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2001/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:22765 Activity:high
10/17   Does anybody using freeamp experience frequent bus
        errors/segfaults?  What's the best way to avoid them?
        \_ is freeamp better than xmms?
        \_ I use x11amp. Works great.
           \_ doesn't seem to point me to an mp3 player...
                \_x11amp is old xmms
                  \_ so the old developers of x11amp didn't turn to the
                     more lucrative field of pr0n?
                     \_ nah, then it'd be xxx11amp
                        \_ have you seen
2001/10/18 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22766 Activity:high
10/17   what language uses explicit scope?
        \_ what's explicit scope?
           \_ it's a language that lets you say, "function foo has access
              to var A, and function bar has access to var B"... no matter
              where they are.  think of it as specifically putting an ACL
                          My friend had to have his ACL replaced. He _/
                          was on crutches for weeks.
              on each variable as  to what function can access it.
              \_ BASIC.
2001/10/18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22767 Activity:very high
10/17   Are there any free programs/patches to make windows more usable?
        One thing I would really like is "focus follows mouse" so that
        my keystrokes go to a window that isn't on top.  Anyone know
        where I can get something like this?  Thanks.
        \_ TweakUI can do this and lots more.  Search for it on Google.
           \_ Yeah it also does command-line completion.  PowerToys let's
              you right-click on a dir and jump to DOS there.  Let me
              know if you want it in /csua/tmp.  What OS?  Win2K?
        \_ try the linux patch
           \_ Wow, that was clever.  But after I install the Linux patch,
              none of my apps work.  At least I have "focus follows
              mouse".  Oh yes, don't forget: RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!
              \_ and, they worked before?  I mean, it's windows!
                 \_ They did what I needed them to do.  So, yes, they worked
                    before.  When Linux grows up and gets real apps that
                    non-nerds can install and use without 5+ years and *nix
                    certification, it'll stand a chance in that market.  Until
                    then, it's a good apache host for small sites. --*nix admin
2001/10/18 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:22768 Activity:nil
10/17   What's the easiest way to read a berkeley DB?  Is there a program that
        allows you to specify a db file and make sql-like queries on it?
        \_ perl.
        \_ Specifically, the perl DBI.  There's a good O'Reilly book on it,
           but the book really isn't necessary unless you're going to be doing
           heavy duty work with it. -dans
2001/10/18 [Computer, Computer/HW] UID:22769 Activity:very high
10/17   If you booby trap your computer and it blows up a phed trying
        to install a key trap on it, are you guilty of murder?
        \_ In CA yes.  AZ, unlikely.  You can kill criminals there.
        \_ Manslaughter at the very least; quite possibly murder 1.
        \_ If the guy doesn't survive and if you can convince people
           that it was an accident -- computers explode all the time,
           you know -- I think you'll be fine.
           \_ if the poster tries to put a bunch of explosives in his
            computer, who do you think is the most likely person to get
            blown up?  perhaps the "pheds" will find dumbass hackers
            the same way they find dumbass meth manufacturers.
        \_ You'll be found guilty of "something" and you won't like it.  There
           are several cases in recent years where someone trapped their home
           or even simply left something potentially dangerous sitting around
           and a burglar was injured, sued in civil court and won.  What do
           you think the Feds will charge you with besides the obvious "intent
           to inflict harm"/"murder"/"manslaughter" and a pile of explosives
           possession/terrorist related charges.  Then again, the odds of a
           CSUAer having *anything* on their computer worth looking at is
           about zero, so go ahead and put anything you want in there.  No Fed
           will ever run across it.
           \_ this is why you always kill a burglar
        \_ It's premeditated murder. You've built a trap to kill an
           unsuspecting person. Whether or not the act was legal or illegal,
           you've used deadly force in a non-defensive fashion. I'll see if
           I can dig up the statute on this one. Oh and if you kill a "phed"
           it's a "phederal" crime and "phederal" time.
              \_ But even burglars have wives and siblings that can sue.
                 We'll kill 'em all!
           \_ Sounds a lot like urban legend.  You have a source for an actual
        \_ isn't booby-trapping with dangerous devices, e.g. guns, explosives,
           punji sticks, etc. a specially treated crime?  having the
           computer erase itself is less serious, until they rack up the
           conspiracy, destruction of evidence, interference with federal
           investigation, etc. charges.
        \_ Depends if you have a clear indicator that your machine is
           booby-trapped.  If you put a big sign on your computer stating
           "This computer will self-destruct if tampered with, use at your own
            risk.", you will probably mitagate some of your liability.
2001/10/18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22770 Activity:very high
10/18   Anybody know if there's tcsh for windows 2000?  Or all the unix
        commands like grep, ls, sed, awk, etc on w2k?  I'm trying to make
        this box usable.  Thanks.
        \_ MKS toolkit. demo at
           I think there's a cygwin distribution or something too--oj
        \_ Go to, install the whole thing, and set
           C:\cygwin\bin in your PATH.
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