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2001/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:21948 Activity:high
7/25    Does the motd have to be refreshed so often?  There are some who
        log in once a day or less.
        \_ I do believe you miss the entire point.
        \_ Most of it is crap. Don't worry.
           \_ See above thread...
2001/7/26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics] UID:21949 Activity:high
7/25    Is there a site dedicated for AM/WF?
        \_ What's AM/WF?
           \_ Given what I got from Google, AM/WF = Asian
              male/White female. Remember kids, knowledge is
           \_ Given what I got from Google, AM/WF = Asian male/White
              female. Remember kids, knowledge is power!
                                     \_ and power corrupts!
              \_ Ahh, I see.  Then I know of two sites:
           \_ Isn't yellow fever a disease?
              \_ Depends on who you ask.
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Pets] UID:21950 Activity:very high
7/25    Do people walk their cats?  I want to try putting a leash on my cat
        and walk her outdoor like a dog, but I'm afraid I might get sued for
        animal cruelty or something like that.
             \_ My neighbor in Cupertino does....looks weird.  ^_^
                         Why is it that Asian people don't use _/
                      the standard "sideways" smileys a la Bitnet?
                      \_ I think in Japan the standard smiley is the upright
        \_ Leashes for cats are retarded, period.  All cats are
           outdoor animals--you should put a nametag on them, make sure
           they have had their shots, and send them off.  If you feed them,
           they will return.  Putting a leash on one puts you in the same
           league as little old ladies who dress up their poodles and feed
           them tea cakes.  -John
             \_ My neighbor in Cupertino does....looks weird.  ^_^
                         Why is it that Asian people don't use _/
                      the standard "sideways" smileys a la Bitnet?
        \_ well, don't put it on their neck. i could imagine some kind of
           harness on the body. why would you want to do this? why can't the
           cat just do the cat thing outside on its own?
        \_ usually the cat will let you know.  Every cat i know who wanted
           company while walked just walked a little ahead of the human, and
           made sure the human wasn't going to wander.  - paolo
           \_ What Paolo said.  -- ilyas
           \_ If you're worried about the SPCA, etc., then put the lease
              around your own neck and then attach the other end to the cat.
              They can't really complain about that.
                      \_ I think in Japan the standard smiley is the upright
        \_ It should be fine, so long as you're not swinging the animal
           around your head by the leash.
           \_ Darn. That's just want I wanted to do with my cat.
        \_ Garfield hates leashes Jon. You should know that by now.
        \_ yeah PETA really cares
        \_ Yes, people walk their cats. I walk mine and have since she was
           a kitten. They don't walk like dogs, though. Expect to cover
           very little ground in a lot of time. I've seen other people walking
           cats from time to time. There's nothing cruel about it. --dim
2001/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:21951 Activity:nil
7/25    my head hurts.
2001/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:21952 Activity:nil
7/25    Is there a way to tell etags to generate tag entries for function
        prototypes in .h files?  I have some function prototypes in some .h
        files which I don't have the corresponding .c files containing the
        actual function.  (It's the NT DDK.)  Right now I can only tag the
        #define's and typedefs, but not the function prototypes.  Thanks.
        (BTW I can't tag any enum values either, although I can tag the enum
        types.)  --- yuen
2001/7/26 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:21953 Activity:high
7/25    Is there a Unix/Linux application or tool that can open up EPS
        files and modify them (like draw lines on them, for example)?
        I need to it keep it as EPS, because it's going to be inserted
        into a Postscript document.
        \_ SodiPodi.  --mogul
        \_ Doesn't the gimp do this?( -ulysses
           \_ gimp is not a vector drawing program.  If you want to do
              something very simple (or something very tricky), you
              might want to edit PostScript source directly -- it's fun.
              For some definition of "fun".  -- misha.
              \_ What Misha said. You can find "the" reference at:
                 It's a rather simple stack-machine based language;
                 small changes shouldn't be too difficult. -alexf
        \_ can Adobe Illustrator do that?  I remember an app called
  on the NeXT and Macintosh platform...
                \_ Yeah, I used ai, but that's only for Win/Mac. I needed
                   something Unix-based. And I know gimp isn't a vector
                   based program, but I was still able to make my changes
                   and save as an .eps file. Thanks, ulysses. But I will
                   try editing the ps source directly.
        \_ do you have to start with eps?  if your source can do some
           more abstract format, e.g. cgm, you can import into any number
           of vector formats, edit, and eventually export to eps.
        \_ how about KIllustrator/Kontour?
2001/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:21954 Activity:nil
7/25    anyone need a pcmcia 10/100 ether adapter? mail me. --aaron
2001/7/26 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:21955 Activity:nil
        Contribute your E190 research paper to posterity
2001/7/26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21956 Activity:high
7/25    Is there any open-source tool to author HTML pages similiar to
        Dream Weaver?  Yes, I do type HTML code using emacs, but when
        it comes to image maps, using emacs is a bit pain in the butt.
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  HTML and bitmap editor.
2001/7/26 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/HW/Display] UID:21957 Activity:nil
7/25    I bought this cheap LCD monitor the other day.  According to the specs,
        it can display a range of "16.19 million colors with dithering".  What's
        that supposed to mean?  Does every other pixel have a different bit-
        depth or something?
        \_ It means it's a shitty monitor.  (Likely explanation: the bit
           depth of every pixel is uniform, but lower than 16, like uhh,
           12 or something.  A hardware dithering mechanism then does
           a sorry-ass job of trying to make this look good.)   -blojo
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Computer] UID:21958 Activity:insanely high
7/25    What is fun?
        \_ Anal sex with 18 year olds is fun.
           \_ dude!  now I'm all hot and bothered.  Now I'm going to have to
              find someplace to masturbate at work (ideally w/o losing my
              job).  bitch.
              \_ I read a poll that a good number of men jack off at work.
                 That just can't be right. You mean the guy in the next stall
                 while I'm taking a dump ain't doing the same?
                 \_ Damn.  How can someone jack off knowing that there's
                    another guy just next door?  Unless he's gay.
                    \_ Hell, I work in an open office pool and I've jacked off
                       sitting at my desk.  No one noticed.
                       \_ No, I thought it was too disgusting to mention.
                          \_ I guess licking my desk clean afterwards gave
                             me away, huh?  oops.
        \_ Sex with a 32D-22-32 is fun.
           \_ Why thank you.  --tjb
           \_ I prefer 34C.
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21959 Activity:high
7/26    Women and "hook-ups":
        \_ Why do I find "39%" so difficult to believe?
           \_ because you probably spend/spent all or most of your time on
              campus in Soda.
2001/7/26 [Finance/CC] UID:21960 Activity:nil
7/26    The due date for my mortgage is on the 1st of every month, yet the bank
        says I can have till the 16th of every month to make a payment to
        avoid any late charge or bad credit.  Does that make sense?  I thought
        the due dates on credit card bills and phone bills for example are the
        last day to avoid late charge or bad credit.
        \_ It's a grace period, you putz. Don't try to use it. By the way,
           credit cards usually give you 30 days before reporting and the
           phone company won't report you at all as long as you pay
           eventually. --dim
2001/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:21961 Activity:nil
7/26    Anybody have a 800 number?  I'm thinking of getting one and
        want to know the which company people would recommend.  Thanks.
2019/01/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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