Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2001:October:02 Tuesday
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2001/10/2-11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:22614 Activity:nil
9/27    General meetings scheduled for 10/31 and 11/xx in 337 and 306,
                                                 \_ Ok, this one isn't
                                                    firm yet.
        respectively, at 6:30. A third meeting will be announced later.
        Elections will be held in the meeting on the xxth.
2001/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22615 Activity:nil
10/2    Anyone know how to get an ASN if you're a small organization?
        There seems to be this catch-22 thing going on where you need an ASN
        to get address space from ARIN, but you need an ASN to get address
        space.  Problem is, we probably can't request address space from ARIN
        because we're not likely to use a /20, which is the smallest space
        they'll issue. -dans
        \_ which begs the question of why you want an ASN?   You should be able
            to say 'we want to multihome with BGP, we need an ASN' to the arin
            and that should be enuf. -ERic
           \_ Apologies if I'm being dense here.  My routing fu is weak.
              From the ASN Request Template:
              One of the following conditions must be satisfied before
              receiving an ASN:
              a) Unique Routing Policy
                 Please explain how your routing policy is different from your

              b) Multi-homed Site
                 If your organization is currently multi-homed, please explain
                 exactly how you are connected to the Internet to include the
                 following information:
                 i)  Exterior gateway protocol to be used
                 ii) The IP network addresses that will make up your AS
                 iii)Technical point of contact information for each of
                     your upstream providers/peers should include:
                     full name
                     email address
                     for verification
              The problem is that we're not multi-homed yet.  We want to be.
              But we can't accomplish it until we get an AS.  Or do we qualify
              under clause a) ? - dans
                \_ yah that follows under clause A.  You might want to check
                    to see if your provider supports BGP based multihoming.
                    Many may not. It is also possible (but somewhat messy) to
                    multihome without BGP.  -ERic
2001/10/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:22616 Activity:nil
10/2    Where's the script that auto-archives the motd to ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v?
        I'd like to run my own auto-archive process / cron job.  Thanks.
        \_ man rcsintro
        \_ I use 'motdwatch -u mdd', all the scripts should be publicly
           readable.  From thatyou should be able to figure it out for
           yourself. -ERic
2001/10/2 [Finance/Banking] UID:22617 Activity:nil
10/2    Can anyone recommend a good bank or credit union around here or
        downtown SF?  I can't qualify for CUBS.
        \_ Patelco
        \_ Do you consider Schwab a regular bank?  There's a branch near
           the Montgomery BART station.  I just sent them some e-mail with
           questions regarding my account, and I got a reply in less than
           an hour.  Pretty cool.
        \_ I'd recommend BofA. I've been a BofA customer for close to 10
           years and I find them to be a great bank. Some people on the motd
           don't like BofA though.
           \_ 12 years of BofA for me and no problem either.
        \_ Is an internet bank out of the question? They generally reimburse
           ATM fees and mine gives me postage-paid envelopes as well as at least
           double my brick-and-mortar bank's interest rate.
2001/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22618 Activity:nil
10/2    How does one collect unemployment after graduating from UCB?
        [grammar g0d wuz here]
         \_ you need to have had a job first and have been layed
            off to get unemployment.  just graduating and not having
            a job and being poor doesn't automatically qualify you.
            there's a state website on it somewhere.
        \_ jeez... what a depressing post.
           \_ Suffering! ...
2001/10/2 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:22619 Activity:nil
10/2    Someone told me that Berkeley has a research (AI vision) that
        detects pictures of naked people. Is it true or is it a rumor?
        \_ See for papers.
           (The project shifted from finding naked people to
           finding horses a while ago.)
           \_ Hook this up to and you have an
              automatic serach engine for nude pictures of celebrities.
2001/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:22620 Activity:nil
10/2    Should I install IE5.5sp2 or IE6 on my mom's Winblows98? BTW She
        is 58 years old and does not like Linux.
        \_ My preference is to not use any M$ product until sp1 or sp2
           is released.
2001/10/2 [Industry/Jobs] UID:22621 Activity:nil
10/2    Would you participate in a programming contest if you are good,
        but you know there are lots more who are better programmers than
        you?  If so, why?
        \_ to see where you rank?
        \_ to have fun?  to improve your skills?  to see how well you do?
           to find out where your skills need improvement?  Why would any
           one else's skill levels affect your decision to participate?
2001/10/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:22622 Activity:nil
10/2    Serious question: What should I do if I have my SSN, birth date,
        address, and other personal information stolen?
        \_ if you have material loss, report to the police.  Not that they
           can help you much, but at least the court won't think you're making
           up stories of losses.  Call up your banks/brokers, and let them
           know you have your id info stolen.  Then tell them that no one
           from now on can  access your account without
           a password which you will tell them.  Check your account frequently.
           Unfortunately, this is about all you can do.  You may choose to move
           your assets to a different, less popular bank so the theft will less
           likely to hit you again.
        \_ also call the credit agencies and put a fraud alert on your record,
           this will make it more difficult for whoever has your personal
           information to open new accounts in your name
2001/10/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22623 Activity:nil
10/2    is there a way to download the service pack for IE 5/5.5
        and burn it to a CD?  I need to patch my mother's
        machine (i hear nimda is scary) , but she has a modem and I don't want
        to spend 9 hours on a phone line connecting to microsoft. - danh
        \_ An alternative is to zip the file to multiple diskettes.
          \_ no no you don't get it, to update IE 5/5.5, you download
             a tiny program from ms called ie5setup, then you run
             ie5setup, and it does who knows what, magically determines
             what security updates you need, and connects to ms'
             magical machines and downloads the security updates
             it knows you need.  this could be anywhere from 5 megs
             to 17 megs, and you have to be online obviously
             to do this, so ie5setup can download the stuff.  as far
             as i can determine there's no way for me to download
             all this crap into a handy form I can burn to a CD,
             and I am sure this is completely intentional, ms
             probably wants to scan my hard drive or keep track
             of who updates ie 5 or provide an incentive for me
             to fuck up my system and upgrade to IE 6 with
             integrated into 404 document. - danh
             \_ if you or your mother is using win9x, then download the install
                stub, do a custom install, select your components, and click on
                the Advanced button (I think; I haven't done this in a while).
                The reuslting dialog should be a checkbox that will allow you to
                save the install files to disk.  If you or your mom has Win2k,
                then I think you'll have to order a CD from MS.
        \_ Some lameass deleted my answer.  Yes, you download the install
           program, and then the pieces.  The details are at:
2001/10/2 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:22624 Activity:nil
10/1    (Can someone please re-post any response?  I think I'll start running
        my own motd auto-archive from now on.)
        What's the minimum CPU requirement for Win98 (ignoring speed)?  I have
        a Pentium-something 133MHz machine that has been running Win95 fine.
        But when I re-formatted the disk and tried to install Win98, it always
        hangs at about the same point during the installation process when it's
        copying lots of files from the CD.  I'm guessing it's trying to execute
        some instruction that's not supported by the processor.
        \_ have you tried running the install files directly from the HD?  I've
           installed Win98 on Pentiums before with no problems.
           \_ You mean copying the whole CD to the HD, then running
              installation without the CD?  No I haven't tried that.  I don't
              know if the HD has enough space to do this.  But I can try.  But
              how do I copy all the files from the CD when I don't have
              anything to boot from?  And why does installing from the HD make
              a difference anyway?
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