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2001/11/5 [Consumer/Camera] UID:22933 Activity:low
10/4    Since Digital8 camcorders use 8mm tapes, can they also play analog
        8mm tapes? In another word are the players backward compatible?
        \_ Most, if not all are backward compatible with 8mm tapes, that
           was the selling point when they first came out.  Double-check
           with the unit manuf though.
2001/11/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:22934 Activity:moderate
11/4    Finally that idiot Holmoe announces he's stepping down as head
        \_ When was our last Big Game win? '95?
           \_ our last big game win was in '94... but the last win against
              *anybody* was 10/28/2000.
              \_ we probably couldn't even win against De La Salle (best
                 highschool team in the nation)
                 \_ This is important?
2001/11/5 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22935 Activity:low
11/4    How do I order official transcripts online? I'm applying to grad
        school and I need to get my transcripts sent from cal.
        \_ Go to and follow the links to the office of the
           registrar.  Did you even bother trying this simple, obvious step?
           \_ I've been told that there is a online form for ordering
              transcripts, but I haven't been able to find it. I was
              specifically asking about this form, not about ordering
              transcripts in general.
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Recreation/Media] UID:22936 Activity:high
11/5    Can somebody download the star wars II trailer and put it somewhere
        on soda?  I can't get through to  The entire site
        is pretty much hozed for me.  Thanks.
        \_ Why bother. It is going to suck. They circulated a memo
           around ILM to stop making fun of the movie in dailies.
        \_ Try
        \_ /csua/tmp/
          \_ Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor
             could be found. (Error=80040255)
             \_ Are you trying via Media Player? It needs the Quicktime 5
                codec, which I don't believe MP has.
                \_ right.  Apple has an exclusive deal with Sorenson that
                   allows only QuickTime to view Sorenson-encoded video
                   streams. (Most modern QT files use Sorenson.)
          \_ thanks!
              \_ damn, how do i play this on my  non-windows non-mac
                 \_ read /.
        \_ so which actor playys Annakinn?
           \_ Hayden Christensen. He's currently in Life as a House.
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:22937 Activity:high
11/5    In terms of quality/price/etc, which is better, Digit8 or MiniDV?
        Also is DV pure MPEG3 (e.g. you can load directly to the computer
        without a converter) or some other weird format?
           (DV != MPEG2 ... Is there such a thing as MPEG3?)
           \_ As far as I know there's only MPEG2 Layer 3 (which of course
              is MP3) and MPEG4
              \_ mp3 is mpeg1-layer3
              \_ There's also MPEG-7 and MPEG-21
2001/11/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:22938 Activity:high
11/5    Can someone please post again the URL to prevent those 10X ads from
        popping up?  Thanks.
        \_ you mean x10?
           \_ Yeah, sorry.
           \_ Thank you.
        \_ use Pop-up Killer instead..
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22939 Activity:high
11/5    I crossed the Dumbarton bridge westbound this morning.  Not a single
        Coast Guard or cop I saw along the way.  What tight security.
        \_ I drove my van across the Bay Bridge on Sunday. I saw a lot of
           Coast Guards but no one checked my van. What tight security.
        \_ the best security is security you dont see
           \_ Really... what... are the military using thier high tech
              cloaking device or holding on underneath the bridge? or do
              they have sniper men miles away....
              \_ It's like the CDA in Monsters Inc. When shit happens, they
                 just appear 3 seconds later.
        \_ You expected every truck and van to be stopped?  Because of some
           vague warning?  Yes, let's just stop everything everywhere because
           hey, ya know, something *might* happen.
           \_ This is why Davis should have kept his mouth shut.
        \_ Because it wasn't targeted. The Bay Bridge and Golden Gate were.
           I drive the SM and there are CHP patrol cars at both ends.
           \_ I usually take the San Mateo Bridge, but these few days I am so
              so paranoid that I take Dumbarton instead.
           \_ that's fine. But if they don't stop my van when I crossed
              Bay Bridge, how are they going to stop simultaneous attack
              on the bridges? Dumb fucks.
                \_ The bridges were built to withstand 7.0 earthquakes.
                   There's not much your van can do to seriously damage them.
                   The real risk is the cables on the suspension bridges.
                   \_ You think if Timothy McVeigh could make one trunk bomb
                      that could cut through the multi-story fed building like
                      a cake, the Al Qaida folks can't make the same bomb and
                      blow a big hold on the bridge surface(s)?
                      blow a big hold on the bridge surface (or two surfaces if
                      they explode it on lower-deck Bay Bridge)?  Besides, for
                      the suspension ones, if the cables are gone, the bridge
                      falls, right?
2001/11/5-6 [Recreation/Pets] UID:22940 Activity:high
11/5    Is there a place in Berkeley that adopts homeless pets? Near my house
        lives a cat that obviously is a domestic kind of cat. It doesn't seem
        to be adapted for living on the street at all. I feed it occasionally
        but can't take it home because of my housemates and the
        landlord. -akopps
        \_ Do you live in that house on Ellsworth by any chance? I hate that
           damn cat.
        \_ Just make sure that you don't give the cat to aspolito.  He'll
           tell you that he's a cat lover.  And he's 100% correct.  He loves
           cats. LITERALLY!  He have sex with cats.  Some of them die during
           intercourse.  It's really disgusting.  Avoid aspolito at all cost!
           \_ Male or female cats?
        \_ why don't you install ipf on it
        \_ Also, what about in the Fremont or Union City area?
        \_ How old?  Kittens are easy to give away.
        \_ ASPCA or a lesbian couple
           \_ ?
              \_ American (?) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
        \_ there are lots of places around here, but I'd call the local humane
           society and ask them for a listing of non-kill facilities in the
           area.  Older cats are harder to adopt so please don't take one to
           some place that will put it down in a year.
           \_ meowr
2001/11/5-6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22941 Activity:nil
11/5    Ouch.  $1b estimated loss on xbox until 2004.,4586,5099214,00.html?chkpt=zdhpnews01
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/Rants] UID:22942 Activity:high
11/5    Looks like Passport isn't as safe as Bill claims it is:
        \_ And you're surprised by this because.  .  .  ?
           \_ I'm not surprised, but my phb is.
                                         \_ phb?
                                            \_ Pointy-hair boss.
                                               \_ sheesh, they'll think up
                                                  acronyms for anything.
                                                  \_ It's just a TLA.
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22943 Activity:high
11/5    In ssh1, I can make passphraseless keys that let me login from one
        place to another without typing a password/phrase (yes, yes, I know).
        How can I do this with ssh2?  My man pages aren't helping with what
        I need to put into what files to use passphrases instead of passwords.
        I know how to make the key, just not what to do with it.  Thanks!
        \_ copy .ssh/ from your local machine to
           .ssh/authorized_keys2 on the foreign machine. - danh
           \_ And chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 --dbushong
                \_ Did both of these things and it still falls back to the
                   password auth... help?  Does it have something to do with
                   either the IdentityFile or AuthorizationFile settings in
        \_ add the "-v" flag when sshing, does that tell you
           anything useful?
        \_ Ok, I got it, thanks all.  Our machines had the version
           installed which works a little differently than soda.  I needed to
           specify the dsa and pub files in the identification and
           authorization files with some trivial syntax.  This is from a pdf
           off <DEAD>'s<DEAD> support website.  Nothing in the man pages about
           it.  I guess that's how they make money with support and services.
           What danh and dbhushong said worked perfectly with soda which had
           me confused for a bit.  And -v was pretty useless, unfortunately.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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