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2001/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:22603 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone know how to count the nubmer of possible interleavings
        of two sets of N objects?
        \_ if by interleaving, you mean placing them in a line in any
           order, then the answer is easy it's (N+M)!
           if you mean elements of set 1 have to be adjacent to elements
           of set 2, then the answer is also easy: N!M!2. i think. -ali
           \_ Ok, I guess that was a bad statement of the problem. I think
              the best example of what I'm trying to say is: take 4 fingers
              on each hand; interleave them in all possible ways preserving
              the order on each hand but nothing else.
              \_ C(2N,N) (i.e. ((2N)!)/(N!^2)). -alexf
2001/9/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:22604 Activity:insanely high
9/23    Hey vthanh, kill your damn job!
        \_ Poll (yes I realize 1 vote of politburo weighs more than 99 votes)
           sqish:     ..
                       \_ After viewing vthanh resume, I switch from no squish
                      \_ doesn't squishing depend on twink points or something
                         that tom used to keep track of? This seems like a
                         an offense that should recieve a *strong* warning not
                         a squish.
                       \_ After viewing vthanhs' resume, I switch from no squish
                          to squish: he's not nor ever has been a student at cal.
           no squish: (99).
        \_ mr. vthanh. the fucking pc you use to log on to soda probably
           has more cpu power than soda. use IT for your stupid prime
           \_ so i see, this machine should primarily be used for writing
              to a world writeable file.  Why again do we need a 800 Mhz
              athlon for that?
                \_ his bc job is using up most of the cpu and makes
                   interactive stuff on soda very slow.  soda does plenty
                   of other things besides letting people edit the motd,
                   you fuck.
              \_ soda is also the mail server.  it handles lots of mail.
                 i guess it takes 800 Mhz to handle it all.
                 \_ don't forget its also the web server. it also takes
                    some amount of cpu power to support 100+ concurrent
                    logins of people running all sorts of interactive
                    \_ what sort of interactive programs are those?
                       \_ mostly tcsh, there are a lot of mudders on soda
                          who telnet elsewhere too.  oh, and wall takes a lot
                          of cpu.
                          \_ yeah, it's really annoying how people try to
                             do math or do something that makes this machine
                             compute.  Damn it, i like an idle machine! - alum
                       \_ emacs, pine, screen, irc, w3, w3m, lynx, etc
              \_ I think the point is, if it's for school-work, he should use
                 a campus-machine; if it's for industry work, he should use a
                 work machine, etc.
                 \_ There is (and hopefully will be) no policy against using
                    CSUA resources for schoolwork. If you have forgotten
                    that the CSUA is a student organization meant to serve
                    a university campus, you're hereby reminded of
                    that. It is a different and orthogonal issue that
                    Mr. Nguyen may not have chosen the best venue for
                    running his job (even if it should turn out that it
                    was being done for academic purposes), and should have
                    consulted rootstaff beforehand to get pointed at a more
                    appropriate CSUA resource to use for this task. -alexf
        \_ check out vthanh's resume, he's not a student at berkeley:
           M.S. Applied Mathematics, CSU Hayward, March 2002
           B.S. Computer Science & B.S. Mathematics, CSU Hayward, June 1998
           \_ ok fine this is a gray area, maybe he is hosing soda
              for classwork for grad school in hayward.  he still
              shouldn't hose soda for his giant bc is my driver's
              license prime? jobs, he should use a different machine,
              one other than the one 99.9999 percent of the CSUA uses,
              it's rude and inconsiderate.
                    \_exscuse me ignorance but doesn't the ticketing
                     system only alot mr nguyen only a certain amount of
                     processing cycles per second to prevent any one
                     user from hogging the CPU?
                        \_ that's a previous version of soda, this is no
                           longer the case
                           \_ can we make it the case again?
                                \_ The lottery scheduling system wouldn't
                                   make a difference for someone running only
                                   one process.  If he was running 5 jobs in
                                   parallel it would make a difference. -tom
           \_ what's he doing in a Berkeley student organization if he was
              never a Berkeley student?
              \_ Yeah, how did he get an account. I remember need my CAL
                 student id to get an account. - yet another alum
        \_ From /csua/adm/doc/policies/processes:
                As a courtesy to others, do not run programs that take
                up too much CPU power for too long. Background processes
                belonging to users who are not logged on will be killed
                if they are taking inordinate amounts of processor time.
           Am I the only one who remembers any of the CSUA's policies?
           \_ I'm guessing that the vast majority of csua'ers know the
              policies and try not to break them.
           \_ Why would his process eating up all the leftover CPU cycles
              be a problem to others when he's running it with nice 20?  I
              think the real problem is that his process has a big working
              set.  Last I checked, RSS=24M and VSZ=73M.  (BTW, I don't think
              non-Cal-students/alumni should be given soda accounts.  Maybe he
              was once a student and then got kicked out and ended up in CSUH.
              -- yuen
              \_ nice 20 doesn't work like people think it does.
2001/9/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:22605 Activity:high
9/23    Other than tax status and some red coloring (?) is there
        any physical (non legal) difference between type 1 and 2 diesel?
           I assume this applies for all types of diesel, not just this brand.
           In other words, yes.  -chialea
           \_ HYDROSORB is not diesel.
2001/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:22606 Activity:kinda low
9/23    Anyone know how to specify just 2 digits for the year instead of the
        default 4 digits in .scanfmt for scan (nmh)?
        \_ man mh-format
2001/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:22607 Activity:nil
9/23    did anyone find a replacement for evoice? - danh
2001/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:22608 Activity:nil
9/23    I need to replant the grass in part of my yard and I've been
        thinking about using seed rather than sod. Other than the fact
        that the grass will take longer to grow if I go the seed route
        are there any other differences? thnx.
2001/9/24 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:22609 Activity:nil
9/23    so, you can take money out of roth ira to buy a house.  does that
        house have to be in the US?
        \_ yes
2001/9/24 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW] UID:22610 Activity:nil
9/23    how do you log a bitchx session into a file?
        \_ you can run bitchx from within a screen session.
        \_ In epic /set log on
2001/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:22611 Activity:nil
9/23    Can anyone recommend a good book on serious power networking?
        I need to eek every last drop of bandwith I can and am looking for
        something that can give me some good ideas.
2001/9/24 [Finance/Investment, Finance/Banking] UID:22612 Activity:kinda low
9/24    as far as "financial institutions" rank, how does MBNA rate?
        anyone have any opinions of citicorp/b of a?  I'm looking to open a
        roth IRA and do some bonds investment.
        \ BofA ? you mean bunch of fucking assholes?
          \_ that's good.  i like that one.  Sorry, i've not heard that one
             before, but i guess it's really obvious at this point.
             They are dicks tho.  I unfortunately have an account with them
             can you suggest an alternative?  (altho i'd rather have the
             response to the original post).
             \_ I used to be a GW customer and got shafted after the WM
                merger. I switched to BofA and haven't had any problems
                yet. What sort of problems have you had with BofA?
             \_ I have both checking and MasterCard accounts with BofA for 12
                years.  Never had any problem.
2001/9/24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22613 Activity:moderate
9/23    anyone ever get sslwrap + smtp to work?
        \_ Recent versions of sendmail have TLS built in.
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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