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2001/8/9 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:22057 Activity:nil
8/9     happy 56th anniversary of the bombing of nagasaki
2001/8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:22058 Activity:nil
8/8     Is there any way to duplicate the %i scanf conversion specifier using
        C++ streams? (This is the one that looks at whether there is a 0x or
        leading 0 to decide whether to treat as hex or octal).
2001/8/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22059 Activity:nil
8/9     ATTENTION SODA MALES!  There are three women schedule to attend the
        enterprise java class below.  Please do show up and check them out.
        Just don't scare them away though.  Thank You.  -brain
        \_ This is just asking for trouble.
        \_ this is so not me.  But incidentally this class is a serious
           chick magnet.  You know girls love J2EE.  Or maybe they just love
           being more employable.  At any rate sign up and learn some new
           skill with us!  -brain
        \_ why do you need so many people in your class?  Is it something
           you can put on your resume?  What's the catch?

President Bush (news - web sites) has made up his mind about whether
to allow federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and will
announce the decision in a national address on Thursday night, the
White House said.
        \_ i senese a prominition.
           \_ Is this Bushonics, Engrish, or plain stupidity?
              \_ "promination". It's a very cromulent word.
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:22060 Activity:very high
8/9     What is the best graphical web browser != (Iexplorer || netscape)?
        \_ OmniWeb on OSX.  Really, try it if you can.
        \_ what about opera? I've heard people talking about this but
           never used it.
           \_ Its okay. Its not the best thing since sliced bread and
              http as some people would have you believe.
        \_ Konquerer
           Unfortunately the browser is not sold separately from the hardware.
           \_ Yeah whatever, when it supports all versions of jscript,
              javascript, java and netscape plugins we'll talk
              \_  bullshit. bloat does not make a good browser. when everyone
                  starts using Konqueror, you won't need to support all
                  versions of everything. and the dumbass who suggested
                  it misspelled it. it's spelled "Konqueror".
                  \_ google will suggest the proper spelling for ya.
                  \_ Do web designers pick vi and ed over M$ Frontpage
                     in your own little penguin dominated world?
                     \_ no serious web designers use FrontPage.  DreamWeaver
                        is the common choice.  -tom
                        \_ DreamWeaver, M$ FrontPage is makes no difference
                           as far as my point is concerned.
              \_ Will kde2.2 fix the problems w/ javascript?  That's one of
                my biggest beefs with konqueror.
        \_ Does mosaic still exist?
        \_ The GlobalPC browser.  Works well on a 486
           and is faster than IE on a P-II.  Unfortunately the browser is not
           sold separately from the hardware.
        \_ AOL browser.
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22061 Activity:high
8/9     I use my Solaris box for single user development. Would I expect
        noticeable performance gain if I defragment my drive, assume there
        is such a utility for Solaris?
        \_ UFS doesn't fragment much. Some performance can be had
           by enabling logging on your filesystems (5.7 and newer)
           \_ and adding 'noatime', and eeprom ata-dma-enable=1
              \_ depending on your usage pattern, add a raid filesystem
                 or 2nd disk to house some other partitions
                 Besides cost of disk, the Raid packages are free.
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:22062 Activity:low
8/9     A DSL line splits the digital and voice into different frequencies.
        Theoretically they should not interfere with each other.  But a
        friend of mine have PacBell DSL and very often I cannot reach him.
        When I can't get through it's usually busy or nobody answers.  I
        can confirm the problem by calling his cell phone and making sure that
        nobody is using the line.  Anybody have come across this problem with
        PacBell DSL?  I'm wondering if this is a wiring problem or something
        fundamentally wrong with the line itself.
        \_  depends on how the DSL was installed -- PB installed a splitter
           and filters on my line to separate the signals.  I hear in newer
           'self install's they dont do that.
           \_ with self-installs, you get a packet of filters to put on every
              phone line that doesn't use DSL (as well as a splitter or two).  I
              forgot to put one on the answering machine and it was hanging up
              on people before they could leave messages.  So put the filters
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:22063 Activity:moderate
8/9     Does anybody know what Cringely is talking about when he says that
        winXP's "open TCP sockets" design will make the virus situation
        worse?  If CodeRed can ping around, isn't that about the same as
        raw socket access?
        \_ Are you talking about that Gibson guy who saws raw sockets is
           \_ the problem is with 'open TCP sockets' programs can be written
              that can forge IP addresses and do other nastiness, making
              DOS attacks harder to trasck down.  ISPs could stop this with
              ingress filtering, but they are generally too lazy.
              \_ RED and PushBack will solve the (D)DoS problem if properly
                 implemented by about 20% of the internet.
        \_ He's ripping off the statements made by some guy from
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