ Yes, but the guy above is essentially
                                 annoying at all times.
                                 \_ Yes, but the person above is essentially
                                    suggesting that English-speaking persons
                                    can talk loudly and annoyingly but non-
                                    English-speaking persons should keep
                                    \_ Maybe for them it's true.
2001/11/11 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:23000 Activity:nil
11/10   fuck the nationalreview
        \_  This is information you can find anywhere, so whats your
            point?  However, what is different is the point of
            view - that of liberal pukes.
2001/11/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:23001 Activity:very high
11/10   BBC reports bin laden admits 9/11 bombings. threatens to use
        nuclear device or chemical weapons on silicon valley 11/13
        \_ in the 1950's poeple observed that one good aspect of
           sprawl is it's resistance to nuclear attack.  If you
           look at kill radii of different nuclear weapons and look
           at a map of silicon vally, you will see that they could
           only make the smallest of dents, at least in the short term.
        \_ why the hell would they blow up silicon valley. We don't even
           supply weapons. LA (Boeing, Lockheed, Loral, Rockwell, etc)
           should be one that deserves to be blown up, not us.
                \_ Lots of military contractors in the Valley, plus it's
                   the center of recent American capitalism
           \_ and how were the WTC towers military targets?
           \_ sorry, he said california, not specifically sv
        \_ URL?
           \_ Can't find it on bbc or cnn.  Silicon Valley has an
              overinflated sense of importance.
              \_ That may be so, but it doesn't change the fact that BL sp
                 threatened to nuke/gas SV "if the US does it first".
                 I've found a couple articles on ABC that mention it, and
                 a detailed article on CNN.  It's not that hard to find.
                 \_ where does bin laden ever claim responsibility for the
                    9/11 attacks?
                    \_ STFW
                       \_ I did STFW, and the latest piece of news I saw on the
                          subject was a recent interview where he, yet again,
                          denies any involvement.
                          \_ Indeed. He denies involvement and we have
                             produced no evidence of it. Trust the
                             government, they know what is best for you.
                             \_ Nah, I d rather trust some muslim nutcase.
                 \_ url???
2001/11/11 [Recreation/Food] UID:23002 Activity:very high
11/11   DON"T. EAT. THE. SAMLON!
        \_ samlon? eh?
        \_ What about fish tacos?
        \_ It's ok to eat them, just don't let them grow big.
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