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2001/11/6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22944 Activity:very high
11/5    Protest the xenophobic Feinstein/Kyl legislation targeted at
        foreign students.
          That's THIS THURSDAY! Starts at 4:00 pm in SF (Montgomery Street
        Bart), One Post Street. Meet at the Berkeley Bart at 3:00/3:15 to
        go in together.
                  Also, afterward, if anyone is interested, there is an action
        at KRON TV organized by the SF Town Hall Committee to Stop War and
        **Millions at Risk of Starvation as Winter Approaches**
        \_ just because we attack another country who aren't white, that
        automatically makes us racists? perhaps you are the racist
           \_ That has nothing to do with US military action in Afghanistan
              you moron. It has to do with the proposal on student visas.
              \_ moron, see the "also.."
        \_ Liberal application of hyperbole makes liberals harder to take
           seriously.  Why don't you guys try sounding more intelligent?
        \_ when is the simpson's halloween special?
           \_ Tomorrow according to
        \_ can you not see the link between war and racism? war engenders
           bravado, which immediately leads the rest of you fucks to say
           shit like "yeah, kill all those  sand niggers". that's why.
           \_ yeah, kill all those infidels
           what stanfurd protesters don't understand
        \_ Frankly I'd like to see the money going to educate foreigners
           redirected for US citizens.  Does this make me a xenophobe?
           We (and allies) feed, protect, develop and educate the
           world... what more do you want?   Why are you race baiting-
           just admit it you want a free lunch.  You're as bad as
           as Jackson and Sharpton.  Evil imperialistic America - uh huh.
           \_ no US money is spent on foreign students you idiot.  Foreign
              students pay out of state tuition.  If they're grad students
              they have to earn their scholarship or work as a TA like
              everybody else.  Isn't there a shortage of TAs?
              \_ There is only a shortage of TAs because the flood
                 of foreign students has driven down wages and working
                 conditions for domestic TAs.
              \_ I know a few foreign students who got a lot of money from
                 the US in various forms...
2001/11/6-7 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:22945 Activity:nil
5/11    Anybody want to post a link to the Phantom Edit?  Seems interesting.
        \_ gnutella
2001/11/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22946 Activity:high
5/11    Let's say I need to set some parameters in /etc/system on a Solaris
        system that affect only a particular loadable kernel module.
        Does one need to reboot so that the changes are activated or
        is it enough to reload the kernel module?
        \_ On Solaris 2.6 (at least on the CP1500 2.6 kernel) you could
           reload the kernel module and it would read the values.
           \_ Can you get the noexec_user_stack to take effect without reboot?
              \_ I think that the reloading trick only works for modules
                 not for the kernel proper. If you are playing with this
                 type of option its best to reboot.
                 \_ Is there a way to see if noexec_user_stack has been set
                    other than actually running an exploit and seeing what
                    happens?  Check some kernel variable?
                    \_ Run the exploit and watch system logs (in kern.*)
                       logs for a message that looks like this: attempt to
                       execute code on stack by uid blah, if you have also
                       set noexec_user_stack_log = 1
                       \_ The question was is there a way to check the
                          setting *without* doing this.
2001/11/6 [Reference/Tax] UID:22948 Activity:nil
11/6    I personally don't see how rate-cut and tax-break would in any way
        stimulate the abysmal economy we're in now. What yall think?
        \_ I think you are wrong.
2001/11/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:22949 Activity:nil
11/6    Thanks for all the recommendations on the network activity monitor.
        We decided to go with ethereal.                         - brendal
2001/11/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22950 Activity:high
 11/5  This has probably been asked a thousand does one
         post newsgroup articles here on CSUA without revealing one's true
         email address?  Thanks        -kngharv
       \_ I would like to know this too. Asked and no one answered.
       \_ Yeah!  How to post?
        \_ give it a rest, obviously no one knows. =D
2001/11/6-7 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22951 Activity:very high
 11/6  Suppose a grad school requires 3 letters of rec. Would it help or
       hurt if I send in 4 [good] letters?
       \_if applying to Yale, call them to make sure they have all your
          letters.  their internal mail system looses stuff like this.
          i had to get my letters sent twice. -yale phd student
       \_ choose your 3 best letters
         \_ choose the three that you think readers will know, have
            read papers by, will think positively of, are in the general
            area of what you would like to study, and that you might
            imagine might be your role models
         \_ You probably don't know what your best 3 letters are, because
            you didn't get to read them. If you really think all 4 of yours
            are equivalent, send in all 4. It won't hurt and may well help -
            that's more chance that an admissions person will know who your
            recommender is. I sent 4 to all my grad schools.
                                                    - Stanford PhD student
           \_ laugh - he sent all 4 and $80,000. they tossed his letters
                \_ note to dumbass: if you're a PhD student at a top-20
                   school, the odds of you paying your own tuition are
                   practically nil.
                   \_ why is it nil? I've worked for 5 yrs and have
                      considerable savings (enough to pay 40K+ per
                      yr for 5-7 yrs if my money doesn't earn any
                      interest at all). I'm guessing that there are
                      plenty of grad students in my position.
                      \_ Most engr grad students get assistantships if they
                         are doing PhD work, thus they don't have to pay.
                         Masters students often have to pay, but not PhD
                         who are doing research.
                 \_ Good job.  You need to remind these Cal hippies
                    what their place is every once in a while.
                    \_ Cal is not a top 20 school?
                       \_ cal undergrad is not a top 20 grad school because
                          cal undergrad is not a grad school.
2001/11/6-7 [Health/Dental] UID:22952 Activity:very high
 11/6  I have a pair of wisdom teeth that are bothering me. My surgeon
       recommended that I get all 4 pulled out because the other pair
       is horizontally impacted. But I have a feeling that he's just
       saying this to rake in some more money and not looking out
       for my own good. Anyone have any real information on this?
       \_ Duh, get a second opinion?
        \_ If you're getting two wisdom teeth removed, do it for all four.
       \_ Get them removed before you look like you grew up in England.
       \_ If you're getting two wisdom teeth removed, do it on all four.
          It's a painful operation, and you really don't want to go through
          it twice.  Plus, it's one of a handful of dental operations that
        \_ If your non-impacted ones are bothering you now, chances are your
           impacted ones will bother you later. If you feel like your surgeon
           is ripping you off maybe you're not comfortable with him and
           you should go with someone else. Avoid Western Dental or
           other wisdom-teeth-extraction-farms, they suck.
          many health plans cover.
       \_ Don't be lame.  He's not a car mechanic.  Just get all 4 done.
       \_ If the non-impacted ones are bothering you now, there's a good
            chance the impacted ones will bother you later. If you feel like
          your surgeon is trying to rip you off it doesn't sound like
          you're comfortable with him and you should go with someone else.
          Avoid Western Dental or other wisdom-teeth-extraction-farms, they
       \_ It will save you the cost of getting anesthesia twice by having
          all 4 done now, and the surgeon will get more $$$ now. It's a
          win-win situation. You don't want to go thru the pain and hassle
          twice. - all-four-done-at-once
         \_ Don't call dentists "surgeon"s.
          \_ Ok. Clarification: at least in my case, my dentist referred me
             to an oral surgeon who did a fantastic job.
         \_ Getting all four done at once is economical because you don't have
            to repay for the drugs/getting knocked out/paperwork/etc. -4@1ce#2
         \_ Doing two at a time (one side at a time) would allow you to eat
           with one side of your mouth.  Also, sometimes not all 4 teeth
            with the other side of your mouth.  Also, sometimes not all 4 teeth
            have grown out of your gums yet, and it's more painful to
           whether you want partial anesthesia or full anesthesia.  I
           heard that pain-aversed American high school students usually prefer
           full anesthesia, which may result in decreased IQ.
            get those still inside your gums.  Finally, you need to decide
               \_ NOT true.  I had all four out before they erupted,
                  and it BARELY hurt.  I didn't bother taking anesthetics.
                  Instead, I played Robotron to distract myself.  --PeterM
                  \_ I think it's a case of everyone's different. I had two
                     taken out from the left, and it went fine. Three months
                     later, the other side was taken out (by the same dentist)
                     and it hurt like a bitch, both before and after, and I
                     bled for 8 hours.
          whether you want partial anesthesia or full anesthesia.  My dentist
          says that pain-aversed American high school / college students
          often prefer full anesthesia, which may result in decreased IQ.
               \_ IS THE Decreased IQ a temporary thing?
                  \_ Full anesthesia has a chance of resulting in permanent
                     decreased IQ, memory abilities, and a slight chance of
                     death.  I think the chance of death is something like
                     1/10000, but much less for young healthy people.
                       \_ If 1 in 10,000 died from a general then no one would
                          go under for anything less than a life or death
                          operation.  Maybe you meant 1 in 100,000 or 1 in
                          \_ You are right.  My figure of 1/10000 is for
                             1970.  Today it's closer to 1/250000.
       \_ Here's a contrary opinion: don't get the other two removed. While
          he probably has your best interests in mind, this is strictly a US
          phenomenon ("wisdom teeth are bad mmmkay") -- in Europe doctors are
          much less prone to recommend surgery. It is painful and you'll be
          not happy for about a week afterwards. A friend of mine chose not
          to remove any after he saw that video; they just sprayed him with
          some local anesthesiac and after the pain went away, he was fine.
          \_ reason why europeans have crooked teeth and socialism.
       \_ My anecdote: several teeth were shifting and sore because my wisdom
          teeth were doing bad things.  I went to an oral surgeon who took
          out all 3 (not everyone has 4), using a local.  He sent me home with
          2 week's worth of pain killers.  I took 1 day's worth, slept a lot
          the first day and part of the second and ate a Bongo Burger for
          dinner the second night.  No pain, no misery, no sweat, kids.
           \_ until the bongo burger hit your digestive system.  -tom
     \_ I have a theory that, all other factors being the same,
        the more anesthesia you get, the less after-surgery pain
        you will feel.
        If you want to stay awake, make sure they also give you nitrous.
        And get your prescription beforehand and fill it BEFORE surgery.
        Afterwards is too late to fill and argue for better pills.
        Also, don't let them give you ibuprofen or that tylenol+5mg-codeine
        mixed shit.  Instead, make sure you get the powerful high-dose
        opiates or synthetics.  Also, if you only take 2/4 out now, you
        can get an extra batch of pills for the 2nd set of teeth.
        You will want all four out eventually because they just
        trap bacteria and cause infections and bad breath.
        And ask if you can videotape the surgery so we can post it in /csua/tmp
        If you want to be totally knocked out unconscious, don't
        be like my friend who woke up to find his shirt untucked,
        his belt-buckle undone and his fly half-way zipped up.
        Apparently Mr. dentist and his attractive young asian assistant
        were focused on more than just the patient's mouth.  I noticed
        this about him, but he was too groggy to complain at the time and
        to this day, he denies this was the case.
2001/11/6-7 [Uncategorized] UID:22953 Activity:nil
11/6    Computer & Office stuff for sale:
2001/11/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22954 Activity:nil
11/6    Oh thank god someone finally censored the politics thread.  I might
        have mistakenly engaged in some sort of almost intellectual debate
        with other anonymous people otherwise and maybe even learned
        something!  Keep up the good work!
        \_ We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with
2001/11/6-7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:22955 Activity:nil
11/6    Does the X10 ad only pop-up from the Yahoo sites?  Why did Yahoo allow
        such an annoying ad?
        \_ Because they need to make money.
        \_ related question.  What is the best way to disable pop ups or
           pop unders altogether?  Disable javascript?  Is javascript that
           thing that makes this all possible?  And no, I do not want to
           install extra "ad blocking" software to do this.  Thanks.
2001/11/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22956 Activity:nil
11/5    /csua/tmp/
2001/11/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22957 Activity:very high
 11/6  I want to write a graphical plug-in. Is it easier to do this in
       Java or Flash?
       \_Depends on what type of graphical plugin. If it is just pure
       graphics then it's easier in Flash. If it's like a game it's
       somewhat of a toss-up, it depends on how complex the game is.
       If it's some sort of vector based graphic, then most likely
           \_ Isn't Flash vector-based?
            \_It is, clarification, meaning if it's an interactive
            Vector based program, i.e. like a rubik's cube you can
            actually play around with. If you want non-interactive
            stuff it's easier to do it in Flash.
        \_ How about an animated GIF?
           \_ good god, no.  animated GIFs are large and bulky and inappropriate
              for anything but small graphics
              \_ And Shockwave or Java graphics aren't large and bulky?
                 \_ flash is reasonably lightweight, especially in comparison
                    to animated GIFs.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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