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2001/8/2 [Computer/Theory] UID:21985 Activity:very high
8/2     What does "x (mod y)" in mathematics mean?
        \_ how are you a computer science undergraduate without knowing this?
           it's the remainder of x divided by y.
        \_ Use the distributive property:
           x (mod y) = (x mod) (x y)
           Makes sense now?
           \_ I still don't get it.  What does the latter mean?
                \_ Man, I was kidding. Sorry about that. Seriously,
                  though, "mod" just means the remainder, like from
                  elementary school. So for example, 4 mod 3 is 1.
                  \_ You are missing the minor technical distinction between
                     "x mod y" and "... (mod y)", see below. -alexf
                        \_ Well there was no way for me to tell he was referring
                           to FLT until he brought it up. That would have changed
                           my explanation.
                        \_ But that's not the theorem. It shouldn't be
                           an = sign, but rather a "congruent" symbol,
                           which is 3 horizontal lines. It'd take a
                           little too much time to explain, so I'd
                           pick up a Math 55 text for more details.
                        \_ Well there was no way for me to tell he was
                           referring to FLT until he brought it up. That
                           would have changed my explanation.
                           \_ You're not being blamed; your explanation is
                              reasonable given that you weren't specifically
                              asked for distinction between mod and (mod).
                  \_ I just read about the Fermat's Little Theorem, which
                     states "Let p be a prime which does not divide the
                     integer a, then a^(p-1) = 1 (mod p)".  I don't understand
                     what the "1 (mod p)" part means.  Isn't "1 (mod p)" always
                     1 for all p greater than 1?
                     \_ "(mod p)" after an _comparative statement_ means that
                        that statement is checked only after taking the
                        remainders of both sides when divided by p. So, the
                        following two lines, e.g., are equivalent:
                        a=b (mod p)
                        a mod p = b mod p
                        (Note that to make the different meaning of the "="
                        clear, the "proper" way to write the first line uses
                        a 3-line "=" sign instead of the usual =). -alexf
2001/8/2 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21986 Activity:low
8/2     Anyone knows how to make the auto-archive in ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v work
        \_ mehlhaff does.
           \_ yeah make soda stop rebooting
             \_ That's like selling your sister into prostitution and
                you being the pimp.  You can make a quick buck or two
                now, but it's going to bite your ass eventually (or
                perhaps your sister will bite your nuts off).
                Basically, the US Defense is nothing more than a leaky
                condom for Bush's presidency.  Sure you didn't get a
                VD this time, but how many ho's are you going to pass
                through before you pick up AIDS?
                The government needs to spend money, yes.  Not ON THE
                MILITARY though.  Funding worthy projects like
                environmental protection, cloning research,
                nanotechnology, etc. are where the efforts should be
                made.  Instead all those situations are being
                castrated.  Darwinism in reverse.
              \_ Linux.  Linux is the STANDARD.  Way to make soda stop
2001/8/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21987 Activity:moderate
8/1     On a four button suit, all 4 buttons are buttoned, right?
        \_ four button suit is queer.
           \_ man, i totally disagree with this slacking "button only
              some buttons" bullshit. you got bottuons. you either leave them
              open or close them. what's this "can't go either way" bullshit?
        \_ No, you leave the bottom button undone. -ausman
           \_ I thought this only applies to two-button suits.
              \_ I think that this applies to all single breasted suits and
                 all vests. Its some english thing, some king did it that
                 way two hundred years ago so we have to honor tradition or
                 some garbage like that.
        \_ you can go your own way.  (go your own waaaay...)
           unbutton the 2nd from the top.
           \- 4 button suit was queer, then stright guys who were non-large
           began wearing them. i believe you button all the buttons. on some
                               \- looks like a bunch of web sites say all
                                  except bottom one as with other single-b
                                  suits. --psb
                                  [ reformatted - motd reformatting daemon ]
                                  \_ Its that english king thing that I was
                                     talking about. Its all very stupid anyway.
           depending on the lapel cut it is probably ok to but up to the 3rd.
           selecting the currect knot [half or full] probably matters more with
           a 4b suit. i think the height of the 4b suit wave has passed but i
           just got one. anyine have tv or web page evidence you do button
           bottom button? tastefully, non-gay, --psb
        \_ Related question, how many sodans actually wear suits for something
           other than weddings? I've got a suit and a blue blazer and I rarely
           use them. The last time I wore the blazer was on my trip to india.
           (I needed a jacket with a lot of pockets that were hard to pick).
           \_ I wear suits to interviews.
2001/8/2 [Reference/Celebration] UID:21988 Activity:nil 66%like:22626
8/2     Happy birthday, debbie!
2001/8/2 [Recreation/House] UID:21989 Activity:moderate
8/2     I'm trying to do a crappy home movie for my brother as a gag gift
        and I'm looking for some sort of long, burning, fuse wire.  It needs to
        burn hot enough to light a match at the end, but cool enough not
        to singe carpet or cheap wooden furniture (excessively).  motd points
        to whoever can name this product, tell me where I can get it, and how
        much it'll set me back.  thanks.
        \_ Primacord
2001/8/2 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:21990 Activity:very high
8/2     Dell says no to Linux on the Desktop:
        Looks like bill will lunch on Penguin instead of the other
        way around...
        \_ whatever...the only reason anyone orders linux desktops is so they
           don't have to pay for windows (but will use existing copies). just
           buy from a mom n' pop, better deal anyway. dell still doesn't offer
           AMD. dell sux...except perhaps the laptops. furthermore, dell cites
           slow demand as the reason, while I'll bet most consumers didn't even
           know about the option because the marketing was nonexistent and it
           was hard for me to find on the site even when I knew about it. plus,
           the options list was limited compared to the win boxes.
           \_ Actually Dell desktops are fine but I'd look for the laptops
              elsewhere (e.g. IBM)
              \_ IBM has been overpriced whenever I compared the two...and
                 didn't offer the latest stuff like GF2go graphics etc.
                 \_ dell laptops are pieces of shit
                    \_ well, okay. never had one.
                    \_ Dell laptops consistently win quality tests and are
                       well priced for the size and hardware they include.
                       What's your beef?
                        \_ they break constantly and they're not well-designed.
           \_ I'd agree that they have failed to market the Linux desktops
              properly. Most people were not even aware that they sell them.
              And those who were aware often would be greeted with broken links
              and such when they went to and clicked
              on Dimension or Optiplex.
        \_ VA Linux, where are you?..
2001/8/2 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:21991 Activity:high
8/2     How do you get vi to autowrap lines at n characters per line?  Let's
        say 72 for example's sake.
        \_ :set wrapmargin=n where n is some number.
           \_ Thanks.  Incidentally, on my vi it turned out to be
              :set wrapmargin=(80 - n)
              but your answer got me on the right path.
2001/8/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21992 Activity:high
8/2     Why install linux when the selection of out of the box software in
        the stores is not that great?  This is not a troll.
        \_ Fewer crashes than NT, I guess.
          \_ Most out-of-the-box software in the stores is shit.
2001/8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:21993 Activity:nil
8/2     The Secret Connections between "Fight Club" and "Calvin and Hobbes":
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