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2001/8/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:22258 Activity:moderate
8/24    On the back of an outlet there are 4 holes for wires to go in.
        Typically i've seen the white wire on the right and the black
        wire on the left (if you are staring at the back).
        Does the top/bottom matter or are they just redundant holes
        \_they're not redundant if you use them...
          \_ ahh, i see.  It is so you can double the power supply.
             (or draw power from two circuits or whatever)
             but they both feed to the same place right (i lamely do not
             have a voltometer)? If i put the left one in the top and the
             right in the bottom that will not cause any problems. correct?
2001/8/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:22259 Activity:moderate
8/24    Yo Mr. angband, chill.
        \_ He probably was on a 56K and got disconnected each time
           Can't blame someone too much for an angband addiction
           \_ he can at least clean up after himself..heh..
        \_ he should use screen.
2001/8/25-26 [Health] UID:22260 Activity:high
8/24    "If I should fall from grace with God where no doctor can relieve me
        If I'm buried 'neath the sod so the angels can't receive me
        Let me go, boys, Let me go boys
        Let me go down in the mud when the rivers all run dry."
        \_ Bury me at sea where no murdered ghost can haunt me.
           If I rock upon the waves then no corpse can lie upon me
        \_ This land was always ours -- 'twas the proud land of our fathers'
           It belongs to us and them and not to any of the others...
                ...but more importantly:
                        A curse upon you Oliver Cromwell,
                        You who raped our Motherland.
                        I hope you're rottin' down in hell
                        For the horrors you did send
                        To our misfortunate forefathers
                        Whom you robbed of their birthright...
                        "To hell or Connaught"
                        May you burn in hell tonight!
                Shane or no, that's how it's done.
        \_ Roses are red, violets are blue, tongue-fuck my shithole, bitch.
        \_ One for me, and one for my homeys.
        \_ Get off my dick.
           \_ now get back on. now get off it...
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2001:August:25 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>