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2001/10/4 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/SW/Security] UID:22625 Activity:insanely high
10/4    Someone please tell me why making airport security screeners to be
        federal employees going to help? I've seen government employees and
        they're still underpaid, laid back, and don't give a damn about you.
        \_ as opposed to airline employees?
        \_ just look at it this way: they can't get any worse.
        \_ Federalizing security means that the employees have to go through
           a basic security check, get paid on a wage scale, get benefits,
           and can make it into a career. It's also a draw for those just
           leaving the military. Crimes against airport security become
           federal crimes and can draw on the resources of the military.
           \_ The law also allows the fed to conduct polygraphs test on all
              Federal employees.
           \_ I thought the US military is not allowed to act against US
              civilians even if the civilians are criminals.
              civilians even if the civilians are criminals.  Is it written in
              the constitution or something?
        \_ You have made an unpatriotic statement. Report to the termination
           vats immediately.
           \_ ^termination vats^Al Qaeda training camps
              \_ how is this statement relevant? -jon
                 \_ The previous poster said "...... federal crimes and can
                    draw on the resources of the military."
                    \_ A better response might be "why is this bad engrish"?
                       anyway, the US Military has been called upon to commit
                       acts against US citizens before.  EO 9066 --jon
                    \_ I had also meant to write ".. draw on the resources of
                       the federal government." I was thinking of the FBI and
                       the newly created Office of Homeland Protection. Better
                       resources than the local politzi.
                       resources than the local politzi. Plus federal money
                       to fund better security toys.
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2001/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:22627 Activity:nil
10/3    Does anyone know if PacHell is planning on increasing the upstread
        bandwitch for folks who now have 1500/128Kbps DSL connections some
        time in future?
        \_ Telco + Bandwidth increase for free? Surely you jest.
        \_ why would they want to do that?
2001/10/4 [Computer/Domains] UID:22628 Activity:nil
10/3    Anybody know of a cheap service that will redirect a registered
        domain name to some place?  I registered and I want to point to  Yahoo has such a service for
        $35/year.  I'm looking for cheaper ones.  Thanks.
        \_ do you want HTTP redirects, or just a DNS pointer making
           resolve the same as  If the latter, if you register with
 , you use their nameservers and can use their domain
           manager to do that 'for free' (its included in registration costs).
        \_ free for the first 5 domain names. I use it and
           it works well. <DEAD><DEAD> is totally free but it takes a
           longer time for changes to go through etc. is a good
           cheap registrar and they include redirection when you have your
           domain name there. But they're based in France, which according
           to one of the posts above will get bombed out of existence soon,
           so I guess you're taking your chances.
2001/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:22629 Activity:high
10/4    Request for URL/localfile to good cell phone plan (~$30/mo) comparison.
2001/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:22630 Activity:high 50%like:22914 50%like:22373
08/21   What the fuck happened to the motd?
        \_ Some fucker fucked it up
                \_ terrorist?
                   \_ Patriot
2001/10/4-5 [Health] UID:22631 Activity:insanely high
10/04   Can anybody recommend a good doctor in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale/
        Palo Alto area? I'm just looking for a good general doctor for a
        yearly checkup.
        \_ Dr. Bonzai.  At the Bonzai Institute.
           \_ That's Banzai, buckaroo.
        \_ Dr. Seuss
        \_ Dr. Pepper
        \_ Dr. Jack Kevorkian, oh wait, that's in Michigan..
           \_ Dr. Death.
        \_ Dr. Smith (one of them must be alright)
        \_ Dr. Nick
           \_ Hi everybody!
              \_Hi Dr. Nick!
        \_ Dr. Hibert
        \_ Dr. Jones
        \_ I see the Spin Doctors
        \_ Dr. Ruth
        \_ Dr. Kildare
        \_ Dr. Zhivago
        \_ Dr. McCoy
        \_ If you are willing to make the drive to SoCal, Dr. Dre.
        \_ Dr. Fred Mbogo
        \_ Dr. Strangelove and Dr. Who
           \_ Boy, I sure could use 100 tacos right about now.
        \_ Dr. Dolittle
        \_ Dr. Alban
        \_ Can someone append what these doctors are known for?
        \_ Dr. Laura
        \_ Dr. Spock
        \_ Dr. Timothy Leary
        \_ Dr. Demento (you all know him, right?)
           \_ How many sodans do you know?
        \_ Dr. Koop, but he might have went out of business
        \_ Norton Disk Doctor
        \_ Dr. Watson (elementary, my dear)
        \_ Dr. No
        \_ just run fsck
        \_ Dr. Joycelyn 'masturbation' Elders
        \_ Dr. Herman, paging Dr. Herman
        \_ Dr. Drew
        \_ Dr. Scholl's
        \_ Dr. Zaius (help me!)
        \_ Dr. Zoidberg
        \_ Dr. Indiana Jones
        \_ Dr. Dr.
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