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2001/10/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:22784 Activity:high
10/19   How do I reserve 306 Soda? I'd like to get a room to get a bunch of
        people to study for the GRE. Thanks.
           ( http://www.cs , then click on "Room Reservations")
           \_ Make sure you press the "Login" button first, then go back to
              that page and you'll be able to view current reservations for
              all reservable Soda rooms. If you're looking for a place to do
              a group study session, I strongly recommend against 306, which
              is not set up for group interaction; try 310, 320, 373, 380,
              405, or 606. On a somewhat related note, HKN has been running
              some review sessions for the CS Subject Test; the last one is
              this Thu at 6:30 in 306, for 170/172 material.
2001/10/21 [Uncategorized] UID:22785 Activity:moderate
10/19   PacBell's WirePro costs $$$. Is that really necessary?
        \_ Send them email asking them to make it free.
        \_ you got an appt? landlords are responsible for inside wiring.
        besides, you can kick in wirepro the day before you need it.
2001/10/21 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22786 Activity:moderate
10/19   If, on the GRE you're asked to answer a bunch of recurrence problems,
        is it better to solve them by the master theorem (which I hate) or
        the iterative method (which works but takes WAAAY too much time)?
        \_ learn to like the faster way.
2001/10/21 [Industry/Jobs, Industry/Startup] UID:22787 Activity:high
10/19   They are laying off 5 people in my group within the next two
        weeks? Don't know who yet, they won't tell us. What should I do
        in preparation?
        \_ How many in your group?  Work on your resume.  Start your job
           search now.  Don't wait to get axed.  If you have, uh, "special
           access", abuse it and read HR and Finance's email to see who is
           on the black list.  BTW, you're not the person from a few months
           ago posting that his startup was the one going to make it but who
           refused to post the url, are you?  The one who thought that only
           slackers get cut in layoffs and good people are always retained?
           The one who thought that only bad companies with all bad people go
           under or can't get VC these days?
           \_ No, that was me.
              \_ Hi, you!
              \_ are you a homosexual?
                 \_ Are you Aspolito?  If not, why do you care?
           \_ Yeah, got my resume and will probably take vacation before
              the job search(but already know what companies to go for).
              I was asking more about "other" preparations. Never been
              have "special access".
              laid off. Anything I need to do, at work? Actually, I do
              have "special access" but I'm trying to resist. 25 in group.
              \_ make sure you can collect unemployment.
              \_ At times like these you have to protect yourself.  Knowledge
                 is power and all that.  Under normal circumstances I would
                 say don't do it but you need to know.  Go read their mail.
                 Don't get caught.  And whatever you do, don't *ever* tell
                 *anyone* you did it.  As far as "other" things you can do,
                 there's not much non-job-search related things to do.  You
                 might want to look into opening a roll over account for your
                 401k if you have one and do the 30 seconds of research looking
                 into health care costs if they don't extend your health to
                 more than the end of the month.  Basically, just get your act
                 together financially.  Don't make any big purchases.  Even
                 if you don't get cut this round, you might get cut 3 months
                 from now if you're in a public company (the next financial
                 quarter).  And whatever happens, DON'T TRUST THE BASTARDS!
                 Everything you're getting told may or may not be true and
                 you'll only be told things that benefit the company if you
                 believe them.  Figure out the real deal on your own.  And
                 seriously, best of luck, the job market is really tough right
        \_ usual common sense stuff.  archive your files.  clean up your
           mail spool.  sanitize your files.  remove your personal objects
           from the office.  basically make sure there's nothing left that
           might embarass or incriminate you later.
           \_ Careful cleaning out your physical space.  You don't want them
              thinking you're all set to get axed and do you instead of
              someone else.  Bring home anything expensive or of personal
              value but leave up all the calendars, posters, doodads and
              other crap you won't miss.  Don't make it look like you already
              got chopped.  Perception is reality and all that.
2001/10/21 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:22788 Activity:high
10/21   You are required to know recursion before taking CS 61a?  Where
        would they learn it aside from CS 3?  AP CS?
        \_ I didn't know what recursion was my freshman year when I took
           61a. It took me all but 5 minutes to look it up in SICP and I
           passed the test. Never took CS 3 or AP CS.
           \_ Damn, you're cool!
              \_ Many people did the same. Maybe you're just !cool.
           \_ what language did you answer the question with?
              \_ C
        \_ manly men just do the inductive proof (2nd question).
           \_ This is no longer available. As of a couple of semesters ago,
              they changed the test to have 2 recursion questions only. Too
              many incompetent people made it into the class on induction and
              then had to be dragged along for the semester.
              \_ are you serious?  so people are forced to already know a
                 programming language (including pseudo-code), then?  that is
                 so dumb.
                 \_ Why is that dumb? That's what CS3 is for. If you think
                    CS3 is too slow paced and you're "bright", do what the
                    guy above did and spend a few hours reading up in on
                    recusion in any basic programming/cs textbook.
                    \_ the issue is not knowing recursion or not.  it's knowing
                       a programming language.  CS61A is not about learning
                       Scheme, and SICP isn't designed to "teach Scheme".  It's
                       stupid if you're expected to be able to express recursion
                       without knowing a programming language beforehand.
                       mathematical induction seems fine to me.  if students
                       have trouble, they should be discouraged from continuing
                       on (which is what we did when I was a 61A TA), but they
                       shouldn't be kicked out automatically.  of course, I
                       haven't seen any of the current entrance exams, so maybe
                       it's not as bad as I think.
2001/10/21 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22789 Activity:very high
10/21   If I ssh into machine A and then ssh into machine B and then back
        into machine A, is that slower than if I ssh into machine A and
        stay there?
        \_ Yes, in theory but if your pipe from you to A is smaller than the
           pipe  A <-> B it may not matter much.  If you're only typing over
           this link it won't matter at all.  If you're sending data through
           an ssh tunnel then it could matter a lot.
           \_ What kind of answer is this? Don't answer questions you know
              nothing about. The correct answer is that your latency will
              be increased by double the amount of the latency of your A->B
              link but your bandwidth should not be effected.
              \_ The verb you're looking for is "affected."
                 \_ Unless your subject is psychology, you will seldom
                    use the word affect.
                    \_ wtf are you talking about?  "affected" is the correct
                       word here. "effect" is seldom used as a verb.
2001/10/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:22790 Activity:very high
10/21   Mommy, why is Mr. Bush wearing matching pajamas and holding hands with
        that short Chinese man?
        \_ thats cuz hes about to go to bed with the chineses.
                \_ That was Clinton and Gore, pass tense.
                \_ Bush loves China as much as they love him.. very little
                   But he needs China's support in this "war"
                   Bush, Sr. was in bed with China long before Clinton admin.
                   made it a common practice. Many ex-Bush,Sr. appointees
                   worked on their behalf. No one is honest in politics
                        \_ Sorry, you're analogy is wrong.  The Bushs did
                           not relax technology export restrictions for
           marketing department.
                           campaign dollars.  Clinton's foreign policy
                           was run from the Commerce Department.  Not to
                           say the Bushs were perfect at all, but compared
                           to Clinton they are/were angels.
                           \_ Bush Sr. traded weapons to hostile foreign
                              power in order to manipulate the American
                              public and you call them angels? Isn't this
                              exactly what you accuse Clinton of doing?
                                \_ I seem to remember something called...
                                   wait, what was it..?? oh thats
                                   right the Cold War.  This was to
                                   fight Communism, not line his pockets.
                                   \_ This was to defeat Carter, not fight
                                      Communism. Unless you are you going
                                      to try and claim Carter was a Communist.
                                      Communism. Unless you are going to
                                      try and claim Carter was a Communist.
                                      \_ More evidence Pres. Carter was inept.
                                         He was President for petes sakes,
                                         and had over a year to negotiate
                                         for the release of the hostages.
                                      \_ Was that referring to Irangate?
                                         Didn't that happen long after Carter
                                         was defeated?
           \_ "chineses"?  Is that anything like "sneezes"?
        \_ Jiang is an idiot.  Those commies need to learn how to improve their
           marketing department.  Isn't Jiang from Shanghai, and isn't Shanghai
           the most cosmopolitan city in China?  Some subordinate need to tell
           Jiang he is an idiot.
           \_ I heard that Shanghai was once the most cosmo city but not
              \_ it still is.
           \_ Is that where they make all those cool movies?
        \_ After watching the TV clip with everyone wearing the "traditional
           style silk jackets", I have to say that the jackets made Jiang and
           Bush and all the other leaders look like clowns.  Don't know whose
           stupid idea it was.  --- Chinese
        \_ Girl, you should be so lucky to be Mr. Jiang's sixth concubine!
2001/10/21 [Uncategorized] UID:22791 Activity:nil 66%like:22792
10/21   Today is Jam Echelon Day!
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