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2001/7/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21979 Activity:kinda low
7/27    Where does tcsh gets the $user variable on Solaris? it now gets set
        as 'root' even though id shows I am still me. This also happens with
        bash/ksh. Our system has recently gone through some nis changes.
        I removed all my . files and it still happens. Is this variable being
        set somewhere? Thanks a lot.
        \_ use the source luke.
2001/7/28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21980 Activity:high
7/27    In Applied Cryptography he basically comes out and says that IDEA
        is pretty much the cypher to use for max. security, but I keep hearing
        about this thing called AES that is "better". Anyone know where
        I can find a comparision of AES to IDEA in terms of the resitance
        to linear and differential crytanalysis.
        \_ from Schneier's mouth, he has no problem with AES/Rjendael; and
           things it should be used widlely.
           \_ Where did you hear this? AES isn't covered in ACv2. If there
              is a v3 I'd buy it just to read about AES.
              \_ See
                                        -- misha.
                 \_ Thanks this is perfect.
        \_ AC is somewhat out of date in this regard; I think IDEA isn't really
           a contender for use in new applications due to the patent and the
           fact that various newer ciphers are at least as good. I don't have
           any particular suggestions as to where to look for information
           beyond citeseer. --Galen
           \_ I had originally planned on (and still probably will) using
              either DES or 3DES (which ever I can get away with linking
              with without needing a export license). I was reading AC and
              found IDEA, which Schneier seemed to recommend. When I heard
              about AES I just wanted more info.
              Since I'm not an expert at this, I just wanted to read about
              how resistant AES is to known crytanalysis as compared to
              other cyphers. Anyway the above link had the info I needed.
2001/7/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Python] UID:21981 Activity:high
7/27    PriceCostco's selling a 10 volume Monty Python Flying Circus for
        only $100. Is it worth it?
        \_ I actually bought it last christmas.  I don't really regret it.
        \_ That's a good price.  I think I paid $150 for my set.
        \_ Dunno, i'd pay $100 for the full set of The Young Ones, or Black
           Adder, or Red Dwarf. Python used to be funny, but about the only
           interestnig one left is "meaning of life." - paolo (who saw Eric
           - paolo
           Idle at the warfield last year and really didn't laugh much).
           \_ Uhm, I'm guessing that this paolo.  Quite emphatic nowadays.
           \_ not that I didn't like python as a kid, I remember watching
              it on MTV a long time ago and really liking it.  But lately,
              it's not been funny at all. -paolo
              \_ It's called growing up. I thoroughly recommend it to
                 most sodans.
              \_ python was on tv?!? Damn don't tell that to lwall's #1 fan!
2001/7/28 [Uncategorized] UID:21983 Activity:nil
7/27    MacroMedia is no longer providing <DEAD>!<DEAD> :(
        "Due to resource constraints."   I don't suppose there is a chance
        in hell they would let someone else run it for them?
2001/7/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21984 Activity:nil
7/27    Anyone play tropico? Is it a decent game?
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