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2001/7/25 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21940 Activity:nil 71%like:22153
7/24    Sendmail/DNS question: If A has a MX 0 to B and B is MX 0 to itself
        and MX 10 to C, does A need an MX 10 to C or will mail to foo@A
        automagically go to C if B is down?
        \_ MXes don't chain; the target of an MX is a hostname, not another
           target for an MX lookup:
           ; domain file for
           mail IN MX 10
           ; SMTP requires doing an MX lookup for, which will give it
           ; back  it will _not_ do an MX lookup on,
           ; merely an A record lookup (ordinary "name lookup")
           \- if there is not second MX for A -> C, then the mail will wait
           for B to come back. If there is a secondary MX for A -> C and
           B is down, I *believe* the answer is "it depends" ... you arent
           obligated to try another MX I think. Dont quote me on this.
           Recent sendmail should make one pass through them until one
           works or all of them are down, unless you get some exotic SMTP
           code which halts the whole process. If you are 100% sendmail see
           BAT II. If you have mixed agents, good luck reading the RFCs and
           sorting out the "musts" and "shoulds". This is subject to your
           not doing any of the weird things that turn off MX lookups. --psb
2001/7/25 [Uncategorized] UID:21941 Activity:high
7/24    Why do I seem to get frighteningly horny just sitting reading at my
        desk about this time of the afternoon some days?
        \_ What are you reading?
2001/7/25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21942 Activity:high 66%like:21931
7/24    Do you date more in college?  Or after college?
        Before: .
        During: .....
        \_ You will never find as many young women ready, willing, and
           able as in college. Get it while you can. --dim
           \_ does that include stanford women?  there is a stereotype
              they are too studious to date.
                           \_ Did you mean "stupid" instead of
                              "studious"?  I've never met a
                              stanford chick who had anything
                              resembling a brain. Other parts
                              were good, but just no intelligence.
              \_ Too ugly to care. See Clinton, Chelsea. --dim
                 \_ Even those in biz school?
                 \_ Get out from behind your computer screen more often,
                    \_ D00D 570P TRY1NG 2 B3 '1337!
        After:  ...
                  \_ Definitely after. Never had the time in school.
        \_ Yermom is always available
        Same: .
              \_ Once a mac daddy pimp, alwyas a mac daddy pimp - tjb
        Never date: .
        [ results organized into standard motd poll format - motd
          formatting daemon ]
2001/7/25 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21943 Activity:kinda low
7/25    Any ideas about when Solaris 9 will be scheduled for release?
        What about the public beta testing program?
        \_ Beta is supposed to go out soon.
2001/7/25 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:21944 Activity:nil
7/25    New lead attorney in M$ anti-trust case:
2001/7/25 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:21945 Activity:nil
7/25    Democrats get tough on M$:
2001/7/25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:21946 Activity:nil
7/25    I have a space in my unit to rent that works well for
        people who need a temporary location while looking for
        permanent housing. Contact me if interested. -ulysses
2001/7/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21947 Activity:nil
7/25    read an article about some company up there which has developed
        an method to transfer high bandwidth using phone line- Actelis
          "Actelis overcame a longstanding problem of cross-talk, the
        interference caused by transmitting such vast amounts of data
        over copper wire with low capacity - interference that leads to
        high error rates in the data. "We get around this using spatial
        division multiplexing," says CEO Yuval Baron, explaining that the
        company has developed an algorithm that allows for error
        correction, letting high amounts of traffic to pass over copper
        wires without a problem."
          I was under the impression that the encoding wasn't the problem-
        it was the power required. The FCC has an upped limit on the
        amount of power which can be trasmitted over the phone lines- And
        from what I know Higher bandwidth means you need higher signal /
        noise means higher power going through the lines. This is the
        limiting factor involved with 56K modem how they such as the FCC
        doesn't let them go higher. They let the phone companies get away
        with DSL as those go through different switches- so what am I
        missing here? How sure how this company can make money in the
        long run given FCC regs, competition with DSL, compeition with
        cable, and Long haul capacity underutilized.
          thoughts comments....
        \_ Hey, this was the first one that wasn't drivel.
          \_ no, it's still drivel. if someone else had posted a link to the
             story and made some coherent comments it might not have been.
          \_ wasn't the post signed by psb? and yes, it was total drivel
             and completely random question that didn't follow from
             the story.
             \_ i'm gonna keep putting drivel in motd.kinney even if it might
                be fake kinney. making fake drivel is pretty lame anyway so
                i'm gonna hope no one bothers.
             \_ Did we read the same post? The one I read was a question
                about transmission limits imposed on communications equip.
                by the FCC as it related to a new technology. It seems to
                be a non-drivel question.
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