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2001/10/16 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:22747 Activity:high
10/15   Anyone know if there is some place (possibly on campus, or for
        students) where I can rent or borrow a projector? (One of those
        ones that you can plug into a laptop, TV or VCR.) I wanted to
        watch movies huge on my wall.
        \_ go to the good guys and return the purchase after you're done.
           \_ and then people wonder why prices are so high.
        \_ /. has links to how to build a 100" projection screen from your
           TV for very cheap.
2001/10/16 [Uncategorized] UID:22748 Activity:very high
10/15   What ever happened to the three servicemen that raped a 12-year-old
        in Okinawa?
        \_ they were hired by yer mom

Iron Monkey reviewp
\_ I'm sure you can find it on video. It isn't a new movie.
\_ Save yourself from the tower of pain known as the metreon

In case there is a draft, are fat lazy out of shape sys admins exempt
from it?        -sysadm
\_ cannon fodder!
|_ KP Duty for you!
\_ Use them as bunker buster bombs.
           \_ Only 7 years in jail for a systematic rape?  What a good deal we
              \_ "we got"?  *I* didn't rape anyone.
                 \_ Well, many people take it as a political case between US
                    and Japan.
                        \_  Many people jump off bridges too.  I take it as a
                            criminal case where some sickos need some serious
                            jail time and meds for life.
                            \_ Agreed.  And I think 7 years is too light.
2001/10/16 [Reference/Celebration] UID:22749 Activity:low 50%like:22626
10/16   Happy Birthday, dans!  Are you running for president again?
2001/10/16 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22750 Activity:very high
10/15   Grad students, please list the following tests in the order of
        difficulty: GRE subject, prelim, comp
          \_ Depends on the subject. In most science fields,
             the GRE subject is easy to moderately challenging.
             Graduate exams usually get harder as time passes.
             Consider the Berkeley math dept, of which I was both
             a grad and undergrad. Most students did 90% or better
             on GRE subject, but 1/3 to 1/2 tended to fail the
             first year exam. (see the Berkeley Math prelim book)
             The humanities seem different: many graduate exams
             seem to be a joke because faculty are lazy. So the
             GRE subject exams seem harder because they ask factual
             questions rather than vague interprative questions.
             Ie, you can be wrong on the GRE but not in English grad
             school. -fab
                \_ For UCB/EE, the subject exam was irrelevant.  The department
                   exams were harder.  --PeterM
                   \_ what does that mean? That the subject is too easy?
        \_ of all the grad students on CSUA, fab is the ONLY one who posts
           to motd? Whatever happened to the other nice & helpful grad
           students who wall and post on motd?
           \_ Too busy stirring warm water into those noodles?
           \_ too busy doing real work to pay attention to the motd. props
              to dpet, nweaver, ali, etc.
2001/10/16 [Politics] UID:22751 Activity:very high
10/16   Any jobless newgrad thinking of joining the army to avoid going
        homeless and hungry?
        \_ Does joining the military require US citizenship?
           \_ No, in fact it is a good way to get citizenship.
              \_ More details please.
        \_ how about the fbi?
           \_ Law degree required, isn't it?
              \_ Don't be an idiot.
                 \_ Moron.  I was partly right:
                    Next time buy clue before opening your stupid mouth.
                    \_ That URL says that you need a BA. You are an idiot,
                       and even worse, one that does not know when to give up.
                    \_ trollP
        \_ how about the NSA?
           \_ Clue and bad attitude requi-- nevermind.  They can train you
              for clue.
           \_ I thought NSA == clueless people who think they're badass
              \_ Wow. We've got you disinformed real good. -NSA dude
              \_ It is my impression that the NSA hires top math people.
                \_ yeah, and all that expensive high tech toy gave us any
                   useful intelligence against 9/11?
                   \_ Plus the anthrax attacks?
           \_ no such agency
        \_ How about the CIA?
2001/10/16 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22752 Activity:low
10/16   Soda's ssh host key appears to have changed in the past month or
        so.  Is there a way to check the current fingerprint?  -phr
        \_ Sure it's not just that newer versions of ssh also tie the host
           key to the resolved IP address, which just changed?
2001/10/16 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic] UID:22753 Activity:high
10/16   There's an old saying: A conservative is a liberal who's
        been mugged. Well, a hawk is a liberal who's been targeted
        for death by al Qaeda.
        \_ Well no.  A liberal that's been targeted for death by a terrorist
           group is just a dead liberal.
        \_ A liberal is a conservative who has lost $1M in the bubble.
                \_ Yeah investing in the market between 96 and 2001 was
                   strictly limited by political affiliation.
                   \_ Yeah, like breaking everyone's political affiliation
                      into one of two groups is any less stupid.
2001/10/16 [Recreation/Humor] UID:22754 Activity:nil
10/16   Ginger or Marianne?
        \_ Mary Ann?
        Corky Romano or Zoolander?
        Coke or Pepsi?
        \- yermom or yersister?
        \_ Both on the beach next to the Lagoon.
        \_ Ginger baby, she was _hot_
           \_ pics please?
              \_ Are you fucking serious?  Didn't they let you out of the
                 \_ Forgive my ignorance.  I really have no idea.
                    \_ You see, there was this comedy in the '70s and
                       '80s about a deserted island.  We nerds make
                       reference to the two nubile characters on the
                       island and compare their desirability.
                        \_ It was a comedy?  Dude... was I *way* off base.
2001/10/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22755 Activity:very high
10/16   In NT, how do I find out which process is currently using a certain
        DLL?  (Using the command line or in a debugger or whatever.)  Thanks.
        \_ I've got a really cool proggie that shows all dependencies and
           files used by any Windows program, but I would have to root
           around for it.  Mail me if interested.  -John
           \_ Cool!  Thanks.
2001/10/16-18 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:22756 Activity:high
10/16   Best deal on a cell phone? I want a free phone and no charges for
        incoming calls. Don't care about nationwide, roaming, etc.
        \_ all cell plans charge you based on the minute.  Incoming/outgoing
           it doesn't matter.
           \_ In the US this is true. It is different overseas.
              \_ thank you mr pedantic.  Go away.
              \_ actually I think you can get free incoming calls with some
                 plan(s). I heard an ad for this on the radio. Dunno if it's
                 worth it.
        \_ everyone agrees: Cingular sucks. so what's a good alternative in
           terms of coverage? who's happy with their cell phone plan and
           wants to tell us about it?
           \_ Verizon works pretty well, but is pricey. -ausman
           \_ AT&T is good.  Plans are reasonable now.  Verizon is pricey
              but offer as good a coverage as AT&T.  The voice quality is
           \_ I don't know about coverage area, but Verizon seems to provide
              stronger signal in covered areas.  I didn't know that until my
              wife switched from Verizon to AT&T.  She used to get good
              connection with her Verizon phone in basements of buildings in
              SF as well as in BART trains, but now she can't do that with her
              AT&T phone.  --- yuen
           \_ What's wrong with Sprint? No one ever seems to mention them.
              \_ Cheap but below average quality/coverage.
              \_ Cheap but below average quality/coverage.  Good customer
                 service.  I work on some of their equipment, so blame me
                 if you get a disconnected call or no service.
                 \_ Quality of Sprint varies widely by location.  I have
                    friends and relatives in various east-coast states who
                    have Sprint and don't have any problems.  In the Bay Area,
                    Sprint sucks-- hard.  Everyone I know with a Sprint phone
                    bitches constantly. -dans
                    \_ Sprint PCS has a multi-vendor approach for building
                       its network.  That may be part of the reason for the
                       variation in quality and coverage.
         \_ You want free incoming calls?  Bwahhahahahahahahahahaha.  Welcome
            to the United States, land of the grossly inferior competing cell
            phone standards. -dans
            \_ I don't see how whether there are competing cell phone
               standards is related to whether incoming calls are charged.
               \_ The fact that incoming calls are universally charged in the
                  US is directly related to the fact that all the US cell
                  phone standards are grossly inferior to GSM (the cell phone
                  standard that the rest of the civilized world uses).  This
                  is because virtually all of the US standards in use today
                  were developed in the early 80's and simply can't handle the
                  capacity that GSM can.  The fact that we're still using
                  circa 1980 cell phone technologies is directly related to
                  the U.S. government's refusal to interfere with the
                  so-called "free market" that exists in the cellular space by
                  (gasp in horror) forcing the telcos to standardize!  The
                  market isn't really free since every carrier needs to build
                  out it's own infrastructure, and this is prohibitively
                  expensive.  So we have the situation that exists today: five
                  or six telcos carve up the profits, and all the customers
                  get inferior service from circa 1980 capacity networks.  How
                  1337. -dans
                  \_ US cell phone networks and technology are not inferior
                     to GSM at all, just built up along a different technical
                     and business model.  But paying for incoming calls is
                     pretty suck.  -John
                     \_ You're paying for airtime - incoming outcoming is
                        irrelevent.  What would suck is paying extra to call
                        someone because they have a cellular phone.
                  \_ Nah.  China uses GSM almost exclusively (China Unicom
                     is just starting to build a CDMA network) but incoming
                     calls are still being charged.  Also, how is CDMA
                     inferior to GSM?  By all accounts CDMA is superior to
                     GSM technology-wise, which is the reason why all 3G
                \_ I can understand why people hate being charged for
                   incoming calls, but I personally find it ok.  Whether
                   incoming or outgoing, the call is going to occupy
                   bandwidth, so there is a cost to the service provider.
                   Also, from user's perspective, being reachable anywhere
                   is a mostly positively thing, and hence an added value.
                   If incoming calls are not charged, it likely would just
                   mean that they would charge more for outgoing calls.
                   This would be unfair for people who make a lot of
                   outgoing calls and receive few incoming calls.  Charges
                   should be attributed to where cost is incurred and
                   where value is added.
                     standards are CDMA-based.  GSM is only more prevalent
                     in the 2G space for the same reason windows is the
                     most common OS around.
2001/10/16-17 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:22757 Activity:high
10/16   Comments on the quality of Cingular's coverage in the south and
        east bay?
        \_ starting in around March (around the time of the PacBell buyout)
           service started really sucking... now it seems to be getting
        \_ beyond "it sucks hardcore"?
         \_ that is being too kind.  Expect to never have your phone ring.
            Expect to never be able to get your messages.  Expect to have
            to try to call someone for an hour before you get through.
            Complain and get... wait for it... FREE MINUTES!  OH WOW.
            \_ Too bad Cingular is the only one that works with Noika 8290.
         \_ Are you one of those individuals who complain about every
            wireless service, or does it really suck that bad?
            \_ Ever since PacBell got bought by SBC and switched their name
               to Cingular, it has been that bad. I, too, experience all
               of the above mentioned problems. Cingular sucks ASS.
               I've managed to get rebates by calling them up and complaining
               about their service. I recommend all Cingular users to do the
            \_  I had Cel One for 5 years before changing to Cingular.
                The only reason i switched was because CelOne had
                terrible calling plans, service was reasonable.
                Thought I could save money with Cingular since I was
                making a lot of long distance phone calls.
                Now I can't get signal either at home or at work, which
                basically takes care of 99% of my normal use and I'm left
                wondering why I have a celphone at all anymore.
            \_  No, really cingular is crap.  Everyone I know who has it
                I have to call 4-5 times even to have a chance to get through
                and I've watched them try to make calls.  It is just pathetic.
                Call.  nope system busy.  Call.  nope system busy.  Repeat
                20 times.
        \_ everyone agrees: Cingular sucks. so what's a good alternative in
           terms of coverage? who's happy with their cell phone plan and
           wants to tell us about it?
2001/10/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22758 Activity:high
10/16   Is there a way to make movie's/animations available on the web, yet
        make them un-copiable?  I think real networks has a technology that
        does it, but they charge, iirc. Any free one's?
        \_ There's a ripper program available so, no, Real hasn't done it
           either.  So what you really want is the Holy Grail of copyright
           protection: viewable content but no copying.  Let us know when
           you've come up with it; I've got some VC friends who want to talk
           to you.
        \_ All porn wants to be free.
        \_ anything digital is copiable.  once you learn to live with that, you
           and your userbase will be happier.  yes, you can make your own
           proprietary streaming video format with your own proprietary client
           that disallows saving to disk, but somebody could always reverse-
           engineer it and make their own client.  why do you really care?
           do you really want totalitarian control over your content?  I'd
           personally prefer knowing that someone downloaded my movie and
           thought it was good enough to keep and watch again.  and plus, if
           they want to watch it again, they don't eat up my bandwidth.
           unless, of course, you want people to pay you each time they watch
           your movie, but that's another can of worms...
           \_ microsoft does not agree with you
              \_ what's your point?  Microsoft thinks their anti-piracy attempts
                 in Windows XP will help them too.  Microsoft thinks that
                 there's a 1:1 correspondence between piracy and lost sales.
                 Microsoft fails to recognize that piracy helped it become a
                 monopoly.  what do I care what Microsoft thinks?
                 \_ because, you, my fellow nerd, do not live in a vaccuum.
                        \_ he said "What do *I* care", hence the decision is
                           centric to him, my fellow logician.
                    \_ You should learn how to spell, my politically sensitive
                    \_ you sure?  And no, it doesn't matter in this case what
                       MS thinks.
        \_ Basic truth: If you can view it on the screen, you can record it.
           \_ Really?  When I do a screendump (Alt-PrtScn) in Media Player, all
              I get in the clipboard are the UI, and the movie area is blank.
              \_ when poster said "you" he did not mean you.
              \_ It's an overlay.  Just disable hardware acceleration and it'll
                 do all the drawing in software, and then you can capture it.
                 \_ Thanks!  I'll try that.
2018/11/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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