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2001/10/30 [Recreation/Activities] UID:22863 Activity:nil
10/29   Another layoff question: My personal equipment powers a large
        part of our lab and test setup and several people are using
        my monitors, keyboards, etc. How should I handle transporting
        this stuff home without making it look like I'm a potential
        target? I've taken the important personal stuff home a few at
        a time in my backpack, but this stuff is too big to "sneek"
        \_ why are you worried?  If they can you, you just take your
           ball and go...
           \_ Rumor has it that you are escorted out without a chance
              to take more than your backpack. In the event that they
              can me, I don't want to let them have my stuff.
                \_ Yes.  but you have the right to come back in on another
                   day to get your personal belongings under supervision.
                   You just have to tell your superior or HR that you need
                   to come back.
                \_ They cannot just take your equipment.  They must purchase
                   it from you, and they can only do that if you choose to
                   sell it to them.  Otherwise, they are committing theft,
                   which carries both criminal and civil (i.e. you can sue for
                   damages) penalties.
2001/10/30 [Reference/Religion] UID:22864 Activity:nil
10/29   Bible and less than 100 years of historical context aside, isn't
        Israel technically built on an Arab owned land?
        \_ fuck israel.
        \_ Isn't America technically built on Arapaho, Cherokee, et al land?
        \_ Doesn't it all belong to the Pharaoh?
2001/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:22865 Activity:nil
10/29   Priviledged Children of Millionaires Square Off on World Stage:
2001/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:22866 Activity:nil
10/29   In order to conserve water, I've started to not flush the toilet when
        I pee.  I only flush when I poop.  Aside from the smell, is there
        anything wrong with that?  Thanks.
        \_ Nope, but have you ever considered getting a low flush toilet?
           \_ Low flush toilets are annoying. I switched to one, and it
              seems to clog up more often (too low a water:poop ratio?).
              I end up having to flush more often to prevent clogging, which
              in the end wastes more water.
2001/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:22867 Activity:nil
10/29   And I just thought that PKI was too complex:
2001/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:22868 Activity:nil
10/29   yay, banner ads on taxis:,23158,3345052,00.html
2001/10/30 [Computer/Theory] UID:22869 Activity:high
10/29   ssh cipher: blowfish or 3des... and why?
        \_ 3des is more processor intensive.  Blowfish is younger, but
           theoretically superior because of some math that I don't
        \_ Blowfish. Its faster than 3des and can support a longer key
           length (448 bits vs 168 bits). There are no known exploitable
           weaknesses in full Blowfish (Blowfish with reduced rounds is
           \_ The key length difference between two _different_ algorithms
              is irrelevant unless you have a thorough knowledge of the
              actual keyspace _AND_ decryption complexity of each, which
              we don't. -alexf
        \_ Blowfish.  It's faster and as (if not more secure) as far as
           anyone knows.  If you're securing stuff against a hostile gvt,
           perhaps you should stick with something safer and slower, otherwise
           don't kid yourself, blowfish is fine.
           \_ "Make no mistake! We will crack it for surveillance purposes!"
               \_ muahahahahh! your puny crypto will fall before our mighty
                  quantum computer!  ...just give us another few decades.
                                           -a physicist
                  \_ wouldn't this lead to an unbreakable cipher as well?
                     or is this only if you have a quantum comp also?
                     \_ Comrade, I am having zee unbreakable cipher. It
                        iz called ze one-time-pad. We have been uzink it
                        for years you unwashed american pig dog.
2001/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22870 Activity:nil
10/29   Re: the earlier question about sftp, is there a reason why sftpd
        isn't on for csua?  Is there a known security issue with it?
        \_ Oh, that's why it seems to hang when I try to sftp to soda from my
           Solaris box.
2001/10/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:22871 Activity:nil
10/29   anyone have renter's insurance recommendations for the bay area? thx.
        \_ State Farm is not cheap, but let you avoid having to deal with
           situations if you get in an accident.
2001/10/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/BayArea] UID:22872 Activity:insanely high
10/30   I have a lot of pennies, and although they are non-ass,
        I would like to exchange them for a more socially acceptable
        form of money.  Are there any specific locations with those
        mythical money changing machines that will accept a huge
        collection of coins and (while taking a percentage) return
        useful change?  In Berkeley?  In the Bay Area?  Thanks.
        \_ I have heard that the wieght of the zinc in a penny is
           worth more than one penny.  i'm not sure if this is true.
           check the price of zinc, and weigh a penny, and melt
           them down to be sold as scrap.  this is illegal, though.
                \_ a get rich quick scheme
                   debasing legal tender
                   zinc worth more than cash
           \_ But isn't there something else other than zinc that gives it the
              bronze color?  How do you get rid of that?
                 Copper, of course.
           \_ The penny continues to be legal tender solely becauswe of the
              mining lobby.
              \_ How else do you pay for a 99-cent item without tax?
        \_ The Safeway on Solano near Santa Fe has a machine; commission is
           something like 15-20%.  --pld
                \_ If it's a Coinstar machine, it only takes 8.9 cents
                   per dollar. And it's fun to use!
                   \_ for locations.
        \_ AC Transit machines count pennies.
        \_ I'd just keep on using them whenever I go shopping.
        \_ The Cala Foods at Hyde and California has one. -ausman
        \_ The parking meters in San Mateo accept them. heh.
           \_ but do they accept dimes? that's where the fun starts
        \_ Why not take them to the bank? They'll make you roll them first,
           but they'll take them. I just exchanged $2.00 in pennies that
           way. --dim
           \_ Do they actually check what you put in the roll between the
              first and the last pennies?
                \_ My bank did.  It's a bank.  They do money.  They only do
                   money.  They've been doing nothing but money for 100+ years
                   since before you were born.  What are the odds you're going
                   to pull a fast one and get away with it?
2001/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:22873 Activity:high
10/30   After reading the thread on on the motd, I realized that
        it's only a bunch of alums or dropouts bitching about it.  And of
        course the officers who run the show.  I'm curious, do the new
        members even care about the motd?  I bet the vast (99.9%) don't know
        anything about the motd and wouldn't give a flying fuck.  It's only
        that 0.1% that are bitching.  -alumni
                                       \_ alum, alumnus, or alumna
        \_ Wait, so the alumni don't count, and the politburo doesn't count,
           and "everyone else" doesn't care...who exactly is the important
           constituency?  -tom
           \_ yermom, duh. --phillip
              \_ yersister begs to differ!
           \_ Well, there haven't been more than 10 or so _active_ members
              that I've seen in a few years, so saying "just the politburo"
              is really almost equivalent to "most of the active membership"
           \_ I'm still a student. (but I've only been to 1 or 2 meetings)
                                                        - rory
           \_ alumni don't count.  alumni should get lives and not worry about
              the petty minutia of the csua.  students count.
              \_ I guess I won't be making any donations then. - alum
                 \_ wah wah wah.  Making donations to the group as a whole has
                    nothing to do with how the group runs minor daily details
                    like the motd.  - also alum who has made donations
           \_ is you is, or is you ain't, my constichency?
        \_ So when is a decision/vote going to be made?
2001/10/30-31 [Health/Men, Consumer/TV] UID:22874 Activity:high
10/30   Related to the male-rape question yesterday.  Has it ever been shown
        on TV?  Which shows?  Women get raped by men on TV sometimes, but
        do they ever show men getting raped by other men?  (I'm doing research
        and not getting off on this BTW).  Thanks.
        \_ i've seen midnight express on tv - danh
        \_ Yes, I saw American History X on TV.
        \_ Also 'Oz' on HBO.
        \_ Deliverance kind of implies it, but they hacked it up to make
           it acceptable to television, so if you didn't know what was
           happening you'd just be confused.
           \_ hacked-up scenes confuse
              make you squeal like a pig, boy
              tv can't show ass
        \_ I think you should change your focus to the more general rubric
           of "sodomy".
        \_ Various movies such as the Shawshank Redemption have represented
           this happening. Law and Order has a couple of shows pertaining
           to it. Are you including male-male child molestation?
2001/10/30 [Uncategorized] UID:22875 Activity:high
10/30   Why were there jets (really fast ones) constantly crossing between
        the south bay, penninsula, and the east bay last night?
        \_ I didn't hear anything at my home in north Fremont.  What time was
        \_ We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with
        \_ Canamexicusan forces heroically declared embargo on the dastardly
           \_ Dude, didn't you study geography?  It's Canamexicuban.  And
              if we were attacking them, they'd fly closer to Fresno...
              \_ as if the combined entity of the US, Canada, and Mexico
                 wouldn't be called "USA"...
                 \_ How about the "USNA" (United States of North America) to
                    tone down our arrogance?
                        \_ Why would the USA want Canada and Mexico anyway?
                           \_ Why does the US want Texas?
                              \_ Better Texas than LA. At least we can get
                                 oil from Texas.
2001/10/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:22876 Activity:nil
10/30   How is your job search going?
2001/10/30-31 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22877 Activity:nil
10/30   XBox-- dude!!! or dud?
        \_ Go play with the demo units in EB or Software Etc (I know the one
           in Valley Fair has one). So far, I'm unimpressed. Yeah, sure,
           pretty graphics, but no quantum leap over PS2. and there really
           isn't any must-own games except for perhaps Halo, which is more
           than likely coming out for the PC next year.
           \_ Yeah, no point in buying Halo for X-Box as the Mac/PC version
              is going to be more detailed and will flesh out the story
              better. Remember the Marathon!
        \_ MONKEY BALL!  Oh wait that is GameCube --oj
2001/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22878 Activity:moderate
10/30   What's the skinny on JMS vs. RMI vs. CORBA?
        \_ JMS is a messaging API it's not an orb. Used for different
           softs of problems usually.
        \_ RMI is a Java-centric easier method of doing basically the
           same thing as Java IDL (CORBA).  Both RMI and Java IDL are
           synchronous remote procedure call technology.  EJB uses RMI
           over the CORBA transport layer, IIOP.  JMS is for asynchronous
           messaging, and usually used to make a weakly-coupled link
           between multiple enterprise systems, especially legacy systems
           and EAI.                             -brain
        \_ JMS is all about our last, best hope for messaging services.
           It failed.
2001/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:22879 Activity:nil
10/30   Suppose you don't have a will and you die. Who gets to keep your
        precious bike, your gold fish, 4 Linux servers, 1 hub, a bunch of
        expensive text books and a checking account that is barely over 4
        digits? Thanks.                         -starving student
        \_ It's your spouse if you have one.  Otherwise I don't know.
                \_ BTW I am not married and I don't have a house. I do have
                   an old jalopy
        \_ looters?
           \_ that's one name for probate court
        \_ Write a will and name csua as your beneficiary.
           \_ only if he has a porn library.
        \_ Your parents or siblings. Most likely the good stuff will
           be taken by your roommates.
2001/10/30-31 [Uncategorized] UID:22880 Activity:insanely high
10/30   Can step-siblings legally get married in US?
        \_ If Woody Allen can bang his step-daughter, you're safe.
           \_ Soon-Yi was his step-adopted-daughter.
           \_ She's not cute.
        \_ if you bang that chick
           uncle sam won't mind too much
           but she's still your sis
           \_ what's with all of the haikus on the motd today?
              \_ And where's the zinc? -geordan
2001/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:22881 Activity:insanely high 57%like:21883
10/30   Motd privacy poll (extracted from newsgroup):
        \_ Laissez Faire, but Politburo can override anything: ...............
        \_ Laissez Faire: .......
        \_ Logged motd:
        \_ Logged motd, but names are only politburo accessible:
        \_ Logged motd, but logged names are encrypted:
        \_ motd.public and motd.logged (aka i agree with dbushong): .......
           \_ if .public is anonymous, then I agree with this (sorry
              I haven't read the ng).
              \_ Yes .public is anonymous.
        \_ Only available H07 42N CH1X can post (their phone #s): .
        \_ motd.ugrad and motd.alum:
           \_ You mean motd.alum and an empty file.
        \_ Only available H07 42N CH1NX can post (their phone #s): .
                                  \_ good lord, I hope this is unintentional
           \_ and URLs to their pix.
        \_ If the motd is logged, then how is it different than wall
           or the newsgroup?  Logging may help make the content more
           cs in nature, but it will stifle converstations like the
           ones about bad employers and layoffs. And it won't stop
           \_ motd.public is ! logged.  motd.logged is logged.
              cat motd.official motd.logged motd.public > motd.
              \_ This works for me. ----ranga
                 \_ then add a '.' in the dbushong column.
              \_ So what is the point of .logged if .public is
                 wide open? Whose going to use .logged?
                 \_ those who prefer a logged motd can decide to only ask
                    questions to and answer questions from the logged motd.
                    people like galen, tom, or whoever else signs their posts
                    might only want to post to a logged forum.
                        \_ the issue is what people see by default when they
                           log in.  I don't have a problem with idiotic
                           anonymous trolls, as long as they're in a file
                           like /csua/tmp/morons.  -tom
                           \_ So .hushlogin everyone by default and add
                              `cat /etc/motd.official` to the default files.
                              Anyone who wants to can change it to suit them-
                              selves without any policy or other real changes
                              to anything.  Why is this such a BFD anyway?
                              It takes two to troll.  Stop being such a big
                              trollee and maybe the trolls will go away from
                              lack of satisfaction.  You only feed them.  I
                              can't believe we're even having this discussion,
                              but oh wait, yes, I can, it's the CSUA.
                    \_ again, how is this different from using the newsgroup
                       or using wall?
        \_ kchang's happy point system:
          \_ actually I thought the ability to add polls/questionaire was
             really awsome. Every single vote was accounted for.
        \_ I agree with Paul:
        \_ Can some student w/ extra time on their hands set up a voting
           system so that we can (un)officially tally the votes on this one?
        \_ Don't forget to sign your votes. -geordan
        \_ Log motd and squish anyone seen posting to /csua/tmp/motd or other
           world writable files:
        \_ motd.logged and motd.cablemodem (so that cable modem users can
           access the motd): .
           \_ a logged motd would get rid of this STUPID ass joke which is
              not even funny.
                    off as a fool and ignored. in fact, i think the logged motd
                    should be "released" with an addon script that automatically
                    filters posts from users in your .motdignore file.
              \_ how would it do that  --dbushong
                 \_ because anyone who kept this joke going would be written
                    off as a fool and ignored. in fact, i think the
                    logged motd should be "released" with an addon
                    script that automatically filters posts from users
                    in your .motdignore file.
                    \_ As opposed to now... where you take them seriously?
                       I notice you're not signing your posts, oh champion
                       of a logged motd.  --dbushong
                 \_ A joke like that would probably be more suited to the
                    motd.public, not motd.logged file. It's possible that anon
                    motd posters post only stupid crap to motd.logged and post
                    relevant comments/questions to motd.public to show that
                    there is no point to logging the motd. In fact, I'm going
                    to be the first to do so.
                    \_ it's the inane, stupid, useless remarks that make the
                       motd interesting.
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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