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2001/10/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22658 Activity:low 50%like:21095 66%like:23607
10/7    What's the new IP address going to be for soda?
        \_  probably somewhere in the south bay.
           \_ Shoo, you.  The only services I provide with right now
              are email redirection ( ->
     and web redirection
              ( ->
              \_ Are you planning to keep this up? Is it paid for by CSUA
                 funds?  If so, can I start giving these out as my email
                 and webpage?
        \_ It's been posted to csua@csua &
2001/10/7 [Health] UID:22659 Activity:very high
10/5    sunday, bloody sunday.
        \_ as long as it's Taliban blood I don't care.
        \_ I think the goal is less bloodshed.  Why weren't those
           humanitarian drops made before the bombings?
           \_ the US hopes to provoke a popular revolt against the taliban.
              the humanitarian aid serves as propaganda, to create smpathy
              towards us. it's politically motivated. -ali
        \_ as long as it's taliban blood i don't really care
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2001:October:07 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>