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2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:22924 Activity:low
11/3    Did anyone go and see the Eps2 trailer yesterday? Did it suck?
        \_ what is "Eps2" ?
        \_ yes, yes
        \_ I actually liked it. But, like the first trailer to Ep1,
           prolly not all that indictive of the actual product.
           \_ The Eps1 Trailer was better than the actual movie, IMHO.
              I was recently watching eps4-6 and each one seems to be
              of lesser quality than the one that preceeded it. At
              this rate eps3 is bound to to awful and eps 7-9 will be
              unwatchable (I have no doubt that they will get made).
              I can't believe who Lucas has twisted the ideas of Joe
              Campbell into a sort of cheap money machine.
              \_ That's what I meant, actually. I loved the first trailer,
                 and the movie was disappointing. And I loved the "Breathe"
                 Ep2 trailer, but I'm not getting my expectations up for
                 the movie.
              \_ Empire Strikes Back is generally regarded as the best, though
                 obviously not as big of a landmark. --dim
        \_ Trailer's now online @
2001/11/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:22925 Activity:nil
11/3    Ajani mentioned something in the meeting notes about a tradein
        deal for HP-LaserJet 4s.  Could someone post a URL?  Thanks
        \_ yeah, I mentioned it, but I hadn't looked it up at the time,
           I had just heard about it. It seems that we thought about it
           too late, as when I looked it up, the offer expired on
           October 31: <DEAD><DEAD>
           -- ajani
2001/11/4 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22926 Activity:low
11/3    What is Netgraph? I'm trying to run ppp -ddial in freebsd to get
        my dsl (which uses PPPoE) to work, and it says "Netgraph is not
        built into the kernel."
        \_ ah ha! I was just doing that today. you need to add
           options NETGRAPH to your kernel and rebuild. also, upgrade
           to 4.4-STABLE if you can, pppd does auto MTU fixing in the
           latest version. --chucky
                \_ you are ugly chucky
2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Music] UID:22927 Activity:high
11/4    im kind of bored lately with the same music i listen to.
        can anybody suggest one group thats different and worth
        looking up?  (i dont expect this post to last long -- but
        whatever i can catch, i will give a sincere try)  (i
        asked somebody this same thing the other day and they said
        "yoko kanno" "leo kottke" and "morcheeba"  turned out i
        didnt like kottke.  so i won twice.  i think asking here
        might be interesting too, besides of course the usual
        blathering that might come)  thanks. hahnak (email ok too)
        any kine music ok!
        \_ How about a "best of the 80's" collection?
        \_ eels
        \_ everything but the girl
           \_ Rip-off of Pylon; check them out first
        \_ when i'm in my car, I like to tune in to a spanish music
           station on the AM radio, then turn to just far enough off
           resonance to loose the melody, but close enought to have a
           strong noise signal, the percussions, and the electrical
           noise from my engine and passing power lines.  turn up the
           volume and enjoy.  this is only fun in a car, since
           you will go through different EM environments and get different
           kinds of noise.
        \_ del amitri, change everything
        \_ what is it that you're bored of?
        \_ NBT will be the strokes.
                \_ the strokes suck!
        \_ Les Nubians.
        \_ Spearhead and Olu Dara are good, and different. -- ajani
        \_ Neko Case (be warned she's alt-country). YK was a good call.
        \_ Lambchop.
        \_ White Stripes
        \_ Poi Dog Pondering.  -tom
        \_ michael jackson, kraftwerk, elvis, bach. go oldschool.
        \_ GABBER: lenny dee, rob gee, the mover
2001/11/4 [Uncategorized] UID:22928 Activity:high
        \_  I'd like to hit it...
            \_ I'd like to f**k it...
2001/11/4 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22929 Activity:nil
        Military detains Green Party leader for speaking against war.
2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22930 Activity:kinda low
11/4    Anyone know where I can get a cheap playstation 1?
        \_you have no imagination or initiative...
          \_ umm... I've looked. I've only found them retail for $99.
             Neither ebay nor other auction places have them, eventhough
             I thought that'd be reasonable.  I thought there might be
             some other used sale forums available, or some discounters
             who sell old equipment.
             \_ what the hell are you talking about?  do a search on eBay for
                "psone system" (no quotes) and there are number of systems
                currently in the $40 range
                \_ note that 'psone' is not the original Playstation, but a
                   cheap version released about the same time as the PS2.
                   \_ well, the original poster did want cheap... does it
                      matter, anyway?
2001/11/4-5 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22931 Activity:high
10/4    please reccomend a power strip that can be given an I.P. Address
        for the purposes of remote hard rebooting?
        \_ Running Windows are you?  Poor bastard.  Power strips won't do that.
           Look into a smart UPS.
            \_ recommendations?  a smart-ups is probably preferable.  I just
                said power-strip because i used to have one that i called to
                reboot.  (you could plug a phone line into it and set # of rings)
                \_ oh that's really bright with all the random-number-dialer
                   telemarketers around.
                   \_ Send $1 to "Happy Dude" at 742 Evergreen Terrace.
        \_ MasterSwitch is $300-500?  Look it up.
        \_ to add to the above, masterswitch is made by APC. --jon
2001/11/4-5 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:22932 Activity:high
11/4    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a Athlon
        mobo that can be setup via the serial port? I'd like to
        get a Athlon but I want one that I can install and setup
        without having to get a VGA monitor and PS2 keyboard.
        \_ It'll cost a bit more (probably bringin the price up to around
           that of Intel serial-control mobo's), but just add:
           \_ This thing rocks. Thanks.
           \_ I ordered three of their PCI cards a couple months ago.  They're
              still not ready yet (by which I mean that there have been delays
              in bringing them to market, not just with my order).  I hear the
              ISA version is really available.
              \_ Their FAQ and product pages say they're shipping PCI.  You
                 might want to give them a call and remind them you exist.
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