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2001/10/10 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22675 Activity:moderate
10/9    what's the big deal about athlonXP?  why are they calling it XP?
        \_ marketing bs with M$
           \_ they deny this of course.
              i think it should have been called
              "Super Athlon XP Professional Turbo Champion Edition"
        \_ And what about "Athlon 4". Did I miss Athlon 2 and Athlon 3? ;p
           \_ weren't those the CPUs that Netscape 5 was optimized for?
              \_ only the Solaris 6 version.
        \_ AMD is not competing on MHz.  But they still need something catchy to
           show that they are the latest (and thus implicitly the best).  Since
           Windows XP is marketed by MS to be the latest and best, the "Athlon
           XP" trademark invokes the images of the latest and newest (and thus
           the best).   Pretty smart actually, since MS will pay for all the
           marketing, and AMD doesn't have to follow the MHz war as tightly.
2001/10/10 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:22676 Activity:very high
10/9    Russians going to be in Kabul first.
        \_ You musn't underestimate Russian blundering. I was with them
           when they blundered into Berlin in 1945.
        \_ yes, like the americans are gonna lead the way
        \_ They were already there in 1980. A lot of good it did them.
        \_ Were the Russians or the Americans in Berlin first during WWII?
           \_ MAN what do they teach in history these days? The Russians.
              Ike is said to want to give them the honor though the Allies
              could have been there first if they wanted.
              \_ I forgot most of my HS history already.  All I remember is
                 from the General Patten movie where Patten said he wanted to
                                  \_ Patton, even.
                 beat the Russians in entering Berlin.  But I forgot who
                 entered Berlin first in the movie.
                 \_ Patton's view on the Germans and the Soviets:
                    The past half century could've been a better time if he
                    were allowed to go after the Soviets.
                    \_ Patton lost.  The Ruskies got to the Nazi bitches first.
                    \_ Patton was a racist and anti-Semite and despised
                       by his men and by Eisenhower.
                       \_ that's why he was so effective and great
2001/10/10 [Uncategorized] UID:22677 Activity:kinda low
10/9    When Binladen says he's gonna kill all the "white devils" does that
        mean he's gonna spare blacks, Latinos, and others?
        \_ the black muslims, maybe....
        \_ the white part most likely refers to the European, and its cultural
           descendent, the US.  White in this case does not specifically
           refers to the biology/genetic make up of the skin color, but
           to the culture and the people who have been Europeanized.  I
           don't see how he would discriminate, say, executing a racially
           black US soldier.
2001/10/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:22678 Activity:low
10/10   Neat ActiveX control from the NOAA that has a zoomable, high
        resolution, satelite image of the WTC disaster area:
        \_ The perspective of the picture doesn't look like it was taken from
           a satellite.  More like from an airplane or helicopter.  --- yuen
2001/10/10 [Uncategorized] UID:22679 Activity:nil
10/10   How come csua's dns entry has propagated but www.csua's entry hasn't?
        \_ because you're impatient.
2001/10/10 [Computer/Domains, Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Display] UID:22680 Activity:nil
10/10   Is is my network or are others having problems with  I can't ping, can't access email the last
        2 days. works.
        \_ it's you.  what does have to do with not being
           able to access your email?  soda = soda.csua = csua
           \_ well i thought so too.  But soda.b.e and csua.b.e map
              to different ip's.
        \_ It is 4:30am and the IST servers still report the old DNS info
        because they either have not been updated or the changes take a while
        to propagate. Also, if your ISP's DNS server cached old data, you might
        see odd things happen even after the changes propagate through IST DNS
        servers. Other places might already see the correct DNS info if they
        happen to use the OCF DNS server because it has already been updated to
        account for CSUA name server IP change. If it was up to me I'd do this
        change in a two step process, leaving the name server running with
        the old IP address for a few days so that at least the correct
        information for other CSUA computers would have time to propagate.
        \_ I have been having problems, too, but it is not because of DNS.
           Even with the correct IP address from the DNS server, I cannot
           log in and my traceroutes die at a router.
2001/10/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22681 Activity:nil
10/9    The IP address renumbering for CSUA systems is mostly done.
        The nameservers for http://Berkeley.EDU have not updated yet with the
        new information, so DNS resolution of CSUA hostnames will be
        problematic.  A message will be posted here and on
        when the update occurs.  we hope you enjoy (but do not abuse)
        the increased network capacity. --root
2001/10/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:22682 Activity:very high
10/10   How was dynamite better than other explosives before its time?  Why
        was it such a big invention?  Thx.
        \_ it's stable?
        \_ Easy to make, cheap, powerful, detonates rather than conflagrates,
           safe to handle (i.e., stable.)  i.e., yes.
           \_ Before, nitroglycerin was the explosive of choice. Nobel used
              to make it before TNT. Lost relatives, labs, and manufacturing
              facilities due to the explosive's unstable nature. Lots of
              mining and transport accidents too. Real ugly stuff.
              \_ What was that classic John Wayne film where they are
                 transporting the nitro in a wagon. It was based on another
                 classic (b&w) euro (french?) film...
                 \_ The John Wayne movie is probably Rooster Cogburn.
                    The French movie is probably Le Salaire de la
                    Peur (The Wages of Fear), which was remade as
                    The Sorcerer.   - ok
                    \_ Wrong on the Duke film.
                       \_ Are you sure that's not it?  See the synopsis at
2001/10/10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22683 Activity:high
10/10   Is there any theologically approved way of keeping a dead Muslim
        martyr out of heaven?  Let's say we turn the corpse into Alpo or get
        some prisonyard Bubba to make the dead body his sweet..umm..corpse.
        \_ yes, kill his entire family and immediate relatives
        \_ Drag his dead body through the streets of NY. Then feed what's
           left to a colony of maggots.
           \_ Wasn't that what happened to the Delta force troopers in
              Mogadishu?  How civilized.
        \_ You are sick.
           \_ I think that's a very reasonable question.  You have to find
              a way to deter a guy if he's not afraid of dying.
              \_ Keep rationalizing.
              \_ I think this makes sense.  In ancient Chinese culture, not
                 keeping the whole dead body together (ie. part of the dead
                 body being at somewhere else) is a good deterrent.
                 \_ Did that deter the PLA soldiers charging en masse
                    at the risk of being blown into thousands of pieces by
                    artillery fire?
        \_ I think we establish a Palestinian state and lift the UN embargoes
           on Iraq, then the martyrs will no longer have a just cause to
           die for and won't go up to Houri-land.
           \_ Don't forget removing the props for the corrupt governments
              in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  Did anybody catch the NPR
              Frontline piece on Al-Quaeda last night (KQED)?
              \_ yeah I saw that.  The U.S. infidels must remove its military
                 presence from the Saudi holy land.
           \_ Those people(bin Laden & gangs) will always find reason to
              fight American.  Who knows, they could say that Americans
              or other non-muslims are infidels, thus deserved to get wiped
              out from the face of the earth.  Look at what Taliban is doing
              to its people.  Not all Afghans are fundamentalist, but
              Talibans are forcing them to live according to fundamentalist
2001/10/10-11 [Reference/Military] UID:22684 Activity:moderate
10/10   "Delta Flight Lands with F-16 Escort After Threat"
        "Commuter Plane Crashes in Alaska"
        \_ Also, this is news from just a few days ago, sort of makes one
           scared to fly after all those events:
           "Milan Plane Disaster Kills at Least 118"
           "Russian Plane with 78 Aboard Plunges Into Black Sea"
2001/10/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:22685 Activity:high
10/11   officially, enrollment in cs61a DOWN 100 from last sem.
        \_ must be the recession, what those freshmen dont know is that by
           the time they graduate, we should(I hope) be ready for the next
           \_ The next boom won't be CS. Maybe some bio stuff.
        \_ GOOD. You should study computer science because you love it,
           not because it is lucrative                  -nweaver #2 fan
                                                         \_ Who is #1?
                                                            \_ yermom
                                                            \_ nweaver
                                                            \_ You are #6
              \_ They've been saying bio stuff for decades now.
                 \_ actually the next boom is all about getting homosexuals
                    the ablity to carry an embryo, fertilized from their gay
                    lover's sperm, in a body cavity, to term.
           \_ You should study something that you love *AND* that allows you
              to make a decent living ('lucrative' is even better).  I don't
              think that a CS major who got into CS for the money and who now
              hates his life/job is any worse of a person than an English
              Literature major who chose lit because of his undying love for
              deftly crafted prose and who now hates his life/job because he's
              a) living at subsistence level writing sardonic nuggets of wit
              for the Podunk Review, or b) doing something completely
              different (tech writing, flipping burgers) because he couldn't
              find a job that pays worth a damn.  nweaver and all the other
              "don't consider the money!" people can stuff it.
              \_ how about "something that will keep you happy in life"
                 \_ agreed.
                 \_ sex, and lots of it. when will they come up with the
                    "Sex Procurement" major?
                    \_ I unofficially minored in Women's Studies.
                       \_ I majored in Politically Unilateral Social
                          Science Youth.
              \_ There's also the effect that a few years in industry will
                 have on you to consider.  I loved it when I was in college,
                 and I loved it for a while after I started working, but
                 after a few years everything seems to suck.  You can burn
                 out in any field.
2001/10/10-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22686 Activity:moderate
10/10   Anybody run apache on windows 2000?  I'm trying to get the equivalent
        of "" to work.  How does one get the ~user to
        work in w2k?  thanks.
        \_ Just load IIS, then you don't have to deal with that longhaired
           UNIX stuff and characters like ~.
           \_ just watch out for the malformed http request of the week.
            \_ Yep, Code Red and Nimda are always fun.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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