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2001/11/2 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:22903 Activity:high
11/1    Gov. Davis warns major Calif. bridges may be targeted next.
        \_ Davis wants the terrorists to bomb the bridges so that
           he can get free air time like Guillian (sp?) did.
           \_ "Giuliani".  I recited the spelling several times before I could
              remember it.
           \_ Yes, and it was the Jews who bombed the WTC.
              \_ You know, a WHOLE LOT of people actually believe that.
                 \_ Conspiracy theory?
        \_ could the terrorist change target easily ... like head the
           plane to the Berkeley campus?
           \_  why would they? berkeley is on the terrorists side.
           \_ obviously, there can be no nuclear terrorism in berkeley,
              because of the "nuclear free zone" signs.  we just need
              to put up "terrorist free zone" signs as well.  i'm sure
              the city council is voting on it right now.
           \_ Not planes, large hazardous materials trucks!
              \_ Beware of abandoned rental trucks!
           \_ Berkeley profs/students are not worth killing. They're just
              a bunch of Linux/bike-riding/ultra-lefty phreaks. All talk
              & protest-- no action.
              \_ Furthermore, Berkeley is anti-military-retaliation regarding
                 9/11, so the Taliban probably even want to keep them alive.
                 \_ Whereas God-fearing American think all Berkeleyannis should
                    be dragged into some street and cluster-bomb-fucked.
             \_ that's my point.  Why only the bridges?  If they want
                to just attack, there are so many alternatives if the
                terrorists simply wants to strike terror. I fail to
                see what Davis is trying to do.  Shouldn't he just
                catch those terrorists to prevent the attack?  Assuming
                that he can't, he is telling the terrorists to change
                On one hand, we have Ashcroft (sp?) saying terrorists
                activities are coming but he can't let us know details,
                and on the other hand the Governor of California says he
                knows where the terrorists are coming and are warning us (and
                warning the terrorists to strike a different target).  Does
                anyone else feel there is an irony here?  Unless our
                government feel that the terrorist are dumber than they are.
                \_ If catching the terrorists was that easy, he'd have done it
                   by now and wouldn't bother with announcing a threat.
        \_ Davis just wants some of the attention.
           \_ Comments like this are why the motd continues to be content free.
              \_ Comments like this are why you should go away.
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22904 Activity:nil
11/1    obey your master MASTER
        \_ blinded my me you can't see a thing!
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22905 Activity:nil
11/1    If the bridge is taken out, will we still have to go to school?
                                                -starving student
        \_ Paul Gray sent out a mail saying we'd be understanding if
           problems on the bridges cause delays.  -tom
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22906 Activity:high
11/1    Has anyone seen the Siebel American flag?  Any thoughts?
        \_ Surprising that the execs of a large corp can agree on something
           of rather extrovert patriotic nature in Si Valley.
        \_ Unless I'm mistaken, isn't Siebel a German company?
                \_ You're mistaken.  It was founded here by Thomas Siebel
                   after he left Oracle.
           \_ You're thinking of Siemens AG. -alexf
        \_ I haven't seen it.  Is it really gaudy, or kinda neat?
        \_ I think it looks really awesome... --liberal, !american
        \_ It's the best publicity stunt I've seen so far.
        \_ It's not the first one that Siebel Systems has put up.  The
           corporate HQ building in San Mateo had one up (smaller, but it
           was still up) a couple of days after the WTC went down.  This is
           by far the largest, though... -chaos
        \_ Any pix of it online? Where is it?
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22907 Activity:moderate
11/1    Your new World Champions: The New York Yankees.
        \_ We knew that the moment Jeremy Giambi forgot to slide in game 3
           of the A's series.
                \_ We knew that the minute the WTC blew up and MLB decided
                   it must be NY.
                \_ I switched over to WWF Smackdown last night because it was
                   less fixed.
2001/11/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22908 Activity:moderate
11/1    do we actually have a Declaration of War? How are we going to "go in"
        and assasinate the leader of Al-Qaeda?
        \_ No. Good question.
        \_ Congress authorised the Prez to do what he needs to do.  Was it an
           official "legal" declaration?  No.  You don't declare a legal war
           on criminals, only foreign nations.  How are we "going in"?  With
           B52's, mostly.  Questions?
        \_ I read that there was no declaration of war for the Vietnam War
           either, and that's why the govt couldn't ban any anti-war
           protests during that time.
2001/11/2 [Health, Science/GlobalWarming, Health/Skin] UID:22909 Activity:nil
11/1    Dude isn't there a strong resemblence between Mohamed Atta and Tawei?
        \_ both seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.
           \_ % last -1 tawei
   tawei            ttyBO         Thu Nov  1 13:58 - 15:35  (01:36)
              % last -1 atta
   wtmp begins Sat Oct 27 15:04:06 PDT 2001
2001/11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22910 Activity:nil
11/1    I'm thinking about using GMP in a crypto project at work. This
        library is licensed under the LGPL. I can't seem to understand
        the requirements of the LGPL. Do I have to give away the source
        to my program if I statically link with a LGPL'ed library? If
        so, does anyone know of a BSD (or similar) licensed MP library
        I could use. TIA.
2001/11/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional, Computer/SW] UID:22911 Activity:nil
11/2    I downloaded a divx avi movie from morpheus.  It's 700+ megs.  I
        want to burn it on to a CD-R but it won't fit.  What are my choices?
        Is there software out there that will take an avi as input and
        re-encode it to that it's smaller?  I don't want to do something
        stupid like trying gzip and burning the gzipped file.  I want to
        be able to play the .avi file from CD.  Thanks.
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22912 Activity:nil
11/2    What's the use of soldiers wearing forest camouflage in urban streets
        and bridges?  Shouldn't they wear red camouflage when they post on the
        GG bridge?
2001/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22913 Activity:very high
11/2    Anyone know how to get AOL IM to completely disappear when I
        hit some sort of panic button? I use it while "working" and
        occasionally someone will walk by...
        \_ Open an emacs window full-screen and put it in background.  When
           your boss walks by, click anywhere outside any AIM windows and the
           your boss walks by, click somewhere outside any AIM windows and the
           emacs will cover up everything.
        \_ Always use windows-M for everything
        \_ alt-space n
           \_ How do I restore all the windows afterwards?  There's no "Undo
              Minimize All" when I right-click on the Task Bar.
              \_ windows-shift-M
              \_ if using Windows 98 or later, just use Windows+D to toggle
                 jumping straight to the desktop and back.
              \_ if using Windows 98 or later, just use Windows+D to jump
                 straight to the desktop and back.  Of course, a view of the
                 desktop with no windows doesn't say much for being productive.
           \_ What is this "windows" key of which you speak?  Real Men(tm) use
              the old 101 key true blue IBM keyboards.  :)
        \_ alt-space n
        \_ alt-f4. just kill the window.  your job is more important than
           whatever you were wasting time with in the window.  you can restart.
           \_ except of course, alt-f4 often gives you lots of nasty pop-up
              windows, like "are you sure?" which defeats the original poster's
              \_ Ok... "alt-f4-enter".  Or get a real chat client.  Or don't
                 chat on your employer's time.  That could work too.
                 \_ alt-space n is faster to type and probably still more
                    what you want.  --dbushong
2001/11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22914 Activity:nil 50%like:22385 50%like:22630
11/2    who the fuck nuked the motd again?  Can someone post the old one back
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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