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2001/7/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21907 Activity:nil
7/22    Isn't the motd so much more interesting when paolo is deleting it?
        \_ Why does he keep doing this?
          \_ hey, how about you impeach him?
2001/7/23 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:21908 Activity:high
07/22   yes the US sucks for arresting the russian adobe ebook hacker,
        but I think he fucked up by actually charging money for his
        program (a free version that partially decrypted the ebook,
        a non free version that decrypted the entire book).
        \_ His company charged money for the program. He wrote the program.
           \_ does this company have any other employees?
              \_ Yep, a bunch.
                 \_ If you visit Elcomsoft's website, don't forget to check
                    out too (different URL,
                    but all Elcomsoft products).  Gotten spam lately?
                    There's a good chance that you can thank Elcomsoft and
                    its happy band of "white-hat" (ha) hackers for writing and
                    selling address-harvesting and bulk-E-mailing software.
        \_ why shouldn't he be arrested? the law's the law, shouldn't people
           be bitching and doing something about the law instead of whining
           about the enforcement? hm, i'd be interested in seeing a poll of
           industry employees vs. college kids re: this law.
           \_ Elcomsoft is based in Russia, isn't it?  US law does not
              apply to violations of American justice committed outside
              the country.  Not even if the perpetrator subsequently enters
              the US.  I don't see what is so difficult about this concept.
              If he had written the tool inside the US, or were hosting it
              on a US webserver (did he?) the situation would be different.
              In this case, the only justification for arresting him here
              would be a formal request for legal assistance and extradition
              from Russian police as a result of a crime committed in
              Russia.  -John
           \_ What did he do?
           \_ This *is* an attempt to change the law.
           \_ There are (at least) two troubling things here:
              1) putting someone in _jail_ and refusing access to diplomatic
                 envoys for "violating" the DMCA
              2) the DMCA itself, for making it impossible to expose false
                 advertising on the part of companies selling hw or sw security
                 systems.  "Your security is broken"  "Prove it or we sue you
                 for libel"  "OK, here, look!"  "Smack, you're in jail for
                 violating the DMCA"  --dbushong
        \_ Free Dmitry.
           Rally at Adobe in San Jose tomorrow mid-day among other places.
2001/7/23 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21909 Activity:moderate
07/22   3 syncs represent the trinity - init, the child and the eternal zombie
        process.  In doing 3, you're paying homage to each and I think such
        traditions are important in this shallow, mercurial business we find
        ourselves in. - j.k.h.
        \_ What does 'halt' represent?  As we all know, the mantra is:
           'sync; sync; sync; halt'
           \_ amen
           \_ The undiscovered country from whose borne no luser returns
              \_ It makes us rather bare those ills of the working system
                 we have than to fly to others we know not of.
           \_ For those who follow the fourth revision of the gospel of the
              fifth coming (mostly the sun worshippers among us) the mantra
              is: 'sync; sync; sync; init 5'
2001/7/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21910 Activity:very high
7/23    I'm looking for b2b ecommerce SW that does the following:
        1. basic secure customer login/passwd management
        2. product customization capability. This is for a chip company that
           requires the customer to enter product parameters and then call
           our own program to determine if the chip can work with those
        3. Order tracking system.
        4. Doesn't have to have accouting/billing functions.  This is for
           business customers who orders in the $millions if they do buy.
           So something like credit card processing is not useful.  But
           it would be nice to generate invoices.
        5. I prefer solaris version.
        Any recommendations?  Thanks.
        \_ There are plenty at
        \_ Try bea.
        \_ ATG Dynamo with Personalization + Commerce Engines. Caution:
           Even though it does the job, this softwareis so expensive that you
           will prolly not pick it out of principle.
        \_ Broadvision + B2B Commerce. -uctt
              \_ when you guys say XYZ + b2b commerce, what does the latter
                 mean?  I want to buy one package.  Not a hotpodge of stuff.
                \_ BV is the core product.  b2b commerce is an add on
                   product that they also sell.
              \_ Is it true that Broadvision effectively charges by the
                 number of rows in certain database tables?
        \_ WebSphere + http://net.commerce -rotfl
           \_ WebSphere is a piece of shit.  I used it.  I had to get around
              the JVM bugs.  Learn from my mistakes.  -- ilyas
           \_ FUCKING DIE!!!!
        \_ Epicentric
        \_ intershop may be work for you --jon
        \_ Of all the packages listed above, BV, Intershop, websphere, etc,
           which is the cheapest?  The company only have like 5 different
           products, so I don't need any of the bells and whistles or big
           and fast.  I just need something basic.  I thought of implementing
           this myself using a bunch of perl scripts, but maintenance is
           going to be a bitch.
           \_ WebSphere will still be worse on all counts.
2001/7/23 [Computer/Networking] UID:21911 Activity:nil
7/23    Looks like I'm stuck with either EarthLink or PacBell for
        DSL. Just how bad is PacBell? (I'm thinking about getting
        the business 128/1.5 line).
        \_ getting it installed usually sucks.  the service is fine once
           it's installed.  -tom
           \_ Do you know what the "modem" that the mention on their
              web page is? Is it a efficient networks bridge or is
              it some stupid intel PCI card?
              \_ They gave me an Alcatel 1000 ADSL router, ethernet-connected.
                 That was maybe two years ago though.  -tom
              \_ i got an efficient networks speedstream from earthlink
              last october. i'm in the mission, and service is down a few
              hours every couple weeks. btw, rates raised to $50/month from
              $40 w/o warning last month. -vann
2001/7/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21912 Activity:high
7/23    he just can't keep his mouth fucking shut, can he?
        \_  Exactly what offends you?
        \_ Dubya isn't one of my favorite people, but I'm puzzled what it is
           that you find upsetting.  Can you clarify your point of view?
           \_ Maybe he's talking about the pope.  -tom
2001/7/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21913 Activity:moderate
7/23    Anyone play Summoner? Is it a good game?
        \_ yes.  no.
2001/7/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:21914 Activity:nil
7/23    Almost everyone I've talked to hates Bush/Chenney, yet "the poll"
        shows a 56% approval rating. What's going on?
        \_ What's going on is that you are a dumbshit troll.  I don't hate
           Bush/Chenney.  Most republicans don't hate Bush/Chenney.  Your
           original premise is wrong.
        \_ You are probably talking to commie socialist liberal wacko eco
           nut idiot simps rather than normal decent americans. Most of
           the people in this country like Bush/Chenney.
        \_ no it's not.  it's horrible!
        \_ What's going on is that you're selecting a biased group instead of a
           random sample of the population.
2001/7/23 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:21915 Activity:moderate
7/23    How do big employers catch employees surfing porn sites?  Do they run
        software that checks employees' URL requests against a list of host
        names of known porn sites?  Or do they actually check the content
        being transmitted?  I don't think they'd hire an IT person to visually
        inspect every .JPG being transmitted, right?
        \_ i could require you to use a proxy to get out to
           surf the web, then i can just read the access logs and
           see you accessing the dirty pictures.  there's also
           expensive software out there that will catalog and
           present in a nice gui to your manager your web surfing
           habits.  i can't remember the names of any of them
           right now.  you don't need to hire an employee,
           there is software that sits on the router that will
           do all the above.
        \_ Yes, that is my job. I examine all your dirty little pictures
           and decide which ones to keep on file.
        \_ use sameer's filter
            \_ URL? Google came up mainly with his current business and
               techno music stuff.
2001/7/23 [Computer/Rants, Industry/Jobs] UID:21916 Activity:moderate
7/23    Anyone recently changed jobs could comment on the current
        climate for employment?
        \_ i'm hiring, if you've got the right skills.  right skills being
           high-speed logic design, cot backend, sonet, error correction
           if you have a phd in the right things.  i'll sign my motd if
           you'll sign yours.
2001/7/23 [Finance/CC] UID:21917 Activity:nil
7/23    I heard that there is somewhere that I can write to in order to reduce
        my junk snail mail like pre-approved credit cards and coupons and
        stuff.  Does anyone have any information?  Thanks.
        \_ read
           \_ For marketers that play by the rules, the DMA is where it's at.
2001/7/23 [Politics] UID:21918 Activity:nil
7/23    I'm thinking about using Doonesbury as the root of a DeCal
        "Contemporary History" class. Would anyone be interested in taking it?
        \_ i would, but i'm not in school, and i'm weird and
           have been reading doonesbury for 20 years.  there
           was an article in the sunday chronicle about the minister
           who is the basis for the doonesbury minister character.
        \_ I'd take that. -dans
        \_ they ought to have used opus instead of tux as the linux mascot.
           \_ different strip
        \_ DeCal doesn't work w/ cable modem
        \_ Doonesbury hasn't been funny for at least 10-15 years.  -John
2001/7/23 [Uncategorized] UID:21919 Activity:high
7/23    try it's better than google.
        \_ Yes, we read /.
           \_ Not of all us are 'l337 /.ers like j00.
2001/7/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21920 Activity:insanely high
7/23    (I know this is a long shot, but I'll try.)  I happened to have tuned
        in to a TV channel some time over the past weekend when the program
        was featuring some short interviews of some porn stars.  (It's not the
        Howard Stern show.)  It was showing an Asian porn star with long hair
        followed by a Caucasian one.  I missed the name of the Asian star at
        the beginning, and I didn't catch the name of the program either.  Has
        anyone also watched that program, or know the name of the program or
        the name of the Asian star?  Any pointer is very much appreciated.
        Thanks very much in advance.
        She said something like she rarely (or was it "never") had sex outside
        of the industry, so it was like she saved everything up and then let
        it all come out when she started porn.  Something like that.  And she
        has big bosom and good-looking face.  There was one shot where she was
        wearing a white sweater and then another one wearing green bikini.  If
        all these help.
           \_ Not Asia Carrera nor Minka.  Different face.
              probably Saturday night.  But I'm still trying to recall the
        \_ you could give a LITTLE more detail. like which day,
           about what time, and do you have cable or not?
           \_ I live in Fremont and I have AT&T extended basic cable.  It was
              probably Saturday night.  It was a short while after I watched
              "Kingpin" on another channel.  But I'm still trying to recall the
              channel #, sorry.
        \_ Kobe Tai?
           \_ She does great anal scenes.
              \_ Who woulda thunk someone so small could take so much.
                 \_ Yeah, it's fuckin'-a impressive.  And my goodness, she
                    deepthroats like you wouldn't belieeeeeve.
        \_ Mimi Miyagi?
           \_ Not her face either.  Sorry.
        \_ Annabel Chong (at one time held record for largest gangbang)?
           \_yer mom does now
           \_ No, sorry.  Thanks for helping though.
        \_ MTV had a thing on porn stars, but I don't think they've played
           this recently, and MTV makes sure you know you're watching MTV.
        \_ Nice segue from the SAT thread.  Good job Sodans!
                \_ What SAT thread?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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