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2001/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:22042 Activity:high
8/7     free and easy NT/win2000 FW?  It is for the girlfriend.  She jsut got
        DSL.  I will eventually have her nat'ed but in the meantime...
        \_ get a $100 hardware NAT box such as netgear RT314, SMC, linksys, etc
        \_ I love the SMC Barricade (4 port hub/PPPoE in hardware/Print server/
           DHCP server/FW).  $80 last I checked.
           \_ I don't love the Barricade; I had one, and it broke.  I sent it
              back to SMC for a replacement; the replacement broke.  They
              wanted to send me a third unit; that's when I said "no thanks,
              I'd like my money back so that I can buy a NetGear" (an RT314
              which has been working just fine now for months.)  -- kahogan
        \_ Free? Tiny Personal Firewall or Zonealarm. Zonealarm is very easy,
           but really, I find it more useful to block outgoing than incoming.
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22043 Activity:high
        We will meet on the weekend once a week and talk about the various
        component technologies (EJB, JSP, XML, JMS, JDBC, Connectors) of
        J2EE.  Contact me for more info.  If you delete this you are only
        hurting your ignorant self and your own MOTD-reading community -brain
        \_ please keep the motd updated with the dates, times, and intended
           plan for these classes... unless someone has a better idea of where
           to post said updates.
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:22044 Activity:nil
8/7     Answer to my (x)emacs question:
        (global-set-key (kbd "C-<BS>") 'backward-kill-word)
        (global-set-key (kbd "C-<backspace>") 'backward-kill-word)
        'the second one is emacs compatible.
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:22045 Activity:high
8/7     Is there a way to add elements to a form with javascript?
        (eg, I click a button and a textbox appears.)  Thanks.
        \_ You can use css to set textbox so it doesn't appear on the
           browser (couple ways to do this), and then use javascript
           to toggle.
        \_ yes, with DHTML.  You do something like <SPAN ID="foo"></SPAN> and
           then dynamically set the contents of it to be whatever you want
           with document.all["foo"].innerHTML = "bar";
           you will have some problems getting this to work across different
           browsers, though, since IE and Netscape have a different object
           model for all this DHTML stuff.
           \_ This won't work in Netscape for two reasons. As you point out
              document.all["foo"] (foo is an id) is IE specific code.
              On top of that, Netscape 4 (may be fixed in 6) won't reflow
              a page, so you can't dynamically modify the content of
              span/div elements.
              If you need cross-browser compatibility, I think your best
              bet is what the first poster suggested -- create all the
              elements you want statically and use css to toggle them
              \_ if you really care about cross-browser compatibility, you
                 wouldn't be doing anything dynamic in the first place.
        \_ Don't do it on a production page.  It's bad from usability
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:22046 Activity:high
8/7     Is there a way to assign values to a structure in one statement?  e.g.
                my_struct_t m1, m2;

                m2 = m1;        /* compiles*/
                m2 = {1,2,3};   /* doesn't compile */
        \_ give my_struct_t a constructor.  pass 1,2,3 as arguments.
           m2 = my_struct_t(1,2,3);  --pld
           \_ if he's using C++, another way to do it is to define
              operator<< and/or operator,
              then you can do intuitive looking things like:
              Array ar;
              ar << 1,3,4,5,6;
              i don't remember the precedence of operator= but if it's
              lower than that of operator,
              you could also do
              ar = 1,2,3,4,5;
        \_ oh shit, you're asking for hell from the language lawyers.
           you can't do that at runtime but you can use that syntax as an
           initializer. that's why it's called "initializer" syntax.
           \_ Yes, you can say my_struct_t m2 = {1, 2, 3};
           \_ I need to assign different values multiple times, hence I can't
              do it as initialization.  Oh well, I'll just have to do it field
              by field then.
              \_ yeah, quit being such a lazy ass and do it by field.
              \_ have you read up on these things called "classes" by the way?
                 \_ Been out of school for too long.  I can't even find my K&R
                    book anymore.
                    \_ I have a copy, but it's in Russian :(.  As for your
                       question -- yeah, you can't use struct initialization
                       as assignment in C.  If you need it a lot, you can write
                       a macro.  -- misha.
              \_ this isn't terribly efficient, but can't you declare and
                 initialize a temporary structure, and then assign that to the
                 one you really want?  e.g.:
                 { my_struct temp = { x, y, z };
                   whatever = temp;
                  ...?  yeah, it's not a single line answer, but it's simple.
                 and if you're lucky, maybe your compiler will do the right
                 thing and ditch that temporary structure entirely. -jameslin
        \_ i think c99 allows this. you are using c99, right? -ali
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22047 Activity:moderate
8/7     What kind of a box would I need in order to run FreeBSD with
        firewall, NAT, DNS, and apache web server (http and https)?  I don't
        anticipate a lot of web traffic because we're a small company.  Thanks.
        \_ Any reasonable box with two ethernet interfaces.
        \_ The trick with FreeBSD is since the packages are in general not
           quite up-to-snuff yet, you're going to be building world/ports
           to do upgrades, so get a box that can build world fast enough
           not to frustrate you.  If your co. can afford it, just buy a new
           machine for $600, else, you can easily get by with a P166.  (We
           did)  --dbushong
       \_ If you aren't fixated on FreeBSD, I'd recommend getting an old
          SS10 or SS20 and running OpenBSD (cost ~ $300). The install is
          fast, the OS is secure and /usr/ports works. Apache, BIND and
                                     \_ Wow!  Can this be true!?
                                        \_ I've never had a problem with
                                           ports on OpenBSD.
          Squid (web cache, if your outbound link is slow it *really*
          helps) are all chrooted by default under OpenBSD.
          The reason I recommend Sun hardware as opposed to x86 is that
          most '1337 h4x0r5 have only x86 exploits and will be confused
          if they ever manage to break into your box.
          If you don't want to spring for Sun hardware, any midrange
          Pentium (166-200) will work or a low end PII. If you go with
          x86 get decent nics such as a Intel EtherExpress Pro.
          Regardless of which box you end up getting, make sure that
          you have an identically configured system in reserve (ideally
          not connected to the network and powered off) which you can
          deploy immediately in case of a break in or failure of your
          primary box. ----ranga
          \_ I have an SS20 as my firewall at home, running OpenBSD.  It is
             nice, but they are LOUD LOUD LOUD.  Also, don't forget that
             even if you manage to pick up two of those cool SuperSparc II
             CPUs lying around work, OpenBSD on Sun does not do SMP at all.
             also, they're not real quick to boot.  -John
             \_ I'm currently running a SS20 with OpenBSD and its not
                that loud. I'm not running SMP because I don't need that
                for a firewall. I'm guessing the original poster doesn't
                need it either. I'd have to disagree about the booting bit.
                My box boots in under 15 secs.
                If you are concerned with the sound, I'd suggest getting
                a SS10 with 5400 RPM drives. Its much quieter than the
                SS20. ----ranga
          \_ and hopefull whatever exploit used on the first box wont
             work (for whatever reason) on the second.
             \_ Having a second box allows you to figure out what the
                exploit was and patch/reinstall the first box without
                incurring the expense of total connectivity loss.
                Its not an ideal solution, but it is a reasonably
                practical one in terms of cost and connectivity.
          \_ Um "most hax0rs only have x86 exploits" is blatantly false.
             \_ How many script kiddies can hack into a MIPS Ultrix box?
             \_ From looking at attacks against Sparc, MIPS and x86
                systems, my experience has been that most h4x0r5 don't
                have or don't know how to get non-x86 binaries for the
                exploits. I know that a determined opponent could break
                in, but for the above poster interested in providing
                max protection for min cost for a small company, a non
                x86 architecture does that nicely.
                \_ how about a used PowerMac running NetBSD?
                   \_ OpenBSD runs fine on PowerMacs. No reason to
                      choose Net over Open for a firewall.
2001/8/8 [Recreation/Music] UID:22048 Activity:insanely high
8/8     There's this cute girl who likes jazz music. I want to get involved
        in some of her interests but I know anything about jazz music. Is
                                      ^- don't
        there some sort of "Jazz 101 for Dummies" website that could help me?
        \_ Talk to her about it.  You don't come off as a poser or faker,
           you show you're interested in what she does, and you interact
           with a person instead of a book or TV.
           \_ agreed!
        \_ See search engine. Jazz 101 or Jazz FAQ.
        \_ How about you ask her to take you to her fav local jazz weekly?
        \_ Ask her to come up to your apartment to check the reed in your
           \_ Or ask her to play your trombone, your sliding trombone.  (I got
              this from a Cynthia Rothrock movie.)
        \_ Listen to KCSM (FM 91.1 or 18 hours a day and
           try to memorize everything the DJs say.  This is not exactly a
           Jazz 101 to help you understand the fundamentals, but you'll be
           able to talk like you know jazz.  But then I think music is not
           something you should force yourself into if you don't like it.
           --- yuen
           \_ I like the first person's suggestion: Talk to her about it.
              It's not good being a poser or a faker.  And you may interact
              with her, and it'll be a more honest relationship.
              \_ Well, that's true.  --- yuen
        \_ Buy some classic Jazz CD's to see what you like. Kind of Blue,
           Sketches of Spain, and Blue Train are good starters. Try listening
           to things like Acid Jazz, percussion bands, and so forth too...
        \_ Only need to remember one thing: Kenny G != Jazz
           \_ Yeah, but if that cute girl thinks Kenny G == Jazz, he'd better
              think so too.
        \_ There was a Ken Burn's series on PBS about Jazz. Rent it/buy it/
           or borrow it.
        \_ Give it up jj. A relationship based on fraud never works out,
           and you know it only too well.
2001/8/8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:22049 Activity:insanely high
8/8     "Till caste do us apart...":
                \- article which focus on these kinds of anomalous behavior
                really distort external perception of a community. If the
                only news someone got of life in the american south were
                stories of lynchings, cross burnings, and black men dragged
                along the street by good old boys in pickup trucks, you would
                certainly get a wildly innaccurate view of what life was like
                in the south. --psb
                \_ how come you aren't "ok tnx"ing people anymore?
        \_ Actions, not birth, dictates ones caste. Those who fail to
           see this are doomed to commit acts such as the ones mentioned
           in this article. Neither the killed nor the killers acted
           in a manner consistent with being a Brahmin.
           \_ Birth dictates caste in all the sources I've seen. It's
              institutionalized, religious racism. Trying to deny that is
              rewriting history.
              rewriting history. Your attempts at rationalizing it don't get
              around the central issue. How does one enter the higher caste?
              Only through the acceptance of that caste? Unlikely. Maybe they
              would and maybe they wouldn't, but clearly the theory goes that
              depending on your actions you are reborn into the different caste.
              There is no possible way you can spin that to my satisfaction.
              Blacks may be reborn as whites as long as they act like whites
              enough, and if they're really white, maybe they'll be accepted
              by the whites as an honorary white. Until then, the blacks should
              accept their sacred roles as ho's, crack dealers, and rappers.
              With enough religious trappings, it probably works better than
              apartheid. After all, religion is the most proven form of mind
           \_ What is the "Jat" caste?
                           \_ Probably an untouchable.
                              \- have you ever though of not flapping your
                              \- you are jumping to conclusions. "jat" probably
                              in this context means caste, but it can also be a
                              generic term for class or kind. it can also be a
                              root for "best", mean a birth. it is the root of
                              a lot of difficult to translate words and
                              expressions. --psb
             \_ Actions in previous life dictate birth in next.
             \_ It is obvious you know very little about indian religion
                or scripture. The characteristics of caste are clearly
                described in the Gita and Krshna states that those who
                adhere to the rules of a given caste verily become members
                of that caste. There are several examples in the stories
                of the Upanishads, the lives of the Alvars and the Ramayana.
                Consider the case of Viswamithra, although we has born a
                warrior, he ultimately transcended that nature to become
                a Brahmarishi (the highest type of Brahmin).
                Also you may wish to consider the life and teachings of
                Sri Ramanuja whose greatest teacher was a man from the
                "lowest" caste, illustrating that caste is meaningless
                for true devotees of the lord. Ramanuja readily converted
                people from all castes and made them Brahmins with the
                only requirement being that they live as Brahmins live.
                BTW, Ramanuja lived over a thousand years ago so you
                can't tell me that this is a new development.
                \_ Is that why there are so many fake "brahmin" arseholes
                   around?  - a Brahmarishi.
                              \_ On average achieving this title takes
                                 several hundred thousand years of
                                 meditiation. Not even psb is that old.
                                 \_ You are wrong.  For some, enlightenment
                                    comes in a flash.
                   \_ I don't know what you mean by fake brahmins. The
                      vast majority of brahmins you meet are not related
                      to Ramanuja's followers (Iyengars, of which there
                      are less than a million world wide). In fact most
                      traditional brahmins don't like Iyengars because
                      they have revolutionary ideas like non discrimination
                      based on caste or creed.
                      \_ So all these born "brahmins" are not necessarily true
                         brahmins?  Otherwise, how do you explain the number
                         of arseholes among them?
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22050 Activity:nil
        \_ please keep the motd updated with the dates, times, and intended
           plan for these classes... unless someone has a better idea of where
           to post said updates.
2001/8/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22051 Activity:very high
8/8     My GF recently got a wierd phone call that went like this.
        caller: "Are you Asian?"
        her:  "yes? may I help you?"
        caller: "promise me not to hang up."
        her:  "I think you better talk to my BF."
        The guy hang up before I got there.  Are desperate and lonely white
        guys resorting to calling random asian women from the phone book?
        \_ the asian male underground has hired a telemarketing firm
           to recruit new members.  THE AMU WILL RISE AGAIN
        \_ things I didn't have to hear about
                \_ i agree
              And philippinas.  Loooove the Philippina honeys.
        \_ why do you assume that it's a desperate and lonely white guy?
           \_ As it happens, Hispanic guys like myself like asian women also.
              And philipinas.  Loooove the Philipina honeys.
              \_ "Filipinas" -- jsjacob
                \_ As the islands are named after King Filip of Spain.  -John
                   \_ Sarcasm aside, I know it seems inconsistent. There was
                      no "H" in Tagalog/Pilipino originally. "F" was added
                      later; "Pilipino" and "Filipino" are equivalent now.
                      -- jsjacob
                      \_ The "P" form of Pilipino is sometimes used by
                         people who don't want to use the "F" form.  Some
                         think the "F" form is a reminder of colonialism.
           \_ Yup.  Asian guys like me are horny for Asian women too.
        \_ Why you gotta lie?  You ain't got no girl.
        \_ No its the lonely chinese guys who are doing this. There are
           a few on soda who know all about "cold calls".
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22052 Activity:nil 78%like:22054
        a bunch of people have responded already- so far the plan is to
        meet on the 19th (a Sunday) in the afternoon somewhere in Berkeley.
        Again if you're interested please email me and be sure to include
        when you tend to be available.  I will be posting a URL with our
        topics shortly.                 -brain
        \_ Can you explain the essense of EJB in one sentence?
2001/8/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:22053 Activity:nil
8/8     Yes, this is from /., but I think it's pretty cool anyways.  The guy claims he found
        a new force, or something like that. -- ilyas
        \_ I told you there is an explanation for all the flying in
           Crouching Tiger.
2001/8/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:22054 Activity:high 78%like:22052
        a bunch of people have responded already- so far the plan is to
        meet on the 19th (a Sunday) in the afternoon somewhere in Berkeley.
        Again if you're interested please email me and be sure to include
        when you tend to be available.
        \_ Can you explain the essense of EJB in one sentence?
                \_ pluggable server components for database row, web session,
                   and other server resource access abstracted as Java
                   objects.  EJB is the "glue" of J2EE that binds the server
                   app together.  But EJB is not the only thing we will be
                   talking about; there is also JSP, JMS, Connectors, client
                   containers, resource adapters, JavaMail, and the JAX pack
                   for XML.    -brain
                   \_ So I guess that would be no.
                        \_ hey man I gave you a single phrase for EJB.  And
                           besides the question seemed to be asking about all
                           of J2EE anyway.     -brain
                           \_ Actually, I wasn't the person who asked you to
                              explain EJB in one sentence.
                              - "guess that would be no guy"
                              \_ okay I admit I just love to talk  -brain
2001/8/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22055 Activity:moderate
8/8     What's the difference between Visual Studio and Windows NT SDK?  Do
        I need both to write code for NT target platform?
        \_ Yes.  What you want is the Microsoft Platform SDK, all 400 or 500
           megs worth.  You'll also need the latest visual studio service
           pack (I believe it's pack 5).
2001/8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:22056 Activity:nil
8/8     jizz and jazz deleted because it is stupid.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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