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2001/7/22 [Recreation/House] UID:21899 Activity:moderate
7/21    Where can one browse and buy online furniture that is
        industry strength and really heavy duty?  - Ikea's not going
        to cut it.
        \_ You don't mention what type of furniture you're looking for.
           My friends really like for office/computer desks.
           In general, I agree with you, a lot of Ikea's design and
           construction is not just cheap, it's dumb.
           \_ aah sorry.  looking for conference-room type furniture.
              Couches.  2-Seats maybe.  Chairs.  budget is around $4K.
              \_ leather, fabric? ...
                 \_ leather sounds more durable, but whatever is really
                    more durable/cleanable - rubber ideally..
                    \_ Rubber couches? What kind of place do you work at?
        \_ industry-strength furniture? What's the difference between
           regular and that?? for what purpose would you need
2001/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:21900 Activity:moderate
7/21    Watch out SquareSoft and Ms. Aki Ross, the Lego's are coming:,1699,17692,00.html
        \_ are there any dr. aki ross dolls?
              \_ only a sick sodan would want a inflatable aki ross
2001/7/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21901 Activity:insanely high
7/21    MY GOD WHY WON'T HE SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Someone please sorry kinney.
        \_ what you shortsighted people fail to see is that kinney is
           this was the promised land one.
           really a misunderstood genius ala James Joyce. Is so called
           "drivel" is really a postmodernist stream of consciousness
           art form that reflects the harsh realities of the corporate
           lead globalized uber-rational technology driven uni-culture
           that threatens to undermine all forms of non-rational artistic

                           AND MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES

           The motd by kinney is perhaps second only to finnegan's wake
           in its untouchable and ununderstandable artistic purity.
           When he wins the noble prize of literature (becomming the
           first sodan to earn a noble prize) and the english majors
           from wheller walk up to 3rd floor soda and beg the politburo
                    of the kinney cancer. how come paolo isn't squished?
           for accounts so that they can read /etc/motd.kinney,
           just remember I told you so!
           \_ Christ.  Now there's copycat kinneys.  This sucks.
              \_ Its supposed to be funny, or at least sarcastic...
           \_ Fuck, you know a lot of words. What is a noble prize?
              \_ Its like a nobel prize but reserved for kinney.
        \_ by the way, another huge drivel has been added to motd.kinney,
           this was the promised land one. he's up to ~640 lines.
           \_ Ha ha, fooled you!  That's not kinneydrivel, that's just
              something that I got off of Usenet (ba.general, I think).
              It just appeared at the right time and happened to bear
              enough surface resemblance to Kinney.  -- fake kinney collector
              \_ well, i have to admit it doesn't have the true kinney feel.
                 too religious, and not enough spelling and formatting probs,
                 and no repeated punctuation marks. but i trusted the other
                 replies. hell, i wouldn't put it past him to write that.
        \_ DMY
        \_ welcome to free speech, fuckhead.  why don't you go back to
           Red China or the CCCP or Texas or wherever the fuck you think
           censorship is cool.
           \_ go read /csua/tmp/motd.kinney if you want. welcome to world-
              readable files.
           \_ i have a better idea. let's keep deleting it.
              \_ auto-munging of the motd is squishable. dont get caught.
                \_ I wonder if paolo is now auto-deleting the reference
                   to the fact that he was auto-deleting the motd last week.
                 \_ it's not destruction of the motd, it's surgical removal
                    of the kinney cancer.
                 \_ would the [ motd formatting daemon ] come under the
                    auto-munging category?
                    \_ Past practice has been to only apply this to
                                \_ It's the motd grow up and deal with it or
                       those whose actions alter the content of /etc/motd.
                 \_ Wait, according to
           "Making the
                    motd extremely long is not cool either."  Doesn't this
                    apply to kinney and his cohorts?
                    \_ there are lots of examples of extremely long motds.
                       for instance, get a political "discussion" going.
                       \_ Yes, perhaps so.  But posting the last 2-3
                          months of kinney's drivel is absurd.
                          \_ that is pretty dumb, why post it here when
                             there's /csua/tmp/motd.kinney?
                          \_ a several hundred line political discussion among
                             several people is cool; kinney discussing politics
                             with himself for several hundred lines is not
                             \_ so you decided what's cool and what's not?
                                \_ It's the motd.  Grow up and deal with it or
                                   leave.  Your whining about it won't change
        \_ 1) if you dont like it, dont read the motd.  or better yet,
           skip over the kinney stuff.  you are capable of ignoring stuff
           you don't care to read, right?  Good I knew you could do it.
           2) what makes you think kinney is posting that stuff?  I know
           of at least two people on soda who know kinney and could be
           just quoting that stuff from him. --Jon
2001/7/22 [Computer/HW] UID:21902 Activity:nil
7/20    I just put together this new system.  Tyan motherboard 266 fsb,
        \_ thanks guys, it was the motherboard. the
           new board had that hook piece for the heat sink clip
           torn off.  now i have to return THIS one.  i think
           i'll avoid fry's at all cost from now on. is
           better.  maybe returning things is a pain but it's
           better than fry's.
2001/7/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:21903 Activity:nil
    * Let's see if anyone finds this.  If glTexImage2D() is called with
    * a NULL image pointer then load the texture image with something
    * interesting instead of leaving it indeterminate.
   if (texImage->Data) {
      static const char message[8][32] = {
         "   X   X  XXXXX   XXX     X    ",
         "   XX XX  X      X   X   X X   ",
         "   X X X  X      X      X   X  ",
         "   X   X  XXXX    XXX   XXXXX  ",
         "   X   X  X          X  X   X  ",
         "   X   X  X      X   X  X   X  ",
         "   X   X  XXXXX   XXX   X   X  ",
         "                               "
2001/7/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:21904 Activity:nil
7/21    [{/csua/bin/ /tmp/}/finger] to get thru .nofinger
2001/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:21905 Activity:nil
7/20    [Fry's sucks.]
        \_ They are still better than ChumpUSA.
2001/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:21906 Activity:nil
7/20    [Don't ever get married, or talk about getting married.]
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