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2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:22821 Activity:high
10/24   What's the easiest way to edit a single binary byte in a file?
        \_ emacs
           \_ M-x hexl-mode
        \_ hex editor?
2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22822 Activity:nil
10/24   Any utilities which can capture video streams onto file?
        \_ There are hacks to download the popular formats onto disk, like
           .rm and .wmv. Dunno where though, sorry.
        \_ capturing streaming video?  for Windows, do a search for "Streambox
           VCR" ... if you mean capturing from a television signal or whatever,
           get VirtualDub.
2001/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22823 Activity:high
10/24   Where is Lila Patton working now? It says on her web site that
        she quit Veritas on 5/01.
        \_ Good to see you back, kevin.
        \_ Why not just email her and ask her?  Judicial restraining order?
           \_ I think he doesn't want to be labeled a stalker.
           \_ I did, she ignored me                             -kevin
              \_ maybe you should leave out the "i love you, will you marry
                 me..." part, and she might reply.
              \_ Since when has that stopped you?
              \_ Maybe that should be a big hint?
                 \_ No. I'm not trying to stalk her or anything.  Just
                   \_ What about Alcatraz and San Pablo?
                   \_ sodan poll:  How many here have paid for sex?
                      and gf's/wives do not count as "paying..."
                        Yes: .
                        No, but I've wanted to:
                    want to get back in contact with her.  I miss her. -kevin
        \_ Dwight and San Pablo
                \_ I find after 2:00 am to be best, more searching but
                   the least LE presence.
        \_ How to go out with Lila? She's so fine.      -mikhail
2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22824 Activity:high
10/25   NT was supposed to be much more stable than Win3.x.  Then Win2k was
        supposed to be much more stable than NT.  And now XP is supposed to
        be much more stable than 2k.  Sigh.
        \_ Thing is, Win2k really is more stable than NT. Sure, it locks up
           occassionally, but not the seemingly hourly BSODs in NT
        \_ Also, XP supposedly "does away with the decades-old DOS fundamentals
           on which its predecessors were built".  Wasn't NT supposed to do
           that years ago?
           \_ Yes, NT and 2k removed DOS, but neither were marketed towards
              consumers.  I've been running 2k for over 6 months, and have had
              only 2 or 3 crashes.
                \_ Been running 2k since around the time it came out and only
                   1 or 2 freezes while installing new hardware.  And yes, XP
                   is now being marketing to consumers so they need to be told
                   that there's no more DOS in it because this is supposed to
                   be a 98/ME upgrade to XP for them.
        \_ What is the killer app in XP that I need?  win95 was a must because
           of MS office and the long file names (for me at least).  Anything
           new must-have feature in office XP that will entice me to upgrade
           to windows XP?
           \_ if you're already running win2k, there's really no compelling
              reason to upgrade.  if, like most consumers, you're running win9x,
              then the main reason is stability and a better multi-user
              then the main reasons are stability and a better multi-user
              reason to upgrade.  if, like most consumers, you're running
              win9x, then the main reasons are stability and a better multi-
              user environment.
        \_ is there something wrong with this?  would you prefer later versions
           \_ I think this person just wants a night on the town with a
              handsome, burly man for dinner and dancing.
           become less stable?  wha--?
           \_ I think it's just general grumpiness that MS can't make a semi
              stable OS in the first place and trumpets their past failures
              as successes today.  Or I could be wrong.
           \_ I think this person just wants a handsome, burly man to take
              him out for dinner and dancing.
        \_ Why is there no deltree in windows?
           \_ Try "rd /s mydir".  -- yuen
2001/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:22825 Activity:nil
10/25   What's the difference between the Home version and the Pro version of
        \_ Pro supports SMP.
        \_ Pro also has the multi user terminal server stuff built in and a
           few other semi-minor things I can't recall.  And it costs more if
           you buy it.
2001/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:22826 Activity:nil
10/25   Cipro can cause tendon rupture:
        \_ Cipro: the latest "cool" drug for the psychologically weak and ill.
2001/10/25 [Uncategorized] UID:22827 Activity:nil
10/25   How to find out if your life insurance covers death by anthrax?
        \_ I guess that'd depend on whether or not your policy covers
           terrorism and if your contraction is from an attack.
2001/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22828 Activity:insanely high
10/25   new poll: how many sodans have paid for sex? (and no, gf's and so's
        don't count):
        Yes: ...(...)
        No:  ...
        No, but I plan to:
        Paid, by not having sex: .
        \_ So you pay for the evening's entertainment with your date, and at
           the end of it you have sex (with her, of course --duh!) -- does
           that count as having 'paid for sex'.
           \_ does not count. no dates.
        \_ how about if you (foolishly) marry a woman (withouth a prenup), and
           she dumps you and takes HALF.  does that count too?
           \_ does not count. no so's.
           \_ Yes. - BDG (Bitter Divorced Guy) #1 Fan
        \_ silly rabbit.  you *always* pay for sex.  just sometimes the
           method of payment isn't immediately obvious.  furthermore, i'll
           claim that it's better when the medium of exchange is money,
           because it leads to fewer problems later.
           \_ true, but irrelevant the poll rules out conventional forms
              of gf/so sex for money relationships.
           \_ Amen to that!
           \_ Yup.  "Free sex is the most expensive."
           \_ This is a common misperception. I have had plenty of brief
              relationships and one night stands that I did not have to
              "pay for." And I have had plenty that I did. The key is to
              weed out the psychos. Unfortunately, this is hard to do.
              \_ what is a psycho
        \_ the poll question specifically excluded gf's & so's, and should
           have excluded dates and one-night stand types. Obviously, the
           points you all bring up are true.  The poll, however, was
           interested in the legal definition of "prostitution," rather than
           the informal gf/so type sex for money relationships ppl have
                   -original poster
2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Finance/Investment] UID:22829 Activity:nil
10/25   How do I do anonymous NNTP posting via tin from csua? I can
        change my from email address, but tin still inserts a Sender line
        which includes my full email and name. Thx.
2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:22830 Activity:nil
10/25   I've downloaded WinAmp (getting rid of real player). How to make
        it go through my http proxy? The option doesn't seem to work.
        \_ WinAmp can play .ra?
2001/10/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:22831 Activity:low
10/25   Do you like school?  Your major?  UC Berkeley?  The people at UCB?
        \_ I am also an alumnus, but:  I studied L&S CS.  I liked school, and
           I miss it sometimes, but not too often.  For the most part the
           people at UCB were pretty diverse and not nearly as 'radical' or
           as 'liberal' as they have been in the past.     -mice
        \_ my major, like most poeple here, is "alumnus". it rulez.
           \_ ditto.
2001/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:22832 Activity:nil
10/25   Anybody know what's happening with ucsee.eecs?  I haven't been able
        to log in for days.  Thanks.
        \_ they might be upgrading their machine.
           \_ or just retiring it.
2001/10/25-26 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:22833 Activity:very high
10/25   Can anyone recommend a good Italian restaurant in SF?
        \_ Basta Pasta (if you like the whole mofia atmosphere).
        \_ Price range? How many? What's the occasion? More info please.
                \_ around $30 / person, romantic setting would be nice ..
        \_ Caffe Sport, Steps of Rome, Pasta Pomodoro (decreasing price)
           \_ Steps of Rome sucks.  The food is so-so, they are overpriced,
              and if you actually speak Italian (or know Italians who
              pantomime a lot), you'd realize that the waiters usually insult
              \_ Reminds me of the movie National Lampoon - European Vacation
                 where Chevy Chase and the family went to a restaurant in
                 France and the waiter commented on his daughter's round ass
                 in French.
                \_ the Americans rarely make fun of the Europeans. Why do
                   they make fun of our big belly and Lewdwinsky round ass?
                   \_ It's an American movie, so it's Americans trying to make
                      fun of Europeans making fun of Americans.
              \_ The food is decent, and it is definitely NOT overpriced, but
                 actually quite cheap (pasta < $10). It's all about the
                 atmosphere. $2.50 for a cafe to sit in a loud restaurant
                 watching people go by... go back to Denny's.
                 \_ Agreed.  Yeah, the waiters will hit on your girlfriend if
                    she's cute, insult you on the sly, and the like, but the
                    atmosphere is fun and the tiramisu is excellent.  It's a
        \_ Go to a real Italian resaurant like Mangafuoco or Trattoria
                    great place to go if you're mildly drunk.
?          \_ I like Pasta Pomodoro.  Another one that is good is Buca Di
              Beppo.  You need make reservation.  Otherwise it's 2+ hour wait.
              \_ Pasta Pomodoro is passable Italian.  It's about on par with a
                 Stouffer's frozen Italian Entree heated in the oven.
                 Waits at Buca di Beppo are weird.  Sometimes you wait a long
                 time, and sometimes you get lucky.  Plus, making reservations
                 can be a pain because they only have half of the restaurant
                 available for reservations so they tend to get booked up way
                 in advance.  If possible, try requesting the Kitchen table at
                 Buca di Beppo.  It's rad.
                \_ Buca di Beppo is the worst Italian food I've ever had.  The
                   atmosphere is tacky (think TGIFridays), the waiters are rude
                   and the pasta is slathered with enough garlic to make it
                   \_ Not to mention the ass tiramisu.
                \_ Agreed with the worst Italian comment -- do not go there
        \_ Go to a real Italian resaurant like Mangiafuoco or Trattoria
           Contadina. These losers are sending you to cheapo places with
           mediocre food.
        \_ Fuzio is a PastaPomodoro competitor. I prefer Pomodoro, but Fuzio
           is acceptable.
        \_ DiBeppo is not Italian, it is Eye-talian.
        \_ I've always like Pane e Vino.  Casual and pretty tasty.  The
           other places recommended tended to be more Americanized or
        \_ North Beach Restaurant _used_ to have incredible Italian.
        \_ Via Vai on Union & Cafe Pazzia on 3rd. Good but not cheap food.
           Both have reasonably priced(~$8) thincrust pizzas that are great.
           \_ Last time I went to Pazzia, my pizza was $13.
        \_ What about Joe's down by the Exit Theatre?
        \_ Figaro is terrible. Avoid the place. The Stinking Rose is also
        \_ Zagat says: Delfina, Scala's Bistro, Trattoria Contadina, Emma,
           and Antica Trattoria (in that order). Also, Mazzini Trattoria
           on Telegraph in Berkeley got good marks. Also in Berkeley is
           Venezia, which I like. Oh, and E'Angelo on Chestnut in SF
           makes great lasagna. --dim
           \_ Venezia is ass.
              \_ Uh. Okay. It's not on part with the others I mentioned,
              \_ Uh. Okay. It's not on par with the others I mentioned,
                 but it's not Olive Garden. --dim
        \_ I like Milano on Pacific in SF. Top notch service, romantic (cozy,
                intimate) and in your price range.
           \_ Not bad for what it is, but if that's your idea of top-notch
              service you need to get out more. This is a good place for a
              a casual dinner when you don't want to spend a fortune, but
              it isn't upscale or top-notch in any way. --dim
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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