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2001/8/27 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22267 Activity:high
8/26    I need to attach a word doc to an email, but my ISPs smtp server
        has been down for a couple of days. Anyone know how to attach a
        word doc (mimencoded) via mh? Or alternatively, how can I convince
        netscape to use soda as the outgoing SMTP server? Simply putting
        in doesn't seem to work.
        \_ use hotmail or some other web mailer...
        \_ you can use soda as an smtp server using ssh port forwarding.  you
           could also transfer the file to soda via ftp or zmodem or whatever
           and mail the file from there
           \_ Getting the file to soda is easy, but I have no idea how to set
              up the port forwarding to make this work. Any pointers?
              \_ ssh -ljondoe -L 6666:csua:25 csua
                 then use port 6666 on your local computer as your smtp server
              \_ if you can get the file to soda, can't you just e-mail it as an
                 \_ How do you attach a file to a e-mail message using a cli
                    client? Sorry I'm /bin/mail and mh, and I've never had to
                    deal with this mime stuff till very recently.
                    \_ Use mpack & munpack, or, if you don't want to deal
                       with mime at all, uuencode and uudecode.
        \_ you can use metasend.  Or you can use pine (for just one message)
           \_ This looks perfect. Thanks.
        \_ Read the mhbuild man page to do it in mh,
                or use mpack (quicker, easier)
        \_ Why wouldn't you just use Yahoo mail, or Hotmail, from your local
2001/8/27 [Uncategorized] UID:22268 Activity:low
8/27    RIP Aaliyah.
        January 16, 1979 - August 15, 2001
        \_ Yeah, just as she was ramping up with a new album and movie
           roles in the likes of Matrix 2.
           \_ ...and Matrix 3, I think.
              \_ Yes.
                 \_ She took the blue pill.
2001/8/27 [Uncategorized] UID:22269 Activity:kinda low
8/27    are you going to burning man?  where are you camping? - danh
        \_ in between the hippies and the people who complain about
           not bathing.  Or probably next to the concession stand selling
2001/8/27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22270 Activity:high
8/27    from a unix admin at ucsf to a guy I know...

> Dear [USER],
> The password command is currently available between the
> hours of 4PM to 9AM. This is to reduce the number of password
> modifications during business hours, which tend to use a lot of
> system resources.

These people MUST be joking.
\_ Don't some passwd commands require replication throughout the network?
   E.g., I have a address but there are 150
   possible machines I can login to spanning different UNIXs and Windoze NT
   \_ I think this is rediculous too. A well designed NIS, NIS+, LDAP (or about
      any other directory server) architecture should handle hundreds of clients
      and thousands of user accounts no matter how often they change their
      passwords.  They must be rdisting passwd/shadow files or something other
      equally dull on that system.
2001/8/27 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:22271 Activity:very high
8/27    On Thursday evening, August 23rd at approximately 11:50 pm four
        students were robbed at gunpoint.
          The four students were walking northbound on the Piedmont Ave.
        sidewalk when they were confronted by two (2) male suspects.
        Suspect #1 pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed it at
        the four students.  The suspects robbed the students of their
        personal belongings and fled southbound on Piedmont Avenue to the
        2700 block of Bancroft Way.  The suspects got into a Sport
        Utility Vehicle and drove westbound on Bancroft Way.
        \_ What is wrong with the news today??  What I REALLY want to know
           is what race the hoodlums were.
           \_ it goes without saying that they were black.
              \_ Only whites and spoiled Asians drive SUV's.
                 \_ The robbers were black.
                 \_ what? SUV's are the generic station wagon of these times.
                    that they're being singled out to scream "Racism!".
                    EVERYONE has one.
                       \_ OJ will tell you the same, thus it couldn't possibly
                          be him driving that Bronco.
                    \_ Ask OJ.  No, not that oj.
                       \_ OJ will tell you that only whites and spoiled Asians
                          drive SUV's, thus it couldn't possibly be him driving
                          that Bronco.
                          \_ especially not a WHITE one. i mean really.
              \_ usually it's <ethnic> if they don't specifically say.  the
                 report would say white if the robbers were white.
                 \_ Yup, only white people can't make use of every opportunity
                    to scream "Racism!" whenever they're being singled out.
                    -- Asian
2001/8/27 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:22272 Activity:high
8/27    Given the current job market, how many of you are either going or
        are thinking of going to grad school?  This questions applies mostly
        to people who got laid off or graduated and haven't found a job.  Or
        to people who think they will get hit in the next round of layoffs.
        I'm curious how many people think of grad school as "safe haven" or
        "retraining opportunity".
        \_ I'm fleeing the industry because a friend of mine who graduated
           and walked with me is now waiting tables; yes we both did CS.
        \_ I've always wanted to go to grad school all these years, only if it
           doesn't cost as much.  Now that my old company went bankrupt and
           my new employer sponsers for grad school, I think I'll finally go
           for it.
                \_ I think competition is more fierce now that people are
                   going back to school.
        \_ I'm applying to grad school to fill the holes in my education (I
           studied MSE, but I've been doing EE/CS work since sophomore year).
           I'm doing fine in my job, but a grad degree is the only way I can
           make it to the "next level".
2001/8/27 [Uncategorized] UID:22273 Activity:high
8/27    hate those X10 pop up ads? this URL is supposed to make them
        stop for 30 days:
        \_ only 30 days???
           \_ edit the cookie..
2001/8/27 [Uncategorized] UID:22274 Activity:nil
8/27    Anyone knows what concert it was at the SF Marina yesterday afternoon?
2001/8/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22275 Activity:nil
8/27    Hey I just bought a WinME Dell PC.  (Yes, I'm a whore.)
        How do I make it password protected?  The Windows password
        is a formality.  You can ESC right out of it.  Any other methods?
        \_ Doh, that password that is asked when you boot windows 98/ME is
           used for authenticating you only to the -network- SMB-based
           servervices. It was never intended to protect the local machine.
           If you are really worried about security at least get a real
           multi-user OS like Windows2000 like a real man.
        \_ For an extra $80, you could have gotten Win2K prof on that machine.
        WinME is worse than Win98.  Win2K is the first decent OS M$ has ever
        made. -eric
2001/8/27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:22276 Activity:high
8/27    What is an OS level command equivalent of perl's chomp and chom?
        \_ /* not tested */
           void chomp(char *str) {
                int len;
                if (str == NULL || ((len = strlen(str)) <= 0)) return;
                if (str[len-1] == '\n') str[len-1] = '\0';
           void chop(char *str) {
                int len;
                if (str == NULL || ((len = strlen(str)) <= 0)) return;
                str[len-1] = '\0';
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