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2001/8/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22105 Activity:insanely high
8/13    Went to a really close friend's wedding. Turned out that he had
        me sitting in the back and now I'm pissed. How to get even?
        \_ He got married, you are still free. Living free is the best
           revenge. In a few years when she has taken multiple lovers
           and is living in the grand cayman and has divorced him by
           lying to the commie lesbian feminazi judge about him being
           an inconsiderate, deadbeat, wifebeating, beer drinking
           racist spousal rapist and he is stuck living out the rest
           of his pathetic little life eating the throwaways in the
           dumpsters outside of ranch99 market and sleeping in the
           back of an abandoned 81 pinto, just remind him that you
           sat in the back at his wedding and that you are still FREE!
        \_ I hate people like you who are always so fucking jealous.
           You people look for an excuse to be offended by something.
           You're worse than those PC thugs.
        \_ get the wife pregnant, induce labor at the latest time, and ten
           bury her up to her neck in the desert and watch her die while
           trying to give birth.  Film it and send it in to mtv jackass.
           \_ I think merely doing her will be simpler and better, only if
              she's hot of course.  Why bother the other steps?
                                    \_ if she isn't hot, then you need
                                       the whole idea.
                                       \_ If she isn't hot, why are you willing
                                          to do her?
                                          \_ she's unimportant and trivial
                                             in this case.  casualty of war.
                                             \_ Collateral casualty, baby.
        \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that you wouldn't mind
           sitting in the back and leaving the front seats to some of his
           arrogant relatives.
        \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that his wife
           mumbles in her sleep about that hawt-looking pal of her
           husband's that she wishes she got to know a little better.
           Happens a lot.  You'd do the same thing.
           \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that he
              mumbles in his sleep about that hawt-looking pal of his
              that he wishes he had got to know "intimately" and that
              just scares her and she had him seat you in the back.
              Happens a lot. If you had a girl, she would do the same
              thing, unless she was into that two guy thing.
           \- without knowing details, my guess is relatives got front
           tables. and often-seen friends were assumed to be understanding
           and lumped together at the back. as long as you were sitting
           with resonable people who cares where the table is? i was best
           man at a wedding and was at the "top table" and would have rather
           been sitting with my friends rather than next to the bride's
           father's "friend" who was some kind of millionaire communist
           who made be bite my tongue more than the food. it is also possible
           your friend wasnt heavily involved in who sat where and so he
           isnt really culpable. i would pay more attention to how your
           to get drunk and obnoxious, it worked out great.
           relashionship hold up from here and give him the benefit of the
           doubt ... e.e. does he say "i am glad you came, it was important
           me to have you there". etc. --psb
           \_ hey psb is your millionaire communist friend about
              72 and hangs out at I-House a lot? - danh
              \- naw she's a manhattanite who runs a "foundation". --psb
           \_ when are you getting married psb? Are you straight?
              \- what the hell brought this on. --psb
                \_ you're being defensive.
        \_ I just got married and we seated every guest by table, trying
           to put people together who we thought would enjoy each other's
           company at dinner.  when it came time to place the tables
           themselves in some particular order in relation to the head
           table, we did it completely randomly.  the only table we
           intentionally placed anywhere was the parent's table.  that went
           right next to the head table.  nobody seemed to mind where they
           were sitting.  then again, you could have been at my wedding
           and if you were and we are close friends you should talk to me
           about it.
        \_ recent wedding i went to, the bride made sure all the Cal
           people were all at a table in back where we we would be free
           to get drunk and obnoxious, the colorfully dressed relative
           from the traditional indian half of the couple took
           up the front tables, it worked out great.
           \_ What if you were a colorfully dressed traditional indian
              who went to cal?
        \_ To the original poster: Dude! Please! Do you always take things
           personally? Did your friend ask you to be an usher or help out
           with concessions, etc? My closest friend tied the knot last summer
           and I was nowhere to be found on the church pews since I volunteered
           in helping out with video-taping and other little stuff. Wedding is
           a hectic event for all parties involved, I'm sure it's not his/her
           intention to do whatever he/she did to you. Trust me, it's not you.
           It's just the wrong situation.. - jthoms
           \_ You are some kind of sicko, video-taping the last mintues of
              freedom that your friend (or friends husband) had. Sick. You
              should have yourself commited.
              I agree that weddings are a hectic event. They are hectic in
              the same way that a lynching or a public execution is a hectic
              event, whenever a man is condemned its very hectic.
        \_ ATTENTION DIVORCED GUY!!! I'm waiting for your response here
           man. Tell us about your wedding day.  I want to know.  Really, I
           really do want to know.  - divorced guy's #1 fan
           \_ I asked for punch and was given hemlock. No, wait. Compared
              to marriage, drinking hemlock would have been a pleasure.
              \_ Hemlock would have been over quickly, and required far less
                 dedication at first.
                 \_ I'm told that hemlock hurts at first, but then all your
                    worries just disappear. Marriage is completely the opposite.
                    Its not that bad in the beginning, but then you discover
                    that women are filthy lying scoundrels who can never be
                    trusted and that the pain never stops. It is as close to
                    eternal damnation as you can get in this world.
                    \_ if you don't know this already, you have no business
                       getting married. get some clue before you wed.
2001/8/14 [Uncategorized] UID:22106 Activity:nil
8/13    I agree with Paul.
        \_ hi twohey
        \_ Is this wanker back again?
2001/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:22107 Activity:nil
        \_ I'm sorry, but you cannot use @home with a non-M$ OS, 'it's not
2001/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:22108 Activity:very high
8/13    What are people's opinions on large projects written in perl?  I have
        heard from a very reliable source that large (more than a couple of
        tens of thousands of lines) projects collapse under their own weight
        if written in perl.
        \_ Yeah, that's the common wisdom on the subject.
        \_ It's indeed "common wisdom", but not a definitively true statement.
           What kind of project do you have in mind?
        \_ I don't think perl's inherently limited to small projects, but
           its advantages are strongest there.  For large projects, you
           can use strict, use the object-oriented stuff, compile if you
           have to.  There's no particular reason why a large project
           wouldn't work, but support for large projects is kind of tacked
           on, and doesn't make for the kind of fast development that makes
           perl ideal for smaller projects.  -tom
           \_ I'd (annoyingly) agree with tom, and I love perl.  Keep in mind
              that "large project" is relative.  If it's a giant website,
              with lots of pages, but each page has a limited amount of
              work to do, and you want shared components, there are definitely
              systems in place to make perl a good system for that.  If it's
              one big monolithic app, forget it.
              \_ did you mean "annoyedly"?
                 \_ well, if i agree with tom, than by definition i _am_
                 \_ well, if i agree with tom, then by definition i _am_
                    \_ did you mean "then"?
                    being annoying...
                    \_ I'm annoyed.
2001/8/14-15 [Transportation/Car] UID:22109 Activity:very high
8/13    Does anybody have anything good/bad to say about Berkeley area auto
        mechanics?  What about online advice from web/newsgroups?  My '84
        Oldsmobile is grinding while shifting from 2nd to 3rd.  Thanks --mjm
        \_ The Quantum Mechanics is quite good. The rest, mediocre.
        \_ Ive had very good results with my 89 Olds at Campus Auto.  They
           are a little more expensive than some other places, but they know
           their shit.
                \_ Thanks, where are they located?
                   \_ Shattuck Ave and Francisco 848-8828 -- they are actually
                      supposedly one of the more reasonably priced auto
                      mechanics --chris
        \_ anyone have experience with Ocean Works?
           \_ good for japanese cars.  849-1383 on 10th street.  --chris
        \_ -- scroll down
           to "autos" section.  -chris
2001/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:22110 Activity:high
8/14    I want to take down (legally?), a spamming site.
        What can be done?
        \_ DDoS it
        \_ Complain to their upstream provider.
           \_ not sure whether upstream provider == ISP, but they say
              they are an ISP so they can't be taken down.
              \_ Someone sold them bandwidth, unless they laid their
                 own cable (highly unlikely). In this case it is AlterNet.
                 \_ How did you find that out?
        \_ % whois -h
           UUNET Technologies, Inc. (NETBLK-UUNET1996B) UUNET1996B
           iServices Inc. (NETBLK-UU-208-253-172) UU-208-253-172
           These fuckers are under UUNET. You might as well give up now;
           UUNet is known for being a haven for spammers.
2001/8/14 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:22111 Activity:nil
8/14    Because of the intense public interest in the SDMI Research paper and
        the legal wrangles it has endured, USENIX and Dr. Dobb's Technetcast
        have teamed up to broadcast the paper presentation and subsequent
        panel discussion with Dr. Edward Felten LIVE on the Technetcast Web site

        The broadcast will be available in two formats: RealVideo and Ogg Vorbis
        a general purpose, compressed audio format that is a non-proprietary,
        patent and royalty-free alternative to MP3. The broadcast marks the
        first time in USENIX history that we have provided conference content
        over a public media.

        Log onto on Wednesday,
        August 15, 2001, 6:00 to 7:30 PM Eastern.  Capacity for simultaneous
        access is limited, but users will be able to view the recorded
        presentation on the Technetcast archives immediately after the
        broadcast.  --jon
2001/8/14-15 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:22112 Activity:high
8/14    What's the purpose of an air show with military aircrafts?  Why would
        a country want to let other countries know what their jet fighers
        can and cannot do?
        \_ intimidation
        \_ in this day and age, it can be an advertisement -- buy my MIGs!
        \_ it's a major recruiting tool, and PR stunt. Plus what they show
           at the shows is already known. The airshows held in the states
           are for the public and are quite frankly very boring compared
           to the ones at industry air shows held in UK and Paris. There
           the Russians come and show off their stuff and challenge others
           to do the same (certain Su-27 are more acrobatic than anything but
           the F-22). You get to see things like the An-225 Cossack, too.
           the baddest MF cargo plane on the planet
           \_ Isn't the Su-37 far more acrobatic than the F-22?
        \_ I think Pearl Harbor the recent movie gave away our biggest tactic
           of playing chicken with each other and making the enemy follow and
        \_ The air show is that industry's equivalent of a trade conference.
           All the stuff for public consumption is usually a side product.
           You're not seeing the 3rd worlders in th background writing checks.
2001/8/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22113 Activity:nil
8/14    I like having sex with two men at the same time, but I'm not sure how
        to tell this to my BF.  He's the jealous type and probably wouldn't
        like any other man touching me.  He's also very nice and I want to
        continue the relationship.  What should I do?  - BDG's ex-wife
        \_ If you post your pic, maybe I'll try to convince him for you.
        \_ Dump boyfriend.  Get two or three or four new boyfriends.
        \_ I'd dump my gf the day she made such a proposal.
2001/8/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:22114 Activity:high
        Why the hell are Netscape and Cisco on the top 20 list? Netscape
        browser is dead, few people use it nowadays. Cisco is a corporate
        monopolistic monster that buys other companies, has very little
        innovation and has messed up the housing crisis in the Bay Area.
        Fuck them both.
        \_ Having worked for the government, cisco, sun and several
           startups, IMHO cisco is the best company to work for bar none.
           The environment was great, the facilities and equipment were
           good, the products were reliable and well liked, management
           was outstanding and the compensation was excellent. - cisco alum
        \_ You work for Micro$oft?
        \_ Toyota, Honda, Yamaha and Nissan are California based?
           \_ yeah the North American divisions are. it's for tax purposes
              and to avoid all the negative publicity of imports of the 80's
              \_ I thought Lexus, Acura and Infinity were created for this
                 purpose while Toyota, Honda and Nissan still continued calling
                 themselves Japanese companies.
                 \_ That's 2ndary, Lexus and Acura were created because
                    toyota and honda were too associated with econo-boxes
                    so they can compete with benz and BMW. and while you have
                    most toyotas and hondas made in the U.S. noww - most
                    lexus,acura, infinitis are still made in japan .
2001/8/14 [Finance/Banking, Reference/RealEstate] UID:22115 Activity:nil
8/14    How do I retrieve an article that appeared under the "Today on MSN"
        section in just half an hour ago but is now gone?  Thx.
        \_ what link are you looking for?  ford recall, pcs passe, 6 new car
           reviews, gap school uniforms, etc. -uctt
           \_ The one about home prices and refinancing and growing equity
                   \_ Thanks a lot!  I read it half way thru and then
                      accidentally closed my browser.  How did you find it?
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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