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2001/10/29 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:22854 Activity:high
10/28   Doesn't get much better than this...
        \_ Someone who takes that long obviously doesn't have a point to make.
                \_ Can you identify any errors in what Rep. Barr says?
        \_ can you say filibuster?
2001/10/29-30 [Reference/Tax] UID:22855 Activity:very high
10/28   I filed my federal taxes on time but am going to file my
        CA taxes late. I didn't have any taxes due (I'm supposed
        to get a refund). Do I have to pay penalties?
        \_ Are there any good websites with examples or
           online calculators that show exactly how to calculate the
           penalty and interest if you did owe taxes?
        \_ No penalty if you don't have any tax due.  You get six months
           automatic extension which is over btw.  Not sure what happens
           after six months.
           \_ There is a possiblity of a penalty if you were required to
              file a tax return, even if you are owed money. And you have
              until April 15, 2005 to clain your money. Be sure to have a
              finished tax form.
        \_ Next time you plan to pay late you should pay estimated taxes on
           time so if you end up with a penalty itll be miniscule because the
           penalties are based on what you owe.  Estimated minus real taxes
           should be a small difference.  And oh yeah, hire someone to help
           if you have anything even remotely non-trivial such as house or
           whatever.  The few hundred bucks you'll pay out in that will be
           saved by knowing you did it right and by the extra bucks they find
           \_ Nit. He's getting a return...
2001/10/29-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:22856 Activity:insanely high
10/29   Is Pulp Fiction the first movie where they show men getting raped?
        I'm looking for other ones. Not porn, but regular movies. Thanks.
        \_ "American Me", "American History X", "Sleepers" - danh
        \_ SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!  Kids today... go rent "Deliverance".
        \_ "Midnight Express" about 25 years ago, although I heard the movie
           was made by the Greeks intended to bash Turkey.  I was too young to
           understand the movie.
           \_ Coincidentally, there is a movie called "Chinese Midnight
              Express II" where inmates at an HK prison get raped.
        \_ I saw a movie where a Nazi skinhead leader got raped by other white
           inmates.  He almost got raped by black inmates too, but his black
           friend saved him.  Forgot what was the the title of the movie. Saw
           it on TV.
           \_ American History X?
        \_ How about man getting raped by woman, like in "Disclosure"?
2001/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22857 Activity:very high
10/29   I tried ssh'ing to my csua acct from my csua acct to test
        ssh-agent and X11 forwarding.  Neither worked, so I created a
        ~/.ssh/config file with the following lines:
        Host *
             ForwardAgent yes
             ForwardX11 yes
        Now, X11 forwarding works, but ssh-agent forwarding still
        doesn't.  Any ideas?
        \_ perhaps your ssh to CSUA from whereever you are (say at work)
           doesnt have X11 forwarding either, whether by buildtime lack
           of support or runtime option.  ssh -v is your friend. -jon
           \_ But X11 forwarding works now, but not agent forwarding....
              \_ oops sorry, got the order reversed when i read your sentence
        \_ Ok, it works if I use ssh -1 csua, but not otherwise.  Is this
           a known issue?
2001/10/29 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22858 Activity:nil
10/29   A disturbing article about hidden agenda behind war on terror.
        The author claims that terrorism is just an excuse, the real reason US
        air forces are bombing Afghanistan today is to bring in a government
        that would let us run an oil pipeline that reaches the oil rich
        ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia:
        \_ A disturbing example of idiocy.
        \_ Hell, if the bombing can stop the terrorists from killing another
           5000 US civilians on US soil with no warning, who cares.
        \_ No, the main point of the article is that bombing to kill terrorists
           is wrong and ineffective and America needs to be more careful about
           its foreign policy in order to get the credibility it needs to fight
           terrorism. The oil stuff is an unsubstantiated aside.  He quotes an
           unnamed US diplomat and talks about secret government approval.
           Where did he get this information? A really interesting discussion
           discussion would be:  What are these "non-violent" alternative
           that people speak of and how would they work? Why is it that
           pacifists believe that non-violence works against ALL opponents?
           Since when have we ever found a silver bullet for any problem?
           [formatting god was here]
           \_ Yes, please list the serious non-violent alternatives on MOTD.
                \_ Drum circles?
        \_ Didn't we see this in the last Bond movie?
           \_ I think there are some parallels in True Lies, also.
        \_ The article must not be letting facts get in the way of journalism.
           The Taliban in fact said that US companies could put a pipeline
           through the country for natrual gas (I don't think oil really is
        \_ This "War" on terrorism is more about boosting Bush's fading
           polling numbers than anything else.
           \_ No no!  That's Mr. Clinton and Monica!!1!
2001/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22859 Activity:nil
10/29   To ensure the saftey of america we must all use XP:
2001/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Finance/Investment] UID:22860 Activity:high
10/29   I have one elective next semester (my last at cal) and I'd like to
        take a class that will help with investment/money management in the
        future.  I have no background in business or economics though, so it
        can't be too advanced.  Any recommendations?
        \_ take an introductory accounting class
        \_ E120
        \_ Try E120. Its an easy A and teaches you the basics. The prof.
           who taught my class also covered stuff like options (iso vs.
           non-qual) and 401K.
        \_ Take Econ 1.  Accounting doesn't do jack for knowing what to invest
           in and is highly boring.  You're better off getting a good under-
           standing of how the economic world works rather than learn how to
           balance a corporate checkbook.
        \_ if you want to balance your checkbook, find a Cantonese wife.
           They are like accountants.
           \_ ditto for Indian wife. Every penny accounted for (even the
              one's she is not supposed to know you spent).
2001/10/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:22861 Activity:nil
10/29   are there any tools like rational purify for x86 linux?
2001/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22862 Activity:nil
10/29   I found "sftp" on my Solaris machine, but I couldn't find the man page.
        Can someone tell me how to specify a user name different from my
        current login?  I tried "-l username" like in ssh, but it doesn't work.
        \_ Well, if it's anything like sftp on soda:
           soda ~ [12:57pm] sftp -h
           usage: sftp [-1vC] [-b batchfile] [-osshopt=value]           \
                       [user@]host[:file [file]]
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