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2001/9/23 [Uncategorized] UID:22593 Activity:nil
9/22    A good laugh
2001/9/23 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22594 Activity:kinda low
9/22    scary shit: - danh
        \_ It is scary that salon is still online.
        \_ also note the above article is from 1995.
        \_ what tasty and delicious theorizing! i recommend these links be
           turned into a chain letter. better this than fake-nostradamus and
           old Canadian editorials from the 70's.
                \_ what part do you think is so off the wall?  or are
                   you just being tom-like, tom?
                   \_ why do people always think i'm being sarcastic? i said
                      what i meant, these are fascinating articles and i think
                      average people should hear about this. i'm not tom.
        \_ .50cal long-range sniper rifle, standard SEAL issue.  I honestly
           don't see what's so difficult about this--I'd imagine that a lot
           of scruples against "executive orders" would have fallen by
           the wayside by now...-John
           \_ .50BMG is primarily for "hard targets" like tranports,
              equipment.  Stick to .308/.300/.338 for people.
2001/9/23 [Uncategorized] UID:22595 Activity:nil
9/22    A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken a few days after the attacks
        showed that Americans were supporting special measures intended for
        those of Arab descent. In the survey, 58 percent backed more intensive
        security checks for Arabs, including those who are United States
        citizens, compared with other travelers; 49 percent favored special
        identification cards for such people, and 32 percent backed "special
        surveillance" for them.
        \_ I love polls.  Here's your poll stated differently, "More than
           two thirds of Americans are opposed to any sort of 'special
           surveillance' for Arab-Americans, more than half were opposed to
           ID cards, and a near majority were opposed to any sort of security
           checks for those of Arab descent".  Polls are garbage.  Most are
           "push polls" with leading questions and no right answer which allow
           the poll taker to make whatever they want of the answers.  Ever been
           polled?  I have.  It was 20 minutes long and they could have had me
           saying *anything*.  "100% of csua members polled are in favor of
           deorbiting the moon to lower the price of cheese".
           \_ Ooh!  I'm for that.  -John
2001/9/23 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:22596 Activity:nil
9/22    "Afghanistan Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen, Soviet Vets Say"
        \_ Unlike the Russians and British, we're not trying to take over the
           country and rule the people.
           \_ Unlike the Russians, the British, while having Gen. Elphinstone
              lose a > 12,000 man army the first time around, actually whupped
              them something good, blew up their main mosque, then left,
              having made their point.  They were not trying to take over,
              but rather to prop up a suitable puppet capable of keeping the
              Russians from moving in and threatening India in their desire
              for non-isolated warm-water port.  As Afghanistan, under the
              English-installed kings was actually quite stable from 1847-
              1965-ish, at which point the British were no longer in India,
              and with a government in place there which was friendly to
              the soviets, one might conclude that they were pretty
              successful.  So none of this untameable tribal barbarian stuff,
              please.  -John
2001/9/23 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:22597 Activity:high
9/20    Berkeley, as seen from New York:

        \_ Very intellectual, balanced, and thoughtful.  Have a look at this
           week's Economist for some surprisingly reasonable articles.  -John
        \_ wow, this is SO much like watchmen.  I mean, was the
           NY Post what they based the "New Frontiersman" on?  Anyone
           else draw parallels to the recent events to the end of watchmen?
        \_ what-evah. there are idiots everywhere. if some of berkeley's idiots
           fall on the extreme opposite end of the political spectrum from the
           idiots in most other areas, then so be it.
           \_ I believe idiots in Cornell or Yale has banned students from
              hanging flags from their dorm rooms. <insert ivory towers
              comment here> Sometimes I feel ASHAMED of graduating from
              Berkeley. I read the article and feel DISGUSTED about the
              crap that goes on in that silly place. Where are the
              patriots in Berkeley?  Rise up and be heard!
              \_ I'm in New Haven now, and there are flags all over all the
                 official Yale stuff, including the residential colleges
                 where the undergrads all live.  If there is a specific
                 dorm room window ban, I'm sure it's some stupid fire
                 hazard thing, not political.
        \_ All of it is accurate and correct.
           \_ [contentless ad hominem blather purged]
        \_ the whole thing was blown out of proportion.  the nypost
           sucks ass anyway, did you read their little tirade blaming
           the bombing on the united nations?
           \_ What was blown out of proportion exactly?  It's all true,
              accurate, correct, and precise.
              \_ Barbara Lee is not a Communist. Neither is Ron Dellums.
                 Ron Dellums was chair of the House Armed Forces committe.
           \_ the world is collapsing, manhattan is about to generate
              a giant sinkhole and all of lower manhattan could fall
              into the hudson river, and they're concerned about
              bfd not putting flags on their trucks?   I'm looking
              at the site and I see a column by John Gotti's daughter.
              Here's a great factual 100 percent correct column
              for you:
        \_ I hate to break it to you, but the New York Post is the paper that
           New Yorkers who are too poor to subscribe to the New York Times
           read.  It's a pretty sensationalistic, entertainment-first, news
           second kind of paper.
           \_ It has nothing to do with wealth.  The Post is _the_ paper for
              New Yorkers.  It's the local paper in the same way The San
              Francisco Comical is the bay area paper.  Anyway, yes the paper
              is trash but the article is still 100% correct regarding
              Berkeley.  Go ahead, correct something in the article and let
              us know where they went wrong.
              \_ The NY Post is like a real newspaper in the same way Hard
                 Copy is like real news.
                 \_ No, it's exactly like the SF Chron.  Anyway, no one has
                    yet said exactly what is inaccurate in the article.
        \_ "They would be rotting in jail for their political heresies,
            tortured with cattle prods. Or buried up to their necks in sand
            and stoned to death." - THis is the concluding thought,
            which to me, seems almost to say he wishes this is what happened
            to us "Berkeleyites".. We should demand an apology....
            im not even sure though if the paper is worth asking an apology
            \_ "...which to me, seems almost to say he wishes this is what
                happened to us..." is a matter of your opinion and feeling.
                The fact remains that what he said is true.  You'd be killed
                or permanently in jail in many countries for the same behavior.
                You live in the freest nation on the planet.  Enjoy it, but
                don't piss on it.  You've got no where better to go.
        \_ If this article is correct, then I think people in Berkeley are
           being idiots.  However, I suspect that the writer is biased and
           more interested in insulting Berkeley and liberals in general
           than providing a reasonable opinion.  For example, the writer
           refers to Rep. Lee voting against the resolution supporting the
           use of force.  I saw a clip of Lee's speech on TV, and she
           wasn't arguing that we shouldn't use force.  Instead, she was
           saying that we shouldn't act hastily in the heat of the moment
           and do something we might later regret (e.g. kill lots of
           innocent people).
           \_ Opinions are just that: opinion.  There's no such thing as a
              reasonable or unreasonable opinion.  Why is it so hard for
              some people to separate fact from opinion?   I read Lee's
              comments about her vote right after her vote and "not act too
              hasty" was not her agenda.  "Not act" was her agenda.
2001/9/23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22598 Activity:very high
9/20    Who wants to start a "what day does the bombing begin" pool?
        \_ That was one of the most fun things we did in the coop, for the
           Haiti invasion (until Carter fuffed it for everyone.)  If only
           for all the self-righteous cave people it pissed off.  -John
        \_ Yeah, now I see why www access to motd.public was removed.
           \_ eh? whatchew smokin fool?
              \_ crack.  lots and lots of crack.
           \_ Now, if I had said "who wants to start a 'how many civilian
              casualties will the US cause in its bombing campaign' pool?"
              you might have a point. But I did not.
        \_ I don't think you'll see the sort of bombing you're looking for.
           I think this is going to be like a new Cold War.  This time the
           opposing philosophy is a twisted version of extremist Islam.  Last
           time it was communism.  In 10 to 15 years after the fundamentalist
           muslims are crushed and their children are listening to the latest
           off the Top 40 charts, we'll have a few years of peace before some
           one else steps up to the plate to take a swing.  It's the price of
                \_ Maybe the fundamentalists are right about us being the
                   \_ Maybe?  So you think a bunch of civilian killing, zero
                      freedom dictatorships are morally superior to a
                      democratically elected most-free market economy with a
                                             \_ I read that as motd-free.
                      free press, open travel for citizens, the right to
                      criticise the government without fear of death or
                      imprisonment?  You're either a troll or insane.
                      \_ I vote for "joking"
        \_ how about "Which U.S. city gets nuked first?"
           \_ I'll take that bet.  My answer: none.  A little anthrax crop
              dusting through a few east bay districts would wake a up a few
              people though.  Those that survived....
2001/9/23 [Reference/Military, Health/Women] UID:22599 Activity:kinda low
9/23    Here's who we are fighting.  Follow the links and have fun.
        \_ See?  They're morally superior to us.  I'm sure the civilians
           must have done something to deserve this!
2001/9/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:22600 Activity:moderate
9/23    let's say there's a C library you want to use called
        I think to load it you'd go something like:
        static { System.loadLibrary("mdn"); }
        However, let's say that a function call looked like this:
        mdn_result_t mdn_encodename(int actions, const char
        *from, char *to, size_t tolen)
        since mdn_result_t is probably a typedef or struct,
        does that mean you'd have to write another C wrapper
        to make mdn_result_t make sense to Java?
        \_ Yes. BTW, you probably can't call the c function directly
           without risking random segv's in your program.
2001/9/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:22601 Activity:moderate
9/23    reading list:
        the truth about the CIA?
        \_ supplimental reading:
2001/9/23 [Uncategorized] UID:22602 Activity:nil
9/23    We sure have a lot of bombing to do:
        \_ They forgot the Popular Front for the Liberation of Soda
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