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2001/10/8 [Recreation/Humor] UID:22660 Activity:nil
10/8    This is pretty funny
2001/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:22661 Activity:very high
10/7    Anyone here using perforce? How does it compare to cvs?
        \_ It isn't free.  It requires a "bigger" machine to host it.
           It does "more stuff".  It runs on windows and unix.
           \_ I would dispute "bigger". The main advantages of Perforce
             over CVS are 1) real branching and integration 2) speed (try CVS
             with lots of files over different connections) 3) atomic commits
             of changes (aka changelists)
              over CVS are 1) real branching and integration 2) speed
              (try CVS with lots of files over different connections)
              3) atomic commits of changes (aka changelists)
              \_ Yeah.  A client can choose to turn on Perforce's own
                 compression which compresses better than PPP+modem
                 compressions, hence higher speed over modem.  --- yuen
        \_ The changelist feature in Perforce is very useful.  I've never used
           \_ cvs runs on windows and unix (windows w/ cygwin or wincvs) and
              mac (maccvs)
              \_ perforce runs on a zillion platforms with a much better GUI
                 and a Web client for platforms without native UI
                 \_ "It runs on windows and unix" is true for both CVS and
                     Perforce. "Better GUI" would have made more sense...
              \_ We ran Perforce server on SunOS4 and later on Solaris, and
                 clients on both SunOS and NT.  --- yuen
           \_ It has some nicer ways to deal with rename/branch/merge
              files --oj
        \_ The changelist feature in Perforce is very useful.  Now I use
           ClearCase at a new job and I miss that feature.  I've never used
           cvs.  --- yuen
        \_ Noticed some bugs in getting latest.  For some reason 't's at the
           end of lines were being deleted (or something to this nature).
           Ended up switching to cvs.
           \_ This is not true. Email perforce support if you want to
              check for yourself.
              \_ It was true and have emailed support about this.  Our
                 company couldn't take the chance for another bug to pop up
                 like that.
                \_ Fair enough, what's the bug number?
                 \_ Do you have some censoring software on your firewall or
                    something like that which filters out words that match
                    a list of obscene words?
                    \_ This was all done on a LAN not thru a firewall.  I want
                       to add that besides this bug, I liked the product.
        \_ We switched from cvs to perforce. Branching and merging were major
           reasons why. We do not regret the decision, even though it cost
           a little bit of money. --dim
2001/10/8 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Dating] UID:22662 Activity:nil
10/7    What's the song in the VW commercial where the guy walks in right
        as he priest says "speak now or forever hold your peace"?
        \_ Mrs. Robinson?
        \_ The more important question is "who's the cute chick?"
           \_ Far more than cute. She's smoking.
           \_ J. Ralph - One Million Miles Away
2001/10/8 [Recreation/Media] UID:22663 Activity:moderate
10/7    In the wake of these attacks and the worldwide terror, I think I
        speak for the entire nation when I say, "When are the Simpsons
        \_ Not until the baseball gets off the air. Damn MBL and their
           stupid spy satellites.
        \_ and what happened to the Family Guy?  did Fox axe it again?
        \_ When you download your favorite episode using Morpheus.
           \_ Speaking of d/l'ing, what do ppl use these days? I tried
              AudioGalaxy, not bad, but not as convenient as Napster.
              Which progs out there do more than mp3's like Scour did?
              \_ kazaa
2001/10/8 [Uncategorized] UID:22664 Activity:nil
10/7    when is geckos coming out for x86?
2001/10/8 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22665 Activity:nil
10/7    I'm starting to dig rsync and ssh.  There's some
        caveats that aren't clear to me yet such as how to
        create a passphraseless key but still be able to limit permissions
        on the key.  Anyone know how to do that?
        \_ keychain might be the best you can get-- it keeps your ssh-agent
           running as long as the machine is not rebooted.  That way, you
           can log in to foo, start ssh-agent running in the background,
           add your identities, and use 'em till foo reboots.
        \_ What do you mean?  Without a passphrase on your key,
           anyone with root on the machine your "identity" is on
           can read your key and use it.  With a passphrase, someone
           with root can STILL get your key, but they have to work harder.
           If your key is on a machine that you're certain won't be
           compromised, with absolutely trustworthy root, then you don't
           need a passphrase. If your key is in an NFS-exported directory,
           you need a passphrase.
           [ reformatted ]
           \_ I think what he's trying to say, is that is there a way
              to set group permissions on a passphraseless key so the key
              can only be read by a certain gid (i.e. group foo).
              I don't think this is possible.
        \_ You don't need a passphraseless key; you can just use .shosts.
           \_ unless you don't administer the box..  grr...
2001/10/8 [Computer/HW/Scanner] UID:22666 Activity:nil
10/7    Anybody have a USB device that draws power from the USB cable itself?
        I'm looking into buying a canon flatbed scanner that has such a design.
        I'm wondering if this is generally a bad design or good design.  Any
        one have problems with such devices?  Thanks.
        \_ you should build a trebuchet instead.
        \_ I have the kensington usb light. It works great.
        \_ for mice and joysticks, power from the USB bus is fine.  for
           flatbed scanners, I dunno...
        \_ I have the canon n650u scanner. works fine but it's *very* slow.
           I only use it about once a month so i don't really care.
        \_ I have a usb-palmV device that charges via usb cable.  It's
           aftermarket, but works fine.  The main difference that worries
           me is that the palm-distributed cradle has a cut-off point for
           the power, and the usb-cable doesn't, so just keeps pumping
           energy into the palmV batt.  I've seen it get up to 4.15 V,
           which is kinda scary.  It charges really fast, though.  Anyone
           have any thoughts as to whether overcharging the palmV batt is
           a bad/good thing?  -nivra
2001/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:22667 Activity:high
10/8    Why does chicken soup cure common cold?  (Or is it just a myth?)  Thx.
        \_ It doesn't.  You just fight it off.
        \_ chicken soup has a _little_ bit of penicilin in it. it doesn't
           help tho. (well except it is a warm liquid in your throat).
        \_ it has an expectorant in it that makes your mucus flow faster in
           your sinuses,  which helps them recover.  The warm steam vapor
           coming off of it helps too, if you inhale it.
        \_ as the first reply says, it doesn't.  your body cures itself.
           but chicken soup does help with 1) fluids 2) sustenance
           and 3) some symptoms (expectorant)
           \_ And 4) placebo.
2001/10/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:22668 Activity:low
10/8    Second case of anthrax in Florida, this time near where Mohammed
        Atta lived. News at 11.
        \_Both worked for the National Enquirer and Sun (and had recent
          contact with "Batboy" presumably).

2001/10/8-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:22669 Activity:moderate
10/8    How can one obtain a console development machine and
        compiler?  Can you simply pay Sony/Nintendo for a
        the hardware/software?
        \_ traditionally, you need to submit your game proposal first,
           and if approved, then you sign an NDA and then pay for the
           development hardware and software. for hobbists, Sony had
           development hardware and software. for hobbyists, Sony had
           the NetYaroze (PSOne) program and now PS2Linux in Japan.
           these two would allow you to program technology demos on
           \_ you also need to spend thousands of dollars
           the hardware, but not full-fledged bootable games. --jwang
           \_ what is the difference in the developing a tech demo
              and a bootable game?  Is the Playstation development
              tool the same?
              \_ licensed PlayStation 2 developers use different hardware and
                 costs of entry to reflect commercial vs hobbist interests.
                 software tools than PS2Linux users -- the two have different
                 costs of entry to reflect commercial vs hobbyist interests.
                 \_ the word is "hobbyist." A Hobbist is a follower of Hobbes.
                 a PS2Linux demo only runs out of PS2Linux -- you can't burn
                 the executable to a CD-R and boot another PS2 with it. --jwang
2001/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:22670 Activity:nil
10/8    anyone experienced with palm OS programming and interested in
        programming for applications aiding handicapped users,
        mail  project funded by government
        \_ The next wave of high-tech craze after dot-coms: dot-govs.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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