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2001/10/15 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22736 Activity:very high
10/14   from the princeton review:
        Is There a Conspiracy? While most first year Ph.D. students work
        extremely hard, statistics reveal that many will not meet the
        first year requirements of their graduate programs anyway. Only
        one out of every six students who starts a Ph.D. program in the
        humanities and social sciences finishes it.
        Some people believe graduate departments with large undergraduate
        programs accept more first year students than they can fund in
        successive years because they need the teaching assistants
        (T.A.s). These people maintain that professors purposefully give
        out low grades so they can "flunk out" graduate students the
        department can't afford to keep after the first year. This belief
        is so widespread that, in departments that guarantee to fund
        graduate students through teaching or research assistantships,
        there's probably at least some truth to that theory. Some
        students who don't complete the Ph.D. will leave with master's
        degrees; others will leave with no degree at all. All Ph.D.
        students should have a backup plan.
        \_ what's your point?
           \_ i'll wait until the people applying for grad school
              see this posting.  obviously, you are either done with
              your phd or in industry.
              \_ in the top schools, most first yr. grad students have finished
                 and passed the qualifying exams.  First thing you
                 want to do is to get a good advisor and becomes
                 a RA.  The road to PhD starts getting fuzzier once
                 you realize the PhD degree is not a guarantee of
                 anything, and you begins to wander about what to
                 do after graduation.  If it's industry, the PhD can be
                 an overkill.  If academic, the competition for
           \_ you couldn't pay me enough to go to UCI.
                 the few good spots are really intense, and you
              \_ again, paolo, you couldn't pay me enough to go to UCI.
                 may have to settle for lesser schools.  You need
                 to be strongly convinced that you love what you
                 do to ride through the PhD curve.
                 \_ fixed by only slightly overzealout motd formatting god
        \_ URL please. Anyone could make this up.
           \_ cos you believe everything on the internet?
              \_ as opposed to believing everything on the motd?
        \_ was accepted to uci and uc davis for fall 2001, uc davis
           guaranteed $22k+ per year via fellowship/grant/RA/TAships.
           uci guaranteed tuition for 4 years, and fellowship for first
           year. doesn't sound like it to me.
           \_ you couldn't pay me enough to go to UCI. ICS==DeVry - paolo
           \_ look at a UCI graduate: www.csua/~keithyw
        \_ who goes to grad school in CSUA? can we get feedback from them?
2001/10/15 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22737 Activity:nil 75%like:22712
10/14   so, are the developers of solaris homosexuals (like sendmail)?
        \_ Both of the people I have met from Sun were gay.
           \_ How do you know?
              \_ gaydar
              \_ They sucked my dick
        \_ lots of the IBM people are gay.
            you know.... more than one ...
2001/10/15 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22738 Activity:high
10/15   I want to restrict a user on a linux box from logging in,
        i only want someone to be able to "su" to this account.
        how do i do that?
        \_ why? if they can su to the account, they get the same privs as if
           they'd logged in.  If they can su, they are already logged in...
        \_ Set there starting shell in /etc/passwd to something that exits
           \_ then you won't be able to su to that account
           \_ Yes, you will.  You won't be able to su -
                \_ when you su to a user, it exec's his shell.
                   Get a clue. -tom
              \_ You mean su -m (or the equivalent) su - means "not only run
                 their shell, but do it as a login process"
        \_ set the password to * in /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow; barring
           publickey ssh authentication, the account should be only
           su-able -max
           \_ Ding ding ding.  Max rocks. --#1 max fan
2001/10/15 [Consumer/PDA] UID:22739 Activity:high
        4.3"x2.7x0.7?  doesn't that make the palm device useless?
        \_ uh, explain how it makes other Palm devices useless?
        \_ do you mean its dimensions make the Treo useless or make other Palm
           handhelds useless?  Huh?  Either way, explain.
2001/10/15 [Reference/BayArea] UID:22740 Activity:nil
2001/10/15 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:22741 Activity:high
10/15   Which one is faster? Graffiti inputing or tiny keyboard?  PDA user
        please comment.
        \_ Tiny touchscreen keyboard or tiny button keyboard?  You can't use
           the touchscreen keyboard in Palm OS without keeping your eyes on
           the screen.  Graffiti's pretty fast and accurate if you write big.
        \_ I prefer Graffiti.  I've also never understood why manufacturers give
           tiny keyboards qwerty layouts. --jameslin
           \_ The developers at my company all use Graffiti because it
              is faster. Our customers are split 50/50.
2001/10/15 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW/IO] UID:22742 Activity:nil
        4.3"x2.7x0.7?  This seems a bit too small to be useful as a
        traditional palm device (i.e. screen display/touch surface area).
        the 180 device (2nd gen?) comes with a tiny keyboard in lieu of the
        drawing area of the palm.  this seems even a worse use of
        realestate; what do you guys think?
        \_ i'd be surprised if people don't throw that thing in
           frustration from trying to use that stupid keyboard
           \_ You are mistaken. Go talk to a blackberry user.
2001/10/15 [Science/Space] UID:22743 Activity:high
10/15   Anybody been to LAX lately?  I heard that they're not letting people
        pick up/drop off at the airport.  Everybody have to use shuttles.
        Is that true?  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, it is true. You must take either shuttle B or shuttle C that
           take you to parking lot B or C. While B is a lot closer, expect
           to wait up to an hour for the shuttle. I went to LAX 2 weeks ago
           and shuttle C was only 1/2 an hour wait. Expect a lot of waiting.
           You're better off driving.
2001/10/15 [Computer/Rants] UID:22744 Activity:high
10/15   I've been getting spam that says something like "This message is sent
        in compliance of the new e-mail bill: SECTION 301. Per Section 301,
        Paragraph (a)(2) (C) of S. 1618."  Is there really such a bill that
        says unsolicited e-mail is legal?
           Add "section 301" to your procmail filter.
        \_ a bill is not a law until it's been approved.  Do a google
           \_ I'm just a bill.  Yes, I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here
              on Capitol Hill. .... And I hope to be a law someday (at least
              I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill).
2001/10/15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:22745 Activity:nil
10/15   Does anyone use IMAP with Yahoo! Mail? <DEAD><DEAD> seems
        to exist (similar to <DEAD><DEAD>). Is it part of the
        premium services? When I try to connect to port 143, I'm
        immediately dropped, so I'm just wondering...
2001/10/15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22746 Activity:nil
10/15   As of 2001, J2SE == JDK1.3? What is going on? And what is the
        difference between J2EE and a bunch of EJB/Bean crap wrapped together?
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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