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2001/7/24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21921 Activity:nil
7/23    All .mil sites no longer accessible to public!
2001/7/24 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:21922 Activity:kinda low
       \_ they deleted it. It's archived at www.csua/~mikeh/dmca.html
        \_ are you sure?  i went to the adobe url and hit
           super reload several times, it's still there.  don't be too
           \_ That's not the same file -- read both.
              \_ what mikeh means to say is that the one he has archived
                 was the page as of this morning, which has since been taken
                 down and replaced with the new one that's still posted.
                 Reading both is recommended, for greatest dramatic effect.
                 \_ for best effects, open 2 netscape windows, and read them
                    side by side using the power of vdiff. - paolo
        \_ How funny.  In the original version they even explicitly mention
           that the offense (for lack of a better word) took place in Russia,
           and that since they could not prosecute there, it was justifiable
           to arrest Skylarov here for committing a US crime overseas.  -John
2001/7/24 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:21923 Activity:nil 75%like:21927
7/23    Where do you get your mp3s/warez/p0rn?
        morpheus        .
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21924 Activity:high
7/23    In case anyone isn't aware: Discovery Channel is doing some
        documentary on hackers this wednesday at 10pm.  "Hackers: Computer
        Outlaws". Sure to be a balanced, universal look at underground
        computer culture.
        \_ Live fast, love not, die while your kernel is compiling...
        \_ Hack with a friend, Script Kiddies get raided alone.  -v1ru5
           \_ D00D 1 41W4Y5 H4CK W17H 4 P4R7N3R 2 C0V3R MY B4CK!
        \_ "Faster, meaner, smarter - God I hate the technology curve."
2001/7/24 [Recreation/Food] UID:21925 Activity:very high
7/23    I'm fond of UHT Milk. Trader Joes in Emeryville used to carry it, but
        no more. Any other places I should try? I've tried Andronicos and
        Whole Foods. Any pointers on where to get pomegranate juice will also
        be appreciated.
        \_ sailors have to drink that shit(uht milk), so any sailor oriented
           store, wherever the commercial fisherman around here gear up.
           \_ The URL doesn't work.
           \_ <DEAD>www.csua/~evers/salmon.asf<DEAD>
        \_ make your own pomegranate juice, you don't even need a juicer
           to do it
        \_ have you thought about approaching the managers at any
           of these places and asking?  _sometimes_ they may decide
           to stock.  just an idea if youre really deperate.
        \_ How is UHT (ultra-high temperature?) different from just
           \_ you don't have to refrigerate it. i guess it's like those little
              half-and-half coffee servings at diners. just go there and steal
              a bunch of those.
2001/7/24 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:21926 Activity:very high
7/23    Is a CS 199 research project required for graduation in L&S?
        \_ for the standard CS degree, w/o honors, it is NOT required.
           pretty much nothing is "required" anymore. You just need
           enough EE, CS, or EECS units. - paolo
           \_ Have those UPE losers finally abolished the CS150 requirement
              too? -LSCS grad.
              \_ i can say for a fact i indeed know a CS graduate who walked
                 with me who did not have to take 150.  Unfortunately, I didn't
                 know they were going to drop the req, so i took it.  - paolo
                 \_ unfortunately?  I graduated without taking it and have
                    regretted it ever since.
                    \_ my opinion is that the class that semester was the
                       biggest waste of time i've had at cal.  YMMV - paolo
                       \_ Err.. 150 kicked ass.  Of course it totally depends
                          on what project you end up with (and therefore what
                          prof) --dbushong
                          \_ My 150 Sucked ass. Perhaps this had to do with the
                             lack of resources, and ta apathy to our broken
                             clock chip (oh and we had new boards that sem).
                             note that the prof's 61c ratings weren't very
                             good either.  Like i said, YMMV as things can
                             change a lot in a few years. - paolo (who would
                             have rather taken aiken/hilfingr 164 than 150).
                             \_ 150 kicked ass!  The semester I took it, we
                                even got to do something somewhat AI-related
                                (recognizing mouse pointers with a camera and
                                some hardware). -- ilyas
                                \_ I had Katz for 150 in Fa90.  We got to build
                                   a 4-bit computer with processor and memory
                                   from breadboards, 74xx's and copper wires.
                                   Although logic design isn't my most
                                   favorite subject (mine is OS), that was the
                                   best class I've ever had at Cal.  BTW now I
                                   regret I didn't take more classes before
                                   graduation.  -- yuen
        \_ 150 may be painful, bit IMHO, every EECS student should take it.
2001/7/24 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:21927 Activity:nil 75%like:21923
7/23    Where do you get your mp3s/warez/p0rn?
        morpheus        .
          limewire      .
        tom's mom       .
        \_ maybe if they clean up their navigation..
2001/7/24 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:21928 Activity:nil
7/23    For those out of state, how do you travel to UCB?  (by plane,
        most likely).  One way tickets?  Round trip tickets?  Do you
        travel back during thanksgiving?  What airlines?
        \_ I ride yermom
        \_ I usually fly round trip for short trips, one way if I have
           no f**king idea when I'll be going back east.
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:21929 Activity:high
7/24    I was told that Broadvision AppServer cost $1 million a pop.  That's
        crazy.  I'm considering buying MS IIS + SQL + ASP programming to do
        the small b2b ecommerce site. It's the cheapest solution I've found
        so far.  I'm still open for a solaris solution though.  Anything
        equivalent in unix land that cost less than $1000?
        \_ Apache + MySQL + PHP is equivalent to IIS+SQL+ASP, and it's
           all free.  -tom
           \_ similarly; solaris-x86 +apache+mysql+php: still free.
        \_ intershop not do what you want?
           \_ I tend not to buy from companies whose stock is trading around
              1 dollar.  Where am I going to get the support if I buy?  At
              least if I use freeware I know that I'm getting what I paid for.
              which is nothing!
                \_ I agree with you about the freeware part, but Intershop
                   is a fairly decent product, and the stock price in this
                   case is completely irrelevant.  -John
        \_ Look into OpenACS... its a toolkit built on AOLserver +
           PostgreSQL. AOLserver uses Tcl for scripting and, of course,
           its all open source. - rory
        \_ ok.  BV is a little expensive.  for your small site, they will
           probably sell it to you for about $200k.  if cheap is what you
           want, then i second apache + mysql + php. -uctt
           \_ the company is not a dotcom and they don't depend on their web
              site for revenue generation.  They need a web site for automation
              and cost reduction.  $200K is the annual salary of a good
              designer.  gimme a break!  I think I will look into mySQL and
              PHP. Thanks guys!
        \_ Jakarta Tomcat + Jakarta Struts + Apache + Postgres.
        \_ Apache + mod_ssl + mod_perl + Mason + Postgres
        \_ yah!  yermom!
2001/7/24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21930 Activity:nil
7/23    Is it just me or does the photo of GW Bush at have
        him resembling a chimpanzee?
        \_ Hey, chimps are good.  They are the intellectuals and scientists.
           Watch out for those Gorillas though. (hint, Charleton Heston
           and Apes)
2001/7/24-25 [Academia/StanfUrd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21931 Activity:high 66%like:21942
7/24    Do you date more in college?  Or after college?
        \_ Yer mom is always available
        \_ Definitely after college.
        \_ In college.
        \_ After.
        \_ During.
        \_ In college.
        \_ In college.
        \_ Before.
        \_ You will never find as many young women ready, willing, and
           able as in college. Get it while you can. --dim
           \_ does that include stanford women?  there is a stereotype they
              are too studious to date.
              \_ Too ugly to care. See Clinton, Chelsea. --dim
                 \_ Even those in biz school?
                 \_ Get out from behind your computer screen more often, d00d.
        \_ In college.
        \_ Definitely after. Never had the time in school.
2001/7/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:21932 Activity:nil
7/24    I want to write a program to intercept download clicks (just
        like what GetRight does).  Does anyone know how to do it in
        Visual C++?
        \_ If we knew what you mean by "intercept download clicks",
           we might be able to help you.
           \_ It involves the "Internet".
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:21933 Activity:insanely high
7/24    Is there a version of, or an equivalent to, the CDE (common
        desktop environment) for linux?
        \_ there's the KDE...
             \_ Can it be made to look similar to CDE? All the
                screen shots I've seen on the web look more like Windows.
                screen shots I've seen on the web look more like
                \_, there used to be a cde theme.
        \_ Look for TriTeal's XMotif/CDE package. Redhat used to
           sell it as a add on to RedHat Linux up until v5.2 or
           so. You can probably still get it running on newer
           versions by using the 2.0 kernel/libc5 compat rpms.
           \_ TriTeal went out of business. is the
              only company who sells CDE for Linux now. -alan-
        \_ Why in god's name would you want a shitty interface
           like cde? There are much better interfaces available
           for *nix: twm, fvwm, afterstep, saw{mill,fish}, etc.
        \_ Trade up from Linux to Solaris - it's still free and
           includes CDE.
           \_ In addition to CDE, you get *WORKING* NFSv3, PThreads,
              SMP, MultiThreaded TCP/IP, RealTime Scheduling
              Extensions and a stable kernel interface layer at
              no additional charge! Who could pass up a deal like
              \_ I work with x86 daily.  all i gotta say is:
                "nfs server mamba not responding."
                "nfs server pasteur not responding."
                There's a reason why solx86 and staroffice are free. - paolo
                There's a reason why solx86 and staroffice are
                free. - paolo
                \_ paolo, that is because Instructional is constantly
                   underfunded and short on resources appropriate to
                   the demands placed on them by coursework.  I believe
                   this was in the undergraduate presentation made to
                   the department at the faculty retreat recently.  --Jon
                \_ All I gotta say is: "Incompetant NFS/network
                   \_ Wow, you think the architecture makes NFS work poorly?
                \_ Solaris/sparc is just as free as the solaris
                   for x86.
                \_ Poster never said he was on x86. He could be
                   running sparc linsux for all we know.
                \_ Its your own damn fault for using cheap x86
                   hardware for NFS. Get a real machine.
                   \_ Wow, you think the architecture makes NFS work
                      poorly? Impressive.
                      \_ no, but the components that go into a x86
                         system are usually sub-par creating all
                         sort of problems. (Cheap raid cards, cheap
                         nics, cheap drives, 33 MHz bus, etc).
                         In anycase people who depend on NFS should
                         be using a dedicated solution like netapp
                         instead of running on a cheap pc they slapped
                         together from cheap bits at frys.
                         \_ as opposed to Sun's low-end server, the
                            extremely high-quality Ultra 10?  Please.
                            \_ The U10 is not a low end server. It is
                               a desktop machine. If you buy a U10 and
                               think that its a server that's your own
                               damn fault for being cheap. A "low-end"
                               server would be the discontinued U30 or
                                \_ gee, you'll have to mention that to Sun,
                                   which sells the Ultra 10 as a server on
                                   their web site.  If you're going to pay
                                   $10K for a box, you'll get a much better
                                   PC box than Sun box--if you buy shitty
                                   PC hardware, "that's your own damn fault."
                         \_ Due to lack of funds, our Solaris/x86 NFS
                            server is a cheap PC thrown together from
                            parts. We haven't had any problems with it
                            so far.
                         \_ Who is talking about cheap x86 hardware?
                            You can buy a decent x86 server with 66MHz PCI
                            slots if you need, hot swapable SCA drives, and
                            other components. It will be faster than and just
                            as reliable as an equivalent Sun (or whatever)
                            machine but cost you two times less or more.
                            Netapps are nice but the cost is an issue with
                            them. For a price of a netapp filer you can buy
                            a disk array from Sun with at least the same
                            storage capacity and a server to go with it.
                            \_ So does your x86 "server" support gigE
                               fiber and etherchannel? How about ATM?
                               \_ Yes. You haven't looked at current Dell, IBM
                                  etc offerings, have you?
                               Let's not forget about a real journalling
                               fs and seamless ha fall over. What about
                               NEBS compliance? Lights out management?
                               People who depend on NFS require these
                               things. People like you who play with
                               toys in your dorm room don't and think
                               that cheap x86 stuff from fry's is just
                               as good.
                               With regards to Netapp vs. Sun. Netapp
                               is faster and more reliable than a
                               multipurpose server. The WAFL fs is
                               probably the most advanced journaling
                               fs ever written and these boxes even
                               commit metadata updates to nvram so
                               that a powerfailure won't corrupt the
                               fs. If I depended on NFS I'd buy netapp.
                               \_ export list limit of 800.
                                  can we say CIFS/Unix perm conflicts?
                                  mountd dying periodically
                                  I can go on.  Netapp's are amazing
                                  and I like things like wafl, snapshots,
                                  the dual platform support, but they are
                                  far from perfect.  be realistic. --Jon
2001/7/24-25 [Industry/Jobs] UID:21934 Activity:nil
7/24    To the person who claims is hiring for the "right" skill, my
        login is tyf.
        \_ Are things really so bad at cisco that you want to leave?
2001/7/24-25 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:21935 Activity:nil
7/24    Are you working now and applying for grad school? If you are
        please put your name below. I'm trying to get a help group
        going so that we can critique each other's statement of
        purpose, strategy, etc. Thx.
2001/7/24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:21936 Activity:nil
7/24    Its probably a good thing we are running OpenSSH instead
        of that commerical version:
        \_ There was a hole in openssh a month ago.  Get a clue.  -tom
           \_ But the whole was not in the *default* config, this
              is a hole in the standard config.
        \_ My read of this "hole" is that it takes a password of two or
           fewer characters to open it up.  Somehow, that doesn't have me
           quaking in my boots.  Still, thanks for pointing it out. --PeterM
           \_ Some of the daemon accounts on *nix systems have NP as
              the password in /etc/shadow.
2001/7/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21937 Activity:very high
7/24    did that guy ever figure out which porn-star he saw?
        \_ It was me.  Not yet.  Drives me crazy.
           \_ Are you sure she was asian?
              \_ Yes.  Oriental (CJKV) looking.  Has no accent.
              \_ Yes.  CJKV looking.  Has no accent.
        \_ Tera Patrick?
           \_ Don't know yet.  Can't surf porn at this moment.  Thanks.
        \_ Did you ever check out Kobe Tai?  Was it her?
              \_ tjb has a soda account?
           \_ I boinked her for $5000 once.  It was fuckin awesome.
              \_ You serious?  Which hole?
                 \_ For $5000?  If he didn't get to use all of them, he
        \_ do you remember what time this show you were watching was on?
           could you have been watching The Man Show?
                    got seriously ripped off.
                    \_ But that's not $5000 for an average hooker.  That's
                       $5000 for a porn star.
              \_ Of course he not serious. Sodans and sex don't mix.
                 \_ If it makes you feel better about yourself to believe that
                    then go for it.  Poor guy.
           \_ Will check tonight.  Thanks.
        \_ TJB?
        \_ try  good luck.
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21938 Activity:insanely high
7/24    what's a good cd-rw drive for a laptop?
        \_ Internal or External?
           \_ external
              \_ SCSI, USB, FireWire or Parallel?
                \_ USB and Parallel CDRW are slow and often don't work reliably.
                   The SCSI drives are often pretty expensive, bulky but they
                   work very well.
                   \_ Make sure you get a SCSI PC Card supported by your OS.
                      Alternatively, if you have a swap-out CD-ROM drive,
                      your laptop manufacturer might have a CD-RW drive
                      \_ Adaptec 1460 or 1480 are pretty much the only
                         reliable PCMCIA/Cardbus scsi cards currently
                         available. They are supported under every major
                         desktop os (win,lin,mac).
                   \_ get a PCMCIA firework card and firewire CD-RW drive (or
                   \_ get a PCMCIA firewire card and firewire CD-RW drive (or
                      in, though that can get a bulky)
                      get a firewire enclosure and put whatever drive you want
                      in, though that can get bulky)
                      \_ I would recommend just buying a QUE FW CDRW from
                         Fry's rather than building one yourself. A 8x8x32
                         external can be had for $169 (just the FW case will
                         set you back $125 - $150)
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21939 Activity:nil
7/24    What is something useful to do with 1 or 2 metricom modems?
        the old style.  no i don't have service anymore.
        \_ modem throwing?
        \_ .25mile+ range on point to point links.
        \_ how do i do that?  got a url?
        \_ SLIP?
        \_ You could sell it on EBay.
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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